A N: hello there! This is my first time uploading a story to fanfiction. Before we get to it, I would like to share some info about the upcoming story you are about to read. This story has been in my head for a while now, and I recently worked up the guts to officially start it.

The idea of this story was inspired by Mockingbird79's story "Massive Shock", this is one of the best self insert stories that I have read on fanfiction. It is about the main character getting sent to Rapture in the Boishock 2 game, he gets stuck there for several years. While he is there has to learn many skills to survive, which include getting Bioshock's famous "plasmids" which give him meta-human abilities. Eventually he dies, and ends up on the citadel in the Mass Effect universe, where he becomes a mercenary. What I just told you does not give that story any justice at all. I highly suggest reading it!

My story is about my character getting stuck in the halo universe, where he gains certain skills. Eventually he will get thrown into the mass effect universe. Now, this story will not be a cross over, although I will make many references to halo (and to my characters past) throughout the story. The first several chapters will be set in either in the "real world", or in the halo universe. After that though, I plan on keeping the story line in Mass Effect. Oh before I forget, I will be taking suggestions, so any good ideas you would like to see? Because this is my first story, I would love it (so very much!) if you would leave a review. Corrective criticism would be appreciated. Now, let's get too it!

It's the same dream. It is the exact same dream I have been having it every night since I have left for this trip. It starts out the same each time, with me falling; at least I think I'm falling, through darkness. I am falling head first and can't move or scream. I am helpless. I can hear voices that are whispering from every direction! I can't tell what any of them are saying. There is no telling how fast or how far I am falling. The only thing that is different from any other night is a small point of light that is getting bigger the closer I get. The closer I get to the light the louder the voices get! And the light gets closer, and closer! And the whispering voices are now screaming! Before I reach the light, something comes out of the darkness and catches hold of me, stopping my decent instantly. The only thing I notice before I wake up is a cold hard grip crushing me. And then-!

"Wakey wakey, Matt! We got to get moving, or we aren't going to make it to the truck in time! Don't make me get the air horn again!"

My eyes pop open. I see sun light coming through the four person tent that that my friend Jacob and I have been sleeping in the last week.

"Ugh. I will get you back for that, you know." I mumble.

"Yes, yes you I'm sure you will. Now get up! We are already late as it is….. And you still need to finish packing." Replies Jacob.

I forgot to pack most of my stuff the night before, so I was supposed to wake up earlier so I could pack. But I didn't set my alarm! Oh well, I'll just have to rush.

"Fine, I'll get right to it. When do we have to get going?"

After a quick look at his watch he replies "To get back to the truck on time we should leave around eight o'clock."

"Sounds like a plan."

I unzip my sleeping bag halfway and sit upright I look to my right and see Jacob, who just finished rolling up his sleeping bag, packing it away the last of his gear. I take note that he already packed up most of his belongings and put them into his hiking backpack. I see that Jacob is already dressed; wearing brown cargo shorts, and a sky blue T-shirt, he is ready to go. Jacob is a seventeen year old who has brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin, and size 13 hiking boots. He grabs his pack, unzips the tent door and crawls out.

Ok, he's out. Now let's get dressed. Thankfully I already laid out my clothes, so I start taking of my shorts and Tee that I wore to bed, then I pull on a pair of black shorts, and put on a red T-shirt. I take a quick look at a small mirror we brought, and fix my hair. My friends would describe me as having a cheerful expression most of the time. They would also say I have blue-green eyes, brown hair that's starting to curl at the back of my neck, white skin, broad shoulders and chest from years of being on a swim team, and that I stand at five feet eleven inches. I guess I could be considered handsome if I do say so myself.

"Hey, Jacob, what's on the menu this morning?" I ask.

After donning today's clothes I precede throw all my loose belongings into my pack, then I start to roll up my sleeping bag and mat.

"Well, because this is our last day out here, I thought that we could just have the last of the oatmeal that we brought." He says.

"That sounds good to me."

