The first time she has a panic attack at the Warehouse, she's not technically at the Warehouse. She's in bed at the B sound asleep, when she wakes up suddenly, disoriented and terrified. Pieces of dreams snag at the edges of her mind, but drift away before she can get a hold on them, and she can't place this unknown feeling of dread. It's overwhelming, all powerful, forcing its way up from her stomach into her throat and finally out her mouth in a small little cry. Once the cry is uttered, there's no holding back the flood of tears, and hard as she may try to stifle her sobs, they're not exactly quiet.

Myka appears at her door, hair mussed from sleep and wearing a bathrobe tied neatly over her pajamas. She takes in the sobbing girl curled up in a fetal position with a single glance.

"Claude?" she queries. "Are you okay?" Without waiting for an answer, she crosses the room and sits down on Claudia's bed. She begins to stroke the younger girl's back.

"Shhh….it's okay. It's okay." She soothes, though she's not entirely sure what, exactly, is supposed to be "okay". "What's wrong?"

"I – I don't know!" Claudia chokes out through a fountain of tears. Taken aback, Myka ceases rubbing Claudia's back for a moment. She's the practical, concrete type. The idea that someone can be crying this hard for an unknown reason baffles her.

Suddenly, Pete appears at the door, clad only in a pair of boxer shorts. The sight of Claudia sobbing and Myka trying to comfort her takes him a few seconds longer to process than it took Myka.

"What's going on?" he asks curiously. "Are we – are we having a slumber party or something here? Because I didn't get the invite." Myka glares at him, sending a clear message that now is not the time to be joking around. He shrugs helplessly. Claudia lifts her tearstained face from the pillow and promptly dives back down at the sight of the shirtless Pete.

"Oh, man, I so didn't need to see that." She mumbles into the sheets.

"Pete." Myka punctuates the word with another glare. "This is kind of a….girl thing. So if you could just –"

"Oh! Oh, no, I wasn't planning on – you didn't think I was – I'm just going to…" Clearly embarrassed, Pete backs quickly out of the room. Myka resumes her attempts to comfort the distraught Claudia. It's not a girl thing, or at least she doesn't think so, but nothing gets a man out of a room faster than the mention of periods.

It takes another half hour before Claudia is calm enough to talk. She looks exhausted now and it only serves to remind Myka how very young the Warehouse's resident techie girl is.

"Myka." Claudia sighs. "I think I'm okay now. You can leave."

"Are you sure?" Myka can't help but let on that she's worried, just a little bit. "I can bring my pillow and blankets in here…we can have that slumber party Pete was talking about." Her attempt at humor doesn't go unnoticed; neither does her offer to sleep in the room. Myka normally avoids sleepovers like the plague. Instantly, Claudia feels guilty.

"No, Myka, it's okay. Go back to sleep. I'm sorry for waking you up and going all mental on you." Myka eyes her uneasily.

"Okay, then….just remember, I'm right down the hall if you need me. Pete, too, though I'm not sure he'll want to come back in here." Claudia stifles a small chuckle.

"Go. Oh, and Myka?" Myka pauses at the threshold.


"Thanks." Myka smiles.

"No problem, Claude."

After that, Claudia is asleep within minutes. But Myka lies awake, worrying about her friend, until the wee hours of the morning.