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Arena 15

This year's arena is in the shape of a nineteenth century manor house, with an acre of neatly cropped gardens, flowing fountains and even a miniature maze. In the house are over hundred rooms across four floors, most of them just bedrooms or sitting rooms. It looks harmless but traps lurk in some of the rooms and even the garden is dangerous. The tributes are placed in the great hall on the third floor, where the cornucopia is, which is filled with the usual weapons, food and water but slightly less than usual as weapons and supplies can also be found dotted around the house.

All the tributes have been dressed to fit the 19th century style of the house and although they all look glamorous, even the people from districts eleven and twelve, they will soon prove difficult to run and hide in, this is why the cornucopia also contains clothes more suitable for the games.

The bloodbath kills eight tributes this year. The girl from three, both tributes from twelve and nine, the boy from five, the boy from nine and the girl from four. The tributes from district one and two take the cornucopia easily and quickly form an alliance along with the girl from five. The other surviving tributes split up and flee into different rooms of the house.

The main alliance quickly changes into camouflage clothing and take turns either guarding the cornucopia or hunting down the other tributes. The house has all the furniture you might have seen in the nineteenth century and provide a great many hiding places. The girl and boy from two find the girl from ten hiding under a bed and kill her, before finding the boy from eleven who puts up more of a fight, killing the girl from two before he too is killed.

The next day is fairly quiet, after a loss of one of their own so soon the careers decide to stay by the cornucopia and wait for tributes to come to them, expecting them to come looking for food and water, however no one does. The tributes are all hiding around the house and the boy from three manages to find the kitchens where there is some food and water. The boy from six also finds the kitchen and instead of offering to form an alliance with three to share the kitchen he fights for it instead and is killed. Meanwhile the girl from six finds a sitting room that she thinks will be safe in at the top floor of the house, but she had entered one of the rooms with b*** traps. She steps on a trap door that opens up beneath her and she falls down four floors to her death.

The day after things start to get more interesting. The boy from four, both tributes from seven and the boy from eight decide to form an alliance and to hide in the gardens of the house to try and find food and water. They make their way outside, unaware that the careers have a perfect view of them from their window in the great hall. The boy from one shoots arrows down at them, but he is a poor shot and only kills the boy from eight and injures the girl from seven. The others get away.

Now some of the tributes are in the garden the first mutts appear. Giant snakes that hide in the fountains, silently emerging with poisonous fangs that kill in less than a minute. The boy from seven is taking a drink from a fountain when a snake strikes and kills him. The girl from seven tries to run but her arrow wound slows her down and the mutt quickly catches up with her. However the boy from four, who managed to grab a spear from the cornucopia before running, manages to kill a snake pursuing him before going to hide in the miniature maze at the back of the garden. The boy from four looks like a good competitor and thinks he is safe in the maze, but then he accidentally disturbs a nest of tracker jackers which attack and sting him to death. By the end of the day nine competitors remain.

At night the snakes start making their way into the house to hunt down the remaining tributes. They find the girl from eleven hiding in one room and the careers who are still in great hall. The girl from eleven is killed immediately and the girl from five is struck down by a snake even before the careers noticed two mutts had entered the room. They fight them off and kill them but the male from two is bitten and also dies. Panicking, the remaining careers decide it is too dangerous to stay in the great hall and instead collect their supplies and go hunting round the house for the rest of the tributes to finish the game.

From the top window of the house the two remaining careers spot that the girl from eight managed to sneak out the house when she thought no one was looking and is trying to hide in the garden. On the way to the garden to hunt her down the careers are attacked by the boy from ten who had been hiding in wait for them. He had managed to construct a few weapons from the objects around him but they are of no match for the boy from one's sword and after a short fight he is killed. The girl from one however leaves the boys to their fight and continues to the garden to find the girl from eight.

When entering the garden the girl from one tries to sneak up on the girl from eight, but the rustling of leaves gives her away and the tribute runs to the maze for protection, quickly followed by the career. They are not aware of the tracker jackers lurking there.

The girl from one cuts her way through the hedges to catch up with the girl from six, who puts up as much of a fight as she can but is defenseless against the career's weapons. She is killed but their fighting alerted the tracker jackers nearby which start attacking the girl from one. She escapes the maze with only a few stings, but they are enough to cause her to hallucinate and mistake a snake lying in the grass for a harmless log until it strikes her.

Now only the boy from one and the boy from three remain. The boy from one hunts the house for the boy from three, who is still hiding in the kitchen. However the career is unaware of how the tribute has been able to survive hiding in the kitchen for so long. He used his skill of inventiveness to build traps and trip wires to help him catch the rats in the kitchen for food and alert him to anyone coming into the room. This was how he had been alerted to a snake creeping into the room while he slept and was able to kill it, and how the boy from one's method of a surprise attack was ruined by a trip wire.

The two battle it out, the boy from one is strong and agile but so is the boy from three. Their fight is hectic with both receiving knife wounds from each other and whenever one dropped their weapon they picked up another one of the many others scattered around in the kitchen.
The fight comes to an end however when the boy from one steps back and catches his foot in a trap for the rats. This slows him down enough for the boy from three to finally kill him with one last blow to the heart with a knife.
The boy from three is the victor.