A different Journey

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Chapter 15: Drum Island

Lucy sighed worriedly as she sat next to Nami's bed in the women's quarter, her brow scrunched together as she rung out another wet cloth and put it on the other woman's forehead.

After leaving Little Garden and making it back to the open sea, Nami had begun to act strange. She was out of breath and was tired, and her face was flushed and sweaty. Lucy had come to shoo her off to the room for sleep when she collapsed. Ever since Nami had been asleep.

Phoenix, Lucy, and Vivi had checked her over. A fever that wouldn't go down, an inflamed throat, irregular breathing, rapid heartbeat that would slow down at times before kicking back up; none of them knew what to do. So for now, trying to bring down her fever was the best and only thing they could do. They were all taking shifts to watch over her, make sure she didn't get worse. And they were detouring now, looking desperately for land, and hopefully a doctor who could help their dear nakama. Vivi didn't care for Vivi's country at the moment, she would always take care of her nakama.

Sitting back and moving to her bed, Lucy watched Nami and a soft smile came to her face. Though she knew this was no time to be thinking of the past she couldn't help but think of Natsu and that time he had dug up a Rainbow Sakura, placed it in a boat, and sent it down the canal outside her house. All because she was upset she was too sick to go and see them. Master chewed him out the next day, a furious look over his face because Natsu didn't replant it. She had felt perfectly fine after seeing that, it had healed her.

But sadly, there were no sakura trees out on the ocean for Nami to stare at and get better. Maybe when they were able Lucy could convince Nami of the need for one...she was the captain after all, and if she wanted one then who was to truly tell her 'no'. It was a harmless request after all. But that would also come after Nami got better, and she would get better. Even if Lucy had to trade her life to a deity or devil, Nami would get better. Fairy Tail would not lose another member.

"Lucy," Zoro's deep voice cut into her thoughts, coming over to her and placing a hand on her shoulder. "Nothing bad will happen to Nami, I know, you'll always find a way to pull us through." She looked up and smiled at her first mate's, trying her best to reassure him that she would be fine. He was always looking out for her. But, that's what first mates do. "We're entering a winter climate area or something, Vivi says we're getting close to an island." Lucy nodded her head and called upon Phoenix, who had her large medical book with her. Without a word Phoenix began to take care of Nami. Seeing that Nami was in good hands Lucy went topside with Zoro.

The deck was already lightly covered in snow, the snow from above dusting over Lucy's cheeks and making her smile at the refreshing feeling. Snow brought her back to that first day at Fairy Tail with Natsu, it reminded her of Gray as well, who most likely would've been stripping at the sight of snow. A habit due to his training from a young age. Laughing at her thoughts Lucy moved towards the front of the ship, Zoro coming to stand besides her as they looked up at Usopp who had binoculars and was scoping out the surrounding area. Now that they were in an Island's magnetic field Lucy was using Pyxis to find the island they were heading towards. It would seem that Pyxis could track islands in the magnetic line they were already in, but because the one they were heading to now wasn't on their travel plan they had to wait to enter an island's field.

"Lucy, here's a coat," Vivi said as she came up to them, fully decked out in winter gear, the desert woman not used to the cold. Lucy laughed and said she was fine, making everybody who had heard her look at her strange. Lucy was only wearing a light blue bikini top, jean shorts, and sandals, her hair up in a bun, two strands framing her face. She looked like she was ready for summer, not winter. Giggling at their confused looks Lucy decided to explain before they tried to force her into a coat. She would overheat in that though.

"My body, as a dragon, naturally adapts to the environment due to my versatility. When it's hot it cools down, and when it's cold my body warms up. Right now theres' practically fire burning beneath my skin to keep me warm. So I never need to worry about what climate I'm in, I'll always adapt. That doesn't mean I can't feel different temperatures, it's more that they don't affect me," Lucy explained and Sanji, who was at the helm, was very happy at this. Lucy would not need to cover up. Huffing at his attitude Lucy looked towards Usopp who was gaping at something. "Usopp?"

