Spider Amongst Monsters

Chapter 5

Water, Spider, Witch and Ice

''So you are saying that no one here knows anything, anything at all about what happened in New York months back?'' Peter had to clarify from his 'childhood' friend.

She nodded. ''Yeah, only those that lived in New York at the time knew of Spider-Man and even then they wouldn't think of making connection between you and your alter persona. You may have noticed, but most students aren't exactly that bright when it comes to logic, but that is because they all lived their amongst other monsters and things like magic. Most that too notice of your battle with the Lizard forgot about it a week later because it never made any impact on the monster world.''

''So no one knows about Spider-Man? Wow, I feel kind of happy and depressed at the same time.'' Peter muttered, leaning over the railing.

They were currently on the school rooftop eating their lunch in the heat of the sun. Their backs slowly warmed up as their horrible school uniforms absorbed the sun rays and released it on the skin underneath.

Peter had a tough time explaining about Felicia. Their story was that she saw him walking around and recognized him. She already knew what was going on due to the girls gossiping around in the locker room and decided to help her 'childhood' friend because she couldn't take it anymore. A small talk later and Peter found out the 'truth'. After the whole ordeal her club was disbanded due to having too few members, namely only her and she had to look for a new one.

And that's how she joined the club and Peter had to explain himself in front of a pissed of vampire and a jealous succubus.

If it wasn't for the stern lectures he repeatedly got next to his hero career from Aunt May, he would probably still be sitting on his knees and getting glared at.

''So Peter, are you still as smart as I remember? The tests are coming up pretty soon aren't they?'' Felicia changed the conversation to something entirely else.

Peter grinned. ''I've got this in the bag.'' He proudly stated. It was no bravado, he really knew he was going to get straight A marks on every test. As he was technically repeating year, he already knew most of the curriculum before even opening his books. Next to that, the grading system was more lenient than his previous school, thus he was sure to get all the answers right. He also didn't need to hold back during gym anymore too. It was great to go all out for once, though the same could be said about his classmates. Being pushed aside by what seemed a human being, but what felt like a truck still hurt.

''And you?'' He asked with curiosity. She didn't seem like a girl that studied a lot, but looks could be deceiving, because she also didn't look like a street girl either.

''Oh I am ready Peter. As a thief –glare from Peter– Ex-thief, you need excellent memorization and observational skills. I may not get straight A's like you, but I am sure I'll manage to take at least the top twenty, unlike your bluenette friend that is.''

''Hey come one, I know she doesn't have much book smarts, but no need to be so hostile.''

''All is fair in a game of love and war, my dear. She's competition, just like every other girls you seem to attract towards you.'' She spoke in a calm tone that betrayed nothing.

Peter snorted. ''I still find it strange that when back in New York, I had trouble just to get a single girl to like me and here they seem to be dropping from the sky every other day while I am not even looking for one.''

''Well it's not so surprising really.''

''Huh, what do you mean?''

''I mean you do have a certain appeal not many other males have. You know your faults, you aren't scared to act when needed and you have chosen a road to follow. It's not something everyone has figured out, especially at this age.''

Peter turned his face around to hide his growing blush, though he knew she already saw it forming and probably did this on purpose.

''I am not that great…'' Peter started to say, but she interrupted him.

''Not that great? Peter you are Amazing at the least. You are able to talk to a Vampire as if it was an everyday conversation, you have been chosen by a succubus as her chosen one, one of the most popular girls in school is interested in you and you even managed to get me to like you. Peter, you really have no idea what you are capable of, do you?''

Peter wished his head could explode right now. It didn't seem all that 'Amazing' to him in the slightest. He was just being himself, joking when scared and acting like a clown. Sure he never acted like this back in school, but he couldn't attract any attention at the time. Now, now he was free to act how he wished and don't have any repercussions unless he really screwed up.

In New York, Spider-Man was his mask.

Here in Youkai Academy, it was his lie of being a monster.

''C'mon let's go, I belief the rest is waiting at the club.'' Peter said, hiding his face by turning showing his back to her.

It didn't stop him from hearing her teasing giggle though.


''Keito, please go out with me!'' A male shouted out towards her from the empty hallway.

She sighed. Once again her PSC uniform didn't even protect her from her admirers. Yes it did help her from getting asked out by weaklings, which was a great blessing, but it also increased the amount of blockheads that asked for her hand.

''Not interested.'' She answered back, turning around to face her admirer.

He was a tall man, had short brown hair and brown eyes. He was an obvious American, just like Peter and somehow reeked like a wet dog. Also unlike Peter, this guy was filled to the brim with muscle that threatened to tear through his green uniform.

