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Embracing Evil: Series 5,

Chapter 1;

Chaos walked slowly back to their rooms exhausted from a full day of training with the death eaters, their plans to take the ministry had come along nicely and Tom ordered them to train for the take over which was approaching. Chaos was overseeing the training with Barty and the brothers while Lucius and Izar worked on actual plans for the ministry with Tom, Chaos only wanted a say in Hogwarts so he offered to train instead. Tom was working endlessly to spare magical blood, he didn't want any needlessly spilt so he was planning everything down to the step, and the man's mind was truly brilliant. Tom had to go to the bank to collect something from his vault and he preferred to go out at night when less people were around, Chaos decided to stay behind because he was tired and wanted a shower. He walked in to their room and trooped to the shower, the hot water was soothing on his taught muscles and he stayed in their longer than usual just standing under the hot water and soaking up the warmth. Chaos dried his hair with a wave of his hand and tied it up, he threw on some old baggy bottoms and a loose top before going back in to the bedroom, he grabbed a book and curled up in Tom's chair, the room was way to big without the Dark Lord present and Chaos didn't really like it. No matter how much he much he tried, Chaos couldn't focus on the book, he kept glancing over to the desk where Tom usually would be at that time of day, with a groan he got up and sat at the desk. It was then he noticed a jewellery box sitting on the desk, there was a note with his name on it in Tom's elegant calligraphy and Chaos raised an eyebrow as he opened it.

For my Chaos,

Your pretty thing,


Chaos' eyes lit up and he picked up the box, he carefully opened it to reveal a silver wristband embedded with diamonds and emeralds with runes etched around the stones, he had enough background rune knowledge to know what they stood for; Love, Cherish, Adore and Eternity; it was stunning and Chaos was amazed. He gently took it out the box and slipped on to his wrist where it sat perfectly, he smiled brightly and went back to the chair, Tom was so let off for subjecting him to the Jr's, now all the man had to do was come back. Chaos couldn't help but admire the band, it was truly beautiful and the runes warmed his heart, they made him love Tom more than before which he didn't think was possible. Chaos felt Tom arrive back in the manor and smiled, the man had barely got in the door and removed his cloak before Chaos all but launched himself at him and pulled him for a searing kiss.

"Thank you," Chaos said and Tom smiled slightly,

"You found your gift,"

"I love it," Chaos told him with a bright smile.

"Good," Chaos kissed him again.

"Am I forgiven?"

"Definitely," Chaos agreed and then he gained a coy look biting his lip,

"I could show you how much I love my new gift," Tom's eyes darkened and he was pulled him in to a heated kiss, Chaos pushed him back to the wall pulling of the man's robes as he went leaving him in slacks. Chaos flashed a smirk and dropped to his knees, if Tom wasn't hard before then the sight of Chaos on his knees definitely did it, Chaos removed the trousers and ran his tongue along the entire length before taking it all in his mouth. Tom's head fell back against the wall in ecstasy, Chaos swirled his tongue and lightly dragged his teeth up gaining a please hiss from his lover. Tom watched through hooded eyes as Chaos' head bobbed, Chaos continued his assault brining more pleased sounds from Tom as he brought him closer to the edge, he finally hollowed his cheeks and Tom came with a shout, Chaos drank it all down and found himself yanked up in to a furious kiss. Tom didn't care if he could taste himself on his lover,

"I will have to get your many more gifts," Tom stated and Chaos smirked, he could live with that.

Chaos followed Tom down to the bottom of the manor, they were below the dungeons and Tom led him to a black door, he placed his hand where the handle should have been and spoke.

#Open,# the door shone white before it clicked and swung open silently, they walked in and the lamps flared brightly until they settled to a dull glow. The room was a simple ritual room with runes etched on the floor and walls, there was a circle of runes on the floor which were glowing slightly. The reason for their visit to this hidden room was Chaos had decided he was going to make his first Horcrux, he had chosen what and he had studied the ritual, it was complicated and Chaos had no idea how Tom did it alone, luckily the man was helping him.

"Have you chosen your object?" Tom asked and Chaos withdrew a stunning dagger, it was a Peverell dagger and everything was black, including the metal blade. There were silver accents on the hilt and it was decorated with onyx stones, the blade itself was slightly curved and it had the Peverell coat of arms on it.

"Beautiful," Tom murmured.

"It's a treasure," he agreed.

"You know what you have to do." Tom said and Chaos nodded.

