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Chapter 1:

Dog With a Blog

"Why did I have to be cursed with this body full of fur?" Stan complained as he collapsed on the tile floor. "Especially on the hottest day in Pascedena history!"

Avery, Tyler and Chloe joined him. A couple minutes later, their father walked in from the kitchen, and tripped over Stan. He fell over next to Chloe just as Ellen walked in.

"Oh, goodness, Bennett," she said, helping him up. "We don't need you to fall on Chloe. Again."

"Well, I can't help that they're lying on the floor like a sack of potatoes!" he defended. "Um…why are you guys lying on the floor like a sack of potatoes?"

"Have you noticed how hot it is? It's in the upper 90's!" Tyler complained.

"Huh. That's why my egg fried itself this morning," Bennett said to himself.

"That's it!" Mrs. Jennings ordered. "Honey, we're taking these kids up north for a while. At least until it gets a bit warmer."

The kids seemed to like that idea. They all sat up and looked at each other excitedly.

"I agree, that would be great, Ellen, but I don't think we have the money right now."

Avery, who suddenly had the energy to stand up, cut in.

"But Dad, you know how I got that scholarship? That's worth a couple thousand dollars!" she said. Tyler and Chloe agreed, and stood up to join their sister in the fight.

"You haven't paid for a single hair-cut for Tyler since he was three! You saved a bunch of money that way!" Chloe added.

"We can sell Mom's spit on a tissue and say Beyoncè sneezed in it!" Tyler suggested.

"It's decided! We're taking a trip!" Bennet announced, followed by cheers.

"Oh! Let's go to New York!" Avery said. "I've done a little reading, and their award-winning fair is there this weekend! They have a pet competition (a possibility for Stan), rides, an abundance of games, and also live baby gators and a gator costume party!"

"Chloe! About that costume party, it'll finally be a chance for you to wear that green tutu I got you!" Ellen chirped.

"Aren't tutus for…seven year olds?" Chloe asked.

"Yeah. And you're seven." Her mom replied. "You walked right into that one."

"Fine, but I get to make my own mask. Mainly cuz I like sticky and smelly things like paper machè."

"If you like sticky and smelly stuff," Bennett began "you can have my egg."


Jessie, Emma, Luke, Ravi and Mrs. Kipling were moping around in the main room of their penthouse. Jessie and Emma were reading the latest issue of Leopard Beat, Luke was tossing around a foam football, and Ravi was hidden behind an easel, trying to paint a picture of his lizard.

"Mrs. Kipling, please stay still!" he complained. "How am I supposed to capture your beauty if you move around so much?"

Jessie interjected hopefully to help. "You've known Mrs. Kipling for a long time, Ravi. I'm pretty sure you can draw her from memory. Just work with what you have."

"Well, I am no Picasso," he replied modestly.

"Oh, come on, bro! Show us what you've got!" Luke pushed.

Ravi sighed, and turned around his plain, white canvas. It was empty.

"…it's a start," Jessie began slowly. "Now, why don't we work on putting something on the canvas?"

"But I would never want to misinterpret or ruin Mrs. Kipling's look!" Ravi said as if it were obvious. He continued to contimplate how to paint by staring at the canvas.

"As if the whole man eating lizard thing hasn't ruined the look." Jessie said to herself.

She shrugged as Zuri came down the stairs.

"Hey Jessie, do you know the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?" Zuri asked.

"No, but I know the difference between an iguana and a chameleon." Her nanny replied. "Never mind, I don't. They both attacked me the same way…but what's with gators all of the sudden?"

"She's going through an alligator phase," Emma explianed, not taking her eyes off Leopard Beat.

Jessie understood and met Zuri at the end of the stairs. She walked her over to the couch.

"My schedule's empty today, I'll take you see some live gators somewhere." She offered.

"Good." Zuri said, slapping a brochure in Jessie's hands. "Let's go to the Everglades, and then Gatorland, Florida."

"Sorry, but we can't go that far today." Jessie said with a chuckle. "We have to meet your parents for dinner tomorrow night."

"But I really want to see an alligator! They're so cool!" Zuri complained. "Maybe you could take me in the helicopter?"

"And how many helicopter landing pads are close to the Everglades?" Jessie asked. Zuri pretty much knew the answer was no. But she would never get over her gator obsession unless she saw one soon.

Emma ripped an ad out of her magazine and passed it to Jessie. "The fair is in town. With live baby gators!"

"Sold!" Zuri squealed.