''Please reconsider.'' He said, moving forward, his lecherous eyes not unnoticed by Keito.

''I said… not interested.'' She repeated.

He didn't stop and she shot a web from her mouth, but it passed right through him. The moment the webbing touched his chest, his chest turned into the color of blue water and the web passed through without any effort.

''I am not taking no for an answer…'' He said threateningly, a lot more confident as he noticed her attack did nothing at all.

She didn't show it, but she was quite distressed at the moment. Normally she could stop her admirers with a simple webbing to the chest or limbs and let them hang against the wall for a while, but this was obviously not going to work for this monster. None of the PSC was nearby too, she was all alone at the moment, not even a single student in sight.

''I already have someone I like.'' She stated, hoping he'd get demotivated.

For a moment he was lost in thought, but then rage showed on his face and he suddenly enveloped her body with his water turned hands.

''Who?'' He demanded, making her think at a rapid pace.

Should she point to a random stranger? No, that would create issues later on. Was she going to say the truth and say Parker? She didn't want him to hate her because she send this guy after him, she rather do it while her own name was hidden in the shadows. Peter needed to be tested, but only in controlled environments, this was not something she could control at all. However as he neared to her face with his own, she saw she had no other choice, broke down and muttered something that she really didn't want to say.

''What was that?'' The water guy said, not having heard it correctly.

''Peter Parker alright, Peter Parker!'' She shouted out in his face, making him smile sadistically.

''Very well, then I shall show you what happens when you don't return my feelings when I am done with him…''

And then he walked away slowly, each step forming a puddle of water on the ground.

Keito quickly regained her composure, though she had trouble standing straight. She had to warn Peter and she had to warn him fast!

With that mindset she ran through the hallways, dodged any lingering students in her way, not caring at all that her clothing was soaking wet and everyone gave her odd looks as a result.

Nothing ever goes as planned, not to mention, she hasn't planned anything at all from the very beginning. It was like Peter attracted trouble without doing anything remotely wrong. First Saizou, but that was just a scuffle. Next the mermaid incident, but that was on purpose according to Akashiya. Followed by the burglary crime, but that was Gin's idea! And now this!

Was he cursed or something? Was he cursed to forever interfere with the problems of others?

Finally she reached the clubroom, nothing looked like her admirer had arrived first. She wouldn't even belief if he did, after all he looked terribly slow as if each step took a lot of concentration. He also went the wrong way.

''Parker!'' She shouted out as she opened the door, only to come in sight with both Gin and Akira playing shogi, both very surprised by her sudden entrance.

''You are looking for Peter?'' Gin asked, too surprised that one of the most popular girls stood in his clubroom to act like the pervert he is. ''He went outside to get some fresh air with the girls.''

And then he realized it was Keito standing there. ''Hey, if you want a real maaaaargh!'' He shouted out as his sister kicked his shin. Keito didn't even hear those last words as she already ran back to where she came from.

The hallway she was grabbed, the route her admirer was following.



''Hey Peter… I accidently made too much, do you want some?'' Kurumu said in a very over the top innocent voice.

''Eh… that's nice Kurumu..ehe…'' Peter nervously chuckled.

What she hold out was a very expensive Japanese looking lunchbox, filled with very delicious looking food. There was no way she accidently made too much.

Now normally Peter would never say no to free food, but the way Felicia glared at Kurumu made him feel kind of awkward. The moment the two met, it had been obvious that they wouldn't stand each other. While Kurumu specialized in 'cute' seduction, Felicia did no such thing and had or form of 'sensual' seduction. The two frequently glared at each other, trying to get more attention from Peter, who did his best to ignore the two and not blush at the same time.

''Oh, that looks great Kurono, maybe we could all share it together.'' Felicia commented.

Wow, her jealousy levels are high today.

''Oh, but I am sure Peter has a big appetite, now don't you Peter?''

He sure did! But he also lost said appetite with every second Felicia looked at him with that kicked kitten face of hers!

''Then maybe we should take turns cooking for him every single day, he would never have to go hungry again.'' Felicia countered, already thinking several steps ahead as was her way of life.

Kurumu didn't relent. ''Fine, only if Peter agrees.''

Peter nodded, saying no was just asking for trouble.

''Great! Then you can tell us who is better at cooking!'' She followed up with a gentle smile.

Argh! It was a trap! He's doomed!

He sighed, at least Moka acted like no- *Snap!*… she broke her chopsticks…

''Oh, it looks like I've used a bit too much strength. Silly me, I should probably go back to training soon or else I wouldn't know my limits.'' She spoke calmly.

