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"You all have a chance to regain something you've lost." The old man spoke in a hushed voice, and despite being right next to him, all of the Straw-hat pirates had trouble hearing him.

"A chance to regain something we've lost?" Nami asked quietly. Her voice quavered at the end when she though of Bellamere's death. What would she do if she knew she could save her mother figure?

"Yes," The old man continued on. His voice was thick and horse like he had just been in a shouting match. His grey hair flopped over his head, covering his eyes and the wrinkles that lied on his forehead. He was breathing hard, like he had just run a marathon, yet the Straw hats could still understand his words perfectly clear.

"A devil fruit power?" Robing asked him, her tone just a bit disbelieving. She gave the man one of her normal half-smiles, but underneath she was hoping that the man was telling the truth. If he was, then there was a chance that she could save her island! She could meet her mom!

"This sounds to good to be true," Zoro muttered, "What's the catch?"

The old man laughed, but then started coughing, causing everyone around him to sweat drop. "There is a catch." The old man agreed, nodding his head. "Even if you save what you want to save, it wont affect you, but it will affect you."

Again everyone sweat dropped. "T-That made no sense." Nami said.

"What are guys talking about? That made perfect sense!" Luffy laughed, and shoved another piece of meat in his moth. He was being strangely quiet ever since they saved the old man from the animals of the forest. "He said that even if we change the past, it wont affect our future, it will affect another me's future. Kinda like creating another dimension. It wont change anything for us, we would just keep on sailing, but it would change the future of us in another dimension."

Everyone, except for Robin, gapped at him. Nami pointed a shaking finger at him and yelled, "You said something smart!"

"Yes," Luffy gave everyone another one of his smiles. "Yes, I did." He shoved another piece of meat in his moth.

Usopp took both of Luffy's shoulders and started shaking him, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH LUFFY?"

"I AM LUFFY!" Luffy yelled at him, and then broke down in a fit of giggles, while stuffing another piece of meat in his mouth (Seriously, where did he get the meat from?).

"Yup, he's Luffy." Everyone nodded his or her heads.

"Anyway," The old man coughed. "Mugiwara is right. It won't affect you per say, but it will affect someone that's like you from another world. I don't completely understand myself, but whenever I change something from the past, the world where the change happens seems to break off of this world's fate. It's confusing, but it's useful. But, you can only save the people you want to save from one time period."

Robin frowned. "Could we save an island if it was destroyed at the same time?" The Mugiwara crew gave her looks of sympathy, knowing she was talking about her island.

The man nodded. "You can save as many people as you want as long as it's in the same period of time I send you too."

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Luffy raised his hand and started waving it around like a kindergartener. "Can we reveal ourselves to our other selves? 'Cause I want to see my self's reaction to me!"

The man laughed at his childish antics. "It depends on what you want. You can either choose to reveal yourselves, or not. It won't affect your future."

Luffy grinned, but the Mugiwara crew could tell something was bothering him. His grin was slowly fading, and his eyes were shadowed. He obviously didn't like something that was said, but was trying to hide it from everyone.

"Also, you can't save anyone who died from a sickness." The man said. Chopper and Zoro's smiles immediately fell off their faces. And they gave a collective, "WHAT?"

"You can't save anyone with an illness." The man repeated. The man then stopped talking and put a hand on his chin in thought. "Although, hmm, forget what I said earlier. You can save people with illnesses. But, you have to have a very good doctor."

"We have the best doctor around." Nami grinned and put a hand on Chopper's head, ruffling his fur.

"That doesn't make me happy, you asshole!" Chopper did his little happy dance, while grinning like an idiot.

"You sure are a strange group of pirates!" The old man held his belly as he laughed again. "I've never met anyone like you! So, who're you all going to save?"

"Bellamere!" Nami practically shouted. "I want to see her again!"

"My old crew," Brook laughed. "Though I'd be sure to come back to you all in my second life! Yohohohoho!"

"Tom-san," Frank grinned and did his signature pose. "I want to tell him what I've done!"

"I don't know," Sanji shrugged, "The old fart isn't dead, so I can't really save him."

"Merry! I can save Merry before she's destroyed!" Usopp danced around happily at the though of seeing the Straw hat's first beloved ship again.

"Kuina," Zoro grunted. "Then I can finally face her again as the greatest swordsman in the world."

"I could save my island." Robin said dreamily, "Would you all fight a buster call?"

"Psst, that's too easy Robin-chwan!" Sanji's legs turned into noodles. "We can handle those marine bastards for you!"

"I can't wait to save Dr. Hilukuk!" Chopper said excitedly. "I know so much now! I'm sure I can save him!"

"What about you, Luffy?" Nami asked him. "Aren't you going to save Ace?"

"I don't know." Luffy said, his voice sounded almost broken, much different than the happy captain that most of the straw hats knew. "I've got others that I've lost too. Like Sabo."

"Sabo?" Each of this crew had confused expressions on their faces, never having heard the name before.

"He was my other older brother." Luffy said. "But he died when I was seven."

"Oh." Everyone said, suddenly feeling bad for him. They already knew who they wanted to save, so it wasn't a hard decision for them, but for Luffy it felt like the world cracked in two. Which brother should he save?

Suddenly, Luffy felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see Sanji. "I don't have anyone to save," He admitted. "You can use my turn to save this brother of yours."

Luffy gapped at him, he loved his crew and knew that they would do a lot for him, but he never suspected they'd do something this big for him. "Really?" He asked, not darning to believe it.

"Really." Sanji said, almost laughing as his idiotic captain fell off the rock.

"Yosh!" Luffy was on his back, but two hands in the air. "Ossan, we're ready! Send us back!"

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