"Ne, can people stand on the sea?" Usopp asked suddenly, a confused look coming to his face as he stared out in front of him. Zoro answered back, asking what type of idiotic question that was. "Then, what's that?" Lucy and Zoro, both confused, turned towards the sea and froze at what they saw. There was an oddly dressed man...just standing on the water. Staring at them, and they stared right back. Don't you think it's cold today? A strange thought flittered into Lucy's mind and she wondered where it came from.

"Hey isn't it kind of cold today?" Zoro asked besides her and looking at her, snow gathering on his head and shoulders. Lucy nodded her head, agreeing with them. And then the weird one on the water agreed and freaked them all out. Making Lucy scream as his voice broke in, Usopp then screamed, and so did the man on the water. Before Lucy could say anything the water beneath them rose up, and the Merry went down the bulge as if it were a slide on a playground.

"What the heck is going on?" Lucy called out as she gripped the railing with one hand in front of her and then her other hand latched onto Zoro, who practically imitated her move to catch each other. Usopp above them was screaming as he flailed in the air, and Vivi and Sanji were holding onto the helm from the sound of it in the kitchen. "Hold the helm as steady as possible, this shaking isn't good for Nami!" Lucy called out and received 'ayes' in return for her words, the two obviously putting more into their task at her words.

Once the ship settled onto steadier water Lucy looked to see a...thing in front of them. It was domed with metal, but it had a furled sail at the top. "Could that be a ship?" Zoro asked as he moved back, taking it all in. Lucy shrugged her shoulders and watched, her eyes narrowed, waiting for an attack. Metal gears began to turn from the sound of it, and the dome began to recede, a figurehead appearing from the sea, and a ship was revealed. And then the flag above unfurled, a pirate ship. Well if they wanted a fight, Lucy would destroy them and keep going. They didn't have time for this shit.

"Oh crap," Usopp said as he jumped from the crow's nest to the top deck. He stood besides Lucy and Zoro, a horrified look on his face. There were pirates all along the ship's front, outnumbering them by many. But Lucy couldn't sense any real challenge from them. She heard Zoro mutter something about being too busy for this and she agreed. A loud voice came from the ship, loud and annoying. It introduced the ship as the Bliking. A plank lowered and their deck was swarmed by the pirates, all holding guns and pointing them at their heads. Usopp was shaking, Loke was cursing, Sanji, who had come out of the kitchen, was lighting a cigarette, Zoro and her were calm as well, ready to attack.

"Are you guys really pirates, looks like there's only three of you guys. A bunch of weirdos though," A...man, Lucy used the term lightly, voiced as he chewed loudly on a leg of meat. Lucy was being blocked from his view by the men holding guns to her head, though they seemed to be too busy appreciating her looks to actually keep their fingers poised on the trigger. "Who's your captain?" He asked, his metallic maw spitting out chunks of meat in a disgusting manner as he did so, making Lucy cringe.

"That would be me, pig," Lucy said as she moved out of the circle formed around her, towards said pig. More guns were pointed at her, Sanji beginning to yell at the pirates for doing so. Lucy silenced him with a look, and he stopped, though she could tell he was still annoyed with the guns. The captain of the other ship who remained nameless still was drooling at her, his mouth hanging wide open and his eyes staring at her in a disgusting manner. There was even a small dribble of blood coming out of his nose. Suppressing the shudder that came to her at his look, Lucy put on her best game face. It was time to be captain and protect her crew.

"Well, hello beautiful lady," the captain said as he tried to...impress her? Is that what he was trying to do? Because it was not working. God she wanted to throw up.

"What are you doing, invading my ship? Have we caused some offense?" Lucy asked and crossed her arm, only realizing then that she wished she had a coat so that the move hadn't pushed her boobs up more. Of course, she could always use her appeal to get rid of him, an option but not really one Lucy wanted to use.

