I thought up of this one as I played The Old Republic. Hope you enjoy!

Starkiller spiraled into the darkness. What was this? He had never experienced this kind of blackness before. Was it death? Starkiller felt the force all around him, but how had he learned the Force? Who was his master? He did not know, but he concluded that since the dark side seemed to reside in himself more, he was sith. He could feel the power of his emotions.

Starkiller quickly forced these questions from his mind. They would do nothing to get him out of this situation. He could ponder these questions later. Starkiller began to focus on the Force. He could feel the light side within his mind. It was small compared to the darkness that resided within him, but it was big enough to remain despite the darkness that surrounded it. As he concentrated harder, the small presence of the light side continued to remain. Annoyed by this, he tried to banish it from his mind, but it was persistent.

Lieutenant Kyrex gathered up his find of the day. Imperial law dictated that anyone with force sensitivity was to be trained. He did not know that this boy was anything like that, but having seen his share of Sith and Jedi, he concluded that this boy was something of either nature given the lightsaber that hung at his belt and the black robes that he wore. Kyrex ordered the others to carry the boy to a shuttle and give him medical treatment once on board. Although he couldn't see any scars or marks, he could smell smoke. Kyrex gazed at the lightsaber in his hand. He thumbed the activation switch. The lightsaber hummed to life with a blood-red color. That was all Kyrex needed to confirm that this child was indeed Sith. He would definitely be going to Korriban to begin initiation into the Sith order despite him already looking like a Sith.

When he returned to the shuttle, the boy was restrained to a medical table. Sith or not, he could not be trusted and every precaution had to be taken. Before any medical droids could begin work, an identifier droid was brought in. The scanner moved up and down the boy.

"Identity unknown."

Starkiller could feel pain. He fell to his knees, trying to prevent himself from crying out. He began to focus on the dark side, channeling his pain into hate and rage. The pain began to lessen, but it still hurt. He continued to focus his pain, feeling the dark side growing within himself. Starkiller suddenly ignored his surroundings and he let the Force guide him. All the while, he recited the Sith Code.

Peace is a lie. There is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall guide me.

Kyrex went to access the holoterminal. Overseer Tremel would probably like to know in advance rather than told on such short notice. With that in mind, the trooper contacted his frequency and the image of Tremel appeared.

"I'm assuming your call means you have another acolyte for me," Tremel said.

"Yes, we do. There is one thing that is very interesting. I don't pretend to understand how the Force works, but it seems to me that this kid isn't any ordinary Force-wielder. We did a medichlorian count and his count is right off the charts. Over 20,000 per cell. Never have we encountered someone with that high of a count."

"Very interesting, Tremel commented. "Bring him to Korriban and I will see if he is Sith material."

"It will be done." With a nod, the transmission was cut.

"The subject is regaining consciousness," said a voice over the comm.

"Give me a minute," Kyrex answered.

Starkiller, after channeling his pain and meditating for what seemed like an eternity, he glimpsed a spec of light within the darkness that surrounded him. It was tiny, but to Starkiller, it was a sight for sore eyes. Maybe it would provide him with a means to escape this blackness. Ignoring the pain that still lingered within him, he walked over to the light. When he was within reaching distance from the source, he stopped and stared at it. All the while, he could hear something else.

"He is regaining consciousness now."

Starkiller reached out and touched the light. Suddenly, the world was enveloped in a blinding flash of light. He instinctively shielded his eyes from the light.

Starkiller awoke abruptly. He tried to move, but something was holding him down. He lifted his head to find himself on a restraining table. A medical droid stood by his side. He looked at his surroundings. He appeared to be in a medical bay. Bacta takes lined the walls, but he appeared to be the only one injured in the room. The pain was reintroduced. Ignoring it, he turned to look at the uniformed person standing at the foot of the table.

"Welcome back to the land of the living. I am Lieutenant Kyrex of the Imperial Military. I take it you know why you're here?"

Starkiller gave a puzzled look. Imperial Military? What was that? That sounded like something of great importance.