I finish packing my bag and I exit the tent. After zipping it shut I turn around to take in the beauty of the morning. Looking ahead I take notice of how the sun is rising behind the trees. I see mist on the water, and how it is so still it reflects the grey sky. It's beautiful! I am sad that this is the last day of our trip; we had such a great time out in the wilderness. For the last two weeks Jacob and I have been canoeing across the northern Boundary Waters, carrying our canoe across portages, hiking in the woods, and fishing. It was awesome! I quickly recall the raccoon that got into our trash pack. Who knew that those little guys can be so messy! But we scared him off when we got back to the camp. After cleaning up the mess, we promised ourselves to keep the food and trash packs up in the trees whenever we leave the tents so it doesn't happen again..

I smile at the memories. Then I look around. Jacob is heating up a pot of water for our breakfast with his small ultra-light camping stove. The food pack is still up in the trees so I make my way over to the rope that is holding it up; I untie it and lower it to the ground. I dig through what little food we have left and find the box of Quaker's oatmeal. I grab it and bring it over to Jacob, who is sitting on a log next to the tiny stove.

"Here ya go, Jacob." I say.

"thanks." He replies. "You know what? I hope to come back here again. This has been a really great experience, for both of us, you know?

"Yeah, I agree with you. Hey, remember when you said you didn't want to come?" I ask.

"Well, that was before you showed me pictures…." He says. "But I would regret not coming, so thanks for inviting me."

"You're welcome. But you don't need to thank me, you know. We have been friends since the fifth grade. And it would of have been quite boring if I was up here by myself you know." I say.

We both let out little chuckles. Instead of waiting around for the water to heat up, we start taking down the campsite. We take down the tent; pack it and the rest of our gear into the canoe and I tie it down with some rope. While I am making sure everything is packed and knotted down, Jacob goes to check on the water, and calls me over when he sees that it is hot enough. I grab our bowls and forks and walk over. We eat our fill of cinnamon and brown-sugar oatmeal, clean our dishes, and pack up the rest of the supplies. All the while we make idle conversations on what we liked about the vacation.

Soon we are in our life-jackets or PFD's and are in the canoe pushing away from the shore. I am in the front of the canoe and Jacob is in the back, steering. All of our gear is in the middle between us. We quickly get into a rhythm and we get moving at a steady pace. Jacob took a look at the map and said that we have about ten miles of water to get across until we will start seeing signs of civilization. And to civilization we go!

Four hours later

"Jacob, I got a question for you now," I say. "Who would win in a battle between Halo, and Mass Effect? The Halo factions will have the UNSC at Halo 4 status, the Covenant with all races at the height of their power, the Flood, and some forerunner tech such as Onyx sententials and Prometheans. Mass Effect will have all of the races for the Citadel such as the asari, turians, and salarians. There will also be the batarians, the krogan, quarians, some drells, hanar, geth, volus, vorcha, the human alliance, and any terminus system merc groups and any other Mass Effect races I might of have forgotten. Oh yeah, they also have the reapers. Who do you think will win?" (For all readers, who do you think will win?)

Jacob and I have been paddling this canoe across the water for several hours now. Our arms are starting to get sore, and we are both starting to get hungry. So far the weather has gotten quite humid, and the sky has a bunch of grey clouds and, surprisingly there is no wind. Right now we are eating some sandwiches in the middle of a lake. Jacob came up with this brilliant idea to start these Vs, Death Battle conversations. We have been taking turns with this; his first battle was between Daryl Dixon from the walking dead, and this Joel from this new game called 'the last of us'. I don't know too much about this Joel character, but Jacob seemed to think he was a badass. But in my opinion Daryl is cooler. Then he asked who I thought was the better Zombie killer. Again, I said Daryl but Joel does sound pretty cool. Jacob then told me it was my turn. I had to think about mine for… about two seconds. Who better to pit against one another than my two favorite video game series, Halo and Mass Effect!

"How did I know you would say that?" He lets out a small chuckle. "Well, is there any infighting?"

"No infighting." I confirm.

"Ok. Hmm, this is a tough one. Mass Effect does have a lot of people, maneuverable ships, kinetic barriers, and biotics. But they are too reliant on Element Zero, restricted to the mass relays, and their ships have a habit of overheating while in combat. Halo has huge ships, really high tech AI's, slipspace, and Direct Energy Weapons. Unlike Mass Effect, the Halo factions can adapt quite well to fighting a new threat. Without knowing all the numbers, I think halo has the stronger ships which can take out the reapers and any other Mass Effect ship, and space superiority would determine who would win in my opinion. So, my vote goes to halo." He says after a bit of thinking.

