"Hey, James?"

Sirius was sitting on his bed, flicking through some notes Remus had taken for him in History Of Magic. James was also sitting on Sirius's bed, looking through his own notes that Remus has taken for him. The boys were alone in the dorm as everyone else had decided to study in the library. There was an upcoming History Of Magic test that they wanted to get good marks on. Remus had told them learning about the intricate and complicated history of magic would be a lot easier if they weren't sleeping.

"What?" James replied, not looking up from the parchment which was covered in neat, slanted handwriting. Sirius bit his lip. "Have you ever thought about… snogging a bloke?"

"Huh?" James's eyes were on Sirius then, an eyebrow raised in confusion. Sirius's gaze was downwards, at his hands.

"Have you ever thought about snogging a bloke?" Sirius repeated.

James shrugged. "Once or twice, only briefly though. Why do you ask?"

"Well, I've thought about it a lot. I just was wondering if you'd… um…" Sirius trailed off, seemingly unable to find the words. Being thirteen year old boy, of course Sirius had begun to question things, and he had begun to wonder about boys. James tilted his head, "If I'd what?"

"If you'd like to try it out." Sirius mumbled, his eyes upon anything but James. There was a long silence, and Sirius had to look at James to see if he was okay or not.

James was staring at him with unreadable eyes, his lips slightly parted, his eyebrows furrowed. "You want to kiss me?"

"I want to know what it's like to kiss a boy, and you're my best friend in the entire world." Sirius explained, and James let out a heavy breath. "I suppose. I've never kissed a boy before though."

"Well neither have I, why do you think I'm asking you prat?" Sirius asked with his usual cheeky grin. James chuckled lightly. When his laugh faded, he pushed the parchment out from in between the boys, to the end of the bed. Sirius's mouth was suddenly dry. James licked his lips, his gaze flickering from Sirius's eyes to Sirius's lips. They were sitting side by side at this point, and Sirius was trying to not shake; he was so nervous.

James leaned in closer, and Sirius could feel James's breath on his mouth. When their lips connected, there was no fireworks. No suddenly realisations of love, of electricity between the two.

It was just plain old kissing.

James's mouth was soft and inviting, and Sirius's was rather dry but he wasn't a bad kisser. He was just used to kissing girls, and so was James.

Sirius nervously shifted a tad closer to James, and James eagerly put a hand on Sirius's neck and tilted his head so the kiss could get slightly deeper. James couldn't deny he was enjoying snogging Sirius, just like Sirius couldn't deny that he was enjoying snogging James. Eventually, the boys parted. Sirius was huffing slightly, having had trouble breathing through his nose during the kiss. James was licking his lips and swallowing, as though trying to see if he could taste Sirius. Sirius pulled his knees up to his chest.

"Thanks." He said lowly, and James nodded. He pulled the parchment back over, but he didn't move away from Sirius. He smiled at him, "Anytime, Sirius." James said, and Sirius didn't fail to see the sparkle in his friends eyes. Sirius laughed at James before picking up his parchment.

"Whatever, let's just get back to work."