She was highly irritated, she would not stand for this lovey dovey stuff happening around her. If only something interesting was going to happen…

''Hey, are you Peter Parker!?'' A tall teenager suddenly came out of nowhere and asked rudely.

Thank Nosferatu, maybe this guy was looking for a fight.

''And who are you, to ask for my name?'' Peter asked in return.

''The names Morris Bench and I am the guy who is going to bust you up!'' He roared, but before either Morris or Peter could react, Moka stood in between of them.

''Parker this one is mine, I am desperately in need of a fight and you are not going to stop me.'' She commanded, her tone leaving no questions asked.

Peter took a sideway glance at the spot she was sitting on before she made her move and saw the chopsticks broken in half on the ground. The ground itself also had a small dent where her feet were supposed to be.

Yeah, sounds good to him.

''Go wild.'' He called out.

''With pleasure…'' She grinned, showing her predatory smile and lunged forward.


Keito didn't know what to expect.

She ran as fast as her legs allowed her, but she knew she was going to be late.

Would Peter make it? Would Peter find a way to beat the guy?

She didn't know. He was obviously some kind of water elemental, considering his aquatic body. The only question is what rank or what sub-race inside the water elementals. There are sea elementals, which are considered one of the strongest forms. There are river elementals, which was some kind of mid-class and finally there are the normal water elementals, who aren't that strong, but still very dangerous.

In short, the rougher the waters they inhabit, the harder they are to defeat.

That's why she expected the worse.

That's why she had wide eyes and an open mouth as she saw the scene of destruction.

That's why she was slowly walking to Peter who had an amused look on his face.

''What happened?'' She asked.

Peter shrugged. ''In short, Moka happened.'' He explained in a very abridged way.

Morris beaten body had been slammed into trees, rocks and tombstones. None had hurt much, considering he consisted of pretty much only water, but that didn't mean her punches didn't do anything.

Moka walked back to her spot as if nothing happened with a small smile on her face.

''Ah that was therapeutic.'' She commented.

''But…but how?'' Keito stammered out, completely confused as she watched Morris his body slowly seep in the ground thanks to his unconscious state and inability to hold his body together.

''I am actually curious about that too, weren't you weak against water?'' Peter added his own voice to her question.

''Well of course I am, I am a vampire after all.'' Moka said in her regal tone. ''But this water was corrupted by Youki from the elemental and thus not considered pure anymore. The most it did was give me an annoying itch.''

''But how did you hit him! I couldn't even get out of his grip!'' Keito followed up, making Moka hmph.

''Hmph, again, I am a vampire. We are a race specialized in the control of Youki. How else do you think we are so strong? We sure don't walk around with bulking muscles. All I did was coat my hands and legs with Youki before hitting him.''

Peter nodded. ''Yes that does sound logical. You never see a vampire the size of a bodybuilder, they are a very vain race… So, how are you feeling? Still in need to hit anything?'' He asked with a bit of worry at the end.

''Not really, but do keep the joking to a minimum, I wouldn't want a rebound.'' She countered, giving him a unspoken command not to try his luck.

Keito sighed. Well at least everything ended well.

But how was she going to bring him back to Kuyo now?


The whole school was abuzz, some were crying, some were laughing, some looked pale and some somehow managed to obtain alcoholic beverages.

It was the day their results of the first exam would be posted on a board out in the open.

It was a moment of shame, of defeat, of cheers, of boasting, of happiness, of relief and finally of despair.

There were actually a lot of other moments that could describe the scene, but combine all in one word and you automatically get this;


It was a chaotic mess to say the least. Guys pushing others around, hoping to get a glimpse of their name on the board with a very low numbered number. The lower your number, the better you scored, you could pretty much see how well you ranked compared to other students.

Thus the week before was a moment of betting and now students with waterfalls in their eyes had to give up the amount they had bid to one another. Students who scored high cheered and those who scored low groaned.

Meanwhile, Peter and his gang of lovely girls made their way through and saw firsthand where they stood.

''Wow Peter, you really are number one.'' Felicia chided.

This time Peter had a comeback. ''You aren't so bad yourself Lady Thirteen. I would almost think you did this on purpose''

''Who me? I wouldn't dare.''

''No, and I tried so hard!'' Kurumu shouted out, pointing at her name standing at number 194.

Ouch, that mean she probably just got below the 50 points mark. She better step up her game if she wants to pass this year.

''What about you Moka, did you do well?'' Peter asked.

''Hmph, do you really have to ask? I am number 7 of course.''

''Whoa, magical seven.'' Peter commented absentmindedly while looking at the name underneath his.

''Yukari Sendou… where have I heard that name before…'' Peter muttered, though Kurumu heard it clear as day as she stood next to him, hoping he would console her.

