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The sun rose over the horizon... It was a beautiful sight considering the previous stormy night. The city slowly woke up, the streets were filled with people rushing to work, students walking to school... A light mist floated above the ocean's calmed waters.

Beast Boy opened his eyes as a gentle ray of light came trough the open window. And all tough this seemed to be a start of a promising day, he felt as if all his strength left him... His face was puffy and he was covered in cold sweat, yet he felt as if he was burning.

"Gneat! I'm sinck!" he grumbled. His nasal voice proved his sickness. He wanted to get out of bed, but he couldn't find the strength to do it.

Raven woke up at the crack of dawn. The empath had a very restless night. She tossed and turned half the night and had a nightmare the other half. She finished her morning routines and just as she walked back into her room, she felt a wave of emotions. They weren't the usual happiness she felt from the rest of the Titans, save Robin. This was different, like sickness.

"Maybe I'm just imagining it... Afterall... I didn't sleep very well." she thought. She decided to go make some tea.

She entered the common room yawning. She opened a cupboard and took out the kettle and her favorite green tea. She made her tea in record time and headed back to her room. It was still very early and maybe, just maybe she could go back to sleep.

Raven finished her tea and tried to sleep a little more. The key word being "try" because no matter what she did, sleep just wouldn't come. After a whole hour of tossing and turning she gave up.

"Well... Meditation it is." she thought. She sat down by the window, cross-legged, closed her eyes, and started chanting.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos... " she said as she started levitating.

Just a few minutes later her communicator beeped. She groaned.

"What?" she snapped when Robin's face appeared on the small screen. Robin's face paled a little at her temper, but he regained his composure soon enough.

"We were supposed to train today, remember? You and Beast Boy are late! Go wake him up and report for training!" he told her. "Hurry, or I'll give you extra laps on the obstacle course." At this comment Raven's eyes turned red.

"I- I mean... " he stammered.

"Shut up!" she growled as she closed the communicator. Now anger boiled in her. She got up and tramped down the hall to Beast Boy's room.

She knocked on the door. No answer. She knocked a little louder. Still no answer.

"Beast Boy!" she said loud enough so he could hear her. But still no answer.

Getting tired of waiting, Raven opened the door with her powers and walked in his room which was very clean much to her surprise. She heard him groan.

"Beast Boy, come on!" she said a little more gently.

"R-raaa-" he tried to say, but instead he quickly covered his face and sneezed. He felt a little light-headed.

"You're sick." she thought out loud.

"Yeaaa-choo" he sneezed again. Raven took out her communicator.


"Raven! Where are you?" he demanded.

"Beast Boy's sick." she said annoyed with his attitude.

"What?" asked a shocked Robin. "Are you sure he's not faking it?"

"OF COURSE I'M SURE!" she screamed.

"Oookaay... Well, you're going to have to take care of him... Because the others are already training."

"I'm going to send you to another dimension." deadpanned Raven.

"Uh-huh... Well gotta go!" he said quickly.

"Sorry, Rae... " said Beast Boy. "I'm guessing you're very angry right now..."

"It's not your fault... I'm just really tired..." she said calmly.

He smiled. This was going to be a good day afterall. He of course didn't want to make Raven do something she didn't want to, so he was determined to make this easy for her. Now, if it would be Cyborg instead of her... He's already be whining to get tofu and video games and God knows what else. But this was the girl of his dreams so...

"So... You need anything?" asked Raven.

"Just some tissues, please..." he said. "And you..." he thought.

"I'll be right back." she said as she got up and left. About two minutes later she came back with a box full of tissues. "Here you go." she said handing him the box.

"Thanks!" he answered taking out one and blowing his nose. "Hey, Raven, do you want to play chess?"

This question shocked her. Beast Boy and chess, meaning using his brain, didn't fit in the same question.

"You know how to play chess?" she asked.

"Well.. Not really, but I thought you could teach me.. Just to you know... Spend some time together." he said shyly. She smiled a tiny bit.

"Don't really have anything better to do..." she answered. After she returned with the board. She put it on Beast Boy's bed and started levitating cross legged. After setting the pieces, she explained the rules to Beast Boy.

"So, first of all, the pieces... The small ones on the front row are the pawns." she pointed to the pieces in front of her. "This is th king, the queen, bishop, knight and rook." she continued. "You got all that?" she asked. He nodded.

"Okay... Now, when the game begins, the queen must stay on the color opposite to hers... Meaning, the white queen is on a black square and vice versa." explained Raven. Beast Boy nodded. He smiled at her...

"I think I'm already feeling better." he told her... Raven arched an eyebrow.

"Uh... Go on... With the rules..." he said quickly.

"Okay... So, the movements... Pawns can only move forward. The first time you move one, you can move two spaces forward, then only one... The pawns attack in diagonal... The piece on their right or left... Understand?"

"I think so... Contiii- achoo..." he sneezed. Raven waited for him to blow his nose, then she continued.

