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A punch was thrown after. The sick sound of bones crushing echoed in her ears; such an awful sound actually. The dragon slayer fell back, feet scrapping at the earth below. It wasn't long before he launched right back at him. Fist raised and flames cracked, Natsu landed another hit.

She never enjoyed fighting. She prefered to reason first with her opponents, only using her keys whenever there was no other choice or when things looked absolutely desperate. Natsu was the one who usually jumped into the fray right away. She wouldn't blame him, it was just who he was. In missions, brawls, guild fights, training... Always using his fists first to solve his problems. Not the way Lucy liked (it was sure, bound to cause damages and lots of trouble for them later on), but they worked just fine together.

She had seen him fight many times over the years they were a team; in all the missions, in all the events, in all his fights... He looked majestic when he fought seriously. All his movements, his patterns, his attacks; everything executed in sync and great accuracy. He was so out of character like that. Yet she loved it.


"Fire dragon's Roar!"

That was not the case here.

The great fire tornado burst forward and Rogue barely managed to dodge it. Rolling at the ground, he raised his arm to the dragon slayer and yelled, "Rough silk!" Beams of light and shadows launched at Natsu who merely dodged them like they were nothing. Swaying and twisting his body, none of the sharp needles touched Natsu's skin; snapping a fist into flames he slammed it into two more that headed his way. It seemed normal; like a normal fight...

Yet why...

Lucy's fingers tightened around her bruised flesh. Her eyes wide staring at the two men battling.

Yet why..?

Arms and legs shaking as another attack was launched to Natsu, yet he simply dodged and brought up a flamed fist to a punch; she cringed at the sight of blood showing.

Yet why he had those eyes?

Normal dark emerald orbs with the grey specks shinning in mirth were completely gone. Now, flashing in front of her, his sockets bore neon green, bright and gleaming, as gold tinted around the pupils behind his salmon bangs. He looked dangerous, animalistic...

"Fire dragon's Iron fist!" dragon like...

The fiery fist burst forward and this time it was countered perfectly. Grabbing Natsu's hand Rogue twisted it and threw him away. Natsu lit his feet on fire and bursting with power he was soon propelled forward; fire quickly surrounded his body and he grinned as he called out,

"Fire dragon's Sword horn!"

Even though the attack never landed, Natsu's grin stayed at his face. He watched as Rogue's body materialized again from within the shadows and just stood there opposite of him. And stared. Crimson eyes slammed within bright green ones, despair, madness and mirth battling each other within them. Fire danced and cracked behind them as the adrenaline rushed through their veins. Lucy pulled further to herself; huddled at the wall behind Natsu, she watched them with wide alert eyes. Her broken arm was safely clutched between her legs and belly, keeping it unmoved as the other hugged around her legs keeping them up with no risk of letting go.

He started chuckling. No, not Natsu... Rogue. A sinister sound that cackled and rung into her ears. She stared; wide eyes watching as Rogue threw his head up and let out a full grown laugh, evil and loud enough to sent a chill pierce her bones. Natsu just stood still and tall yet again in front of her; she couldn't see him, but his grin had broaden and it seemed as if another inch will split his face in half. His fingers twitched, itching to land yet another hit to the shadow dragon slayer, but he held the feeling back. White canines flashed; there was plenty of time for everything.

He snapped his head back down and his mixed hair flew along, a hand was raised and it brush them back.

The terror she felt when she saw his eyes, no one could understand.

"You really push my buttons, Natsu Dragneel..." Said man didn't waver. If so he grew even more agitated when he saw the eyes of the shadow dragon slayer. Surrounded by a pool of black his eyes flashing bright red at them. Canines longer than usual made the grin wider and more dangerous, "Allow me to crush you with everything I got."




The power made her soul waver. Crashing waves of shadow and light reached and touch everywhere and everything in their path wishing for destruction. To reach and touch and crash and smash and completely obliterate her everything. The menacing laugh didn't stop either; loud and deep, it made her root on the spot.

Shadows wrapped in furry around the man, swallowing him whole. Air push around them and her hair flapped in the violent moves of the wind. Her eyes never wavered from the black mass in front of her.

"Luce, can you walk?" Soft yet firm, his voice made her jump. Trying to move her legs and arms, she winced slightly at the sudden sting.

"I...I think so.."

"Good..." Lucy looked back up and saw her partner squaring his shoulders, "Get out of here."

She looked ridiculously at him, her eyes focusing on him and her arm tightening around her legs, "W-what?"

"Get out of here." he repeated and snapped his fist into fire, "Now."

She didn't wait nor did she stand there frozen anymore. His words melted the ice that had kept her frozen. She stood wobbling, leaning for support at the wall before she started away. As she jogged she glanced at Natsu, taking in his strong back and presence, the way his salmon spiked hair moved along the wind, his scarf and ripped clothes... She stopped, cradling her broken hand at her breasts, she fully turned back and waited. Eyebrows merged, her eyes leaked with worry as she stared at her pink haired partner. Breath deep and ragged she made to do a step forward; he turned his head to her. Bright golden green eyes met hazel chocolate ones and the world stopped; second time happening to her today. They stared deep into each other, heart taking up her pace, legs feeling wobbly... He was telling her to go. The man she knew as her best friend, the man that she trusted more than anyone in this world, the only man she ever held so dear in her heart, the man she loved, defied the danger in front of him just to tell her to go. But she couldn't just leave. To leave him there all alone to battle this monster. Natsu was a god to her when it came in power, yet this time that annoying feeling of dread rooted in her heart. As strong as Natsu was she just couldn't bare to leave him alone. She just couldn't.

His eyes burned circles at her when she took another step. Go his eyes said and she just wanted to scream at him no. That she wouldn't leave him behind just like that.

A hand reached out and pulled her away; she yelped in fear, wide eyes turning to see a golden light that soon turned into a figure she was all too familiar to her.

