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Harry walked along the waterline at the beach. He needed the time to calm his thoughts. Pepper had tried to lift him up, but he was always moody and mellow around this time. The beginning of May held a lot of memories for him; Teddy's birth, the Battle, all he had lsot and had to leave behind to keep himself sane…

He couldn't help but become a bit melancholic at it all. And although the time passed had given him some perspective and distance from it all, it still hurt him. He knew that the way he handled his memories wasn't the healthiest; Occlumency barriers were not supposed to be used to lock away memories from his conscious. Yet he used them mostly for that purpose. He started with his coping methods after he had been roused by Kreacher after he accidentally had set his bedroom on fire with wandless magic during a nightmare.

With his thoughts on Occlumency, his mind drifted to Jay. Or as Pepper now called him Jackass. His determination not to use his mind magic to delve into the minds of the muggles around him had really come to bite him in the ass. If he had known then how Jay saw him, he'd never had gotten involved with him. Woulda's, coulda's; they were the poison of the mind. Fact remained that he had walked into the trap that had gotten his heart broken.

His thoughts were roused by the sounds of horns blasting over the beach. He recognized it immediately, it was the beginning of 'All You Need Is Love' by the Beatles. He turned his head, trying to discern were the sound originated from, but couldn't see musicians or boom boxes anywhere. He followed the sounds around an outcropping of rocks to be met by a sight that had him stunned.

There, for the entire world to see stood Tony Stark in a tuxedo in front of an orchestra. He had not talked to the man since his pathetic attempt to ask him out that had involved his flour stock. Tony perked up at the sight of the Brit and quickly grabbed a sign.

'Go Out With ME! Please?' the sign read.

Harry could only stare as his heart throbbed with the losses and the splinters that Jay caused it. Betrayal kept pumping through his veins. All you need is love? Right, and he was supposed to believe that Tony Stark, playboy extraordinaire was the one to give it to him. He was not ready to have his heart broken once more.

Not in the mood for verbal sparring, he just looked Tony in the eye with a blank face before he turned around and walked away.

As he got back to the rocks, he could hear the start of the song "There's nothing you can't do that can't be done." Right, because his life really showed that he wasn't the exception to all the rules. Why should subjects of the heart be any different? His life was all the evidence he needed, that he could be content but never truly happy.

Harry tried to tune out the American at his bar. Pepper wasn't seated next to him, unfortunately, since she would have shut him up ages ago. Tony was busy working on his favourite insult; Harry's lack of technologic equipment.

"Really, Harry," Tony put emphasis on the 'really'. "You don't even have a WiFi-spot here. It is sacrilege!"

"As I told you a hundred times, Mr Stark," Harry obliged him, like he always did when he was a paying customer. "This place is supposed to be a small getaway. Supplying the means to bring the heavy business of my customers here, sort of defeats such a purpose."

"You're version of a getaway is medieval!" Tony exclaimed. "Really, it is scary how you are technologically lacking."

"Not the only area his lacking in," a snide voice sounded from the beginning of the bar. Isn't that right, Harry?"

Harry's neck hairs rose as he heard the mocking voice. What the hell was he doing here? He felt his face pale. It had only been three months since he and Jay had broken up. And even though he didn't miss his ex-boyfriend anymore (well, the version that he had gotten to know), the sting of betrayal was still very present every day.

"Hello, Harry," Jay greeted him with a sardonic smile. "Going for greener, or anyway richer, passages, are you?"

"Jay," Harry's voice had the slightest tremor in it. "What the hell are you doing here. I though the plate thrown to your head was a big enough clue that you aren't welcome anymore."

"Ah," Jay mock-pouted. "And miss your bland company? I just couldn't survive."

"Leave," Harry exclaimed. "Now."

Jay didn't listen and seated himself down two seats away from Tony. He turned towards the billionaire.

"Hello, hotshot," he purred. "Want to have some fun?"

Tony had listened shocked. He quickly had understood this was Harry's ex, the one who had blatantly used and discarded him. And now, he was propositioning him? Not happening!

He stood up and gave the bastard a charming smile. He walked the small distance and plastered himself on the man's side. Leaning in closer he seemed to want to whisper something in his ear.

