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He was sent flying.

Crushing on debris, walls, houses, stores...he met a church in the way, going right through it. Such power. And only in a single punch. Just what the hell made this guy so strong?!

He was suddenly stopped. A wall was in the way and thankfully it stopped his...flight. Releasing a grunt he slowly fell to the ground. He had to admit, that was one hell of a punch. That vermin, he would give him that, knew still how to fight. He ignored his blurry vision and the pounding of his head, as he chose to glare at the direction he came from. That insect... just you wait, Natsu Dragneel. I'll erase you from the whole fucking wor-

"Hime. Are you alright?" A monotone voice. He didn't know it and to be truthful it was kind of freaky and..Hime?

"Ugh... I swear, if another perverted dragon shows up and try to strip me, eat me or grope me, I'll pulverize it..."

Rogue blinked once.

"But Hime. You enjoyed very your encounter with Natsu-sama."

Rogue blinked twice.

"I d-d-did NOT!"

Slowly he turned his head and saw the young blonde spirit mage together with another woman dressed in a maid outfit.

"I'm afraid you are mistaken, Hime-"


"-for you had that goofy grin on your face for a while there."

"More importantly, help me get out now, will you please?!"

The pink haired maid moved quickly towards the trapped blonde, easily gripping the enormous rock and lifting it just for the blonde mage to crawl out, sighing in relief. Slowly his eyes narrowed dangerously when he saw the object she was cradling at her breasts. That diary... He'd seen that damn thing many times before. He had tried too many times to destroy the devilish thing. Honestly, he had no idea what was writen within its pages. But in the future the wench had it always on her, writing, hiding it...and that desperate look when she had protected it from him.

He knew.. it was important. Hell, she even gave her right arm to save the damn book. Obviously it had to do with him. It had to be about the attacks, his kills, his magic... Information about everything! Yes, that's it! That whore had planned this all along! To travel back in the past and give information to prevent his plans... He chuckled. That woman was something else.. she was entertaining, he'll give her that. Too bad he had killed her already. He would love to play with her more. Her screams were something else. Ah, that time when his shadows had lashed out at that red haired bitch, or when they slashed that ice mage... even better when one of his shadows pierced that Dragneel's heart. Oh, she screamed alright. The whole Fiore had heard her wails and screams of terror and despair when she cradled the dead dragon slayer...

"Are you well, Hime?"

"Yes, Virgo, don't worry." The young mage looked around before looking back at the brown old book. "We should get somewhere safe, so I can read the diary. If the future me brought it along, there has to be something important in it."

He knew it! That book was dangerous for it probably did hold the key to his demise. It had to go. A cold smirk found his way to his lips. He could as well play again with her. It would be like hitting two birds with one stone. It also helped that both women hadn't noticed him yet. He chuckled again. She had already made it too easy for him to do as he pleased, he might as well get things started.




Virgo blinked and turned around. Her blank eyes scanned all over the opened place searching. They stopped in each corner, in every dark space fallen objects had created, checking everything and everywhere. There was nothing though. Only debris and dust. Yet... she felt it. Virgo turned back at Lucy; the blond mage was frowning down at the old diary, her fingers brushing the dust on the cover. Thankfully the mage didn't notice the thoughtful frown on her face. That dangerous aura lingering around her holder, dark and thick. Unbearable and heavy. Somewhat familiar... Virgo paused and her hazed ocean blue eyes widened.

"Virgo? What's wrong?"

Killing intent.


Virgo wasn't fast enough for the first attack; a shadow shot from the ground and slashed Lucy's hand, taking the old diary at the same time. She heard Lucy hiss in pain and Virgo strained her body to move faster. Thus, she caught up with the second one. The shadow was heading towards the bleeding spirit mage, ready to pierce her in two...Virgo would never let that happen. Protect your holder with your life; priority number one for a spirit and Virgo wasn't one of those who had second thoughts about doing something like that.