"Me..? No... Gemini?!"

Gemini turned their head and Lucy met her own brown eyes gleaming right back at her, a sweet smile gracing their face, "Lucy-san, it's okay. Come quick!" She was pulled again rather roughly; yelping in pain as her arm thundered.

"W-Wait!" She glanced back to see Natsu's stiff back and fists aflamed. Dread pooled her belly again, "S-Stop, Gemini!"

She saw the twins shaking their -her head, "No can't do, Lucy-san. We need to get Lucy-san to safety."

"But Nats-"

"Leo-nii-sama said what happened. Said Lucy-san was hurt." the twins smiled back, "We came to save Lucy-san."

She was lost. Staring at Gemini's -her toweled form, she couldn't help the smile that appeared in her face. The love and worry coming from the spirits -her spirits, filled her heart and made her feel warm in her chest. Pride and happiness erupted from within her and she sniffed back the tears that threatened to fall.

"Gemini, can you heal me please?"

The twin spirits turned their head back and stared with wide eyes their blonde summoner. Opening and closing their mouth, the twin searched for an answer, "W-We don't know... w-we don't know how much we can keep the little dragon slayer's form... or if Gemini will heal Lucy-san completely..."

Lucy pulled back from the twins, skidding to a halt; she stared back, eyes gleaming with determination, "I'll provide you enough magical energy to keep the transformation. I just need you to heal my arm, it's broken."

"B-But the result won't be the same as the little dragon slayer's-"

"I don't care, I trust you!"

Gemini's eyes widened, "You are my friends, my nakama and I trust you. Loke opened the gates for you right? He gave you enough energy to breach through, right? I'll give more to maintain Wendy's form, just..." Lucy's eyes watered, "Please Gemini... I..I can't leave him there..alone...please.."

Lucy watched as Gemini stood and stared with wide eyes and pursed lips. She saw the muscles in their jaw clenching and their nose wiggle. Sweat dripped down her temple and Lucy screamed in her mind for them to hurry. Natsu was about to face a man that now held nothing back, a true monster; she would not let him face a Rogue like that all alone.

"Okay." The answer brought her back with a start and soon she met the tight smile in Gemini's face, "We'll help Lucy-san." They glowed bright, going back to their normal form for only a second just for the glowing to increase and soon the small figure of Wendy appeared. The small dragon slayer's clone smiled and walked up to her. The twins raised Wendy's tiny arms and then a sudden glow enveloped Wendy's hands that slowly spread to Lucy's broken arm, "We don't know how well Lucy-san will heal, but..." hazel eyes looked up and locked with Lucy's chocolate ones; warmth spread to the doppelganger's face as she smiled again, "If Lucy-san trusts us so much, we have to help her!"

Lucy smiled back at the twin spirits and placed her other hand on top of the dark blue hair. Gemini's blush and smile grew as they saw Lucy smile back. Warmth started filling their belly but they didn't thought much of it; ever since they completed the contract with the blonde mage, this strange feeling was always there.

"Thank you, Gemini." Lucy smiled once more at the spirits and then glanced back; her eyes were quick to fall at the pink haired dragon slayer from afar. Her eyes tightened, chocolate orbs melting into warm pools of worry as her gaze lingered on the small form of the fire mage.

Wait Natsu... please wait for me... and just... just...

"...don't die on me... please Natsu..."




The shadows wrapped and thrashed and soon gave out. From within the black abyss stood a figure tall with eyes bright red and gleaming. Natsu continued watching with bright neon eyes as Rogue walked slowly out of the black mass. Black gleaming scales covered his whole body, arms that of a beast or more likely, that of a dragon with muscles pulsing, long fingers and curved black claws. His clothes ripped and stood bare from his waist and up, his dark white pants the only piece of cloth on him. His hair was short, yet long enough to cover his face in a crazed state. And it was white. A pale silver that seemed to gleam as they moved by the wind, back and forward, wrapping his face that had also scales curved in his skin. And within the white mass, Natsu's neon green could see the bright eyes; the sclera had turned white again, yet the color had turned brighter, a vibrant crimson that within danced silver specks.

Natsu's fingers twitched and his lips curved; he was strong. The fire dragon slayer could feel the power emanating from the shadow mage. The pulse of his magic so strong and thick, his sensitive ears could actually pick the flow of the magic within his veins. Rogue was so strong that made Natsu feel really agog*.

"New form?" Rogue only smirked back at Natsu; he knew in his state every dragon played with its prey before actually getting serious.

"Form? Oh no, Dragneel. This is the result of dragons' blood."

Natsu scowled in confusion, "Dragon blood..."

"Why yes, dragon blood." Rogue spread out his arms, holding them up, "This is what happens when a human drinks and bathes in dragons' blood." the shadow dragon slayer smirked, pearly teeth gleaming, "Just like the current dragon king... Acknologia."

Natsu didn't move, nor his expression changed. Scowl still in place he raised his hand and scratched his head, right before a chuckle left his lips. Rogue hummed in hidden interest and raised a brow, when Natsu started cackling and then laughed like a maniac. Doubling over he held his stomach with both arms, tears appearing in his tight closed eyes.

"Sorry, sorry... I just had too long to laugh like that..!" He raised his head and smirked at the shadow mage, "Acknologia, you say? Please, you piece of shit are way out of that thing's league! As if you are turning like him!" And he was back at laughing.

Rogue only smirked at the fire mage, "You know, I like it when you laugh at your demise like this. You were always an ignorant fool, but I'm proven wrong... You are an even bigger idiot than I thought." His fist turned transparent and white flicking shadows wrapped his fists, "I'll kill you in a blink."