Jay leaned forward eagerly, ready to humiliate Harry further.

"You don't mess with my friends," Tony purred into the jackass' ear.

A hand suddenly flashed out and grabbed Jay painfully at his neck. Within seconds, Tony had Jay off his barstool and was dragging him back to the door.

The other man was too shocked to even put up a token struggle. Almost completely limp, he let himself dragged to the door.

Tony pushed it open with a little nudge of his hip, before tossing Jay out without any hesitation.

Jay landed painfully on the sidewalk. Tony crouched at his head and let his anger shine through his eyes.

"Now," he said in a dangerous voice. "You're going to stand up, get on you're little moped, drive away and never come back to bother Harry again. Capice?"

He gave Jay a not so gentle tap on the cheek, before he walked back inside.

"Really, Harry," Jay could here. "Just let me put in one little internet modem. Stark quality, of course. Do it as a favour for me, so I can sneak away from the office and act like I was working from here."

Harry grinned and looked at the man. Although he could be completely infuriating most of the times, this showed what kind of man he could be if he allowed himself.

"Thank you, Stark," Harry spoke softly.

Tony smiled and nodded at him. "Now, as your gratitude, one little modem wouldn't hurt. Right?"

Harry stood in front of his man-high mirror in the bedroom. He nervously tucked at the sleeves of his jacket. He'd had been insane, absolutely insane, to agree to this. It must have been the fear of seeing Tony in that hospital bed that had made him agree to a date. His hand reached up to his hair, trying to model it into a semblance of control. Unsurprisingly, his hair refused to cooperate.

It had taken a month, but Tony's leg was finally out of the cast. Tony hadn't want to take him on a date before, claiming that he could not give him the full treatment is he was handicapped. The minute the cast was sawed off, Tony had phoned Harry and claimed his Friday night. Harry had laughed and agreed.

He had to admit to himself that Tony's near death had showed him his feelings for the genius. It had only been a deep-rooted fear that had him turning Tony down every time. He had analysed his feelings and had come to conclusion that he had truly fallen for the guy when he had thrown Jay out of his café.

The doorbell rang, and he looked at himself for a last time. Green eyes stared back at him, fully showing his feelings of nervous anticipation. He was curious about what Tony had planned. That man did not know the definition of small and subtle. He had prepared himself to be wowed with something extravagant.

Opening the door, he saw Tony leaning against the passenger's door of his Audi. Happy was not there, which was a point in favour of Tony. Tony had spotted him and walked up with a small sincere smile on his face. This was the Tony Stark that lived behind the snarky mask. Harry felt privileged to see it.

"You look very handsome, gorgeous," Tony greeted the smaller Brit.

Harry smiled at that. Tony leaned in, and Harry knew that he would not receive a peck on the cheek. And somehow, this moment felt right for their first kiss.

A hand on his cheek warmed him, and he felt a warm breath over his lips. Harry closed the distance and kissed the billionaire softly. As Tony started to reciprocate, a pain flared up through his head.

Harry frowned confused. He had lived through this moment before, and their was no headache involved. A pain in his shoulder made him disconnect from Tony with a small cry.

Tony opened his eyes, but instead of warm brown there was a deep-seated maliciousness in their cold depths.

"Wakey, wakey, Potty," a British voice sounded from Tony's mouth.

With a shock Harry woke up. During his bout of unconsciousness, his mind had fallen into his memories. Now, consciousness had jerked him right out of them. With consciousness came the flood of more recent memories.

Teddy kidnapped, Tony taken, the flair of magic that had told him Pepper was under attack. And the deal he had made with the LeStrange-Stane alliance. Bastards, goddamn fucking bastards!

"Ah, look who has decided to join the party," an American voice sounded.

Harry forced his eyes to focus. In front of him stood Rabastan, Rodolphus and Obediah. And every one of them sported malicious grins as they stared down on his bound form.

Harry tried to shift in a more comfortable position, but had no luck. His magic swelled in protest, and to his dismay he still felt the chains absorbing it.

Obie walked up to him, his face now thunderous.

"Didn't I tell you that it was smarter to listen to me? Didn't I warn you to let Tony's memory rest when he was in Afghanistan?" he sighed mournfully, not that Harry believed it for a second.

