Epilogue: 11 years later.

"Daddy, daddy, look what came, look." Pyxis Lily Cassiopeia Slytherin came running in to the living room of their manor, she was clutching a thick creamy envelope and positively beaming, she had grown up to be a stunning girl. She had long, dark hair, so dark that there was natural blue tints running through it and it reached her mid back, alabaster skin which was perfectly unblemished, delicate features just like her dad and a small, lithe frame to finish it off, the thing that was most stand out was the glowing crimson eyes which she had inherited from Tom.

"Calm down Pixi, what has your father said about running?"

"That it is unbecoming as a Princess." She rolled her eyes and Chaos grinned, Tom was the rule giver in the household whereas Harry got off lightly and was the praiser; it was a great system in his eyes. When the man had come in positively beaming one day it raised questions, he had happily told Chaos that the wizarding public had titled their children the Prince and the Princess and Tom was quite happy to keep it that way so it had stuck.

"My Hogwarts letter arrived to day." She told him excitedly just as her brother ran in doing the exact same thing.

"Dad look, my Hogwarts letter." Cepheus had grown in to a mini version of Tom with Harry's jewel like eyes, they were both incredibly beautiful children who would grow up to be heart breakers for sure.

"You both are acting so surprised they actually came. Your father is the headmaster." Harry pointed out amused.

"Yes but it is exciting, do you think Teddy, Ares, Harry and Evy have their letters yet?" Tonks had been unknowingly pregnant for a few months before the twins were born, she had had a hell of a surprise when Poppy diagnosed her and she had given birth to Theodore John Lupin, Teddy for short, in the July, a big surprise had been Bella. She had been visiting her sisters at one of the magical orphanages when a new arrival had been brought it, she took one look at the little girl with curious purple eyes and fell in love, she had summoned Rodolphus there and then and demanded they take the little girl home as their own; wisely Rodolphus agreed. She had been blood adopted and her name was Ares Chaos Lestrange much to Harry's joy. The one which had shocked everyone, including Tom, to the point of speechlessness was when Barty and Rabastan had announced they were together and had just adopted twins; Evyenne and Harrison Crouch-Lestrange. No one had seen that one coming, no one had even known they were together let alone adopting children, but when everyone had gotten over the shock it had been cause of celebration. The twins had grown up with Ares, Teddy and the other twins and it had been trying at some points. When they were together it was a war zone, they wreaked absolute havoc on everything, but were never caught, in all his life Chaos had never met anyone more Slytherin than those 6 and he was with the Slytherin Lord.

"Probably, why don't you floo and ask." He suggested they nodded and ran off, Chaos rolled his eyes just as Tom floo'd in.

"You just missed the excitement." Tom raised an eyebrow as he sat down.


"Yes, the Hogwarts letters just arrived, it was like you didn't run the school." Tom chuckled.

"And now they have gone to see Ares and Theodore before rushing to see the twins?"

"Of course," Pyxis came running back in to the living room.

"Pyxis," Tom sighed.

"Oh father your back," She rushed in to his arms, Tom was such a softy with his children, he may set the rules but it didn't mean he didn't turn to a pile of goo whenever any of them turned they're begging eyes on him.

"Yes and what have I told you about running?"

"But we're at our manor and our Hogwarts letters came." She reasoned and he sighed again.

"You'll be the death of me." She kissed his cheek with an innocent smile which she had picked up from Chaos, said person whistled innocently when Tom shot him a light glare.

"Father, are we going shopping soon?" Cepheus asked walking in, it was obvious he had stopped running right out side the door by the slight colouring of his cheeks.

"Yes, you can set a date with your friends and we can go as one." Both children beamed and 'walked' off.

"They're going to school already." Chaos murmured with a small smile, Tom wrapped him in his arms with a kiss.

"It has gone fast."

"I remember when I first found out I was pregnant, I was so shocked and terrified.

"I remember also, I believe you called me a moron." Chaos laughed at the memory.

"In my defence, I had just found out I was pregnant, a feat I thought was impossible, and you were concentrating on a damn report."

"It never occurred to me that it would happen, it was a shock too." Tom said and Chaos grinned.

"Remember their first words." Tom smiled at the memory, the twins did everything together so when Cepheus spoke for the first time Pyxis was seconds after, what had made Tom so happy about it was that they both spoke in parceltongue, he had been so ecstatic that he had cancelled all exams in school in celebration.

"Their accidental magic was something." Tom remembered, Chaos laughed as Tom shuddered. Both the twins had extraordinary magical power, how could they not with their parents, and their accident magic had started early on, from levitation to summoning; everything happened. It had been a challenging day when the twins were around 6 and realised with a little thought that they could control their magic, they would make things happen and claim it was accidental magic and the worse thing was that neither Chaos nor the Dark Lord could tell.

