Today, this day, the10th of December, 2015,

A day which will live in infamy.

(At least for me)

My dear readers, sorry that I have not updated, anything, really, like I said I would try. Recent events have been rather demanding.

I realize that, among other things, perhaps giving myself a writing challenge to post a short piece each day was a poor choice given the fact that in less than 2 hours after publishing this, I will be in court testifying to try and save, and I am not misinterpreting or misusing or over stating that word, my younger sisters form having to live with a horrid leach of a man, namely my father.

Who is an underhanded, lying, cheating, racist/colorist, sexist, religious-ist (technically not a word, I know), homophobic, perverted, sociopathic, narcissistic, manipulative, _ (insert your choice of expletive/obscenity/something-to-make-a-trucker-in-the-navy-blush).

Did I forget to mention that he's an uncaring, violent (physically and orally), temperamental (no fuse), and just not a good person. Just for the record, he is a deadbeat, a cheater, and a thief, in every sense of the terms, who is only doing this because of mom asking for more child support. He's only pay $50 a piece right now, nothing else, no alimony, not spousal support, none of his LARGE outstanding debts.

He also has three degrees, 2 mom payed for, and has said that he avoids working a better job and/or a second one to avoid paying more child support (he said this to us children), even though he constantly complains TO US children that he is penniless and will no doubt starve or become homeless because he has to pay for LIFE SAVING MEDICAL BILLS FOR IS CHILDREN.

AND, he is an affair having, shameless, taking pictures of women's buts at my sisters sporting events, and looking at PORN on what were at the time called "THE CHILDRENS COMPUTERS".

But, it's a no fault (Godless, moral-less, backward) state. So caring about the fact that he's a poor example of a man, a sexual deviant (a word I am not using lightly), and a lying thief just goes to show how bigoted and not understanding I am. Because "no one got hurt" (immediately) by his actions, it's all alright.

Never mind the fact that, especially when it comes to my youngest sister, the fallout from all the things he has done has been truly earth shattering.

But this is the American 2015's court system, and because he didn't do anything illegal (he did actually, but charges were not pressed) he can ask for 50/50.

And because in a court you have to be polite and swearing and being hyperbolic weakens your testimony, I am doing such where it won't matter.

Any prayers, well wishing, and so forth would be nice. Luckily, I am not going to be highly effected by any decisions thanks to my age, but younger siblings are not so fortunate.

Pray for NO OVERNIGHTS (that is really all we want, and for those of you who know anything about law, is exactly what he wants), no time increase, and hopefully more child support.

And just for the record, mom was willing to take less if it meant no overnights, even less then what it would be with overnights, but he's an unreasonable so and so who wants to look good and make it seem like he's a good man, something he USES his CHILDREN to do regularly.