"I know,"

"It is going to hurt, a lot," He warned.

"I know,"

"You can change your mind,"

"Never," Chaos stated, Tom left for a moment and levitated a bound girl, she looked around 12 or thirteen. That was the only problem with the ritual, Chaos had to murder a true innocent, but he would do anything to stay with Tom. Chaos stepped in to the glowing circle and the runes flared with the presence of his magic within them, Tom placed the dagger at his feet and stood back. Chaos withdrew his wand and pointed it at the cowering child, he took a deep breath and tightened his resolve by looking in to the crimson eyes he loved with his entire being, and Tom gave a nod.

"Avada Kedavra," the sickly green light left his wand and hit the girl square on, Chaos felt the difference and Tom began to chant quickly, searing pain erupted from his very being and he clamped his teeth down so he didn't scream. When he felt an excruciating tear he began his memorised lines,

"Unde anima mea signa, et animam meam porto in dignum," Chaos chanted in a low tone, his voice harmonising with Tom's despite the pain he was in, the dagger flashed and he picked up.

"Me ánimam meam meo sanguine obsignandum, praesidium meum trado cum magica sanguine meo ut vim vitae meae," He cut his palm with the dagger and watched as the blood was absorbed in to the blade.

#Custodi animam meam, uti sanguinis magiae, et usque in signa memini, sic fiat fiat,# there was a bright flash of light before the room was plunged in to blackness, Chaos swayed dangerously and even in the dark, Tom managed to catch him.

"Whoa, that takes it out of you." Chaos slurred.

"You will feel strange for about a week." Tom told him gently stoking a cheek, the lamps gradually came back on and Chaos blinked a few times as Tom helped him to his feet, he stumbled before gaining his bearings.

"Ow," He complained rubbing his chest, Tom kissed him.

"I love you," He murmured and Chaos smiled.

"I love you too,"

Chaos sat back with a frown, Tom had been acting strangely all week. After he had made his first Horcrux the man hadn't left his side, for the entire time it took for his body to adjust and settle. It was disconcerting at first, it felt as if he was missing something and he felt oddly hollow, Chaos whole person was different for a week before he came back to himself, it took another week for his body and magic to settle after the ritual and a couple of days more for him not to get tired after using magic. Tom stuck with him through it all and had showered him in little gifts, Chaos understood why though, the man was showing him how he felt about Chaos' sacrificed for him because he could never say it. They had locked Chaos' Horcrux in the impenetrable room that Tom created down by the ritual room, it had every type of ward, light, dark, blood and parcel upon it and Chaos had added his blood for wards also, it was safe to say, no one would be getting through the door.

It was around a week after that Tom had begun acting weird. The man had even left the manor which was weird seeing as he never left unless telling him before hand and he had been making repeat visits out without telling him. He sighed and pulled his knees to his chest, if he was honest with himself he was worried, Tom had barely spoken to him at all and Chaos was usually asleep by the time the man came back at night, he was scared with the Dark Lord standoffish behaviour. Last time this had happened Tom had tried to break up with him and he was terrified that was going to happen again, he knew he couldn't take it if it was and it was putting him in the edge. He had proven he was willing to do anything to stay with Tom, he was just praying the man didn't have a change of decision. His head snapped around as Tom walked in, Chaos noted that the man was thinking about something which was making him agitated, he slowly got to his feet and approached the man.

"What's the matter?" Chaos asked softly running his finger under Tom's eye where he was starting to get dark circles, Tom sighed.

"I need to talk to you." Tom told him taking his hand and kissing the palm, Chaos was immediately on his guard.

"Ok, what about?" he replied slowly, Tom stepped back running his hand through his hair and began to pace, Chaos grew more worried; the Dark Lord never paced.

"Tom?" the man span to face him and Chaos breath hitched at the raw emotion in the crimson eyes.

"I love you, you know this."

"I know, just like I love you." Tom nodded.

"I'm not very good with feelings and I don't do grand proclaims of love and happiness." Chaos smiled at that, if Tom did start doing things like that it would be strange, kind of disconcerting and just plain wrong.

"What's this about?" Tom took a deep breath and pulled something out of his pocket, it was a small dark green and silver velvet box that looked oddly like a ring box, Chaos eyes widened as Tom handed it to him. With shaky hands Chaos opened the box to reveal a stunning silver ring, the ring was a simple silver band with three emeralds embedded in the band and the Slytherin crest, Chaos released a small gasp.