Ravi craned his neck to look at the ad for the fair.

"Hey, there is a pet competition! A chance for Mrs. Kipling to show off her post baby-body!"

"The fair opened an hour ago! Let's go!" Jessie said.

The kids cheered. Luke and Ravi helped Mrs. Kipling into her sky blue cage, and Zuri wedged herself under the staris, looking for something.

"Now's not the time to play hide-and-seek!" Jessie said. "Let's get a move on!"

"I finally have a chance to use this!" a muffled voice replied. Zuri came out with a cardboard box on her head, decorated to look like a gator's head. "If I'm gonna meet a gator, I might as well look like one! Wouldn't want to scare them away!"

"Yeah, well you almost scared me away!" Emma retorted. Jessie shook her head and helped Zuri up.

"So, you're just going to half dress-up like an alligator?" she asked. Zuri was in gloves, a tutu, skinny jeans, and combat boots, all in green.

"Don't give her any ideas! I can barely handle the mask!" Emma said. She joined Ravi and Luke and Mrs. Kipling in the elevator. Soon, Jessie and Zuri bolted in after them.

The fair was a sea of people from all over the country, flashing lights, bells ringing when people won games, and of course, circus talents.

Luke gawked at a guy riding a unicycle juggling chainsaws. He had never seen an act so dangerous.

"Hey, man! Pass me one!" he called. "I got this!"

"No, you don't!" Jessie said, pulling him back. Lucky for her, the stuntman wheeled off. "If you get seriously injured, it's not my fault!"

"Okay!" Luke agreed, and chased after the unicylist.

"I have to go! Emma, take Zuri to see the alligators. Ravi, I'll meet you at the pet competition after I find Luke!" Jessie said, then tore off after Luke before she could hear Emma complain.

"Why do I have to be stuck with Zuri!?" she whined.

"Sorry," Ravi apalojized. "I would help you, but Mrs. Kipling and I have prior tasks. We have to go put her stage make-up on." And with that, he marched off carrying Mrs. Kipling's cage.

Emma rolled her eyes and began to walk Zuri to the alligator exhibit. On the way, Zuri walked straight into one of the stilts someone was wearing, and made them fall backwards, wiping out a whack-a-mole tent.

Emma threw the owner of the tent a sympathetic look, and dragged Zuri by the alligator ear over out of the way.

"Can't you take that off? You're causing a disaster!" she demanded.

"About that, I made this to fit my head perfectly, so I can't take it off, or I'll break it!" Zuri explained.

"I don't mind." Emma said. "…Listen, I have to go meet Rosie at the Thrift Shop tent to do an exposè on how to shop at a thrift store. I have to go now, so why don't you join the alligtor

costume party?

"But I-""I'll take you to see the gators later. I promise!" Emma interrupted, then opened the velvet rope for her sister to enter the party.

Emma began to runn off, but she smashed into a tall guy with shoulder-length brown hair and thick eyebrows. They both fell to the ground.

"Sorry!" she apalojized. They guy didn't seem phased. He immediately whipped out a piece of papter, and thrust it at her.

"Hi, I'm Tyler! Here's my phone number and e-mail address!" he said.

Emma, confused, took the papter. A dirty blonde-haired girl shook her head as Emma and Tyler stood up.

"If you're done flirting, can we go now?" she complained. Emma noticed the girl had a sky blue pet carrier just like Ravi's.

"Aw! Is there an Asian Water Monitor in there?" she asked.

"Yeah, his name is Stan!" Tyler responded.

"No!" the blonde said. "He's a dog we got from a rescue shelter."

"Oh, that's nice!" Emma said. "You see, my brother has a huge lizard as a pet. It's weird-he has the same pet carrier…except, you know, his doesn't carry a dog."

"Ah. Well, maybe I'll see him at the pet competition." The blonde responded. "Actually, we were just heading there. We just need to drop our sister off at that alligator costume party."

The girl gestured someone Zuri's size with the exact same outfit as Zuri. Even the cardboard box mask was strikingly similar.

Tyler took the little girl in the costume over into the party, leaving Emma and the blonde girl, who Emma didn't really like that much.

"You don't have to keep his personal information," the girl explained. Emma noticed she was fingering the paper Tyler gave her.

"Maybe I want to." Emma said, and began to walk away. She could have sworn she heard a male voice say 'Why do humans dwindle with personal information when you can sniff butts and know it all?', But when she turned around, the blonde girl and her sky blue cage were gone.

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