Chapter 5: Force Sensitive

Far from the Sith Academy on Korriban, there lay a Sith. This one, unlike the others that resided within the Dark Temple, was the source of great power and intellect. He had been once the most powerful being in the galaxy. He had an entire Empire under his control. He had begun orchestrating the downfall of the Galactic Republic and the Empire for more than three years. It was the destiny of the Sith to rule the galaxy with an iron fist. They were the true rulers of the universe, but now, that destiny was in peril. His Empire was losing the war. With infighting amongst the Dark Council, the Sith within the Empire, and the Republic uniting and achieving victory on the battlefield. And to make matters worse, the Sith Dread Masters went renegade and were forced to be destroyed. Their power was too great of a threat to be free in his galaxy. Still, none of these could compare to the worst: most of the galaxy, many on the Dark Council included, believed him to be dead. The idea of it was beyond idiotic. Although gravely injured, he was not dead.

Ever since he returned to his true body to recuperate and reenergize himself, he could sense many things occurring within the galaxy. Despite the Sith Empire losing the war against the Galactic Republic, it would not live to see death yet. The planet Makeb was now a source of great resources to mine, courtesy of the Dark Lord, Darth Nox. He did not trust Nox. Despite the Sith's power and sharp mind, Nox was hiding many things, that much was clear. Nox could not be trusted to carry out his will. The Dark Lord had many schemes and ambitions, many of them not concerning, but could prove to be a nuisance. Still, Darth Nox was a very interesting one. Born a slave, and against all odds, becoming a Dark Council member. Slaves tended to want more than they could possibly want. Nox wasn't the only one that envisioned a "New Empire."

Darth Marr, too, was one to be wary of. Darth Marr, with all his power, experience, and knowledge of the Force, was still insignificant in comparison to himself. Marr, despite having no ill intentions towards him, had a dislike of the Emperor, particularly because of immortality, making him a "coward", but because he processed power that he did not, Marr respected the Emperor as such. The Emperor silently laughed to himself. Darth Marr, despite being powerful in the dark side, processes one trait that was not suitable for being Sith. His inscrutability made him difficult to read to almost everyone. No one had seen his face for decades, and no one seemed to know what he envisioned for the Empire with the Emperor's sudden disappearance.

His thoughts turned to his Wrath. The Wrath could always be depended upon to keep the Empire intact. The Wrath had great strength in the force and was utterly loyal to the end. The Emperor, for quite some time, had wished to truly meet with his Wrath in person. This, however, could not come to pass now. Even now, the Hand had to work meticulously to preserve the Emperor's "death." The Hand continued to remain in contact with the Wrath, but with the Republic beginning to launch offensives across the galaxy in order to push the Empire back, contacting anyone would be risky. The Emperor considered contacting his Wrath via the Force, but there was something else that was occupying his attention.

Among the many beings that resided within the galaxy, there was one that did catch his attention. A few days ago, he had suddenly sensed a great source of power in the dark side, one that he had never felt before. Curious about this sudden surge, he investigated more. The source pointed towards the Sith Academy on Korriban. After a thorough search, he had discovered the source of power. Darth Marr had recruited and taken on a new apprentice known only as Starkiller. The Emperor watched as the young child bowed and obeyed without question, without hesitation. That sort of loyalty was rare and what was required within the Sith Empire.

The child's connection to the Force was unlike anything he had ever seen. In his time, The Emperor had seen many powerful Jedi and Sith, but none that could compare to his power. This Starkiller, on the other hand, had an extremely strong connection to the Force, perhaps strong enough to rival his own power in the Force, and yet, the child had barely touched the true potential of the dark side, using only rudimentary powers and skills and advancing greatly in them. Perhaps this child could prove to be a valuable key to the Empire's survival.

The Emperor began to formulate a way to reach this child. This task could not be taken lightly. Despite the simplicity of contacting being via the Force, there were many complications. As far as the galaxy knew, he was dead, and that was how he wished to keep it. If he contracting the young Sith with the Force, he might risk being discovered by either another Sith or the Jedi. He needed to remain "dead"

There may be hope for the Sith Empire yet…

Note: I forget. I will NOT be repeating what has been already seen in the game. The story will follow many planets, many not even in the game.