It had been two days since the scientists had first experimented on him. The boy had spent those two days in a cell. The scientists brought him food two times a day and regularly made sure he was healthy. Two weeks since the scientists had adopted him from the orphanage. The boy began to wonder why they had even adopted him. The boy noticed that the scientists had a logo depicting a red snake with an open eye in the background.

Two burly guards seized the boy and sedated him. When the boy awoke he was in floating an isolation tank. Various tubes were sticking out of his body. More of the acidic liquid was being pumped into his veins. Right now, the boy was too disoriented to feel any pain. In fact, the boy couldn't feel anything. He couldn't move either. He spent an hour in the isolation tank, being pumped full of the liquid.

Afterwards they strapped the boy down to another table. The scientists administered various voltages of green electricity into the boy, who still felt nothing. They brought in the doctors from last time to examine him once again.

"There are no significant changes in the subject," The first doctor reported. "However in subsequent days he should have increased stamina, advanced human strength, reflexes, agility, endurance, resistance to extreme heat and cold, immunity to disease and poisons, and regenerative powers."

"I don't think we should be doing this, the chemicals we've been injecting into the boy haven't been tested" the second doctor stated. "Consequences could range from increased aggressiveness and hostility, insanity, mutations, or the boy's body not being able to sustain the changes and giving out on itself"

"There is nothing to worry about; the reason we picked such a young test subject is because their bodies would be able to adapt more easily to the changes" The head doctor reminded his assistants.

"True, but the results could be more enhanced than what is expected" the second doctor argued.

"I don't care, this experiment could revolutionize history," The head scientist replied. "Imagine a world where nobody gets sick, a gunshot wound can be healed almost instantaneously, at the same time we're creating the perfect soldier-"

"But experimenting on a 6 year old child?!" The second doctor yelled.

"If you're feeling squeamish the Project can easily have you replaced." The head scientist replied before they all noticed the boy convulsing on the table.

"Oh my" The first doctor exclaimed.

"This is exactly what I was talking about" The second doctor said.

"Just shut up and sedate the boy once again" The head scientist ordered. "We'll start testing his reaction to the experiments next week."

One of the guards reentered and stuck the syringe in the boy's arm.

Once again Peter awoke, breathing heavy. This time, he decided to forget about the dream and go back to sleep. The next morning, Peter showered and got dressed quickly before joining the Titans for breakfast.

"Whoa, dude you look terrible" Beast Boy noticed.

"Another nightmare" Peter said, sitting down sluggishly and began eating.

"It must of been some sort of nightmare" Cyborg said.

"Why do you say that?" Peter asked.

"Because you're eating Beast Boy's tofu eggs and bacon" Cyborg said.

"What?!" said Peter before he spit out the food and rinsed his mouth out with milk, spitting that out as well. "That's not even real milk!"

Peter quickly rushed over to the sink and washed his mouth out with water.

"Oh, come on it's not that bad" Beast Boy insisted having nearly cleaned his plate.

The rest of the Titans, except Starfire, poured their food onto Beast Boy's plate and went to find something else to eat.

After breakfast, the titans went through their daily training. In the middle of their training, the familiar alarm went off. Robin quickly checked the crime scanner.

"Titans, we've got trouble; Cinderblock is breaking into the Jump City jail go!" Robin commanded.

The Titans responded immediately. When they arrived at the prison, they split up. Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven would round up the escaped prisoners while Robin, Starfire, and Peter took down Cinderblock.

"Whoa, a 10 foot tall juggernaut with bricks for brains; you guys have really got a colorful array of criminals" Peter commented upon seeing Cinderblock.

"I know, but this guy's dangerous so follow my lead" Robin instructed.

"Got it" Peter said.

Robin executed a straight forward attack while Starfire threw star bolts from above. While Cinderblock swatted at them, Peter took the opportunity to kick Cinderblock as hard as he could from behind. Cinderblock grunted as he fell to the ground.