"I knew you would join the right side!" I exclaim. "Here is another quick question. You know how Forerunners and Prometheans use hard-light weapons, and the People in Mass Effect have Kinetic Barriers? I want your opinion on if Hard-light munitions could bypass Mass Effects Kinetic Barriers."

"I don't know, buddy. That is a good question." He says. "Try looking it up tomorrow, after we go home and sleep in our beds."

"Speaking of which, I think we should get a move on. The weather doesn't look to great." I say.

"Your'e right," He Frowns. "Let's get going. I don't think we want to get caught out here in the open water."

With that we take up our paddles and start making our way to base camp. Base camp is about three miles away up stream. I feel rested up enough, so I start doing huge powerful strokes with my oar. Jacob is still in the back is doing his best to keep the canoe on course. We turn a bend and we see our first glimpse of Base camp. We are half way across when we hear the sirens; they are severe weather warnings for anyone within the area. I'm confused. There is no wind and the only thing I feel is the humidity, granted there are grey clouds covering the sky as far as the eye can see, but they don't look like they have much rain in them. Then I hear it. The wind is howling through the trees and racing across the water. It is a huge gust of wind so powerful it is creating a huge wave, and it is coming fast! The clouds behind us are black, and covering the entire horizon, I notice pelting rain and flashes of lightning.

"SHIT!" I yell. "We need to get to shore, now!"

Come on, come on, come ON! We are in the middle of the freaking lake and the storm is right on our ass! I can hear it coming and I look back to Jacob I see that he took off his life-jacket. And he can barley swim! I open my mouth to tell him to put it back on, but then the wind caught up to us. Blowing right in my face, I couldn't breathe for a second and, it was deafening! The waves hit us right after that, flipping our canoe, and throwing us into the water. One of the knots I tied came undone just then and all of our gear and supplies went into the water. I am thrown clear of the canoe and pop up to the surface instantly because I am wearing my life-jacket. I shake the water out of my eyes and look for Jacob. I spot him right away; he is struggling to stay afloat several yards away from the capsized canoe. I yell his name and start swimming towards him. With the rain stinging my face and fighting against the wind I struggle to make my way to him. He sinks beneath the waves just as I get to him. I try to reach down and grab his arm, but I didnt in time because he sank like a rock. I quickly unbuckle my PFD, take a deep breath, and dive beneath the waves.

When I open my eyes I notice that the water is dirty so now, I can barely see a few feet ahead of me, I keep diving. Then I see Jacob; he is struggling to swim upwards, but he keeps going down. Conscious that I can't hold my breath much longer I grab hold of his arms and start kicking towards the surface. I can see the rain hit the water and the waves going up and down. I notice that the canoe is starting to sink beneath the waves; I see scattered bags sinking to the bottom of the lake. I finally breach the surface and pull Jacob up with me. I am now fighting to keep both of our heads above the water. I see a life-jacket floating close by, I start reaching for it, but it is too far away! I move behind Jacob and put my arm around his chest and start kicking like a mad man. I eventually grab the jacket and shove Jacob's arms through the holes and buckle it up. He is awake by now and, with the help of the PFD he can keep his head above water. I however am still fighting keep my head above the water, but I am running out of energy, with all the canoeing and swimming this weather, I am running on fumes. Then I get pulled under. A rope got tangled around my leg and whatever it is attached to is sinking fast. I reach down to untangle my foot, but there is a lot of rope. The thing that is dragging me down deeper is a bag that me and Jacob used to hold all of our cooking supplies.

I am going to die because of fucking pots and pans? No, no, NO!

By now my lungs are burning. I need to get out of this mess! I'm panicking now. I can't untie the knot that has formed around my leg, and I don't have a knife. I need to breathe! I am in some deep water here. The water is pitch black and I can barely see any light above me, all I see is flashes from the lightning. I open my mouth to scream. And everything fades to black.


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