Who would expect the so called 'Pureblood' Draco Malfoy to be anything but that, pure blooded? Not the boy himself. Although he should have noticed something when his mother's ears tinged pink whenever Lucius claimed that the Malfoys were pure blooded through and through. In fact he probably should've noticed his own discomfort with such conversations.

Draco was twelve, it was his first year at Hogwarts. The year was coming to a close as the last half-term had just started. Draco smiled briefly as he thought back on the fun he'd had torturing his fellow first years. Then he remembered the birthday wishes his mother had given him on his last day at home, before the half-term started.

"Happy Birthday, for Wednesday, my strong little Dragon," His mother's voice rang through his head, he kept feeling that something was held behind those words, a warning perhaps?

Draco didn't really feel like over thinking his mothers meaning and glared at Potter and his friends instead. What the first year Slytherin didn't realise was Gonia Wind, a first year Ravenclaw with a muscular disease in her legs, was sat in the shadows near the group of Gryffindors. Gonia was watching Draco with an unusual level of interest.

The young girl limped out of the shadows and turned as if walking to the school. Just as she came up behind Draco she stopped. The young Malfoy didn't seem to notice. The girl sniffed. A small smile spread over her face. This is the boy she was looking for.

Draco turned around, feeling a pair of eyes on his back, and saw Gonia there. "What do you want Wind?" Draco snapped at the girl.

"Nothing, nothing!" She replied quickly, adjusting her hat slightly, self consciously. "Just you know, making sure that everything is alright with you."

"Hmm," Draco said suspiciously. The slytherin glared at the ravenclaw. The girl jumped making a rather goat like noise and bolting, in a rather goat like way.

"Terrorising your fellow first years again, firsty?" A third year slytherin girl said.

"No, I think that was you," Draco said smirking. "She seems to just be scared of your face!"

"Nice, Malfoy, really nice," The girl said. "Slytherin's are supposed to stick together, idiot!"

Draco snarled. Who did this girl think she was? He was a Malfoy and she was nothing! Probably nothing, Draco thought to himself.

"Incase you were wondering," The girl said, subtly answering his thoughts. "I am neither a pureblood nor half blood or muggle born. My mother was a witch but my father was something more!" The girl finished.

"Who are you?" Draco asked, confused

"Cathy Holmes," The girl replied cheerily.

Draco looked confused and was about to ask for more, when a yellow mist left the girls mouth. "Sorry Malfoy, got to go, Hogwarts stops my ghost sense from going off whenever a Hogwarts ghost goes past me but any other ghost leaves me stinging with electricity," Cathy said before fading into the shadows. Draco looked shocked at the spot the girl had disappeared to. Had he actually just seen a girl melt into the shadows? Did he just imagine her? What was going on? What in Merlin's name was a ghost sense and what did it have to do with a muggle invention?

Without the answer to any of his questions the firsty left for the dungeons. The Slytherin common room was, in Draco's opinion wonderfull. He loved the view of water but hated being in it himself. The windows from the Slytherin dorm looked right out into the lake giving Draco a view he loved without being in the water. Everywhere was decorated in green and silver and order was all that there was. Except, that is, for the darkest corner of the Slytherin common room. In this corner sat a pile of books, Draco recognised them as those needed for third year, a handful of scruffy, moth eaten quills, some rolls of fresh parchment and a few balls of scrunched up muggle paper. Draco knew who inhabited this corner even though she wasn't there. This corner was the corner of the simultaneously dark and bubbly Cathy Holmes.

Draco was glad she wasn't there!

Just as he thought that he saw a strange ripple shimmer across the wall, a ripple only noticeable if you were looking at the wall at the time. And as such no one but Draco noticed it.

The ripple lengthened and in the centre a splodge of black spread. The black spread wider until it became a transparent almost circle shape that went right through the wall. On the other side stood a blue-black haired Slytherin third year girl with a green hat on her head. Draco almost yelped in surprise when she stepped through the hole in the wall. He recognised the girl of course, the girl that usually inhabited that corner was hard not to recognise.

Draco was shocked to see that no one but him had seen it. When Cathy looked over at him she stopped grumbling and looked just as shocked that he could see her. Strange, Draco thought. She stared at him for a few seconds then, for the second time that day, melted into the shadows.

Looking away from the corner Draco stormed back out of the common room.