''Sendou? You mean the witch?'' She asked with a slight bit of surprise.

''Yeah, she's number two. It's always good to know who you are competing with, especially if they look like the type to be angered quickly. You know her?''

She shrugged. ''Not really, in fact I only heard of her from the gossip. Apparently she is a young girl who skipped several grades to get here.''

''I see, must be one of those kid geniuses like Tony Stark or Reed Richards.'' Peter mentioned with his random knowledge database he had stored in his brain.

''Who? Oh look that's her right there!.'' Kurumu pointed at a typical witch hat in the distance.

The first thing that Peter noticed was her attire. It screamed 'Witch' from far and wide, or at least a very detailed cosplay. But cosplay does not exist here, at least to his knowledge, and so Peter could conclude from this observation that she indeed is a stereotypical witch.

The next thing Peter noticed was that she was scared of something.

The way she stood, the stature of making herself as small as possible. It was obvious to him that she was a bullied kid. He should know, he had been in the same shoes until he managed to worm his way out of loser to loner. Not much improvements, but at least Flash left him alone unless he interfered with the guy's agenda.

Another thing he had in mind was that she looked pretty familiar, but couldn't tell from what. Had he seen her walking through the hallways before? Not impossible, but somehow he knew that just wasn't it.

''Parker…'' Moka said a warning tone, her eyes on a small group that neared the witch.

He sighed. ''Yeah I got it.''


''Well well well, look who has fallen from her mighty throne.'' A typical average looking punk sneered at the little girl, who was too frightened to respond.

''Looks like you aren't the smartest thing around anymore, now are ya?'' He continued.

''A half human like you should just go back to where you came from. Now you don't even get the first place of the school anymore, you are of no use for our class.'' The taunts continued.

''B-but I am s-still the smartest in class…'' She stammered out, resulting in him being angered.

''Huh? You think that's important! Because you just lost first place, our class get's less voting rights and because of that, we all realize we don't need you here anymore. You are just a nuisance.''

Tears started to form from her eyes. ''P-please s-stop. P-please…'' She said in a hurt voice.

The guy just laughed in her face. ''Half breeds like you don't get to ask something like that from monsters like me. Get out of my sight… or rather just drop dead alrea-ARGH!'' He shouted out as a gloved hand punched him hard in the face, sending him in the air for quite a while until he slammed into a tree.

The whole crowd was now paying full attention to the scene, a big circle forming automatically to let the probably fight that would erupt not long after go without a hitch.

The punk wasn't unconscious yet, thanks to his endurance and tough skin and growled out. ''Ugh, what happened… Who did that!''

''Just memory loss? I was hoping for a dislocated jaw.'' A voice returned and the guy now focused on a rather well known student.

''Peter Parker… think yourself a hero don't you?'' he further growled out and slowly got to his feet again.

''I am more of a vigilante really, but I do try.'' Peter quipped back, the anger of his face still prominent.

''Why do you care about that girl, she is just a witch!''

Peter chuckled darkly. ''So? Do I really need a reason to help someone?''

''So you are saying you are one of those human lovers!?'' The guy sneered, scales starting to form over his body.

''Not only that, I even had a girlfriend too! What are the odds!'' Peter rebuffed.

''You damn traitor!'' He roared out and fully morphed in his lizard like state. With deadly aim, he thrust his clawed hands towards Peter's neck, fully intend to rip his throat out, but to the surprise of everyone, Peter didn't dodge.

He grabbed the hand in mid air.

Peter started to laugh, not like his usual laugh, a truly dark sarcastic laugh.

''I really loved her you know… I truly did, sadly she died shortly after our relationship began…'' Peter said full of melancholy.

''Hey…'' Peter asked the guy in front of him. ''What!'' he was forced to ask as his wrist began to feel very uncomfortable, blood wouldn't flow properly and Peter's hand was constricted tightly around his inner muscles.

''Guess what kind of creature eventually killed her…'' Peter asked further, but it didn't need an answer for everyone who heard those words immediately knew what Peter was getting at.

He did not sweat because his physiology didn't allow him that comfort. He did not shake, because his race could stand as still as a statue. He did not answer, he could not answer… He feared to answer.

''That's right, it was a Lizard…''

And the next thing he knew, a web shot from Peter's wrist and struck his chest.

''And I really need to get over it someday… but not today…'' Was the last thing Peter said before he pulled his web.

The lizard had no idea what was happening. He was swung in the air, slammed in the ground, back in the air and once more hit the ground hard. This action repeated and repeated, until he finally fell unconscious, not being able to take it anymore and it was at that moment that everyone knew…

Peter acted very nice most of the time… but he was still a monster from the inside.