"It's beautiful," He whispered in awe.

"It is the Slytherin Consort ring." Tom stated and it took a couple of seconds to register what was said in Chaos' mind before his head snapped up and he nearly dropped the box in shock.

"Consort ring," Chaos repeated in a near inaudible voice.

"I want you to wear it." Tom said to him and Chaos swayed.

"You want me to be your Consort?"

"Yes, I want it to be official." Chaos gazed at them ring in wonder and took it out of the box, it truly was beautiful. He slipped it on his left hand where it fit him perfectly; Chaos smiled at it before looking back at Tom, the Dark Lord had the brightest smile Chaos had ever seen as he looked at the ring. Tom kissed the ring gently then pulled Chaos in to a toe curling kiss,

"This is what you've been doing all this week?" Chaos murmured with a glowing smile.

"Yes, I had to go to Gringotts to collect the perfect ring without you finding out and prepare the ball."

"There's going to be a ball?" Chaos questioned in shock.

"Of course, a ball to honour my Consort," Tom said as if it was obvious.

"And this is already in preparation?"

"Yes, the manor is on lock down the all apart from the inner circle and your werewolf." The twins were made instant inner circle members upon arrival but they didn't have the mark on Chaos asking.

"Oh and what if I had said no?" Tom looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Would you have said no?"

"Never," Chaos vowed with a shake of his head, Tom kissed him again and Chaos beamed.

"Oh I have to go and tell the twins." He said excitedly, he looked at the ring in awe.

"They are in the duelling room with Barty and Bella I believe." Chaos nodded.

"Can they know?"

"Yes, if you wish." Chaos grinned and vanished in a burst of smoke, he appeared in the duelling room and was radiating happiness so much so the others could feel it.

"Merlin Chaos-,"

"We can feel-,"

"Your happiness-,"

"What happened?" Silently Chaos held up his left hand and it was Bella who noticed first, she gave a cry of delight and rushed over grabbing the hand.

"Oh Merlin look at it, it's beautiful." She cried and Chaos nodded.

"When did this happen?" She demanded.

"Just, he surprised me."

"Oh this is perfect."

"What, what is it?" Barty asked exasperatedly.

"Chaos is our Lord's consort." Bella squealed and they all gasped and rushed over.


"And there's going to be a ball in my honour."

"You even get a ball." Bella sighed happily.

"I know, it's brilliant isn't it." just then Narcissa came running in, which was enough to raise eyebrows, and as soon as she saw Chaos she squealed and grabbed his left hand.

"I knew it, I just knew it would happen, I told Lucius I needed a gown."

"How did you know?" Bella asked.

"The invitation just arrived, but it didn't say who it was, I knew it would be Chaos though, I said to Lucius." She was practically bouncing and soon Bella and Chaos joined her.

"We have to go shopping for the ball." Narcissa suddenly gasped, both women turned their eyes to Chaos who beamed.

"Shopping for me?"

"Of course,"

"When is the ball?"

"It's set in a week," Chaos blinked.

"Whoa, Tom has been busy, he only asked me today."

"We will have to go tomorrow, we will try Paris and if we have nothing there then Rome." Both Bella and Chaos looked at her as if she was insane.

"Um Cissa, you just said Paris and Rome."

"Yes, you have to look perfect for the ball and England won't cut it. We will floo to the Malfoy summer house and go from there." She insisted and Chaos shrugged.

"Sure, it's a date." Chaos agreed.

"Oh I am so happy for you." Narcissa said with a sigh and Chaos grinned.

"Yeah I'm pretty happy for me too."

"Have you told your werewolf?" Bella asked and Chaos shook his head.

"No, I'm going now." He waved a cheerful goodbye and smoked to where Remus was staying, he and Tonks were curled up happily on the sofa and Chaos cooed.

"Awe, you look so cute." They jumped up and he laughed.

"Chaos, you scared us."

"Moony, you should have smelt me." He pointed out and Remus grinned.

"Only smelt Tonks." Chaos rolled his eyes.

"So what brings you here, not that we mind." Tonks asked and Chaos smiled, he absently pushed his hair out of his face with his left hand and Tonks gave a shout, she practically jumped over the sofa to get to him.

"Oh Merlin it's stunning." She gasped and Chaos nodded.

"I know,"

"When?" She demanded and it was astoundingly like Bella.