"You know, I really didn't want it to come to this. But your choices left me with no other options. I would've taken care of you, like you should have been. But you decided to cast your lot with a frivolous playboy who throws away people's life work."

"His choice," Harry bit out. "I told you before Obie. It's his father's and his work. What, you can't handle the fact that you'll never be as good as they, right? Tell me, did Tony's parents really die on their own, just a fluke car accident?"

Even though his whole body was screaming in pain, he still caught the smallest narrowing of Stane's eyes.

"You were involved," Harry stated. "Let me guess, you thought that as Howard's second you'd be the one who would have the company. Especially, considering the way Howard treated his boy."

"I gave my life for the Industry!" Stane roared. "And then, they discarded all that work. Dreamers, naïve little boys. That's what they were, never seeing the bigger picture."

"And you're such a visionary," Harry snorted.

"Oh, you have no idea what my vision is," Stane calmed himself. "Now, why don't you tell me all about Tony's little golden egg? Time to tell me exactly what he did to make that miniaturized ARC-reactor."

Harry laughed, the sound raw from his screaming under the Cruciatus.

"That's it?" he hiccupped. "You're pet-scientists can't figure it out. So now, you kidnap me to tell you how he did it. This shows what I said; you have no vision."

Harry turned to the silent brothers.

"Why are you still working with him? I mean, I never thought you had a high opinion on those without magic."

Rabastan looked at him in cold disdain. "We gave our word."

"To a muggle," Harry pointed out. He had to try to turn them on each other, it would give him more time. He didn't care what they would do to Obediah, torture him or kill him … As long as he was good and well out of the way.

"It's still our word," Rabastan pointed out with a sniff.

"How … noble," Harry sneered.

"Isn't it?" Rodolphus took over. "Now, why don't you tell us all that Stane wants to know. And while you're at it: where did that portkey go?"

Harry grinned triumphantly. "You're too late, Rolphy. That portkey took them to the Seat of The Most Ancient and Noble House of Black. They're under the protection of the Black ancestral wards. You'll never get them. For even the Black house-elves are as vicious as the Black family. He will protect the House of Black and its allies."

Both brothers snarled furiously. Harry was right; the Black wards were legendary in their viciousness. They were fierce to protect those who had been initiated in the family. And Harry had been very public with his inclusion of the Malfoys, Tony and Teddy.

Rodolphus cursed. "You will tell us how to circumvent those wards, Lord Black!"

Rabastan stepped forwards holding a vial of clear liquid. Harry recognized it for what it was; Veritaserum.

Harry snarled and refused him vehemently. "I'm wearing my Lordship Rings. Veritaserum will have no effect!"

He was bluffing. Although the Rings would indeed save him from many mind altering potions, they were never tested against the strong truth serum. He hoped that Snape had not thought about such protections as he created the potion, although he doubted it. If there was one thing Severus Snap had always been, it was his meticulousness when it came to potions.

"Then I guess we'll just have to persuade you through different means. Now, since we already had the delight of being acquainted intimately, why don't we show our guest how hospitable true pure-bloods can be. Obediah, would you care to do the honors?"

Harry paled at Rabastan's words. He knew he didn't stand a chance. He was chained, with his magic blocked. And Obediah was much larger and stronger than him.

Obediah laughed as he stepped closer to Harry, slowly caressing his cheek with the back of his fingers.

"Oh, Harry," Obediah smirked. "I've been dreaming about this for a very long time."

Harry knew that he had no options. He raised his Occlumency shields as high as he could and retreated behind them. Even though he couldn't stop it, he could at least make sure he would not mentally have to endure the attack.

The last physical sensation he felt was that of large hands ripping his shirt of his body.

Chaos was the word in the Black London Mansion. The voices sounded loud, trying to be heard over the others. Nobody listened to what anyone else had to say, trying to make their own point for a plan.

In a corner, Teddy and Scorpius sat together hugging. They were scared that something would happen to Harry and they'd never see him again. Teddy had been hysterical when they'd arrived at the mansion. It had taken almost n hour, before his hysterical tears where replaced by the expression of fear and despair.