"Please..." Rogue's eyes widened right before a foot slammed at the side of his face, sending him skidding away in high speed, "You are just a pup before me." wobbling in his feet, Rogue rose, eyes burning behind his white locks and locking with gleaming neon green. Standing above him, Natsu's dark and steaming form with gleaming orbs stared down at him with a sinister scowl, "Just because you suddenly powered up don't dare think you actually stand a chance against me, Cheney!" said dragon slayer chuckled as he still tried to stand up (the kick was way powerful than it looked), "You finally going all out, huh? Dragneel?"

Natsu's wide eyes narrowed down at the shadow slayer, hate and disgust dripping from the gleaming orbs, "You fucker touched my mate. Don't expect any mercy over her spilled blood."

And the battle between fire and shadow commenced.



He was launched back again, his back crashing into a wall. He wasn't bothered at all from the pain of his snapped ribs, he just stood up and dodged another white shadow. The power difference wasn't like before when he manhandled him like a rag doll. They were now equals and they could keep up with each other's moves; something that both displeased and pleased Natsu greatly.

Rogue came up to him with a barrage of punches and kicks, which he did his absolute best to avoid and dodge. He wasn't kidding when he said that he wouldn't stand a chance against him, but he also knew that Rogue wasn't showing his true colors just yet. He could smell the power he emanated, like a cold shower down his spine... He smirked; this situation actually made him eager.

He dodged another punch and blocked a kick that headed towards his head. His hand clamped at the limp and pushed back, preventing it from making him fly away (probably). Rogue pushed back, Natsu could feel the muscles underneath his fingertips working, flexing and moving. His eyes moved to Rogue's; he was planning something. As if on cue, Rogue let a smirk and white swallowed his leg. At first it seemed as if steam was leaving his body, but as it begun thickening Natsu was sure that it was another of his attacks. He made to move and step back, but to his utter surprise he couldn't move. He was petrified in his spot, limps frozen and body unyielding. He gritted his teeth; what the fuck was that?

He was punched, a fist full of black and white flames and the force made him fly. He skidded to the ground and slammed at a boulder. The rocks fell around him as he staggered back up, whipping blood from his chin. His eyes glared the white haired man that approached, white flicking from his body.

"Did you really thought that was my true power? That I was so weak?" the shadow dragon slayer snorted, "Don't look down on me, dragon slayer." Rogue's eyes gleamed in rage, "I'm nothing like before!"

He flew to him, white wrapping around him in circles and Natsu prepared to leap away from the attack, but once again he was unable to move. Sweat dripped down his temple and chin; what the fuck was going on? The attack landed, Rogue's palm rested on Natsu's chest only for a second. And then he was blown back. The force great and raw, several stings attacked his chest and Natsu coughed blood as he rolled away in great speed.

Fuck... his half lidded eyes met with a moving Rogue, what the fuck is happening... The situation was nothing like a minute ago. He never expected something like this happening; he had known that Rogue wasn't using his full power but this... Natsu spit out blood as he staggered back up; this was indeed crazy...

"Hn, what's the matter, Dragneel?" Rogue smirked in a craze, "I thought you would burn me to ashes~ and show no mercy over her spilled blood~"

Natsu just glared his provocation off. He wouldn't jump to him just like that.

"You know, Natsu... I'm kind of curious." Natsu continued glaring as Rogue scowled at him, "Why her?"

Natsu paused for a second before going back to glaring, "Why you care, Cheney?"

Rogue simply chuckled, "Care is a big word. More like curious to know." the dragon slayer cocked his head, "She's no one important. She's weak, she's stupid yet Fairy Tail is full of idiots... she's a looker though, I'll give you that!" he licked his lips and Natsu clenched his jaw, "A weak, good looking whore as the mate of Natsu Dragneel, son of the great Fire King Igneel... Rogue chuckled, "You sure know how to pick them, Dragneel." his crimson eyes burned, "She's perfect for you lowlife..."

"Don't care too much, Cheney. You'll get a cavity."

"Ah yes, you're right. But as I said before it's curiosity not that it matters anyway."

"Ah, but you know what they say.." Natsu's hand snapped aflamed and a grin itched to his face, "Curiosity killed the cat."

"Ah, but satisfaction brought it back." Rogue smirked at the pink haired man, "And believe me Dragneel, when I'm done with you my satisfaction will be everlasting."

Death was back at Natsu's eyes, "You won't touch her as long as I breathe."

"Yes..." Rogue licked his lips again, "As long as you breathe." his crimsons fell upon the fire dragon's son, "Would you like to know..? What I'll do to her?"

Natsu stood frozen, glaring at him; eyes wide and just staring ahead of him, gaze blurring beyond the shadow dragon slayer, focusing on him and only him. Arms limp at his sides and back stiff and straight, salmon locks dancing with the breeze. Scarf and clothes flapping as both dragon slayers stilled. Rogue patiently waiting the ticking time-bomb to finish his single-numbered countdown.

"What I won't do to her?"

Natsu raised his head, salmon bangs floating along as his neon green orbs shone brighter and the gold within started consuming his sclera, easily reflecting his rage that escalated powerfully.


"I'm gonna fuck her."


"I'll cut her skin so she'll bleed beautifully."


"I'll break her and make her unmendable."


"I'll make her watch you dying and as she'll scream I'll fuck her again."


"It's a little sad that you won't be there to see as I'll mark her mine..."


"But my time won't be wasted. She's a screamer; I'm bound to have a great time..."

He exploded; a barrage of dangerous emotions.

He launched forward with a war cry -no... it was a roar. Loud and full of promises; to destroy, to erase, to kill, to protect. His body turned immediately aflamed, crimson scales growing fast at his body, wrapping around him; an armor of impertrenable skin. His nails grew and thickened creating the sharpest of talons and his muscles moved underneath the weight of his feet, pushing his speed into new levels.