When she heard the sound, Lucy prayed it wasn't her. She felt the crimson droplets touch her shoulder, hair and face, yet she never felt any pain. She turned her head to the side and it was then when she wished it had been her. The shadow hadn't reach her; merely stopping just millimeters away from her face. But it wasn't that, that made Lucy's blood freeze.


The spirit slowly tilted her head so she could see Lucy from above her shoulder, eyes half lidded and blood running from her lips. She stood guard in front of her with her arms spread open in a protective way; Lucy felt like dying. "H-H-Him..e.." her breath hitch, her eyes widened in horror and tears started forming hurriedly. "R-Run..." Virgo's eyes rolled upwards before she disappeared with a puff of smoke right when Lucy screamed her name.

"That was unexpected." she blinked as her eyes focused at the dark shadow looming behind the dispersing smoke...and then widened once more. "Do note that it wasn't my intention of hurting her."

Lucy's eyes flashed in pure anger, "You!"

Rogue only send her a sadistic smile, "You on the other hand...I'll be more than happy to play with."

Lucy had very little time to move. Shadows erupted from everywhere, the black tips heading towards her in a blink. Yelling in surprise she scrambled away, stumbling on a rock in the process but quickly standing on her feet. She inhaled sharply and clutched her hand on her chest. The cut was deep -spreading from her wrist to her palm- and it stung really bad. Blood rushed through her fingers that desperately tried to stop the bleeding, down to the ground. Rogue turned slowly towards her and smirked. His crimson eyes clashed with her furious ones into a monstrous battle. No one was backing from this one and Lucy never did drop her guard; she knew present-Rogue was strong..she could only imagine what kind of power his future counterpart was holding back. She saw a shadow flickering from the corner of her eye and braced herself for another attack. But it never came; the shadow approached Rogue, flickering like flames and revealed her future self's diary.

"Give that back!"

He only chuckled in response as he took the old book and inspected it carefully with narrowed amused eyes. "You know I never really understood why you protected this thing. It must be something really important for you." He locked eyes with her once again. Lucy felt herself stiffen; something in the way he said that didn't stick well with her. Her fingers tightened around her wound as her eyes flicked between the book and the person that was the cause of all of this. Should she call a spirit out? No, that would be really dumb thing to do; it would seem as if she was inviting him to attack her. No..she was smarter than that. Maybe try to talk things out? Maybe she'd try th-

"NO!" Black flames enveloped Rogue's hand and the diary -her diary; the only thing that could hold a clue of how to defeat this monster. She tried to move forward but fell face down to the ground, her ankle screaming in piercing pain. Looking back she saw shadows had sprouted from the ground and had wrapped tightly around her foot; she clenched her teeth. It hurt...it hurt like hell. No, it wasn't that the grip was too tight. It was the burning sensation that run through her leg; like scorching hot fires that threatened to tear her leg apart. She didn't speak though. Not a single word. She turned around and glared at the smirking man; she would not give him that pleasure.

"What a scary face you got there. But I must say, when you scream and have that terror look in your face..that is what most definitely suit you." he was a sadist...he had to be...How that shy and withdrawn kid that the present-Rogue had developed into a monster like that, she'll never know. "Now, now. Don't get all worked up." He opened his palm and the old diary disappeared within the shadows. Her lips parted in a silent gasp and her blood coated fingers reached out -it was too late, not that she would have reached the book anyway. Rogue met her eyes once again, his crimson orbs flashing dangerously at her, "We do have plenty of time, Lucy Heartfillia."




He was worried. Yes, he was very much indeed. Half an hour had passed and still no sign of him. That bastard, did he run away? Did he got scared because his wanna-be-king-of-the-world fucked up self got a hit? If that's the case, then he was such a coward. Though he did expect that. Natsu knew that behind all the tough act, the man was such a coward. He had escaped and left the dragon deal with him.

He scoffed as he dodged a clawed hand that maybe could have taken his head off. Glaring obsidian eyes glanced at the bulky mass of scales and he couldn't help but growl. That god damned dragon was starting to really piss him off. Mother Glare raised his head and let out a loud roar; swirling bits of lighting beams rushed out in great speeds towards them.

