"Nothing!" Pete tries to wave it off casually. "Just, you know, a little Tesla target practice, like you said. Gotta make sure those Teslas are in peak operating condition!" Artie's not buying it and he seems ready to launch into one of those world-famous lectures before Myka steps in to diffuse the situation.

"Artie?" she says quietly. "Can we talk to you about something for a minute? It's about Claudia."

"Claudia?" Artie's face quickly changes into a look of concern. He'll deny it until his dying breath, but the young tech wizard is like the daughter he never had. "What's wrong? Is she okay?"

"She's fine." Myka assures him. "I'm just worried about her. She's been having these….panic attacks." Quickly, she gives Artie the run-down on what had happened; both the other night and during target practice, with Pete chiming in as necessary. Artie's brow creases, making his eyebrows look even more formidable than usual.

"I take it she doesn't want to talk to anyone about this?"

"If the way she ran off just now is any indication, I'd say that's a pretty clear no." Pete answers. "Any idea where she went?"

"Ah, she has a special place in the Warehouse where she's made herself at home. She won't let anyone see it, though, could be any number of places." Artie's eyes narrow. "Not unlike your Pete-Cave, actually." Pete's jaw drops while Myka tries unsuccessfully to smother her laughter.

"You know about that?!" Artie waves off the revelation.

"Of course I do, I've known about it for a year, now can we get back to the situation at hand, please?" Myka takes a deep breath to regain control of herself.

"So, what should we do? I mean, should we try to go talk to her? Should we call Dr. Vanessa? What about Joshua?" Artie shakes his head.

"Not yet. The last thing Claudia needs right now is people trampling all over her space. She just needs time to calm down. She'll come out eventually, in her own due time."

"But –" Myka and Pete begin to protest, but Artie silences them with a rather violent slash of his hand through the air.

"Silence! Enough! No buts! End of discussion! Now, you two have a flight to New York in two hours. We have…a ping!"