Teddy had been shaken to the core. After the attack on his grandmother, now Harry had been taken. He was scared that his new father would be taken forever, just like his grandmother.

The room finally got back to the resemblance of order when Tony let out a loud and piercing whistle. Everyone turned silent and looked at him.

"Look, we can't accomplish anything from Britain," Tony spoke, fierce determination in his eyes. Like hell would they take his Harry from him. "We need to get back to Malibu. From there, JARVIS can try and pick up their car. If we can figure out where they went, we can have a better grasp on the situation."

"It's not that simple, Mr Stark," Ginny spoke hesitantly. "The brothers could have Side-Alonged both Stane and Harry. They could be anywhere within a huge area, that would easily compass four states."

"Then," Minerva took over. "There is also the point of our security. Inside you house, we're vulnerable for attacks. We don't know if the brothers found other allies then Mr Stane. If we're attacked we cannot help Harry."

"That won't be a problem," Tony refuted. "Harry created wards. He built them both at the café and the mansion."

"To hold out wizards as powerful as the brothers," Flitwick spoke up in his high voice. "They would have to be the strength of ancestral wards. Those wards have been given their strength by every generation within a family, which makes that highly unlikely.

Tony hesitated he knew what Harry had explained to him about the wards. But on the other hand, he had also told him that Flitwick was the highest standing Charms Master. To contradict someone like that would be comparable to a fourth grader trying to contradict him when it came to mechanics. But he had seen and heard the brothers he knew they were successful.

"Look, I know this is your area of expertise," Tony said, a tad belligerent. "But I've seen it. Harry said they held out the Dark Mark."

"Anti Dark Mark wards?" Flitwick's eyebrows rose up. "A nice theoretical conundrum, but practically unfeasible."

"NO!" Teddy yelled out. "Uncle Harry managed, he cast them two weeks ago. They're amazing, filled with so much warmth! I know they work!"

Tony cut in as well. "It was because of the wards that we're in this situation. Obie and the bastards had grabbed Teddy and me. They were on the outside of the wards, and Harry was in the house. He made a deal, he would step out of the wards and they would let us go. Why would they do such a thing if they could break through to grab him?"

"It cannot be," Astoria was doubtful. "But we know Harry, he would never claim it so if he was unsure about any aspects of the wards."

"I assure you," Tony was almost begging now. "The LeStranges can't get to us."

"Fine," Narcissa stood up ad briskly gathered her cloak. "No time to waste here. I know my brother-in-law, and I shudder when I think how much time they already have had with him. Our Lord will not be subjected to them any longer than he has to."

Draco nodded at his mother. "Belfy!" he called out.

A much younger house-elf appeared, wearing a light uniform with the Malfoy crest embroidered on it.

"Yes, Master?" the elf bowed deeply.

"Watch over Scorpius," Draco ordered him softly.

"Of course, Master," the elf spoke happily. "Is Master leaving?"

"Yes," Draco nodded. "I have urgent business to attend together with the Mistress."

"Goddess' speed, Master," the elf jumped up and down, enthused about his task.

"Master Anthony," Kreacher croaked.

Tony looked at him. "Yes, Kreacher?"

"Kreacher begs Master to take Kreacher with," the elf's eyes were almost bulging out of their sockets at the audacity he showed. But he could not abandon his good Master Lord Black.

Tony nodded, not about to refuse the elf this. He turned to Draco. "Can Belfy look after Teddy as well?"

"Of course," Draco stepped up and ordered to elf to do so.

It took some time, but finally all was in place to go back to America. Kingsley had arrived in the time, with three tough-looking wizards.

"My old team," Kingsley explained. "All seasoned Hit-wizards who lost family to one of the brothers. They would seek them and destroy them."

Tony nodded, realizing that not only Harry had nightmares caused by the brothers.

As he made way to the fireplace, he could not help but feel a pang. It would be the first time he would Floo without Harry at his side to guide him through. He swallowed back sudden tears, now was not the time. He could collapse in a muttering heap of insanity after they saved Harry.

"Uncle Tony, please don't go!" Teddy jumped up and ran to hug Tony's legs. "Please, you won't come back."