"Asshole!" Natsu went to answer with his own Dragon Roar, but Atlas unleashed his own Hell Flamed Roar countering the other Roar perfectly.

"Leave this idiot to me, boy. Go get the other one, who's in charge of everything!"

"Alright. Be careful there, old guy!" Natsu jumped off Atlas's back heading towards the ground. He never reached it though as Mother Glare's spiked tail came right at him and with a hard smack send him to the sky. Natsu was sure if Atlas hadn't caught him, he would be flying to the outer space.

"You think I'll let you touch my master?"deep and full of fury, Mother Glare narrowed his large golden eyes and spread his wings, making him look larger, stronger and far more dangerous. "You won't pass by me, brats! Prepare to meet your end!"and the mighty dragon lunged at them. Atlas moved back, his fiery wings spreading to boost him away from the fast approaching adamantine dragon. Natsu held tight, his jaw tightened; it seemed that beating the hell out of future-Rogue had to wait for a while.




She was tired, she was sore...but hell she wouldn't back down at all. The attacks had stopped for a second and only her ragged breathing could be heard. She was getting dizzy and her sight had begun to get blurry; she had lost too much blood. The cut in her hand was still throbbing, bleeding, requesting her immediate attention along with the rest of the cuts in her arms and legs. And she would have been happy to oblige to their request if it wasn't for those damn shadows lashing out every single second.

As if he was reading her mind Rogue raised his arms unleashing another wave of shadows. She dodged and hurried away -each time her body bent and twisted in ways she had never seen herself moving. She was in a safe distance when she shot her hand forward; eyes full of determination and key held tight in her fingers. "Open, the Gate of the L-" she never finished the incantation. Shadows leaped from the ground and wrapped around her hand; key dropping to the ground, her arm was pinned in the air above her head. She bit her lips, forbidding the pained cry to escape when the shadow tightened around her wound, more blood oozing from her veins. She didn't give up though. She raised her other hand, Taurus' key in it and tried once again, "Tau-" another one leaped from Mavis-knows-where behind her and wrapped around her whole arm. It was in the heat of the moment, so she felt it coming three seconds later.


So much pain. It was getting unbearable the seconds that past. It was a disgusting sound, a sickening crunch that had her screaming her ears off. He had broken her arm. The power behind the shadows that had tightened once more was unimaginable; she screamed again. She couldn't hold it anymore. The pain was too much. She opened her eyes and peaked at him and his sickening face; he was smirking and his crimson eyes narrowed down in pure amusement. He moved his hand and together so did the shadows. Slowly the shadows rose and Lucy whimpered as her arm was also pinned above her head...and tightened. She screamed again, tears spilling down her cheeks.




Thankfully he did. Her head fell forward as she tried to control her ragged breathing. The tears continued flowing down her cheeks; she couldn't stop them, couldn't control them. She heard footsteps and she raised her head once more and glared at the approaching man. She watched him as he kneeled in front of her, that fucking smirk still on his face and chuckled; not once did her glowering faded. She gritted her teeth when he cupped her face; his thumb tracing the cut on her cheek, whipping the blood that rushed out, before he moved to her split lip... and pressed. a pained cry was never released, only her eyes seemed to tighten and his smirk grew more. "Come on. Scream a little." She couldn't help herself, really. She knew she was asking for it, but she just couldn't just let him off like that. So she did it.

He leaned back in shock and Lucy smirked. He lifted his hand from her face and slowly whipped the bloody spittle from his face; his eyes never dropping from the cold brown of Lucy's as the only thing she did was glare and grin. And that agitated him.

Hand shot out and struck her across the face. The bloody blond whimpered in pain as the familiar coppery liquid formed at her mouth. "You little bitch!" He struck her again and again, her head whipping around by the force of the strikes but she wouldn't give him the pleasure of him seeing her begging for her life. No, she wouldn't. She was a Fairy Tail mage after all!