Rogue never saw him move. He appeared right before him; Rogue felt the claws penetrating his neck; the power behind his thrust as he threw him away; the dragon slayer coming at him again, shoving him further into the crushed ground, his claws burying deeper into his throat.

"If you think I'll let you touch Lucy again," his golden and green gaze bore deeper into the lost crimsons of the shadow mage, "-you are very mistaken!" With his free hand he shoved his head down the little crater and tightened,

"I'll kill you before you get the chance to. I promise you that, Cheney!"

Moments passed and everything stayed silent and frozen. Rogue still buried into the ground. Natsu above him with rage filled eyes. Lucy pumping more magic to Gemini to hurry. The twin spirit straining to push theirselves over the limit. Then he moved and broke this perfect picture with his smirk. A devilish twist of his lips that made everything burst forward yet again.

"We'll see about that, Dragneel."




There was an explosion, far away from where she and Gemini stood. A large pillar of black and white energy that send waves of air and pressure everywhere. Lucy whipped her head around as Gemini strained not to lose their focus. Her wide eyes almost got blinded by the powerful light bursting away and quickly moved her glistening orbs around to get them used of it.

Then there it was. She was sure she would never forget that sound. That cry. It tore her heart in a million of pieces.

Then, here came the crash. She didn't see what came flying towards them and crashed at the nearby building, but she had an idea. And she just wanted to think that it was a terrible, terrible dream.

As the dust and debris cleared away, she stayed unmoving. Still and frozen like a statue, she stared the fallen figure. Trying, desperately in her confused and crumbling mind that the broken, bloodied, broken person in front of her was not him.

But there was a scarf; dirty and white and thin lines as a pattern.

It could be anyone, really! Many wear this kind of scarfs...

But the tuff of hair was pink; locks spiky that mischieved gravity.

Again, it could be anyone! Many have dyed their hair pink these days...

But the mark; red curved tattoo embedded into his shoulder.

I s-said that m-many have t-tattoos p-printed a-and-

Not that tattoo. Only few selected people had the permanent tattoo of the curved fairy into their body; only those who belonged to their guild.

Right then, terror came and assaulted her. Pain, thick and sharp crashing her chest and pierced her heart.

She could only think of one single person wearing that scarf; a white muffler that flapped to the wind, the scale like pattern giving a unique feature.

One single person having that curved fairy tattoo; bright red and proudly showing at his thick, muscular shoulder.

And she knew only one single person with pink hair; no, not pink but salmon. A hue softer yet darker than normal pink, something unique to his person.

She whispered his name; a simple word that staggered out her lips. There was nothing though. Not an answer, not a nod, a grin, a smile, a smirk... not a single movement...

Forgetting all about her half healed arm, she rose to her feet and slowly walked to the fallen, still figure. Ignoring Gemini's voice she called his name again; yet there was still nothing.

She paused; her heart thumping loudly in her chest, pumping wild running blood through her veins. She broke out into a run. Gemini's calls went into deaf ears as Lucy run across the destroyed terrain, feet slamming hard at the ground pushing her faster; thinking only for one thing.


She skidded to an halt and fell down, knees scrapping as she quickly reached for the rocks. She removed one by one the sharp heavy masses, ignoring how her half healed arm was roaring with the slightest of movement, revealing slowly the pink haired dragon slayer. Bruises and scratches in his face and blood fell from his lips and down his cheek, a cut above his eye pumped more blood to his face. It was deep and Lucy thought it probably would leave a scar, but she will have to worry about that later as he had still his eyes closed!

"Natsu!" she pulled him out and cradle his scale-covered body at her embrace. Her fingers touched his skin frantically, massaging his bruised flesh hushed whimpers trying to make him to open his eyes, "Come on.. no, please open your eyes!" Tears started falling down her cheeks, "Please! Come on, you idiot, open your damn eyes!" Nothing... Still he wasn't moving and she slowed down, her movements became lesser and less, "Please... I need you... open your eyes, you pink haired baka.. I...I..." she closed her eyes and took a breath,

"I lo-"

"How cute."

She froze. As if cold water had entered her body and crashed her bones. Her chest felt as if crashing as her arms tightened around the unconscious dragon slayer. Her eyes wide and body trembling, a shadow appeared right above them.

"Confessing your feelings in such a way is very cliché, don't you think, Heartfilia?" Lucy slowly turned her head, her bloody golden locks sticking at her shoulders. Her wide fearful eyes locked with crimson, a crazed color that shone with malice, mischievousness at its best down his filthy soul. She decided to play brave and glared the white haired mage; she was determined to help her pink haired partner with this fight after all. Deep down though her soul trembled in pure terror.

"I-It's none o-of your b-business!" she mentally cursed her stupid stuttering voice for he now understood she was afraid.

Rogue smirked, "You two are tempting; you have become more interesting than your future counterparts."

Lucy narrowed her eyes in desperation, "Why are you doing this? What are you trying to succeed with this?" she chuckled, her eyes grounding at his, "Infinite life as a tyrant? Rulling over dragons? Sounds pretty boring and lonely to me..." steadily she held his gaze, "Just why are you really doing this, Rogue?"

Hazel brown held their ground against crimson red; furious looking eyes, lethal and piercing that starred hard in her soul. Suddenly the dark pupils dilated, lust and utter mirth dripping from within. Lucy's fingers tightened on the scaly white scarf and her body, instinctively, came closer to Natsu's, "Real reason, you say?" Rogue let a dry laugh, "You are the author here, you tell me, Heartfillia..."

His hard, crazed gaze focused deep to her, "Why would a man do all this? Why not do something like this? Why should he stay subtle and pure? Why not take a chance and do something that will change the world in a better way? His way? Why shouldn't he do all this?" he had opened his arms, fingers twitching as a grin broke into his lips, "Though..." he focused his eyes again at her, "I think your question had another, deeper meaning."

