Daffy proposes to Tina.

A/N: This is a little story of how Daffy finally pops the question to Tina. P.S. This story also, alludes to the events another story of mine called Lola's big surprise witch is also pretty good in my opinion. Please remember to review.

Daffy: Bugs! Where is it? Is it in the closet? Is it in the…..

Bugs: Relax it's on the counter where you left it 5 seconds ago.

Daffy grabbed the tiny box and opened it to see if the contents were still in there.

Daffy: Bugs how do I look? Is my beak alright? Does your suit look good on me? Should I…..

Bugs slapped him before he could continue.

Bugs: Daffy you look fine, well for a dead beat in his friend's best suit that is.

Daffy glared at him and said.

Daffy: you're despicable!

Bugs: Relax Daff, If Tina loves you and she knew you couldn't afford your own suit when you met. Trust me everything is going to work out fine.

Daffy: Thanks Bugs I needed that. Now will you just look at this baby.

Daffy opened the little velvet box to reveal a golden ring with a beautiful diamond flower pattern on it that seemed to light up the room.

Bugs: Daffy it's beautiful and Tina will love it and how did you get the money for it again?

Daffy: Owe, I just burrowed your credit card. You don't mind do you?

Bugs looked at him and said sarcastically.

Bug: Why not I paid for the suit I loaned you money for dinner why not buy the ring to.

Daffy's face sunk as he remembered he was supposed to make reservations weeks ago .

Daffy: Dinner!

Bugs: I'm sure glad he moved out when Lola had the baby.

Just then a miniature version of Bugs walked in.

Bugs Jr.: Daddy, why was uncle Daffy running out the door?

Bugs: Owe, you know how uncle daffy is always getting into trouble. Now son get dressed we have to go pick your mother up from the crazy house again She just can't seem to stay out of there.

Later, Daffy pulled up to Tina's apartment in his parade float and got out to meet the yellow duck that was dressed in a gorges evening dress waiting for her boyfriend.

Daffy: Tina I here to…

Daffy's jaw dropped when he saw the love of his life dressed in the best way he could have imagined.

Tina: Hi Daffy about time you showed up I've been waiting for you to pick me up for over an hour and take me to eat. I heard a weird rumor that you were actually planning on paying tonight.

Daffy: Tina about tonight there was a slight mix up in our reservation and….

Tina scolded him and said.

Tina: You idiot, you can't even book one dinner can you!

Daffy: Tina…..

Tina: Why the hell do I even bother with you, like you're ever going to change you lazy good for nothing…..

Daffy: But, Tina…..

Tina: you free loading, idiotic, crazy,….

Daffy: But….

Tina: Immature, dead beat, self-centered, cowardly,

Daffy: Tina!

Tina: What!?

Daffy sucked it up and pulled out a ring and said.

Daffy: Tina will you marry me?

Tina looked at him in shock and said.

Tina: Of course I'll marry you, you idiot!

She grabbed and kissed him like there was no tomorrow and the only problem was, how was she going to tell he family she was marrying her crazy freeloader boyfriend?