''Parker… do you know why you are here?'' Keito asked the person in front of him.

''I assume it's because I beat the crap out of that guy.'' Peter answered.

''Correct… Now, I would like you to tell me a couple of things… You will answer them and you will speak the truth, do I make myself clear.''

Even Peter understood it was no time to make jokes. He truly lost it right there, he never knew he had it in him, but hey at least he didn't kill the guy. Although that could have something to do with the fact that his friends had to intervene before it got truly messy. He had such great friends!

Keito nodded, no emotion visible on her face.

''Alright, one. You came from the human world, correct?''

Peter nodded. ''Yup, New York to be specific.''

''And you left because you figured out you couldn't fit in anymore…''

''My powers were acting up and after losing my girlfriend, I wasn't in the best state of mind anymore so my grades dropped and I didn't finish my year.''

''So then you decided that Youkai Academy was the best place.''

''Pretty much yes.''

''This girlfriend of yours… was she human?'' She asked carefully.

Peter looked at her for a while, but couldn't read her emotions. She was just too calm.


Keito sighed.

''You admit you are a human lover?''

Peter frowned. ''I don't hate them, does that make me a lover? Sounds kind of odd if you catch my drift.''

Dropping her pen on the table, Keito gave another deep sigh and used her fingers to rub her face. ''Peter, you do realize monsters and humans cannot mix, will not mix and won't ever mix right?''

This time Peter sighed. ''Ah, so you are one of them too, aren't you?'' He asked calmly, not even a single bit of accusation in his voice.''

''Them?'' Keito asked surprised.

''A human hater. You hate humans for some reason or another.'' Peter explained.

This time Keito got angry and Peter had front seat rows to see it happen.

''And what wouldn't you! Humans only cause pain and suffering, they are the cause as to why we have to go in hiding and scavenge the earth for scraps!''

Peter snorted. ''I've lived among humans and let me tell you what they think, they think monsters eat humans. They think monsters kill humans for no reason. You know why? Because most monsters do exactly that! A classmate of mine even bragged how he molested and raped girls for fun! You know who? Saizou, the guy I beat up first! Not only that, but isn't this school supposed to improve inter human and monster relationships. It's exactly this kind of attitude that monsters can't walk amongst humans without a problem.''

Keito's mouth hung open as she heard her crush talk back. This wasn't supposed to happen, Peter was strong… Peter was supposed to agree with her and see her way. Why was he doing this! Why!

''Get out…''


''Get out now!'' Keito roared, making Peter jump up by the hostility alone.

''Alright… but if you ever want to talk, your friendly neighborhood Spider is always ready to lend an ear.'' He said, at the door.


And Peter was gone, leaving her miserable and alone


''Umh… I want to thank you, for what you did…'' A very polite and little girl said to Peter as he just came out of Keito's office. Suffice to say he was quite surprised.

''You waited here all this time to say that?'' Peter asked aghast.

She nodded. ''I… I am just so happy not everyone hates me.'' She said with small teary eyes.

Peter chuckled. ''It's not a big deal… I just did what I had to do.''

She shook her head. ''No, you acted while everyone was just watching. No one raised a single finger to help me and you came out of nowhere and punched him in the face. Not only that, but this is the second time you've saved me!''

Peter snorted. ''He had it coming, spouting bull like that. I can't stand bully's like him. Eh, but did I really save you twice?''

She nodded. ''Unh, back when you were running from that scary Vampire, you saved me from a falling trophy cupboard which started to fall down.''

''Good for me, well good for you two, but it's nice to see the people I save in good health.

''So… you really don't hate witches…?'' She asked carefully.

Peter crouched down, took her head and ruffled her hair. ''Yukari, didn't you listen to what I was saying during our fight? I had a human girlfriend once. It would be kind of contradictory to say I hate witches after that.''

''Waaah!'' She cried out and gave him a surprise hug, which he gently returned.

'Are two you proud of me Uncle? Gwen?' Peter thought silently with a smile.


''Parker… who is that?'' Moka asked with a glare, pointed at Yukari.

Peter smiled. ''A new club member!'' He announced happily.

She snorted. ''So you go after little children too? Is there anything you won't attract around you?'' She asked with a very raised eyebrow with a very accusing voice.

Peter ignored her. ''This here is Moka, she's our resident Vampire. She may be cruel, sadistic and mean most of the time, but on the inside, behind all that darkness and evil, there is still something which can be called nice and gentle.'' Peter explained to Yukari who was looking with a fearful expression at Moka.

Not falling for his taunt Moka simply said. ''And you better remember it.'' Before walking towards another table to finish her own project.