"Well, this is my kingdom's waters. I am the king of Drum Island, Wapol!" He was looking at her again and Lucy was not impressed. But she was curious as to why a supposed king was flying a pirate's flag on his ship. But she was drawn away from these thoughts as he finished of his meat that was hanging off a sword, and then ate the sword. Now, Lucy realized she had seem Gajeel eat metal, and she too, at times. But only iron! But...now she understood what her enemies thought whenever she did it. "You, beautiful lady, are more than welcome to come with me, as I head back to my kingdom, and rule as my queen." He was still munching on his knife and some piece shot out at her, they were small enough though that they hit her microscopic scales and bounced right off. Lucy suppressed a growl, though Sanji, Loke, and Zoro were now all yelling at the man.

"That truly is the most least tempting offer I have ever heard from a male before. So...no. Now, we have no business obviously so...get lost," Lucy said and punched the male under his chin, adding a lot of magic to it to move him elephant body, and sent him flying far away. His crew shrieked and pulled out, tearing off the boat and after their 'King'. She could bet he was a king though, the outer world was known to have a disgusting and self serving higher class. Of course not every noble where she was from was a saint, but there were a number of good one, better than this at least.

The ship in front of them were yelling that they wouldn't forget this and would come back after their saved their king, as he was a hammer in the water. A devil fruit used of the Baku Baku no mi. Whatever, Lucy huffed in annoyance once they were gone, and then let loose the shudder she had been holding back. She was handed a towel by Usopp and she wiped her skin a bit from where the metal bits had hit her. Once she was done she burned to towel with her breath.

After that event everything was calm, and when night fell they laid anchor and gathered in the women's quarters. All of them passed out over anything and everything. The floor was covered in blankets and pillows. Vivi was right next to Nami's bed, Sanji and Usopp were passed out near the door, snoring lightly. Zoro was laying on Carue, snoring loudly and in a relaxed manner. Loke was sleeping on his stomach on the floor. Smiling to herself Lucy walked up the stairs, skipping the creaking one, and took her post for the night.

The next day Usopp was fixing up the ship a bit, when Lucy had punched Wapol some of the ship had been damaged, nothing serious but, still Usopp fixed it as soon as morning came. It was around midday that something wonderful happened, they saw land. "Land ho!" Sanji shouted out, taking her place in the nest once he had awoken. Lucy cheered and ran to the front of Merry. It was a winter island all right, covered in snow, the air having a more concentrated and crisp feel to it. Seeing that they were getting close Lucy decided with all the snow it would be a good thing to change a bit. Lucy wore a white sleeveless, cropped shirt with a pink heart, white skinny jeans, and brown boots with faux fur lining the top that laced up to her knees, she kept her hair the same and stood on Merry's head. Loke was down with Nami at the moment.

"Prepare to dock!" Lucy called out and they all went to work, though Usopp was complaining about a fake disease of his again. But Lucy was used to this attitude and ignored him. The island had tall pillars coming from it, and there were mountains as well. But there was a small river into the island that they could use as well. They pulled into this area and Lucy kept her ears and nose sharp, she was beginning to understand that she didn't have the best luck in the world, and wasn't going to risk a chance to get Nami to a doctor.

Behind her she could hear her crew's teeth chattering at the cold as they pulled into the area. Giggling a bit she forgot that Usopp hadn't heard her explanation the other day, so she just sent him a smirk before turning forward again. "Lucy, the snow is melting and creating a waterfall over there, it would be best to dock around this area," Vivi commented and Lucy nodded and gave the order.

"Hold it right there, pirates!" Looking to the top of the snow piles around them Lucy saw men and women with guns, ready to fire. Lucy cursed under her breath. A man came forward from the group, dressed in green with gold sleeves. He was tall and broad, with brown hair and stern face. He also had some type of weapon on his back, though Lucy couldn't tell what. "Pirates, we demand that you leave our shores at once. Immediately."