He watched as she stiffed, her eyes shifting only for a second, yet her arms tightened around the dragon slayer. His lips twitched in amusement; he loved when he was right -and he always was.

"Tell me Heartfilia, do you like spoilers?" Lucy gave him a confused look as he collaborated further, "In a story at its very crucial moment, when the hero conforms the villain in a monstrous fight, it's bound for something deeper and darker to be voiced. Would you like to know what that something is before it appears?" his fists tightened, "I love doing this, you know. But let me ask you something first". His smirk grew in his each next word, "What are your feelings for our young hero lying on his deathbed?"

The young blonde mage paused, eyes wide as her brain functioned over the question. There was a blush that grew from her cheeks, across her nose and then covered even the tip of her ears, "W-What are...W-What d-do you m-m-mean..."

Rogue fought a sigh and chose to hide it with a grin, "For an author you sure are stupid... Let me rephrase then; what are the princess's feelings for the fallen dragon in her arms?" the blush deepened in Lucy's face. She bit her lips as the thought over Rogue's question. She knew what her feelings were. It had started as an admiration that steadily evolved into something deeper; love. Yes, she wasn't ignorant of her own feelings. The problem layed elsewhere though. Lucy's gaze lowered at the pink haired man in her arms, his scaled unconscious face, bruises and cuts; what were Natsu's feelings for her? Even though he never said anything she was sure he didn't think of her that way. Not for her anyway; probably for another white haired girl that however many times she refused to acknowledge Natsu's feelings for her, Lucy knew that the pink haired man held a deep attraction for the white haired take-over mage.

"Ho~... What's that face for? Do you have doubts, Heartfilia?" Rogue smirked, "Is your heart so weak willed?"

Lucy raised her eyes to the shadow mage and glared, eyes of a dark molded chocolate color, "How I feel and what my heart is, it's none of your business! And why do you even care, anyway?!" Rogue simply smirked, "I thought I told you; you are more interesting unlike before. And..." crimson orbs slid to the unconscious dragon slayer in the celestial mage's arms, "...I wanna see him suffer like I did."

The darkness dripping from his tongue made Lucy shiver and quickly she inched closer to Natsu, his head buried deep within her lap, "Revenge?..You are doing all this just for revenge?" Lucy chuckled as her eyes leveled Rogue's, "How cliché can you get?"

"Oh, I don't mind..." the smirk in his face grew, "And it's not just a simple revenge, Heartfilia." the lust was back again in his gaze as he spoke again, Lucy tightening her fingers around Natsu's scarf in fear,

"I'm just taking back what is mine... that's all."


"What...What do you mean..?" she was lost and afraid, the man in front of her hasn't paused his onslaught since those words had left his mouth. Also the way he looked, his face, his stature, his magical energy; heavy, intimidating, dark and ready to erode. It grabbed you in its deathly claws and dragged you into the darkness that had crawled from. And his eyes, bright, gleaming and lethal; they made a promise to her. One that she didn't understand and she really didn't want to. He made her soul quiver and shake like a leaf.

She never missed the way his eyes dilated again and how his whole body stiffed and prepared to charge. Lucy now knew; cowering above her fallen partner she moved closer, hardening her heart, spirit and body, preparing herself for the next round of their ruthless battle.

"Let's make him suffer, now... shall we?"

The shadows left once again the ground in an alarming speed. The blonde mage gasped as she had minimum time to react; not only that but if she did dodge and avoid, Natsu would be hit and that was not an option for her at all. So instead of jumping away Lucy tightened her hold and gritted her teeth as she called forth her powers,

"Open the Gate of the Goat, Capricorn!" the familiar bell resounded in the air and from the golden light that appeared a hand shot out erasing the shadows that headed towards the crouching whip master. Clad in black suit and sunglasses Capricorn scowled darkly at the dragon slayer; he had learned of the situation from both Leo and Gemini and he was not at all happy.

"Leave it all to meh, Lucy-sama..." he turned over his shoulders, "You focus on your friend..." with a jump Capricorn was in front of Rogue; the white haired dragon slayer was surprised as he struggled to avoid the punch and the quick swing of Capricorn's leg. Leaping back Rogue smirked at the humanoid goat, "You seem interesting..."

Capricorn just deepened his scowl, "I will not let you harm my master, dragon slayer..." he raised both fists and they glowed bright, "I'll put my life on the line to stop you..."

Rogue raised a brow, "Really?" chuckling he raised his hand, "Let's dance then... goat."

Taking her eyes away from the fight, Lucy focused on the dragon slayer on her arms. His skin was cold, the scales still on his face bruised and dripping cuts and he was still sleeping! She wanted to scream in agony. How could he be still sleeping? Her fingers prodded on his face, feeling the strange scales at her fingertips, and gently she started shaking him awake. She whispered his name once, twice. She tried yelling it but it was the same. She bit her lips as she tried once more, "Natsu... Natsu.. Please... Wake up, you idiot.." She smiled softly at his serene face, "Happy will eat all your food..." That didn't work at all, "Gray is a better mage than you..." he actually twitched and that brought a scowl into her face; he didn't wake up though.

"You dropped Erza's cake..."


Wow, no reaction at all... She was at awe actually; first time she's seen Natsu react in no way at all after someone saying Erza, cake and drop in the same sentence. Normally everyone and especially he and Gray would be all over the place screeching in terror and crying their eyes out to be spared from the red haired woman's rage. Lucy sniffed and then her face turned red. You could always kiss him... shaking her head, she tried for another tactic. Her fingers traced his jaw as she whispered softly, cheeks blooming, "N-Natsu... I...I'm dancing... and... I...I'm..." she took a breath and her teeth dug again at her low lip, "I'm wearing a maid dress..." it was a whisper, so small and quiet that she wondered if he heard her talking. Though she did wanted him to wake up she didn't know how to feel if he actually did wake up by that.