"Just now, he completely surprised me." Chaos told her and she squealed.

"Oh this is wonderful news,"

"Is someone going to tell me what's going on?" Remus asked amused and Tonks pulled him over to show the ring, Remus eyebrows shot up.

"He asked you to be his consort?" Remus said in disbelief and Chaos nodded.

"Yep, surprising right?"

"Just a little,"

"You need to go shopping." Chaos told them, "He's throwing me a ball,"

"Awe, how sweet,"

"I know and it's already prepared too, its set in a week."

"He really thought this out, didn't he?"

"Yeah, I cannot believe he asked me." Chaos sighed looking at the right with a smile, it was perfect for him.

"Go back to him," Tonks insisted and Chaos grinned, he vanished quickly and landed in their rooms where he proceeded to launch himself at Tom who was smiling. Chaos kissed him deeply,

"I love you," he said and kissed him again,

"I love you," and continued to punctuate his kisses in the same way and finished with.

"I really love you." Tom rolled his eyes with a smile.

"And I love you." Chaos beamed and Tom kissed him, Chaos pushed him backwards until he fell on to the bed. Chaos removed Tom's shirt and tossed it away, his own soon joined along with the rest of their clothes and when he was fully seated, Chaos body sang. It wasn't like their normal sex, it was slow and full of passion, and Chaos loved it. He curled in to Tom's side with his head on his chest,

"Love you,"

"And I you,"

"Are you sure about this?" Bella asked looking in the mirror at her reflection, she had glamoured blonde hair like her sister and icy blue eyes, they could be twins.

"Of course I am sure, you look fine Bella dear." She sighed but pulled herself away, Chaos was also glamoured with pale blonde hair and blue eyes, Tom said he hated it and left much to Chaos amusement. He and Bella could not go out looking like themselves for obviously reasons so they were glamoured like Narcissa, she took them through to the Malfoy summer house and Chaos shook his head; Lucius loved his money. Narcissa then apperated them to the high end shopping district of France, Chaos was amazed, there was an entire street full of shops dedicated to clothes.

"Oh this is brilliant." He exclaimed.

"Now Chaos, I don't think you need to buy as much as you did last time." Narcissa reasoned, but Chaos waved him off.

"Nonsense, we have to go everywhere. I have to look perfect for Tom." Narcissa withheld a wince as Chaos hurried off, he first went in to an ordinary clothing store and clapped his hands before vanishing in to the clothes.

"We're going to be here a while." Narcissa said to her sister who grinned.

"Yes, we are." And she also vanished, Narcissa shook her head and began to browse. When she finally caught up with Chaos, he was in an argument with a shop clerk about something.

"What do you mean I can't buy all of my things?" He demanded and Narcissa shook her head at the 5 baskets he had levitating behind him filled with a number of different things.

"Ow can you possibly afford all of these?" the man sneered.

"Foolish man, this is change to me. Cissa, come tell this stupid person to price up my clothes." He ordered and she walked over.

"Calm down," she soothed and he crossed his arms.

"If he doesn't do as I say I will have Tom come torch the place, he would do it you know if I said the man made me unhappy." Narcissa didn't argue with that, Chaos' happiness was the top priority for her Lord even if it was never said.

"I know but I do like to shop here." She told him before turning to face the clerk coldly.

"Are you implying that the Malfoy and Black accounts do not hold enough funds for mere shopping?" She asked and the man's eyes widened.

"Madame desole," He exclaimed and the hurriedly checked up all the clothes, Bella wandered over and added hers to the mix before they paid and left.

"I think I will have him killed." Chaos mused as they walked down the street.

"Why?" Bella questioned.

"He accused me of being poor."

"How dare he?"

"Exactly, I'm sure Tom won't mind. Oh look cloaks," he changed course and went it, he purchased 4 new cloaks, 2 in black, 1 green and one a mix of both. He dragged them in the robes store where he demanded he be fitted for a full wardrobe, he bought an alarming amount of shoes including a 4 new pairs of boots and dress shoes, Chaos bought tones of pairs of jeans and leather trousers for Tom's pleasure before allowing Narcissa to usher him to be fitted for dress robes. He stood on the podium surrounded by colours and materials deciding what to choose.

"It has to be green." He said and Narcissa hummed.

"Yes, a deep green to brighten your eyes with a black shirt and black detailing," She agreed.

"I'll cover my hair for the night, just keep it black." The shop assistant was looking at them as if they were mad and he could understand why, he currently had blue eyes and blonde hair.