''Peter, you're back, how did it go?'' Kurumu asked as she and Felicia started walking towards him.

''Really well, look what I found walking around the hallway, can I keep it?'' Peter jokingly said.

Kurumu smiled. ''Knowing you, you already nullified the warranty on her. Hello there, I am Kurumu nice to meet you.'' She said while bending over, her cleavage in full view for Peter. Whether it was on accident or not, Peter did fluster a bit.

Felicia on the other hand. ''Aww so cute! Can I feed her some times?'' She said with stars in her eyes.

Yukari, feeling a bit disturbed by the Bakeneko quickly moved behind Peter to use as a barrier.

''You should feel right to be scared of these two. As far as I know they are relentless in their goals and have no sign of stopping it any soon. It's also part of their charm though, I can't say I don't like them for it.''

''Aww that's so sweet Peter. I'll be sure to show you my apprrrreciation later.'' Felicia purred with her usual flirt.

''Don't push your luck.'' Peter countered.

''Oh, don't worry Peter, I know all about Luck.''

Yukari, feeling a bit braver now she had seen them interacting, came in view again. ''Oni-san, you have some weird friends.''

''Better to have weird and true ones instead of fake ones.'' Peter countered and she couldn't help but agree. ''Besides, they cheer the place up and I am not exactly normal myself now am I?''

''But with you it feels more forced!'' She denied his statement.

''Even so, I am doing it anyway. That's pretty weird isn't it? Now c'mon, time to show you the last three members.'' Peter motioned her to follow, leaving a bickering Felicia and Kurumu behind.

So then they entered the scene with Gin and Akira.

''…-50 points…'' Akira said, which somehow made Gin cry out.

''No why!''

Peter ignored the two.

''As you can see they have a close relationship. These two are half brother and sister and are the presidents of this club.'' Peter explained.

Gin, noticing the two now, desperate to get away from his sister immediately walked up to them.

''Hey Peter, who do you have here?''

''This is Yukari, she's going to become a club member here.''

Gin frowned. ''Is she? I don't remember giving permission for that.''

Peter had already turned to Yukari again. ''He is also a pervert and easy to control.'' He explained, making Gin's ears point up.

''Hey wait a second I am not easy to-''

''Hey Akira, have you found his latest porn stash yet?'' Peter called out to the sister, whose ears also immediately sprung up to a very delicate piece of information.

''No, I haven't. Do you know something I don't?'' She asked carefully.

Gin, sweating bullets, relented. ''Fine she can join!'' He shouted out.

Peter nodded. ''Ah, nothing really. I was just wondering if you made any progress yet.''

She shook her head in defeat. ''No, big brother is getting smarter. I am saddened by this loss.''

''Hey, why are you getting depressed over that!'' Gin called out with a funny face.

Meanwhile Peter was guiding Yukari to the teacher in command.

Nekonome was currently being very busy with a small stack of paper, which contained the tests they had taken for the results outside. Although they all got a number to see who is better, the grades still had to be placed inside the school management. Peter and Yukari were sure to get the highest marks, so they didn't feel intimidated by the presence of the stack unlike Kurumu who gave it worried glances now and then.

''Hey Miss Nekonome, I found a new club member!'' He said cheerfully.

Nekonome look up and gave a beaming smile. ''That's great! I'll make sure to get the paperwork done immediately!'' She answered.

''I also want to ask a favor.'' Peter said, making her raise an eyebrow.

''Oh, what is it Peter?''

''You must have heard about what happened this morning.'' He started, at which she frowned.

''Yes I've heard about your scuffle. Frankly I am upset, but I also know why you did it. You protected Yukari here didn't you?''

He gave a sheepish chuckle. ''Technically he hadn't done anything wrong yet as he hadn't made any hostile move, but I couldn't help myself.''

''Although I am upset you resorted to violence, especially at the level you had done to that student, I am not that angry. I would probably have done the same.'' She said with honesty. ''So what can I do for you?''

''I want to bring Yukari over to our class.'' He started to explain. ''She isn't very liked at her class and I am worried about her safety.''

Shizuka nodded. ''Sounds good enough to me. I'll make it happen as soon as possible.''

''Thanks teach.'' Peter thanked her and Yukari, who listened along did the same.''


Keito didn't know what to do anymore.

How could Peter say those things?

Why would Peter say those things?

Why Peter why!?

She was angry, she was furious…

He needed to be punished.

She hold out the latest news article with the fight against Morris Bench on the front page.

''Hydro-man learned his place thanks to Regal Vampire'' She read the headline out loud and crumbled the paper up in anger.

