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Max's POV

Hmm… What to eat, what to eat…

I rummaged through the cabinets looking for something edible. I feel like something sweet.

Ohh! How about cupcakes? I'll have to make them. I frowned.

My mom and the flock had banned me from making anything.

I pause. But no one is here. I smile

I pull the cup cake mix out of the cabinets.

Hmm… How do you make this? I think I need milk.

I pull out some milk and wonder how much. I shrug and pour two cups.

Eggs? Maybe three or four? I guessed.

I pulled out the eggs and broke them in the bowl. I more or less got some egg shells in it and more or less dropped them on the floor. Lets just say I started with all twelve and ended up with one left.

Oh well. I'll clean it up later.

Umm… I need flour.

I pull on the bag of flower of the top shelf and as it falls, it rips. The flour bag lands on the floor and in a poof, the whole kitchen is covered in a layer of white

I should probably clean this up.

I move to the counter where I left the milk. I pick it up and start moving back to the fridge when I slip on and egg that I had broken. I landed on my back and the milk curtain popped open and emptied on me.

Ok, maybe I should just get this in the oven and then clean up.

So I poured the weird contents in a pan and stuck it in thee oven at about 500 degrees.

Then I hear a slipping sound, a thump, and a groan.

I turn around and see Fang laying on his back.

"Fang! Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" I move towards him and hold out my hand.

He grips it and pulls himself up. Then I slip on the egg milk and egg covered floor and land on my back….

With Fang on top of me.

My face flames red as I stare into his eyes. In his gaze is amusement but behind that I'm trapped in th intensity of his stare.

I forget about our tangled limbs, how close we were, the flour every where. I forget about everything but his mesmerizing eyes.

"Fang." I hear myself breath. He closes the small gap between us and kisses me with as much intensity of his stare.

My hands fly to his hair and tangle themselves in it. My eyes fall closed as our lips moved against one another.

I flip us over and stadle his hips. I press my lips harder into his.

Fire works explode behind my eyelids and I don't care when he slips his tongue between my lips to explore my mouth.

I don't care that his hands slip under my shirt.

I don't care about anything except fangs body and lips against mine..


That is of course, until the smoke alarm goes off.

We break apart and scramble to our feet, having trouble with our entwined legs.

We make it to the oven and pull it open.

The room is enveloped in a black smoke.

After we got the smoke out, arms wrap around my waist.

I smile and turn to face Fang and wrap my arms around his neck.

I jump up and sit on the counter and wrap my legs around his waist.

"Now where were we?"

I met Fangs lips with my own.

I defiantly got my something sweet.

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