Tony pulled the arms from his legs with careful movements. Crouching before the young metamorphmagus, he grabbed the boy's chin.

"I promise you here and now, Theodore," he spoke firmly. "I will come back and I will bring Harry with me. But I need you here. I need you safe, so I can concentrate on getting Harry back. Okay?"

Teddy's tears spilled over once more as he nodded. He young boy shot forward and hugged the genius with all his might. "I love you Uncle Tony."

Tony's sight blurred, it was the first time the boy had said the words. He lowered his head in Teddy's hair (the same as Harry's, in his worry for him) and breathed in the smell.

"I know kiddo. I love you too," he murmured.

He pressed his lips to the boy's forehead before he walked towards the fireplace, determination marking each and every step.

Minerva nodded at him, grimness coming out of every line on her face. There was no chance of not understanding that the witch had lived through two wars. Every pore of her body exuded a magic that was a force to be reckoned with.

"Prongslet's Nest, Marauders' Café," she spoke clearly, before disappearing with the green flames.

George stood next to Tony. "Need a guide, mate?"

Tony lifted an eyebrow. George shrugged. "What? I figured that Harry wouldn't have let you go solo in the Floo. Especially for international trips."

"True," Tony conceded. "Thanks."

Together they stepped into the fire and with a roar they disappeared as well. They arrived in Harry's old living room. It seemed empty, now Harry had been living in the Mansion for quite some time. It didn't really had the warm and homey feeling it had before, despite all the furniture still in the room.

It took about five minutes for everyone to arrive. Kreacher had popped into the living room after the last person arrived through the hearth (Hagrid, who loudly cursed because of the low ceiling in the fireplace).

From there on, they Apparated in duo's to the Mansion. The moment they arrived, Tony took the stairs to his workshop. The rest of the magicals (and Coulson) followed him with hurried steps.

Tony had already punched in his code and opened the door.

"JARVIS, wake up!" he called out.

The rest of the people looked confused, not knowing who this Jarvis guy was. As far as they knew, they were alone.

"Welcome back, sir," JARVIS sounded through the speakers.

The magicals jumped at the sound of the British voice.

"A ghost?" Minerva spoke up reproachful.

"No Madam," JARVIS answered. "Sir had created me. I am an Artifical Intelligens with programming to control the house and Mr Stark's computers."

"Artificial Intelligence?" Ginny looked clueless.

"Basically, it's a computer – well a program on a hard drive – that I programmed to think for itself within certain parameters," Tony explained hurriedly. "JARVIS, try and track the car that was here with Obie and the LeStranges."

"Certainly, sir," JARVIS was silent for a moment, than the big screens at the end of his workshop lit up with different camera views. "It seems that Mr Harry has been taken in the car, sir. I can track the car up to the end of the secondary test ground of Stark Industries. The cameras on that field seem to be removed."

Tony grounded his teeth. SI's secondary test grounds were abandoned after Obediah had accidentally created a small radiation problem. It had been contained, but narrowly so. Now, Tony had to wonder if there was a radiation problem at all or if that was a very convenient excuse for Stane to create their own little bolt away.

"You know it?" George asked.

Tony nodded, not able to speak. Rhodey explained the situation to them.

"Sir, an unauthorized phone seems to try to establish a connection from within the Mansion," JARVIS spoke up.

Everyone turned towards agent Coulson, wands were drawn and pointed in his direction. The man slowly lowered his phone.

"SHIELD must be notified, Mr Stark," Coulson remarked. "A huge group of dangerous individuals have been living right under our nose. SHIELD must assess the situation."

"You try that," Tony was shocked how threatening Filius Flitwick could sound in his squeaky voice. "And I'll show you how dangerous I can be. The wizarding world has its own government and we will keep that, no other organization will be policing our existence. Do I make myself clear?"

Coulson couldn't do anything but nod, with all the wands pointed at him and Tony, Pepper and Rhodey ready to kill him with their bare hands. He reluctantly put the phone back in his pocket. He was determined to let SHIELD know what he just discovered as soon as possible, not knowing that every wizard in the room was secretly determined to obliviated him as soon as there was an opportunity.