In her utter horror and surprise she saw him frown and his brows furrowing. His lids twitched and his wide green eyes weren't late to be revealed. Big and hazy orbs that glimmed with sleep; Lucy smiled as she stared into the familiar eyes of her dragon slayer partner.

"" his voice hoarse and sleepy, it warmed her heart up.

"Hey, sleepy head..." a tear slipped down her cheek, "You had me worried for a while there.."

Natsu's eyes remained piercing to her face, his gaze following the single tear down his trail. Slowly he rose one hand, thumb and forefinger ready to wipe away the small crystal drop, yet with a loud crash he was stopped. He watched confused as Lucy tensed and wiped her head around, her misty eyes following a blur that passed and crashed next to them. Her eyes became wide and for some reason his ringing ears picked up the name of her goat spirit. His eyes tried to narrow but that came along a splitting headache. What the fuck was going on? was the question lingering around his dazed head and he nearly missed the scene that unfolded in front of his heavy eyes.

White surrounded the two and Lucy moved closer to him, her hands frantically tugging at his clothes, trying to move him away but it was impossible; he was too heavy to even move. Lucy turned around to the grinning dragon slayer and the piercing shadows that were coming right at them. Narrowing her eyes she took a breath... and leapt right above Natsu, shielding his beaten body with her own. The pain wasn't much she decided later on. One had pierced her leg while the others had just scratched her skin, either deep or shallow, and just crashed to the ground around them. The shadows had missed... on purpose, she decided later on, though the reason behind Rogue's actions were still unknown by her. Panting she raised her head and met Rogue's disapproving glare.

"Tch... You stupid girl, don't jump in on your own accord."

It all happened on a second; the shadows were fast to strap around the blonde celestial mage, around her legs, arms and waist, hoistering her up and pulling her away from him. He saw her face contort into a pained one, terror deep into her eyes. She reached out to him, yelling and screaming his name. His eyes widened and watched as his mate was taken away. He tried to stand up, to raise his arms and reach out and grab her but his body remained immobile. Her screams pierced his ears and roared into his mind, they made his soul quiver in fear and in rage. Yet he could not do a single thing, scream a fucking sentence...

Fuck, he was useless...

She was yanked away, even though she reached for her salmon haired partner she couldn't touch him. Her eyes wide and tears spilling as she screamed for her release. Yet the shadow dragon slayer did none of it; he was just happy she started screaming again. His game could start all over. Bringing his fingers back his shadows were ripped from Lucy's skin, making the blonde woman roll to the ground away from the just conscious dragon slayer and close to him. His crimson eyes watched amused as the blonde tried to crawl to her friend, tired and shaking and her wounds reopening, dripping with crimson water once again. He felt a shiver to his spine as the juicy substance fell down her arms, legs and face in small fat drops. So beautiful... he reached with a hand and the shadows wrapped her all over again. She screamed and flayed but it was useless; as if he would let one of his toys run away again.

The scene was almost complete, the only thing missing was one.

Lucy watched horrified as Natsu opened his eyes wide and roared -a painful roar that cut through her skin and pierced her soul. Blood fell flooding around him in large pools from both old and new wounds and her heart clenched from the sight; the shadows had gone off to their original target again and now held his beaten body to the air. Tears fell down her cheeks as Rogue's fingers twitched and along went the ropes around Natsu, tightening and cutting through his skin and bruising his armored flesh and smashing his bones. They ripped and pierced his scales and his screams intensified; Lucy shook her head and closed her eyes. It was too much.

"Stop! Please!" she yelled and screamed but Rogue was deaf to her voice, "Please stop! You are killing him!" she looked back to the salmon haired slayer and snapped her head back, "PLEASE JUST STOP!" she moved to get free of her bonds, "Natsu!", her hands pulling away from the fiery shadows, "Natsu!" He eyes focused on the pained dragon slayer that had claimed her heart.


Everything became quiet for a second. The wind whipped around them as the pink haired man stopped from his screeching and yelling. He was there immobile before he snapped his head forward and released, a cry of war. A loud sonic wave that sent chills of power to Rogue, who just stood there waiting. The air and sound soon faded and everyone stood still and stared soundlessly each other. Natsu panted while glaring passionately the man in black scales and white hair, his gaze flicking at Lucy who looked dazed back at him, blood and tears falling down her body and Rogue... Rogue had just lost his grand smirk. He looked from the great Salamander to his blonde partner and again. The tall man sighed deeply and running a hand through his face and hair, scowled.

"I see... that's how it is then..." his eyes found the glaring yet fading neon greens of Natsu and frowned, "Your rage is fading, Dragneel." he saw Natsu tensing, taking a breath to calm down his racing heart as Rogue took a step, "That's not good. I want to fight you at full strength."

"Let her go and I'll fight you." he stare deep and steady; he meant what he said.

"Now, don't you remember what I told you before? She's your strength and weakness..." his hand grabbed her bloody golden locks and pulled her up, "This whore is your demise, Dragneel. As long as I have her..." he looked smug at the fire dragon slayer again, "...I can always win."

Natsu pulled once more forward, his wrists and body creating a tag of war with Rogue's shadows. His body pulsed rage and raw power heating the air as fire enveloped him, his muscles popping, making some of the shadowy ropes to break under the power,

"Watch you tongue, Cheney. Know whose mate you're talking about before I rip your throat out." Lucy shivered at the threat, a thunder that run through her spine, goosebumps appearing and her toes tingling; Natsu was dead serious. With a painful tag Rogue brought her closer, his grin ever so present,

"Why such a face, dragon slayer?" he threw Lucy to the ground the shadows appearing to hold her still as Rogue kneeled beside her, "Did someone's pride got hurt?" Natsu's eyes burned as the shadow dragon slayer touched his mate; her hair, her cheek, her neck, her shoulder... Natsu's eyes burned brighter and his skin hardened as Rogue moved his hand down his Lucy's body.

