Wanting to be Wanted

This is an AU/Tcest story. Interested then read. Not your cup of tea. I can totally respect that, but pass my story by and don't get all preachy. To each their own.

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My mates and I settled into our new relationship and each day I discovered the wonders of having mates to rely upon. My lungs and feet got better with time. I could breathe with no difficulties now and there was only one burn that had left a small scar on my heel. It had been good to be able to move around on my own despite enjoying feeling Raph or Leo carrying me when my feet were still tender. My brothers were true to their word and shared all of the plans that they had made with how they were going to court me and show me their feelings and I loved every idea dearly.

I eagerly awaited my birthday and finally the day came when I turned eighteen. I was given cake, balloons, and presents. It was a great day, but that evening my brothers showed me how much they cared with a very special present that left me breathless. I moaned into Raph's mouth as Leo thrust into me from behind and Donnie continued his skills between my legs.

"Good, Baby?" Raph asked as he pulled back while I panted at what was occurring and cried out with pleasure.

"Uhn…good," I groaned, "Yes…good."

I arched when Donnie sucked me into completion and then all I could do was hold on as Leo continued to pound into me before he spilled his seed deep within me. I went limp and felt myself eased down on the bed.

"Best…birthday…ever," I gasped as I panted and my mates chuckled around me.

"Ain't over yet," Raph smirked out, "My turn next. I still don't understand how Leo got ta be tha one that took ya virginity."

"Oldest mate's right," Leo grinned out before he leaned down and kissed me deeply, "Plus, you had your way with Donnie first. Now we are even."

"That was a night to remember," Donnie laughed as I watched Raph eyeing me hungrily, "Leo, I want some action too."

"You've got it, Babe," Leo assured as he crawled atop Donnie.

I giggled when Raph glomped me and I arched when he slid easily into my already wet entrance as I watched his face shift into a look of pleasure.

"Now I'll show ya a real good time," Raph growled as his hips went to work even as I heard Donnie beginning to moan loudly, "Let's see who can outlast who, Fearless."

My cries joined Donnie's as we both were rocked into until our eyes were rolling back in our sockets. This was heaven. This was what I had been yearning for and it was more than I ever thought possible.

"Love ya, Baby," Raph gritted out as he pounded me good and hard.

"Love you too," I groaned and looked over as Donnie screamed loudly when Leo finished their love making, "We win."

Raph laughed as he continued to work me into a tizzy. My heart beat fast and I never felt more alive as Raph sprayed inside of me. We collapsed against Donnie and Leo and I reached and held my mates' hands even as they twined around me.

"Thank you for loving me," I whispered to my mates, "I so wanted to be wanted by you. I love you three so much."

"And we will never give you up because we want and love you too," Donnie insisted as he leaned down and showed me what a toe-curling kiss felt like while Leo and Raph smiled at us and whispered their own words of love to Donnie and I, "Rest, Baby, because it's my turn next."

I giggled joyfully and lavished in my mates' attentions. Finally, I had my heart's desire and for me everything was right again. I was exactly where I had always wanted to be with my world revolving around my mating pack. This was happiness.

The end.

This has been fun. I will have a new story coming out called "A Tale of Four Brothers." As Raph would say, "If ya liked this story about my bros and I, then check out tha new tale. I've got tha starrin' role and I think ya might just enjoy readin' about yours truly."


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