She had an idea…

With solid determination, she made her way outside her office and went deeper into the pit of despair that housed the PSC. The catacombs themselves, with at heart, the office of her leader himself.

But she wasn't going for Kuyo, no he would probably take care of this himself and she wouldn't let him have the pleasure of doing so. He had appointed her as the liaison between the PSC and the Newspaper Club, it was her job to end it with her own chosen judgment.

The catacombs was a cold place. Not only was the air itself frigid, the continuous sorrow of its inmates resounded through the walls with wails of despair that touched the very marrow of one's bones.

Keito was already used to the feeling and shook it of like it was nothing. It was in her monsters own blood to cause other's suffering, so unlike new members, she was already accustomed to the hateful glances that glared from behind the magically reinforced bars.

These students were all criminals to her eyes. They had been found guilty and if they weren't, they wouldn't be caught in the first place.

Punishment ranged from many different factors. One could get beaten up repeatedly, get their nightmares come to life due to strong illusionists or constant verbal abuse until they cracked. These punishments were strictly chosen by the type of person they are dealing with.

If it was a tough guy, break his body.

If it was a wise guy, break his mind.

If it was a weakling, break his soul.

The rules were pretty simple and the most important of them all was, leave no evidence behind.

The Chairman was a very busy and mysterious person. Kuyo quickly figured out the weak spots inside the system he created and formed the PSC as a club as a disguise, which soon became publically known as the police force of the school.

In his first year, he did just that. Helping monsters in need, solving crimes and guiding those who needed guidance.

In his second year, he showed his true fangs and let the club take bribes and practice sickening punishments.

And now in his third year, he was still doing that, only now he was more of an idol of the committee instead of an active member. He still made big decisions, but no one would see him in any classes or without any bodyguards around the hallways.

In any case, they became more and more known throughout the school as threat, yet it was all covered under wraps from the chairman simply because they were careful.

Students that were taken in came back as healthy as ever, yet their haunted eyes showed stories. Most stayed for a week, other would get out after a day, because the teachers will write down absences and the chairman would have to get involved after a while.

They forced these students to swear an oath of silence, mostly with the added effect of extra violence and threats. It worked most of the time and if they talked and the PSC heard about it, both the ex-criminal and his or her friends would get another week.

Letter's of absence because of sickness could always be faked after all and everyone knows how contagious a sick person was.

Keito smiled how she remembered when the groupie from the Black Cat burglar event got out.

Silent, shaken and terrified.

They hadn't harmed a single hair on these girls. All they did was spend a night or two inside their jails, separated and listening to the incredible orchestra of the torture of other monsters.

After walking for several minutes, having taken several turns and twists to get to the right location, she finally found the right cell.

''Hey Hydro-Man, could you do me a favor?''


Yukari fit in with the group pretty well. She was shy, a bit introverted, but very open and nice to those she trusted.

Obviously Peter was on the very top of that list. Miss Nekonome quickly took spot two and Akira spot three.

What was odd, was that she chose Kurumu of all people as the fourth.

It probably had to do with the fact that Kurumu hid her away from one of Felicia's cuteness overload episodes.

That and her breasts. It was quite obvious she had a breast fetish, which also probably explained her liking for Akira as she also had a rather sizable bust. It wasn't an uncommon thing for her to suddenly start to give a massage, much to the ire of the succubus, although Akira was indifferent about it.

She also could do quite some interesting and handy tricks. Materializing objects out of nowhere, she always had an utensil ready for whenever anyone of the group needed something, be it a simple pencil or even a chair.

She told him later on that Witches use science and magic together with the rules of nature to create something out of thin air. Anything that hold technology was impossible for her to replicate, but most wooden objects and the like were easy enough for her to do. All she needed was a blueprint inside her head and a wave of her heart shaped wand.

She admitted she wouldn't be of much use in a fight though, her skills mostly formed to bring herself better comfort than to protect herself. Yet, she was a great addition to the team thanks to her intellect and child like point of view.

No matter how smart you are, children still had the habit of saying the obvious no grown up would ever come up with.

Currently Peter was lounging up at the roof alone. It wasn't that he liked being alone, but sometimes, he just needed his alone time. The girls were all great, no doubt about that, but he still had a need for comfortable silence. They were always screaming and shouting whenever something happened, even Moka was slowly moving out of her shell as Peter noticed her talking more and more.

He doubted she was even aware of that fact.

Kurumu and Felicia still did their best to get his love. He sure as hell wasn't oblivious about that. Really, their lunchbox showdowns and seduction moves they placed on him were evidence enough to proof they have interest in him.

But Peter didn't know if he was ready yet for such a decision.