"The rook can move only straight... Any direction, any number of spaces... Just straight. The bishop can move only in diagonal... Just like the rook, any direction and number of spaces as long as it moves in diagonal. Then the knight can move three spaces forward and two left or right... Sort of like a "L"... Then the queen can move in any direction, any number of spaces. She has the most freedom as some people would say. And finally the king can move in any direction, but only one space." she finished smiling.

"You're cute when you smile." said Beast Boy.

"You're going to be hurt when I don't..." she said with an evil smirk. His eyes widened. "I'm kidding." she said.

"Yes! Of course you are..." he said chuckling.

"On more thing... When the opponent's king has no way to move out from the "check" position... And that's check mate... And you win."

"Mhmm... Let's play! Achoo!"

And so their game began. Beast Boy proved to be a better player than Raven thought. He had great strategy and for once she wasn't completely sure about winning. But of course in the end, she remained undefeated.

"Are you sure this is the first time you played chess?"

"Well.. No... No it's not... My father thought me when I was little... We used to play almost every day... " he trailed off. Raven put her hand on his shoulder.

"You want to talk about it?" she asked kindly.

"Yeah... I think it would be nice for someone to listen to me... "

"Hey.. We're your friends Beast Boy... We'll-" she said, but she saw a little disappointment in his eyes.

"I'll always be here for you!" she finished. His eyes lit up.

"Now come on, tell me what bother you." she said.

"Well... It's about my family... The Doom Patrol wasn't my... Let's say first family..." he explained.

Raven didn't look surprised at all. She just gestured for him to continue.

"My parents were both scientists and studied lived in Africa. My parents were interested in a monkey that carried a lethal disease called Sakutia. Anyway... The monkey bit me and I almost died but my parents used a serum they were developing on me. It saved my life but I remained green. And I got my powers. I discovered them one day when my mom was almost bitten by a black mamba. I turned into a mongoose and killed it." he paused.

"Not to be rude or anything... But how is that bad?" asked Raven as she yawned... Looks like she was more tired than she thought.
"Sorry, I'm just tired..." she explained.

"No problem... Well, my parents died in a boating accident a few weeks later. I was with them... But I couldn't save them... They told me to turn into a bird and fly... They said everything would be ok."

"And you're blaming yourself aren't you?"

"Yeah... And for good reason! I could have done something... They saved me... And I did nothing to help them... "

"How old were you?" she asked.

"Seven..." he said.

"And... You only had your powers for a few weeks... You couldn't control them very well."

"But- I-"

"Gar! Listen to me... " she interrupted him. His real name got his attention. The fact that Raven said it made him feel a little better. "They saved you because they loved you... They wanted you to live. Stop blaming yourself and honor their sacrifice..."

"And how do I do that?" he asked sorrowful. Raven felt her heart break... How he fooled her... Under that go-lucky mask of his, he was just like her...

"You saved the world more than once... You fight crime on a dayly basis. I think they'd be proud of you... Actually... Wherever they are... I'm sure they are proud of you."

Beast Boy looked up at her and he hugged her. At first she was shocked and tensed up, but she hugged him back.

"Thank you!" he said.

"Anytime!" she answered.

"Hey, you hungry?" asked Raven.

"A little..." he said.

"A little more..." she corrected him as his stomach growled.

"Heh..." he scratched the back of his head. Raven smiled.

"I'm on it... But umm.. I don't really know what to make for you... Being vegetarian and all... "

"Yeah... I'll come with you.. See what's in the fridge..." he said while he got up.

"No no no! You go back to bed!" she said leaving no place for argument. Then she had an idea.

"Hmm... How about a sandwich and some tea?" she asked.


She came back in about five minutes with a tofu sandwich and a cup of tea. She handed them to Beast Boy and sat down next to him. After he finished eating he looked at her thinking.

"Do you want to talk about your past too? You know... Share it with someone?"

"Not really much to tell... My childhood wasn't very... happy. I was raised in a temple on Azarath... Trained to isolate my emotions... Everyone told me that my emotions were dangerous and I should not feel anything..."

"That's horrible... "

"Not more horrible than loosing your parents..."

"Yeah... But the whole Trigon thing... It must have been... "

"Hard? It was... But ever since I met you guys... I felt like I found my family..."

"Well... We're all one big family..."

"Yeah... " she said yawning again.

"You're really tired!"

"Good eye, what was your first clue?" she asked sarcastically.


"Force of habit!" she smirked.

She didn't realize when she moved closer to him... She put her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes for a second, fell asleep.

A few hours later she woke up, finding herself in the wrong room. Just then, Beast Boy came in with a cup of tea.

"Hey sleepy head!"

"Umm... Hey?"

"You had a good sleep?"

"Mhm..." she hummed as she drank her tea.

"Hey, Rae, I've been thinking and... I- I really like you... For some time now..."

"I- I really like you too..."

They stared in each others eyes. She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

"You feeling better?" she asked him.

"Much, thanks to you!" he said putting his arm around her shoulders. "Hey... You want to go see that new horror movie tomorrow?"

"Sure!" she said.

"So... We're like dating now?" he asked happily.

"Well, what do you think?"

"I think I love you!"

Raven actually giggled. "Don't ever change, Gar!

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