"Okay so we have the second test ground," Tony brought them back to the situation at hand. "JARVIS, put up the blue prints."

The prints appeared on the screen as Tony, Kingsley and George stepped up to take a good look. Tony pointed out several spots that were perfect to appear in.

"There's a concrete bunker right there," Tony highlighted the point on the map. "It was added later. But it is capable of withstanding everything short of a nuclear blast."

"So that is where they are keeping Harry," Kingsley confirmed in his deep voice.

Soon, Kingsley and the Hit-Wizards had drawn their battle plans. Tony had instructed Kreacher to wait for him calling and then get Harry out of there and back to the Mansion.

"I'll stay behind," Ginny spoke up. "I'm the best in medi-magic, and we need someone ready to start healing Harry as soon as he gets back."

It was clear how much this admission cost Ginny. She had always been a fighter, and to sit this one out was killing her. Tony squeezed her shoulder in thanks.

When everything was talked through, Tony stepped out in the middle of his workshop.

"Lets do this, JARVIS!" the room suddenly seemed to turn alive as the floor was separated into different fragments.

The rest of the group could only watch as they saw machinery appear to put a harness on Tony that was sleek in its design, painted red and gold. As last part, a helm was attached with a faceplate that slit into place. Glowing eyes that were slits looked back at the group.

"This is what you've been working on?" Rhodey questioned him. "You're insane, you know? Really insane! This is the bogey that knocked out the Ten Rings in Gulmira. You were that bogey?"

"Yeah, sorry Rhodey," the robotic voice didn't sound sorry at all. If it was even possible the computerized voice sounded almost amused. "I'll see you there."

And with a deafening sound, fire seemed to blast out of the soles of the boots as Tony flew out of the garage in his suit.

The rest of the group remained behind, stunned at what Tony had created. Then the coming battle filtered back into their shocked brains and within seconds and with a series of cracks, the entire magical group disappeared as well.

Harry didn't know how much time had passed since he retreated in to the deepest parts of his mind. In here, time had no meaning as cut off as he was to any physical sensations. It was dangerous to retreat this far into ones mind. Especially with such strong shields as Harry had. But he also knew that if he hadn't, he would've broken under the assault of his body.

Harry was hesitant, he didn't know if he should slowly start to rise up from the deepest level of his mind. He was vaguely conscious of voices screaming and his limbs being put in all kind of different positions. Whether that was because of curses or something more sinister, he didn't know. But as long as his body was still positioned differently, he wouldn't dare to step back into the conscious mind.

It was a good thing Harry had forced himself so deeply within his mind. For no man would survive mentally intact when he'd be fully conscious of what was happening to him at this moment.

It hadn't been left at just Obediah. Both brothers had taken a sick pleasure to degrade the great Lord Potter as much as humanly, and inhumanly, possible. It was only after many hours of their 'fun', that they realized that Harry was not there anymore.

"DAMN!" Rabastan cursed. "That sneaky little weasel!"

"What?" Obediah demanded.

"Potter is a fully accomplished Occlumens," Rabastan cursed once more. "He has retreated deep in his mind. Anything we do to him, will only affect him physically, his mind doesn't feel the attack, because he forced everything within the deepest level of self."

"Then we kill him," Rodolphus voice was filled with a sick pleasure. "And he'll never see it coming. It's no fun to torture someone who doesn't know he's being tortured. Just like the little Longbottoms, he has fulfilled his purpose of entertainment. Now, the only thing that's left is our revenge."

"I don't think so," Obediah shook his head. "I still want my information!"

"Aren't you listening, you flee-ridden monkey!" Rabastan snarled. "He has hid inside his mind, behind steel doors. You will not obtain any hint of knowledge from him anymore. He's similar to catatonic."

"This was not our deal!" Obediah was furious.

"You know," Rodolphus turned to his brother. "We may have lost Potty, doesn't mean we can't have any fun anymore."

"What about your word?" Obediah took an involuntary step back.

"We kept our word," Rabastan answered smoothly. "You had your shot at Potter, but you missed. Now, our deal is done. We have no obligations towards you, and I'm so terribly bored."

Before anyone could speak another word, a loud rumbling made the construction shake. Obediah had trouble to keep his balance, as another tremor went through the buiding.