She pushed her body to move; it was dangerous she knew, with a broken arm and all those cuts and that blood...she didn't care, though. It reeled back, catching Rogue in surprise, and then she shot back forward fast, her head slamming at his own. In a flash the shadows dissolved and she was free; plummeting at the ground like a broken toy. Yet she moved, crawling away from the shadow mage to somewhere safe. Meanwhile, Rogue had fallen backwards, his hand cradled his sore forehead as he continued staring in slight surprise.

She had hit him...

She had hit him.

She had hit him!

His dark crimson orbs became a slit, so thin someone could barely see it; only if tried very hard. He let out a growl, low and dangerous that made Lucy gasp in fear as several shivers found their way to her spine. She pushed her body further ahead, her legs filling in for the loss of her broken arm as she tried to move away. Her sight was getting blurry though and the bleeding had intensified from the ground that kept scrapping her pale skin when crawling. Tears had started forming on her orbs but determinately held them back. She wouldn't let another tear slip away. She wouldn't.

He stopped her; thrusting his hand forward and letting out a shrill growl that formed words never reaching her ears. Her eyes widened as black pooled beneath her, terror filled her chocolate eyes and a slow whimper left her split lips. It was a second. A single flick of the hand of the clock. And then it came.

Shadows had wrapped around her entire body; long, tight black ropes that kept her still, unable to move away. She had tried to wiggle away at first; Rogue had only let a dry laugh and her eyes froze on his cruel lips. The pain that came after was great. Intense and heavy; it fell on her like a brick wall and continued pushing her down. The shadows felt like hot iron against her skin, burning, scorching hot flames eating her away.

It hurts...

It hurts..

It hurts!

She bit her lips from letting the pained cry to escape from her bloody lips. She won't say it. She won't say it! She won't say it! She refused to say she need help. She won't cry out either help me or save me. She was a mage. She was a Fairy Tail mage! She was strong. She held the key to open the gates of the stars, thus she needed no help! She peaked behind her, chocolate eyes glaring from her long blond bangs, at the man who was now standing and walking towards her. The gears in her head started spinning, the adrenaline fueling them to go faster and faster, to think, to act, to make -force if needed, her body to move. She remembered her keys chained at her hips and she tried to take a grip of them. The shadows tightened at once and her hand froze its wiggling.

She couldn't see it, but she could feel it; the steam that rose up and the burning flesh of her wrist as well as the tight burning ropes of hell... She didn't want to. She really didn't. She let out a scream, loud, clear and painfully stabbing at your guts. Rogue didn't care, though. You could see it in his face, in his expression. He was happy, ecstatic to be honest. Ruby eyes watched their prey as it squirmed and screamed and he just felt great. So pleased. But she stopped. Why she stopped? He wanted more, needed more of her pain.

He moved his fingers and another shadow rose from the others that wrapped tightly around the young woman. It wiggled as if giggling cutely and shot down, finding itself around her delicate neck. He watched as she stilled and shivered a little; he could only lick his lips hungrily. Snapping his arm back he watched as Lucy was in her knees with a yell. Such a sight. Beautiful, if you asked him. Blood was all over her as cuts, burns and bruises decorated her flawless skin. Some tears streamed down her cheeks as she held her eyes tightly closed.

He moved closer and smirked, "Come on... open your eyes..." He watched as she shook her head, blond locks sticking at her cheeks and forehead, but she held her eyes tightly close. Rogue, after all the years and all his influence, was a man that always got what he wanted and that wouldn't stop just because a little girl decided that being stubborn was the best way to oppose him. Frowning, he closed his fist and the shadow around Lucy's neck tightened. She opened her mouth as she gagged; her air supply begun to cut short as seconds ticked by and the pressure continued growing. Still, she refused to open her eyes.

"You know what?" she heard him growl, "I've had enough. I was planning on playing with you, you know, mess you up a bit and then showing you at that bastard dragon slayer", her heart accelerated by two beats; so that's what he was after? "...but I grew bored. You weren't as amusing as I thought you'd be." She could feel the smirk on his voice and that smug look he had on. His hand shot out and grabbed her hair, tagging up in his strong hold, "Open your eyes you wench!" She did, only when the shadow at her neck begun choking her on the spot. Her wide brown eyes met his crimson cold ones and fear started building up her mind. "So, you can see your own demise. So long, Lucy Heartfillia. I hope I'll never see you again."