"Excuse me for seeming stupid, but I am not familiar with this "Empire."

The Lieutenant seemed very surprised that the Empire was unknown to one person. Judging from the reaction, Starkiller could see that the Empire must have a very large role in the galaxy.

"You don't know about the Empire? The Empire is a government ruled the Sith, specifically twelve Darths known as the Dark Council. Together, the Sith, along with the Empire, we wage war against the Galactic Republic and the Jedi in order to take our rightful place as rulers of the galaxy. Current, the Empire and the Sith are recovering from a blow dealt by the Republic. The Sith Emperor is now dead. The Dark Council has sole control of the Empire now. The Sith needs more individuals in their ranks more than ever, and like it or not, you have been recruited to become Sith."

Starkiller listened with great attention. Now that he had a grasp on what was to become of him, he had one less thing to worry about. The questioned now was what would the Sith trials entail?

"You will be taken to the Sith Academy of Korriban and you will begin your training there. Once we arrive there, you must seek out Overseer Tremel. You will receive further instructions from him. We reach Korriban in 0800 hours. In the meantime, get some rest and you might as well get some fuel for yourself while you're at it."

Starkiller nodded and settle his head back onto the table. It was quite a bit to take in, but at least he was going someplace that sat well with him. With that, he closed his eyes, focusing on the Force again. It was now clear that someone or something had wiped his mind. Starkiller had many questions about what he once was. Using the Force, he tried to reach into the farthest depths of his mind, hoping for some sort of memory or some reminder of his past. He then heard some voices, alien and familiar all at once.

Vader thinks he's turned you, but I can sense your future, and Vader won't always be your master. I sense only…me…

I'm sorry, masters. I have failed you…again…

Poor boy. The Sith always betray one another, but I'm sure you'll learn that soon enough…

I never wanted this for you. I never wanted any of this for you. I'm sorry, son…

Some time soon, you will decide the fate of the rebellion, not your master. And when you're faced with that moment, just remember that I, too, was forced to leave behind everything I've ever known…

I lied, as I have from the very beginning…

You can never escape me…

Starkiller opened his eyes suddenly. Those voices, who were they? Were they important to him, relevant to him? Or was his mind playing tricks on him? Starkiller didn't know, but at this point, it didn't really matter all that much. The past could not be changed. What could be changed was the future, and right now, it was looking to be very promising for him, for now at least. There was no telling how many enemies that he would make. The Sith were always making enemies, both Sith and Jedi. Starkiller already longed to be a figure of great importance. He was determined, above everything, to beat any and all who stood between him and the prize, starting with the group of acolytes he would soon get acquainted with.

Starkiller noticed that the restraints that held him were now opened. Starkiller sat on the side of the table, cautiously making sure that nothing was seriously wounded. Aside from a few bruises and some burns, he appeared and felt well. He got up and resorted to pacing around the medical bays to pass the time, all the while, thinking about how to prepare himself for the Academy. He needed the right attitude for acolytes, overseers, and of course, a master when he had one. Starkiller would not hesitate to kill anyone that got in his way. The only ones he owed any loyalty to was the Sith of great power and importance. It was best to always respect superiors and give them your loyalty.

Starkiller turned to see the door open and Kyrex enter holding a lightsaber.

"Here," he said. "This is yours. I took it in case you were hostile in any way. You'll need it to survive on Korriban."

Starkiller nodded and accepted it. He held it in his hand for a few moments, getting use to holding a weapon again.

"We'll be entering Korriban's atmosphere. If you want a glimpse of the planet, follow me to the cockpit."

Without answering or acknowledging, Starkiller followed closely behind. As they reached the cockpit, the pilot cut the hyper-drive and a planet appeared. It was a orange color all around. No green or blue. Not that it made a difference to Starkiller. He was just anticipating what he perceived to be beginning of a long adventure…

Any input would help inspire me to continue writing this story. Also, I intend to incorporate different elements from many stories of Star War characters, so look forward to that. The story will act like The Old Republic in a way, but that may change. Hope you enjoyed. Peace?