Name: Peter Nasir

Age: 16

Height: 5'9

Weight: 128 lbs

Eye color: Black

Race: African American

Powers and abilities: super strength, hypnosis, incredible agility, can temporarily copy any enemy's abilities just by touching them, genius level intellect.

Peter Nasir, he was a drifter; always moving from place to place. He just didn't really find a place where he could fit in. Peter never had a family or rather he never knew his. Always wearing a black leather jacket, a red baseball cap, blue jeans, and white sneakers, Peter avoided attention. Peter had spent his entire life running. The Brotherhood of Evil, particularly The Brain and his cohorts, had been pursuing him since he was six years old, trying to brainwash him. The Brain had built a new robotic body to assist him during fights, making it harder for Peter to get away. Luckily for him, he had years of martial arts and parkour training in addition to a few superhuman powers, allowing him to always escape. Peter had taken residence in many cities including New York City, Chicago, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Little Rock, Boston, Atlanta, and Gotham. He never stayed in one place for very long. The longest he'd ever stayed anywhere was a month. Now he was lying low in a west coast city known as Jump City under the name Babylon. While it wasn't the most normal or logical alias, it did help him avoid detection. With only $2000 in his pocket, Peter knew he had to make the most of it.

His first day in Jump City went by without any incident or confrontation. Babylon had been stayed in a hotel and didn't leave the entire day to avoid being spotted. The second day, Babylon, needing to avoid attention, left the hotel and stayed over on the other side of town. Again he managed to avoid detection. Peter's third day in Jump City did not go so well, however. Walking downtown, which was always crowded, Peter blended in quite easily. Everything was going fine until Peter received a scissor kick to the back of the head from Madame Rogue.

"Well, well, well; we meet again, Peter Nasir" The Brain said in his robotic voice. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way; you can come with us or my friend Monsieur Mallah can break your spine"

The Brain's talking gorilla henchman cracked his knuckles as a threat.

"I've been running from you pricks from six years and you have yet to make good of your threat" Peter replied, positioning himself in front of a heavy, decorative bell.

When Monsieur Mallah charged at him, Peter jumped out of the way. Mallah banged his head against the bell. When he turned around, Peter knocked him down with a near perfect roundhouse kick.

"One down, one to go" Peter said before staring directly in the eyes of Rogue, placing her in a trance.

General Immortus stepped up to face him, holding his sword.

"Really, old man; you may be immortal, but you really think you can defeat- AARGH!" Peter said, before the Brain sneaked up behind him and used a stun gun implanted in his robotic body to knock him out.

The shock snapped Madam Rogue out of her trance. Mallah, holding his head also awoke, grabbed an unconscious Nasir, and slung him over his shoulder. As the Brotherhood started to leave with their "protégé", a birdarang above the eye knocked him back. Not to their surprise, the Teen Titans were waiting for them.

"Kidnapping in broad daylight, that's a new low even for you" Beast Boy said.

"What we are doing is none of your concern" Brain replied. "But if it is a fight you want, than a fight you shall get"

"Hate to burst your bubble but you're outnumbered" Cyborg pointed out.

"Not for long" Brain said before cloning himself, creating two duplicates. "Now the playing field is even"

"Titans, go!" Robin ordered, springing into action.

The fight made its way to a nearby construction zone where Titans easily managed to get the upper hand until the Mallah lifted up an I-Beam and began swinging it like it was a baseball bat. Mallah, after knocking over everybody, stood over Robin and prepared to crush him underneath it. However at the last minute, Peter Nasir threw a shard of glass at a cable supporting a wrecking ball. The shard managed to slice the cable. The ball missed Mallah, but caught his attention long enough for Mallah to be knocked out cold by a flying kick from Nasir.

Quick as lightning, Nasir jumped onto the Brain's robotic body, smashed the jar containing him and grabbed him. The Brain's robotic body collapsed in a heap and his clones disappeared. Madame Rogue then attempted a sneak attack, but to everyone's surprise, Peter lifted the steel beam and hit her as hard as he could, sending Rogue flying at least halfway across town. Peter handed Robin the slimy, now powerless Brain and turned to leave.

"Wait a minute; who are you?" asked Robin.

"The name's Peter Nasir aka Babylon; I've been running from the Brotherhood of Evil all my life" Peter said, introducing himself.

"Why was The Brotherhood chasing after you?" Robin asked.

"They've been trying to brainwash and exploit me all because of a power I can barely control" Peter replied.

"What power is that?" asked Raven.

"I can hypnotize a person just by looking them directly in the eye" Babylon revealed.

"Hypnotize, yeah right" Beast Boy said before Peter looked him in the eye.

Beast Boy almost instantly became a drooling mess staring into space.

"Only problem is I don't know how to snap them out of the trance" Peter said.

"Don't worry, I know how" Cyborg said before burping.

Beast Boy snapped out of his trance laughing. He looked down and saw the drool on his shirt.

"Ah, man; come on" Beast Boy complained.

"Where do you live?" Starfire asked.

"I don't really have a home, I just stopped in Jump City trying to avoid these pricks" Peter said. "Now that The Brotherhood has found me, it's time for me to find another place to stay."

"You could stay with us" Starfire offered.

"I couldn't; I wouldn't want The Brotherhood coming after you as well" Peter said.

"We've fought The Brotherhood more times than you can imagine, trust me it's no worry" Raven said.

"Are you sure?" Peter asked.

"It's no trouble and at the same time, you could get help controlling your powers" Robin offered.

Peter agreed and the Titans along with their new friend headed back to Titans Tower.

Weak, lazy ending, I know; but this is my first Teen Titans fanfic so go easy on me. My friend Cyborg has something he'd like to say.

Cyborg: Scarface Montana does not own The Teen Titans.