Robin took advantage and threw a flash grenade, blinding Cinderblock. Starfire followed with eye beams and Peter grabbed an steel girder and used it as a baseball bat on Cinderblock, who flew across the prison yard.

"Going, going, gone!" Peter laughed.

"You just love stealing our thunder don't you" Robin joked.

"What can I say, you guys were great teachers" Peter said, neither noticing Cinderblock regaining consciousness.

"Since we're already at jail, should we-?" Starfire began to ask before Cinderblock threw a huge rock at them, knocking them all out.

Peter woke up a half hour later. Slowly, Peter came to realize he was somewhere underground.

"Good job" were the first words he heard."You only managed to bring me three of the Titans, but a good job nonetheless"

He instantly realized the voice belonged to Slade. He tried to get up, but found his hands were cuffed behind his back.

"Nice to see you're awake, Mr. Nasir" Slade said.

"Slade, why did you bring me here?" Peter asked, struggling in the cuffs.

"Don't waste your time struggling against those cuffs, they've been equipped to withstand your super strength" Slade informed him. "I've done some digging and I've found out we're quite similar"

"I'm nothing like you" Peter said, managing to rise to his feet.

"On the contrary, Peter, we are quite alike" Slade replied. "I know about The Project"

Slade took off one of his gloves and revealed the logo from Peter's dream branded on his hand. Peter froze.

"How did you-?" Peter asked.

"When I was in the army, the Project conducted similar experiments on me in an attempt to create a meta human super soldier" Slade revealed. "Said experiments gave me enhanced physical and mental abilities, durability, and regenerative healing factors. They branded me with their logo as a way of saying they owned me"

"So what?" Peter said.

"So I want you to join me" Slade replied.

"Robin told me you were crazy, but I didn't know you were that crazy" Peter said laughing at Slade's offer.

"Don't you realize what you're capable of" Slade growled, pulling out a crowbar. "I could help you unleash your full potential"

"Teach me to unleash my full potential? Sorry Slade, but I've already got mentors." Peter replied.

Slade responded by hitting Peter in his ribs with the crowbar. Peter dropped to his knees in pain. In a desperate attempt, he looked Slade in the eyes. Slade only smirked.

"Nice try, Nasir" Slade said, hitting Peter across the back with the crowbar. "My son Jericho has similar powers. Over time I've developed an immunity to any type of hypnosis/ possession powers"

Slade hit Peter across the chin with the crowbar.

"You will join me" Slade said, hitting Peter again in the ribs. "Whether sooner or later, you will become my apprentice"

"Screw… you" Peter replied, defiantly.

Slade struck Peter in the back of the head. Then across the back. Then in the jaw. Slade continued beating Peter with the crowbar before taking a small break.

"Are you seeing things from my point of view yet?" Slade asked, getting in Peter's face.

Peter responded by spitting blood in Slade's face. Slade hit Peter again with the crowbar.

"Brave, but not too bright" he commented.

Slade resumed the brutal beating for 10 additional minutes.

"I'd love to stay and chat but I've got to torture miss Koriand'r" Slade said, smirking behind his mask. "Soon you and your friends will make the perfect apprentices"


"Peter? Peter, are you there?" Cyborg said into the communicator before setting it down on the table. "No reply from Peter, any luck on finding Robin and Starfire?"

"I can't pick up their scent" Beast Boy said as he morphed into dog.

"I'm not doing much better" Raven said.

"Hold on a minute; I've managed to pick up a signal from Robin's communicator" Cyborg revealed.

"Really, where are they?" Beast Boy asked.

"Near the industrial park, 5 kilometers underground" Cyborg said.

The three remaining Titans quickly headed to rescue their friends. By the time they arrived Slade had disappeared. Robin, Starfire, and Peter were all unconscious. Starfire had several burns and cuts. Robin was the only one who didn't show any sign of injury. Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven quickly scooped them up and took them home to treat their injuries.

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