"Don't touch her, you fucker!"

From the shadows a dagger appeared, its blade wide, jagged and transparent. Natsu paused; he held it close to Lucy's throat, "Why not, Dragneel? Don't be such a killjoy..." he licked his lips, "you should give others also the chance to try of the best crop." the blade pressed deep into Lucy's skin and Natsu felt his blood boil, "She is of the best whores around, isn't she?" He pushed her down, her head to the ground while her waist was lifted up by the shadows. She squeaked and moved, trying to get away, but she froze when she felt the same cold hand touch her thighs. Her cheeks bloomed a crimson color as his fingers traced her skin up and coming closer to her private area.

"Stop..." her wavering voice tagged his heart and Natsu growled at Rogue who stared the woman that belonged to him. Lucy was his, she was his mate... how dare that fucking deepshit violate her like that. He narrowed his wide eyes as another whimper left Lucy's lips; he will kill him.

"I warned you, didn't I, Dragneel?" his crimson gaze fell upon Natsu's shaking form as his fingers brushed against her lacy panties, jolts of something unknown ripping through her core, "I'm gonna take her.." he did it again, this time he slowly slid them down and Lucy squeaked, pressing her legs together; Natsu was furious, shaking anger pour from his pores, "She'll scream my name and then bleed to death... Your own mate..." his fists light into black shadows as he passed again her bruised naked thighs licking and burning her skin as he spat out, "..Dragon Prince..."

His talons pierced into her skin, ripping it apart as the hot shadows burned it away. She screamed as the pain pierced through her and something, something was poured into her. It was painful, exhausting... unwanted. Natsu sprinted forward only for the shadows to hold him back., no, no, no, NO! He had to stop him. He had to stop Rogue right this instant! If not, he could lose Lucy forever.

A dragon slayer's mating process consists of two parts; first one being acceptance. His mate had to accept him first as her Dragon, both mentally and physically before moving on to the second part of the mating. Magical energy interchange; he will trade his magic with hers, taking and giving a small percentage to each other so their relationship could be upgraded into a more intimate-for-dragons way. Rogue had skipped acceptance and he moved to step two right away. That was dangerous; Igneel had told him, if that were to happen, there will be massive pain for his mate... in the worse case even death. He wouldn't lose his mate, his Lucy now to that fucker. He pushed forward again, roaring as some shadows snapped from the power, "Don't touch her, you fucking pup!"

Rogue raised his eyes, gleaming mirthfully at him, a grin appeared, "Try me, Prince..." he jolted his arm again and Lucy's body was attacked yet again by pain, scorching and eating her flesh away. Tears fell and blood pooled at the ground; her screams increased. It was too much. She opened her eyes, blurry and tired and at once they locked with Natsu's; bright green that stared her and only her; full of worry, full of fear. It wasn't like him; Natsu wasn't one to be consumed by fear, yet here he was looking at her with that look. Her sight dazed and her orbs rolled back. She mouthed his name and the pain was enough to set him off.

Fire poured from everywhere and in a blink it lashed out to the dragon slayer. The smirking coward though hid behind Lucy, leaving her body as a shield for his own. Natsu smirked darkly; he was fool, yes Rogue was a big one. He should have known... when a Dragon makes his Choice, the Dragon's element can't harm said Choice.

She felt the fire surround them, the hot flames licking her every inch of skin, her every bruise, her every scratch. She left a silent gasp; they were surprisingly warm, not hot and scorching with need and rage as she expected. Slow and warm, they took their time sliding along her skin, slowly eradicating the shadows that held her still and going in, deep inside her where Rogue had positioned his poison eroding the essence away. It was painful, yet Lucy felt no pain; just a gentle breeze that caressed her body.

Rogue wasn't that lucky, though. He was attacked, hot ferocious flames that burned hellishly at him. They thrashed and burned and he found himself being pushed back. The shadow dragon slayer reappeared a few meters away, steam rising from his body. Crimson eyes looked down and he tch-ed when he saw the burned scales that melt slowly by the scorching heat.

"You got me there, Dragneel." his gaze rose to the pink haired man who struggled with a few more shadow ropes, "But..." dark energy gathered at his burned arm, "I'll be the one rising to the top." His grin was massive as his arm was enveloped by the dark veil. He waited for his skin to grow, for those midnight scales to attached again... he waited for the power to come back... but there was nothing. Nothing at all. Crimson eyes flew panicky at his arm, finding the flesh still burning hot and melting slowly away... Impossible... how did this happen?

His eyes flew to the chuckling fire dragon slayer and widened as his brow was raised and his pupils dilated, "You are not the only one with tricks, Cheney..." in front of him Natsu stood pridefully at his full height, a fire inferno burning behind him as his eyes gleamed dangerously down at him. Rogue felt a shiver... he actually shivered at the presence of the fire slayer and that was nothing good, "Prepare yourself, shadow dragon slayer Rogue Cheney..." prideful neons filled with rage and fury clashed with molded fearful crimsons, "Let me show you how real dragon slayers fight!"

The shadows snapped and he flew towards Rogue who braced himself for the attack. Lucy gasped and fell to the ground with a squeak, the air lifting her black skirt when Natsu passed by her. She opened her eyes, half lidded orbs that shinned behind her long lashes as she watched Natsu fight.

He pushed Rogue back, the shadow mage having little time to respond by the ferocity of his attacks.

A fire dragon's fist... kick... flaming elbow... wing attack... talon... claw...

The attacks were relentless; Rogue raised a hand and threw a spear, yet the black energy was blown away by the loud Fire dragon's roar that erupted from Natsu's mouth. Lucy watched as Rogue moved away again, his movements sluggish and slower than before. When he stopped and breathed it was harsher, deeper breaths and after each and every pause it took him slower to respond to Natsu's attacks.