"You can get a new mask," Bella put in, "Black with green detailing."

"Oh yes, that's a wonderful idea Bella dear. We will have it crafted today." Narcissa said and Chaos beamed.

"Now we will have acromantula silk for material and after we need to get jewellery." The assistant hurried to get their order sorted. Narcissa chose an ice blue silk strapless gown that was beautifully fitted, Bella chose a deep purple one shoulder chiffon gown that was detailed with clear diamonds in the centre of the bust and it flowed loosely to the floor.

"Lovely ladies," Chaos complimented and they smiled.

"I do love dressing up." Bella sighed, she didn't get to do it often like she couldn't go out shopping as much as she liked.

"Come, let's go get jewellery. I think we can get something nice." Chaos said and they followed him out, he made a few stops on the way and bought the odd thing that caught his eye before reaching the jewellery store. They pushed it open and jewels glistened from every direction, the walked in and looked around. Narcissa picked out a stunning aquamarine necklace with matching earrings and Bella chose the same but in diamonds. Harry was searching for something small,

"I don't know, I have my locket that I will be wearing and my band, I don't want anything on my hands other than my ring." Chaos fiddled with it absently and both women smiled.

"Why don't you focus on your mask?" Bella suggested.

"Yeah, I think I will. Are you done?" they nodded and left, Narcissa led them to a dusty shop that focused on masquerade and they entered. Masks glared down at them from the shelves and Chaos blinked,

"They seem friendly," He muttered to himself, an old man was sat behind the counter and looked up when they entered.

"Hello," Chaos greeted.

"Good afternoon,"

"I would like a personalised mask,"

"I can craft it myself,"

"Good, now it has to be a half mask, black with green detailing." The mask maker waved his wand and the materials began to mould together in the air, it had a sheen to it with intricate green patters, the maker had added flecks of silver creeping through and it looked stunning.

"I love it," Chaos murmured.

"It is perfect," Narcissa agreed softly. It was boxed up and they left, Chaos had one last mad dash through the street buying anything before apperating back to the Malfoy summer house. Narcissa served them a light snack and they discussed the upcoming ball, Chaos was fucking ecstatic about it, he couldn't wait but he was also nervous. They finished up and floo's back to the manor, Chaos unpacked all of his things in his room and left them there to be put away, he skipped down to the library where Tom was sat.

"I'm back,"

"Did you kill Narcissa with your shopping?" Chaos looked affronted.

"I'm not that bad," Tom gave him a blank look.

"Of course not," He said dryly, "How much did you spend today?" Chaos shifted slightly.

"Um only like 100,"

"100 galleons?" Tom repeated with raised eyebrows, Chaos scowled at him.

"Thousand," Tom blinked a few times in shock.

"You spent 100,000 galleons on clothes?"

"I might have,"

"What in Merlin's name did you buy?"

"A lot ok and Paris is expensive!" Chaos defended.

"You went to Paris?"

"Well Narcissa said it had the best shopping region so we went to the Malfoy summer house and then on to Paris. I had to get the best so I look good for you."

"You always look gorgeous," Tom told him and Chaos beamed, he kissed him lightly.

"Wanna see what I bought?" He asked him and Tom rolled his eyes but allowed himself to be pulled back to their rooms, he stopped in shock at the doors.

"Ok so I may have gone a little overboard but I have lots of nice things." Chaos said sheepishly as Tom turned to look at him.

"A little?"

"I like shopping." He exclaimed and Tom sighed, he snapped his fingers and ordered an elf to start putting everything away. Chaos showed him a few of his best items including the leather and because he was feeling particularly nice, he sampled some particularly tight green jeans for Tom who's eyes darkened as he took in the sight; Chaos smirked and stalked over.

"I see you approve," He murmured.

"Very much so," As Chaos straddled his hips and leaned flush against him, Tom knew it was going to be a long night.

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Unde anima mea signa, et animam meam porto in dignum

seal my soul within this object, I deem it worthy to carry my soul.

Me ánimam meam meo sanguine obsignandum, praesidium meum trado cum magica sanguine meo ut vim vitae meae

With my blood I seal my soul, I offer my protection with my magic, with my blood as my life force

Custodi animam meam, uti sanguinis magiae, et usque in signa memini, sic fiat fiat.

Protect my soul using my blood, my magic, and seal it within until i recall it, so mote be it.