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Arena 1:

The tribute plates rise up in a small valley. The golden glow of the cornucopia is the first thing they see. During the countdown, they have time to look around them. There are heavily wooded mountains surrounding them. The only way out of the valley is to go up.

At the cornucopia, there are an array of weapons and supplies. There are several swords, knives, tridents and spears, 2 bows with a quiver each, 4 axes and a blow gun with darts in the area of weapons. There are many backpack strewn around the valley. They are filled with rope, matches, a knife, crackers and beef. Closer to the horn, there are boxes filled with water, food, matches, sleeping bags and rope. The only water is from the rain and the cornucopia.

When the gong sounds, no one moves. The tributes have nothing to go off of, because this is the first games. The first one off their plate is the boy from 4 . He stumbles off the plate and grabs a trident. This boy's actions make everyone else scram.

The forest proves to be lethal. There are many mud holes that can sink tributes in no time flat. Also, trees, managed by the Gamemakers, fall in certain areas at certain times. The mutts include: vicious bears, fluffy squirrels that have razor sharp teeth, and lizards that have poisonous skin.

On the 14th day, only 16 tributes are dead, so the Gamemakers turn the mountains into volcanoes. The force the tribute towards each other in the valley. The finale happens with the 5 tributes who don't die in the volcanic eruptions. The girls from 6 and 11 are alive along with the boys from 2, 4 and 12.

The boy from 2 kills the boy from 12, and the girl from 11. He is then killed by the boy from 4. The two remaining, 4 and 6, fight a bloody battle. The girl's arm is hacked off by the boy's sword, and he gets an ax stuck in his stomach. The two stop fighting, and the girl outlasted the boy. The Victor of the first Games is the girl from 6.

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