Hey again! I have another challenge for everyone!

This one is a little different. You have to pick a MINOR character from the list below, and write a story on them following the prompts below the list of characters. You cannot pick a character that isn't on the list. That means no Sora, no Riku, no Roxas, none of the main characters.


1. You can include other characters, but the minor one that you pick here must be the main character, and the story must be told through their POV.

2. You must write in first person.

3. The word limit : There is no word limit. You can have it be as long as you want, but it has to be a real story. No drabbles. It has to be a real story, meaning every chapter has to be over 500 words.

4. Have fun. ;)


1. Olette

2. Vanitas Sentiment (Or Remnant.)

3. Riku Replica

4. Hayner

5. Seifer

6. Anti-Sora

7. Rhyme

8. Sora's Mother/Father

9. Kairi's grandma

10. Pence


1. Birth

2. World

3. Huge

4. Bright

5. Tear

6. Bug

7. Oh no!

8. Feel

9. Scream

10. Emergency

11. Secret

12. Lover

13. Dance

14. Chance

15. Hug

16. Hesitant

17. Tiny

18. Orb

19. Sigh

20. Sadist

21. Look

22. Freak

23. Me

24. Glue

25. Sense

26. Tape

27. Cut

28. Wonder

29. Healing

30. Smile

Have fun!

- Silver Dawn