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My name is Katniss Everdeen. I am 17 years-old. My little sister, Prim, is dead. My father is dead. My mother left me alone on the side of the road. I had only $15 and a bottle of whiskey.

Sometimes I forget this. I know now that I have more than that, even if it means that I get so drunk that I forget who and where I am. It's sometimes nice, though. It's nice to forget my life. Sometimes, just sometimes, I pretend that I never went through everything I went through.

But sometimes it's nice to not get so wasted that you can't even think. Sometimes it's wonderful to be innocent. Sometimes it's not good to be a prostitute, no matter how much people pay you for your youth. Sometimes, I want to be safe in my own home, not calling home the place that I end up laying my head down to rest. But that's overrated anyway. Right?

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