"Please, wait, I understand that you don't want us here," Lucy began and jumped from Merry's head onto her deck, then faced the man's direction. "And I promise we will leave and not cause harm to anyone here, you may hold me at gunpoint to that. But I beg of you, one of my nakama, a dear friend of mine is sick. She needs to see a doctor, so please, if you will allow it at least take her to one and we shall stay here." Lucy got down to the ground and placed her head to the floor, feeling no shame in doing so.

"You think your tricks will work on us?! You filthy pirates!"

"This is our island, we aren't going to allow pirates to land here and invade!"

"Take up your anchor and be gone! Or else we're blow your ship out of the water!"

The villagers kept on shouting things, and Lucy was not sure what to do. She couldn't threaten them, they would take aim and they were only villagers trying to protect their land. She didn't want to hurt any of them. "I'll take you to our village." the voice from before broke in and Lucy looked up to see the man in green making a motion for the villagers to lower their weapons. "Follow me." Lucy told Loke and Sanji to go get Nami and Zoro to stay on board. He had a scary face, and she didn't think the village would be quite fond of that look.

Lucy walked besides the man in green, introducing herself. "I should warn you though, we only have one doctor, a witch." Lucy looked a little curious at this, unsure of what to make of it. Her crew didn't say anything either, they had heard weirder from her mouth anyway. The man told them that this country did not have a name. Which made all of them curious, questioning that instead of the witch part, which made a few of the villagers question them about their priorities. But once they told the villagers that she was a dragon, they had a million more questions. Lucy laughed at this and the man who was kind to them looked at her, hearing her crew's words. Lucy just smiled and winked, making the man blush and shake his head.

They walked a bit more before reaching a small village with lined up pink, brick houses with swirl roofs. "This is our village, Bighorn. Now you that aren't on lookout go home and get warm."

"But will you be okay, Dalton-san? They are pirates," a villager asked, all of them wore a worried expression. This made Lucy smile, this was a nice village. Close and neighbor loving.

"I do not believe they mean us any harm. Call it an old man's intuition. Trust me," Dalton said and then directed them towards his house for them to speak at. They placed Nami in a bed there as he warmed up the place. "Forgive me for not introducing myself earlier, my name is Dalton. I am this island's captain of the guard. Please excuse our hostile reception. May I ask you something miss?" Dalton addressed Vivi, who turned with a surprised sound in her voice. "I believe that I have met you somewhere before."

"Umm, I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm sure you're mistaken. Moreover, could you tell us more about this witch? Nami-san's temperature rose to 42 celsius earlier," Vivi covered at first before diverting to the topic at hand. Lucy sent her a look, but decided not to question it. Nami was the concern at the moment. The man's eyes widened at this fact, obviously realizing their need for a doctor. "Her fever has been steadily rising for three days now. If it rises any higher, she will surely die. And we don't know what's causing her sickness or how to treat it."

"What does it matter, there's a doctor here. Where is this witch?" Sanji broke in, his desperate tone ringing in all of their ears.

"You see those mountains outside that window? Those mountains are the Drum Rockies. You can see a castle at the top of the tallest and central one. It is a castle without a king. The woman the people call a witch, the sole doctor of our country, Dr. Kureha lives in that castle. There is no way of contacting her," Dalton explained while Sanji exploded and cursed the doctor. "There is no denying her abilities as a doctor, but she is a rather strange old woman. She has lived a long life after over 140 years." Lucy gaped at this, the woman must be incredible dedicated to her health to even live that long. But then even with good health like that...how? "She comes down the mountain of her own free will. She searches for patients, treats them, and then takes whatever she wants from their homes as compensation before leaving again."

"She sounds like a pirate," Lucy commented as she sipped at a cup of hot tea Dalton had made.

"But how does that old woman get down from the mountain?" Vivi asked, a good question since the woman was so old.

"Well, this is just a rumor, but...several eyewitnesses have reported that, on moonlit nights, she takes to the sky in a sleigh and rides down," Dalton said and Lucy covered her mouth to hold in her tea. Sleigh? Night? Snow Country? Was Santa Claus a woman? Probably, actually, but still, all that needed to be part of this story were reindeer. But Christmas wasn't a holiday out here, that was a Magical Continents thing. "That is the reason she is called a witch. They also say that a strange creature comes with her, the likes of which they've never seen." A 'strange creature' Usopp began to throw a fit about the abominable snowman and other such nonsense. Lucy hit him over the head and he continued. "Although she is the only doctor, she does not wish to have close relationships with us. All we can do is wait for the next day she comes down the mountain."