"What's happening?" Rodolphus demanded, glaring at Stane.

He didn't need to answer, because at that moment the door burst open. In the opening stood a giant, clad in red and gold. White orbs made up its eyes, a whirring sound accompanied its every step.

"Stane," the giant spat in a robotic voice.

"Aah, Tony," Stane greeted him jovially. "What a beauty you've created."

With a sudden jump, the robot stood in front of him, a metal hand at the large man's throat.

"I can totally understand your fascination with your young nimble lover," Stane looked vindictively at the glowing orbs. "What a tight a-"

He choked on the last words, the metal hand holding him up squeezing tightly. Stane's eyes were slowly bulging.

Tony raised his other hand, with a high tone his palm started to glow as well. Before he could fire, he was hit with a spell. Although it didn't hurt him or his suite, it did knock him back.

He looked to his right and saw he still held Stan at his neck. With a roar of rage he threw the betraying, raping, son of a bitch into the wall.

Standing up, he didn't spare the bastard another glance, knowing that he put enough power behind his toss to damage a tank. He turned back to the two wizards who were looking shocked at what was standing in front of them.

They had realized though who was behind the robot. And they obviously realized why he was here. One of them pointed his wand at the bloody and deformed figure that was Harry.

"One move, muggle," Rabastan spat as he kept his wand trained at the chained figure. "And your little lover is gone."

The three stood still, no one making the move that would end the stand off. After minutes they were interrupted by the entrance of the rest of the cavalry.

Flitwick assessed the situation with a quick eye. He was standing at the back of the group, not noticed by either of the brothers. With a small flick of his wand, he cast a silent shield over Harry.

"GO!" he roared, doing honour to his goblin heritage.

This was the cue that everyone had been waiting on. With snarls, the brothers were put on the defence trying to ward of the rage of the people that had come to save Harry.

The magic in the room was overwhelming, but Tony refused to succumb to it. He needed to free Harry. He saw the heavy chains that kept Harry in place. He could see the blood that seemed to be coming from everywhere. And then the fact that he was naked registered in his brain. His hips were bruised, cuts on his thighs and blood coming from his apex.

A red haze came over his eyes. They had defiled him, hurt him in a way that should never be allowed. Taken him against his will. He'd kill them.

With a roar he jump on the closest brother, grabbing his head and bashing it against the stone. A groan came from the head he was holding, but it only angered him more. He put one of hands on the man's inner thigh, and shot a high level repulsor beam through it.

The scream, torn out of the man's throat as the pain registered, gave Tony a malicious satisfaction. He fired another two repulsors into the man's stomach, before he diverted his attention to the other one. He could see the magicals quickly overwhelming the man, as he was caught by Cutting Curses in his legs and vicious transfigurations of his wand hand.

He turned back to Harry. "Kreacher!" he called loudly.

The pop that accompanied his appearance was drawn out by Rodolphus cries as he fell down under a barrage of spells.

"Master!" Kreacher's eyes turned humungous as he saw his master's condition. He hissed as he saw the chains.

"Master's magic being leaked into chains," Kreacher pointed to them. "Kreacher cannot remove shackles from Lord Master Black. No elf magic strong enough."

"Than I shall use brute force," Tony nodded and grabbed a shackle, tearing it apart easily.

He repeated the process three more times and Harry was finally free. His magic burst out of his body as it finally felt his way to freedom. It leaked around the room until he found the magic of those that assaulted him.

With horror the rest of the group watched as Harry's magic seeped the life force out of his kidnappers and left them for dead. All except Obediah, who was still alive though severely wounded. The rest of them let him be, understanding that Tony should decide what would happen to him.

"Take him to Ginny, Kreacher," Tony ordered the elf.

The elf nodded with his eyes still bulging out and snapped his fingers. Harry gentle rose from the ground, levitating on Kreacher's magic. With another pop, they both disappeared out of the basement.

Tony turned on Obie. "Can one of you wake him up?"

George stepped forward and spat the words at the man. "Ennervate!"

With a long groan, Obediah was forced awake.

