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Epilogue (3 months later)

He went crazy. Peeta went into an episode and never really came out of it. It took him a month to stop sitting in the corner of his room, curled up in a ball and screaming at least three times every day. It took him another week after the month for him to regain the ability to speak. As soon as we came back, his doctor checked him into a mental hospital. He trusted no one. He loved it when I came to visit. The doctors hoped that he would make progress. Now, three months later, he has made next to no progress.

"Hi, Peeta," I say, walking into his room, visiting hours having just started. A smile lights up his tortured face.

"Katniss! You came!" he exclaims. He always thinks that I won't come back. Last month, he told me the reason why he thought I wouldn't come back. He said that now that he's crazy, he doesn't think that anyone would want to talk to him. He wants to make progress, he really does, but he's too scared of the world.

"Of course! I'll always come back," I say.

"I know…but I forget sometimes," he says. He barely remembers most things. The first night we came home, he began screaming about how it was all his fault. He kept hurting himself. He cut himself, smashed a bottle and walked on the broken glass, and eventually ran into the wall headfirst. He lost some of his memory and became a bit delusional. And God is he insecure about it.

"Let's play a new game. You say something, and I'll tell you if it's real or not real," I say.

"Okay. I went into an episode and killed Finnick, Jo, and Plutarch. Real or not real?" Peeta asked.

"Not real. You didn't kill them. A crazy man who wanted revenge on the soldiers for killing his family did," I say.

"Oh. I'm allowed out of here when I get better. Which will be never. Real or not real?" Peeta asks.

"The first part is real. You're allowed out when you get better. The second part is not real. You will get better. It'll just take time," I tell him.

Just then, Gale, Johanna, Haymitch, Annie, and Finn come in. Finn is Annie's baby.

"Hi. You came," Peeta says.

"Yeah. We did. How are you?" Gale asks.

"Fine. How're you?" Peeta asks politely.

"Fine," Gale says.

"And the rest of you?" Peeta asks.

"We're fine," Johanna says. I know the truth, though. They're not.

Johanna is constantly depressed after Jo died. She stays up all night, just so sad. And Gale's upset, too. He hates seeing Johanna so upset, but he knows that he can't do anything about it. As for Annie, she couldn't be worse. She's cut herself off from the world, investing all of her time in Finn. She worries so much. Finn is the last reminder of her Finnick. Haymitch isn't doing so great either. He drinks more than he used to. One night, I just know that he'll drink himself to death.

"We're playing a new game," I say and explain the game. Peeta asks questions, some real and some not real. And everything seems fine.

There's a silence after Haymitch sternly told Peeta, "not real" to Peeta saying, "I'm such a burden that I'd be doing everyone a favor if I just killed myself already." And in that silence Peeta turns to me. He says, "You love me. Real or not real?"
I don't have to think. I just answer, "Real."

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