There was a moment of silence. Rogue had his hand raised above her, shadows licking his knuckles, ready to strike, eyes narrowed, a fierce frown on his face. Lucy was frozen in place, eyes wide open with fear and body drenched in blood, helpless watching, waiting for the man to make his move. As if in slow-motion she watched as his fist tightened and in a slow pace descended down, towards her. Everything else was frozen, except for his fist and hard eyes that grew colder each second. Her heart raced, slammed rather painfully against her chest reminding her the remaining seconds she had.

So, that's it?...I trully am gonna die here, like this..? There were many things she wanted to do like finish her novel and successfully publishing it, attend the festival with all the guild (since she missed the past ones one being sick, the others being trapped in a magical time-capsule), take lots of missions with her team, go with Levy-chan to that new library that had recently opened in Magnolia, eat strawberry cake with Erza (even if she knew she risked her own life doing so..), make a snowman in winter time with Gray, learn how to make those cute phantom-dolls with Juvia, go fishing with Natsu and Happy, help said cat to claim Carla as his girlfriend, have more time getting to know Lisanna better, have a drinking contest with Canna (even though she would lose)... but the thing she wanted to do first and above of all these, was to say those three special words to a certain fire dragon slayer. She had kept them way too much for herself, anyway; at first because they were teammates and as everyone knew, Natsu was the least brightest candle in such matters. Then it was because of Lisanna's comeback; she knew those two had a thing for each other since their child years, yet imagine how surprised she was when she caught her and Mira-san scheming of how they'll get her and Natsu together locked in the guild's storeroom. The two take over mages just stood and watched her with wide doe eyes and she could just blink and blush as she looked at the pieces of paper sprawled at the kitchen floor. After that she had all the support the others could give her but still she couldn't master the courage to go and confess. She was such a coward.

But it seems that all of this was of no importance anymore, because as Rogue's fist continued approaching her face, Lucy found herself closing her eyes. Soon everything would be over. She would die and Rogue would manage to take over the whole Fiore with his dragons. Lucy had accepted her fate; she would die right here and now. And no other than pink, onyx and a childish grin enveloped her mind.

Gomen, Natsu... Seems that, I won't be keeping my promise to you...

And a smile spread over her lips as everything became black.




He wasn't sure what happened next. One moment he was ready to kill that bitch and the next everything became bright. With wide eyes, he fell back as an explosion occurred. As he righted himself, he watched bewildered as the blonde mage was engulfed in flames, bright and red and golden and orange that grew stronger and in size. They soon developed a vortex that wrapped around the wounded mage, melting away the shadows that had become a second skin at her. As the shadows vaporized away the vortex grew and the flames stretched, gaining speed as they lashed at him. He jumped back and put his arm in front of his face to protect himself from the incredible heat that raged from the hellish-like fires that protected the blonde.

He was puzzled to say the least. How could she withstand such ferocious flames, he couldn't possibly know. With his enhanced hearing he was definite he heard her mumble "warm..." before she swayed and fell, landing into strong arms that secured her in a tight embrace. He couldn't see the face of the man as it was deep buried at the crook of the celestial spirit mage's neck, but that hair that whipped along the heat was something someone couldn't possibly ignore.

"Celestial spirit mages never break their promises... don't you dare go back on your word, Luce..." he raised his head and at that moment Rogue was sure he saw hell to pay. "I'll finish this quick and then we'll go home..."

Natsu Dragneel stood in his full height, arms at his side and his precious treasure secured behind him in a flamed cage, as his dark eyes glared fiercely the man in front of him. Rogue could only stare the fire dragon slayer as he took a step and raised his arm.

"Prepare yourself, Rogue Cheney. You touched what was mine... for that I'll burn you to ashes."




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