"Did you really think I would not save Harry? That I would just let you go ahead and take the most important thing from me? You handed him over without thinking twice, you struck a deal with two known and convicted terrorists," Tony's voice was glacial, entering that calm lake of undying fury.

"You, people like you, are the reason some wizards would like to see all muggles destroyed," Minerva spoke in her prim Scottish voice, her nostrils widened in her own fury. "You should have known that Harry always has people that will support him and come after him. Now, I think I know the perfect spot for you!"

"What's that?" Tony turned to the headmistress.

"The last cells in Azkaban that are guarded by dementors," Minerva spat out.

Tony smiled grimly as he remembered his talk with Harry. Dementors seemed like a suitable punishment for the betraying son of a bitch. It sounded like a creature that would inhabit the deepest circle of Dante's hell.

Draco looked at his old Transfiguration teacher with newfound respect. He never knew the witch had such a dark side to her. He definitely liked it. He knew he would have nightmares for years to come about the state Harry had been in.

"Let me take care of that," Narcissa spoke, ice coating her voice. "There are some secrets that should never had existed in the first place, disgusting as they are. The old appointment of the Azkaban elf is one of them. Shackle!"

A dark and twisted version of a house-elf appeared and smiled darkly.

"Shackle, this one is to be hided in the deepest level of the old fortress," Narcissa spoke.

"As you command," the elf spoke, reminding everyone of dementors themselves.

Flitwick and Minerva turned to the Malfoys, clearly demanding explanation. Narcissa sighed.

"In the old days, the Malfoy family would sponsor an elf to the warden of Azkaban. The magic of that place would corrupt the elf into something sinister. Shackle was sponsored one hundred and eighteen years ago. We offered to release him of the duty, but he refused. He doesn't know anything else but the horror of Azkaban, and wishes to fulfil the old duty until his death," Narcissa explained, her nose wrinkled in disgust.

"I didn't know that," Draco looked shocked.

"I forbade your father to include you in that tradition," Narcissa explained. "And with the dementors only in the deepest level of Azkaban, it was unlikely that the tradition would continue. Shackle will be the last Malfoy elf to ever enter that place in servitude."

"That is how Voldemort could so easily break out father after my fifth year," Draco understood.

"Yes, my son," Narcissa's voice broke. "My shields were no match against him. He soon ripped many secrets of the family out of my mind."

Draco hugged his mother, as the rest of the group stood around them in shock. They never truly realized in how much fear the Malfoys had lived during the last years of the war. This brought home that point. They couldn't imagine the mind of the strong witch being ripped to shreds by Voldemort, but it had happened.

"Lets get back," Tony spoke up. "Nobody knows of this place. We can clean up later. I want to know how Harry's is doing."

They had quickly made their way back home. They found the two boys in Teddy's room, where Belfy had warded the door so that they couldn't sneak out. Belfy had felt Kreacher leaving and coming back with the Lord Black. He knew the sight would not be healthy for the two young wizards.

Tony sped towards the room Ginny had set up. As they entered they saw Harry lying still in the wide bed.

"How is he," Tony demanded as he ripped of his helmet and walked to the bed.

Ginny turned her tear-stained face to him. "Physically, he'll heal just fine. I mean, the injuries were extensive and severe, but mostly superficial."

"What do you mean, physically?" Tony spoke slowly.

Tears once more spilled over Ginny's cheeks. "He retreated in his mind. I can't reach him, no one can reach him. There is no stronger Occlumens alive then Harry. Until he decides to come back to us, he is lost within himself."

Tony looked at the glazed-over eyes, the green duller then he'd ever seen. He felt like his stomach was still back at Stark Industries.

"He's catatonic?" he whispered horrified.

"No," Ginny shook her head. "It's beyond that. His Occlumency shields are like steel walls around the mind. The mind has several levels, the deeper you go the closer you come to the magical core and core personality traits. Harry has built walls around each level of his mind, completely organizing and containing his mind. He gave up all walls to hide himself in his core personality."

"What does that mean?" Tony felt his knees tremble.

"It means that he is no longer conscious of what happens outside his mind. He locked the door behind him, with no way of knocking," Ginny's voice trembled.

Tony looked at the blank face of his lover, who was now lost to him. How could he get him back?