Lucy smiled at her pink haired partner fondly; he got him... Natsu had finally done it, he had pushed Rogue to his limit and continued doing so. He probably didn't realize it due to his rage but Rogue was getting more and more tired as the seconds passed. Natsu's stubborn will not to give up and all this magic he released, plus that form he had it was probably too much for the shadow dragon slayer to handle.

There was a paused when Rogue dodged a fireball and staggered at his own two feet. Lucy's eyes widened; chance! As if she spoke into his mind Natsu moved like a flash and soon he was in front of the tired dragon slayer pushing a flamed fist at his face, "You created all this madness!" and another, "You wanted to be King..." then he kicked him, "You hurt eveyone I know!" and another, "Everyone I hold dear..."

He swepped again at him, "You touched my mate..." a flamed fist at his middle, "You touched my Lucy!" Lucy's eyes widened as Natsu went on, "You tried to kill her... to take her from me... to mark her in front of me..." his green eyes glazed at the bruised and bloody shadow slayer, an inferno of hell creating around his tensed furious body,

"Don't expect my mercy, Cheney!"



His fists flew with a war cry. Some shadows that had leapt to hold him back had snapped, releasing his furious body as he grounded one last time his frozen opponent.

"Crimson Lotus... Exploding flame Blade!" connected. Loud and powerful; Rogue didn't see it coming. Standing still and watching frozen the dragon inferno behind the fire dragon slayer, he had little time to guard, avoid or even counter the fire attack. It send him flying; his jaw smashed against the hard ground, blood pouring out of his mouth as he stayed still. Natsu staggered back, chest heaving and breathing heavy. His bright eyes faded slowly from the neon color into the dark emerald with grey. Taking deep breaths to calm himself, he looked over the fallen dragon slayer waiting for any move he might do. He stayed there waiting nearly a whole two minutes, just watching the unconscious -dead form.

Closing once his eyes, he took a breath. He straightened his back and turned his head to the second body that lay away. With wide eyes he slowly walked closer and falling to his knees he took her shaking form to his arms,

"Luce..." his hoarse voice filled her mind and his smell entered her nostrils, taking away her mind. She raised her arms and engulfed him into a hug. Shaking fingers that dig into his scarf and tattered clothes, she held onto him desperately.

"N-Na..tsu.." her shaking grew as tears formed within her orbs. He tugged her closer and buried his nose to the crook of her neck, her scent stronger than ever. He talked to her with hushed voice to make her relax and calm down as her body spasmed from the wails that took over,

"Sh... it's alright Luce... It's over now..."

She only held him closer, her huddling form snuggling further into his chest, eyes and nose dripping. One hand rose from her back to rest on top of her head, calloused fingers burying into her bloody locks. They stayed like that till she finally calmed down but not completely; her shaking was still present as ever.

"Luce..." his voice deep and his breath hot against her skin; she got goosebumps.

"N-Natsu?" she paused when his grip started slackening.

"I'm sorry..." his forehead fell on her shoulder and his weight started growing, "..I.. I took so... long..."

"Eh?" she struggled to hold her ground, "W-What do you m-mean? Natsu?" there was no reply and Lucy started panicking. She called his name again and again yet still he didn't answer at her.

"I took long..." she paused her hands at his head, his eyes half lidded and glazing at her own, "...I'm sorry..." her breath hitched as he raised a shaking hand, pressing it at her cheek. His eyes deep and everlasting, as he whispered,

"...Always keep you safe...always..."

and he collapsed.

"Natsu..? Natsu..!"

Lucy's eyes widened as his breathing momentary stopped,






The young man stirred at the soft voice, his head moved from his sweet haven and rolled up. His eyes were deep and dark, looking into softened chocolate ones; amber and golden flames dancing within the two orbs he had become infatuated with. Her soft hand slid down his face, her fingers tracing his cheek and jaw, "Natsu..." her whisper was enough to slow down his beating heart, "It's okay... relax..."

The fire mage moved closer to his mate, his arms tugging her closer as he buried his face at her neck, "I'm sorry..." her eyes soft as ever closed as his fingers grabbed desperately her short nightgown, "I was late..."

"Shh... It's okay..." she hugged him closer, "You did it... you protected us... you save me..." she kissed his temple, "And I'm still here... in one piece... we are still here..."

Natsu opened his eyes, wide soft emeralds that travelled down low at his mate's navel that had grown rather round the last four months. His hand lowered and slowly, gently his fingers rubbed the producing bump. His heartbeat now back to normal he could feel the prideful feeling bubbling inside his chest; their child, their son... his and Lucy's. It still felt weird saying it but he would never change the feeling for nothing in the world. He was excited and very eager to meet the little unborn Dragneel and quite often he found himself daydreaming of how their life would be when the little one will be born.

An image of fire, debris, tears and blood entered his mind. An evil laugh echoed in his ears and he felt goosebumps growing at his skin. Lucy was in it, holding what it seemed a bundle at her chest, unmoving and covered in reeking blood, tears flowing from her face as she cried, yelled and wailed with him just standing there and simply watch... Natsu shook his head and gripped her tighter. Lucy raised a brow at his action and called softly his name. He didn't answer; simply he raised his head and took her lips into a fiery kiss, her soft lips melting at the passion his held, her gasp the only thing registering as he licked and trailed his tongue along her lips. He released her and with a sigh she tucked her head underneath his jaw, cheeks coated pink as she snuggled closer to her husband of two years. Natsu stayed still as Lucy quickly fell asleep, her soft snores and breathing calming him down as he shook his head again, trying to get the stupid vision out of his damn head. He narrowed his eyes to the moon shinning to the clear night sky and clenched his jaw determinately;

"...never again..."




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