Gwen was still in his mind, even if it has been half a year ago. Not only that, but the whole situation with Felicia was still quite odd in his mind. She once was his pet for crying out loud. Does that mean if hooks up with her, it will count as bestiality?

Yes, the mind of Peter was a weird place when he had time to think. Where else do you think all those quips come from? From a mightier power up high? Pff, yeah right.

''I really should stop thinking…'' Peter muttered out loud.

''I suggest you'd stop breathing too…'' A rough voice said from behind and a second later, Spider-sense activated, making Peter jump away onto a wall from one of the towers of school and take a look at his attacker.

The assailant was literally a walking form of water swirling around his body. He was man shaped, but no distinguished features were visible as he was constantly shape shifting around.

Still, it was pretty obvious who the guy was.

''Hey Morris, how's life?'' Peter asked with his usual fake bravado.

''The name's Hydro-Man now punk.''

''Hydrant-Man? Man, the dogs must love you.'' Peter quipped.

''No, Hydro-Man you insect, your silly club gave me that name and I rather like it.'' The torrent of living water replied. ''And you'll pay for what you did to me!''

He stretched out his arms and two blasts of highly pressured water were blasted towards the wallcrawler.

''Technically I am- Ah forget it, no one got it right so far so why would you be any different.'' Peter said as he shot a web to yet another tower and swung himself out of harm's way, landing on all fours vertically as usual.

''So Hydro, what's the plan? You keep attacking and I'll dodge until I finally find a way to get past that aquatic body of yours?''

''You cannot defeat me without the vampire Parker, give up and let me squash you!''

''Yeah, I am not liking that plan, let's go with mine m'kay?''

Morris answered with yet another blast of water and Peter dodged it as usual thanks to his highly developed reflexes.

''How did you get out of the PSC's cells anyway? Last time I remember, you were transported in a water bottle and Gin took a picture.'' Peter asked with a frown, jumping higher to evade yet another ball of water.

''That's between me and Keito!'' Hydro-Man roared back.

''So it's Keito who set you free? Man I know I pressed some hard buttons, but she was asking for it. Ugh, women you know?'' He tried with a small grin.

''Grah! You touched my Keito!? I'll kill you!''

''No wait, I meant metawhoa!'' Peter tried to calm the aging torrent of water down, but water came fast and from both sides as Morris used both his hands to cross two streams of water and slammed them into Peter who was right in the middle.

At least that was what he tried to do and Peter saw it coming, but that wasn't why Peter said his 'whoa'.

The water… it… it froze right in mid air! Not only that, but snow was actually dropping from the air!

''This is giving me the chills, hey you sure you want to continue?'' Peter asked with worry as Morris now had two long stumps of ice instead of arms.

However, much to his continued surprise, Morris was still freezing up.

''Aaaah! My body! My body is so cold! I am freezing, AAAAH!'' He screamed out loud as his body was slowly forming in a frozen statue.

''Hold on! I'll get you!'' Peter shouted out and made his move forward. Even though the guy tried to kill him, he didn't want to see an actual murder happening in front of his own eyes. He had seen enough of that in New York thank you.

But it was of no avail, Peter couldn't do anything about the ice and when he tried to grab Morris himself, his arms went right through him because of the molecular structure it was in.

''No! No! NOOOO!'' Morris screamed out with his final breath and the slow moving ice enveloped him fully.

''No damnit! No!'' Peter shouted out his frustrations and punched the railing next to him, which bend because Peter didn't hold back at all.

''Damnit, what happened! Why! Who!'' Peter groaned, holding his hands against his head to think about what happened.

''It was me.'' A girly voice suddenly said from behind and Peter twisted his head at such a speed that one might think he broke his neck.

There next to the door that lead towards the staircase was a purple haired girl with long hair. Her clothing looked uncared for and for some reason she was sucking lollypop. Still, that wasn't what was important right now.

''W-What did you say?'' He asked threateningly.

''Don't worry, he's still alive. I know you don't wish to cause permanent harm in your fight, so I just froze his outer shell. He'll be stuck there for half an hour until he will break through.'' She explained… blankly. She didn't even glance at the popsicle. Her personality; Ice cold…

Peter gave a sigh in relief. ''Thank god…'' He said with a content face. However, there was still the issue about the girl in front of him. ''Thank for saving me I guess. Can I help you?''

She nodded. ''You can, why did you touch the Spider Slut's breasts?''



Author's Note:

Hmm, took me a while to write this down. Honestly I am not happy at all by this chapter, but it wrote itself this way and I can't bring myself to change it. I still need to improve my fighting scenes, but that's why I write in the first place. To have fun and improve. I hope I'll write other villain encounters better in the future.

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