"I think it was funnier when Pyxis got hold of your wand." Chaos had been teaching 5th year defence when Barty had burst in with tears of laughter catching his breath, he had hastily explained that Pyxis had gotten hold of Tom's wand and he couldn't get it back, Chaos had trouble covering his snickers as he told Barty to cover the rest of the class and smoked back to their rooms. When he arrived the place was in pandemonium and he nearly died laughing, Pyxis had been stood in the middle of the room waving the wand furiously and it looked like a Gryffindor had sicked on it that their rooms, everything was glowing gold or glaring red, there were lions everywhere and Tom was knelt in front of her begging for his wand back. Chaos had finally got himself under control to call to Pyxis, she ran to her daddy who hoisted her up and set her on his hip and gently took the wand away and handed back to a very thankful Tom. When the Dark Lord had tried to remove it, it didn't work and only got worse, Chaos had laughed himself stupid.

"I would rather not remember that." Tom muttered and Chaos laughed.

"And now they're off to school,"

"You will see them everyday, you teach there."

"I know but it's not the same."

"Would you prefer to home-school them?" Chaos gasped.

"No, I couldn't do that, they have to go to Hogwarts and I see what you did there." He kissed the smirk of off Tom's face.

"Have you got everything packed?"

"Yes dad." They chimed together.

"Have you got Dala and Morris, again why Morris Pixi?"

"He looked like a Morris dad." She sighed for the 5th time as she held up the yellow snake attached to her arm.

"If you say so, you know your father doesn't quite believe it either." Chaos said and she rolled her eyes.

"Father's snake is called Nagini, Morris is a perfectly acceptable name."

"I don't even know where you heard the name Morris Pyxis." Tom stated walking over shaking his head.

"Now do you remember the key rules?"

"No speaking about home life."

"No speaking to reporters."

"Don't let anyone treat us with anything less than the utmost respect."

"Curse anyone who speaks ill of us and you."

"Oh and get in to Slytherin." They finished together, Chaos hit Tom for that.

"You can't say that, they could be in Ravenclaw."

"But they won't." Tom waved of the comment, Pyxis suddenly got a mischievous look in her eye which only Chaos spotted, she began twirling her hair around her finger and shuffling slightly, she looked up at Tom with impossibly big eyes and sniffed.

"Would you hate me daddy if I got placed in Gryffindor?" Chaos nearly lost it then, he looked at Tom who had lost colour and was having a clear internal war with himself.

"No," He got out with difficulty and then Chaos burst out laughing with the twins.

"Your face," Chaos gasped clutching his sides, Tom blinked a few times before scowling slightly.

"You are evil, evil people."

"I'm sorry," Pyxis said not looking at all sorry, Tom rolled his eyes.

"I feel for the Hogwarts population." He muttered. He took hold of Cepheus and apperated away with his things, Chaos took Pyxis via smoke and they appeared on the platform. Straight away all attention was on them and the emotionless masks were up, they walked gracefully over to where the Lestranges were and people parted out the way with short bows and curtsies.

"My Lord, Chaos." Rodolphus nodded.

"Hello, have you seen Barty or Remus?" Chaos asked as his twins greeted Ares, their eyes were sparkling but they let none of it show.

"Apparently one of the twins' trunks exploded with fireworks from Fred and George, Rabastan was not pleased but Barty found it hilarious." Chaos smirked.

"Of course he did."

"Remus has just stepped on to the platform." Tom informed them, the werewolf came over with Tonks and their son, who just happened to gain the metamorph gene and his hair was a glowing purple with amber eyes.

"It's different every time." Tom shook his head.

"Just thank your lucky stars our children didn't inherit that gene, I do carry it." Tom looked at him slightly alarmed before it was gone.

"I am thanking them."

"Good morning all."

"Nice hair Teddy." Pyxis said brightly, "I wish my hair was that colour." And to Chaos and Tom's horror, her long dark hair turned the exact vivid purple.

"Oh cool, you can morph too." Teddy said bouncing, Tom glared at Harry who shifted sheepishly.

"Just remember you forgot to mention male pregnancy." Harry pointed out.

"Of all the times this is discovered, now had to be the time." Tom sighed.

"You know that Cepheus will also have this too."

"I know." Tom said stiffly.

"Pixi baby, turn your hair back before it's noticed by the reporters." Chaos murmured to her softly, she wrinkled her nose and her hair returned to the inky blue/black it was before.

"Ah well, its not like it can be taken away." Rabastan and Barty finally arrived with their twins hurrying forward, both of the children had Barty's sandy coloured hair and Rabastan's dark eyes.

"Bout time." Rodolphus slapped his brother on the back.

"Don't even go there." Rabastan grumbled. The whistle sounded and they hurried the children on the train saying their goodbyes.

"Go right to the back, your compartment it already reserved, you know how to open it." Tom told Cepheus who nodded and jumped on gracefully, their trunks trunk was already in there.

"We will see you at the feast." Chaos called and they nodded, with one last blow of the whistle the train pulled away.

"Are you all coming to the castle for the feast?" Chaos asked the group.

"I can't, I have to prepare for the primary starting in two days, I might catch the beginning." Remus sighed.

"I have to be there." Tonks pointed out along with Bella and Barty, the brothers looked at each other and shrugged.

"Sure why not." They all apperated away and landed in the entrance hall, bonus of being a teacher or elite was being able to apperate to the entrance hall of the castle. They wasted time for the train by going through lesson plans and ministry focus, Chaos ended up duelling the brothers for fun and soundly kicking their asses much to their ire. The rest of the staff started to gather in the hall when night fell, Tom took his seat in the headmaster's seat and Chaos went to the back chamber in wait for the first years. There was a knock on the door and he opened them with a wave of his wand and nodded to Dolohov, a few gasps issued form the first years who didn't know they were greeted by the Chaos, the consort smirked.

"Welcome to Hogwarts." He greeted and motioned them in, he took them the chamber where they gathered around looking at him in awe, he flashed a smile to the twins and their friends.

"As the rest of the school gathers I will tell a bit about the school before you get sorted." He began, "The headmaster is the Dark Lord, you are to address him as headmaster or My Lord, disrespect is not tolerated and will be punished. I am the deputy head and the Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor; you can address me and professor or Chaos. There are four houses, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor and each has a head of house, the head of Slytherin is the Dark Arts Professor Bellatrix Lestrange, the head of Ravenclaw is the Charms Professor Filius Flitwick, the head of Hufflepuff is the History Professor Nymphadora Lupin and the heads of Gryffindor are Fred and George Weasley who are the experimental Professors. Each house has its own noble history and you would do well to feel pride for whatever house you are placed in to, bad behaviour will result in a loss of house points whereas your triumphs will gain points." Chaos told them all, he had changed McGonagall's speech because he felt it was inadequate for a welcoming speech.

"Do you have any questions?" One person raised their hand, she was the smallest little girl Harry had ever seen, she had tanned skin and relatively familiar dark eyes.

"Yes Miss?"

"Thomas sir,"

"Your father is Dean Thoman, no?" She nodded with a happy smile, Chaos nodded to her to continue.

"Is it true you were in Gryffindor?" She asked shyly and Chaos grinned, it got asked every single year.

"Yes, when I was in school I was placed in Gryffindor." Whispers broke out in shock and a few of them relaxed, Chaos vanished to the back to grab the hat and stool before motioning them to follow.

"Form a line as you walk." He called, he noticed that Pyxis and Cepheus were at the front and smirked, Chaos led them in to the great hall and through the centre of the room.

"When I call your name, step up and place the hat on your head. When it calls your house you may join the correct table."

"Selene Abbott." A girl who resembled Hanna Abbott came up and put the hat on her head, it was there for a few seconds before-

"HUFFLEPUFF," she smiled and went to the cheering table.

"Evyenne Crouch-Lestrange." Evy stepped up confidently and was instantly placed in Slytherin followed by her twin, he called a few familiar names before getting to L.

"Ares Lestrange." It was no surprise that she went to Slytherin and then,

"Theodore Lupin," Teddy's hair was jumping from colour to colour with his nerves as he sat down, the hat was sat there for a full minutes before it yelled.

"SLYTHERIN," Chaos blinked as he took the hat, he wasn't expecting that but he should have, he had seen Teddy around the twins and the boy was as slippery as the rest, he looked at Tonks who shrugged. He called a few more names including the spawns of Malfoy and Nott who ended up in Slytherin and Ravenclaw respectively, he could feel the anticipation growing as he hit R and then when he began S everything was completely silent.

"Cepheus Slytherin," His son stepped out proudly, ignoring the outbreak of whispers about the arrival of the Prince and sat down, the hat hit his head and yelled Slytherin, the house of snakes exploded in cheers as he went to sit down, there was soon silence again and they waited for the princess.

"Pyxis Slytherin," she climbed gracefully up to the stool and sat down, the hat was on her head longer than her brother before finally yelling Slytherin gaining another massive cheer, she beamed at her dad and dashed off. Chaos finished the sorting ending with a Zabini, who ended up in Ravenclaw, and took the stool away, he appeared at Tom's side in a burst of black smoke drawing gasps, the Dark Lord smirked and took Chaos hand kissing the consort ring.

"Let the feast begin."

That's it folks, the very end, Embracing Evil is finally over and I'm sad to see it go! Again, cannot thank you enough for sticking by the story and I hope you all enjoyed it.