Lucy got up and grabbed Nami's coat. "We don't have time to sit around and wait. Nami is dying, and I won't allow that. Sanji, you're coming with me. We're going to climb to that mountain with Nami and make that doctor treat Nami." All in the room began to scream at her and Lucy went over and woke Nami up. "Nami, I'm going to be taking you to a doctor. I'm gonna carry you on my back, but I need you to put your coat and boots back on, okay?"

"Are you insane? You can't take her out in this weather? It'll be too much stress for her!" Vivi shouted, not liking this plan at all.

"She'll die if I don't do this, Vivi," Lucy said, a cold tone in her voice none were used to. It was much more terrifying than what she had done with enemies before. "I have to try and save her, instead of just waiting for a doctor who may or may not show up in time."

"I have to get better," Nami broke in, her voice short and quick. "I'm counting on you, Captain." Lucy nodded and helped Nami with her coat and boots.

"Sanji, like I said you're with me. Loke, back to the boat with Zoro, and Vivi, Usopp...go around the area and look for this doctor. If you find her, drag her to us and tell her I'll sell her my soul as payment if need be," Lucy said as Dalton helped her place Nami on her back.

"Lucy-chan, are you sure you don't want me to carry her?" Sanji asked.

"I radiate heat that will help, it's better if I carry her. Dalton-san, do you have something to secure Nami to me with for climbing," Lucy asked and Dalton nodded getting some rope and handing it to Vivi who helped to Nami to her. Then they were off, Lucy was running the fastest that she was able to and headed towards the mountain with Sanij. She had considered summoning her charioteer, but be had a chariot and carriage only, not really meant for snow. Pegasus could only fly one person as well, and Lucy didn't want to send Nami alone.

Sanji and her were making distance easily, his long legs giving him the ability to run quickly, and Lucy's stamina allowing her to sprint and not tire. So they were matched in speed at the moment. Lucy made sure that she was giving off a good amount of heat to keep Nami warm.

Sanji and her were coming up another hill when they came face to face with a large pack of what Lucy assumed were the Lapahns. The ones Dalton had told them about, and in the front was the small one Sanji had kicked earlier. There was a whole pack of them, and they looked quite angry. Again with the parents, they were always pissing them off. Lucy knew she couldn't fight, but it seemed that Sanji wouldn't be able to attack well in the snow. Lucy grabbed three keys from her waist and called out, "Open! Gate of the Ram! Gate of the Goat! Gate of the Golden Bull! Aries! Capricorn! Taurus!" Three bells were heard and three magic circles appeared, and out came her spirits. "I need you guys to hold off these rabbits while we go to the mountain! I need to get Nami to the doctor. I hate not fighting with you, but I can't right now. I'm sorry!"

"Lucy-sama, Sanji-sama, go, we shall hold them off," Lucy nodded and Sanji just gaped again and took off with her when she called for him. She could hear the ruckus behind them but kept going. She didn't have time to worry about others right now.

Farther up Lucy thought they were safe when she felt her keys return to her, but apparently she was wrong. These things just wouldn't go down, and all of a sudden they were in front of them again, stomping the ground. Lucy cursed after realizing what they were doing. "Sanji! We have to move! They're going to set off and avalanche!" Lucy looked around frantically, looking for a place for them to go. She couldn't use any of her abilities, and a flame or wind dragon formation would crush Nami's frail body. "RUN!" Lucy took off and so did Sanji towards a hill to the left of them, hoping it would protect them from the snow.

Once there the avalanche kept coming, but they weren't high enough, and the snow slammed into them. Lucy and Sanji were flung into the air and Sanji went down first. Lucy looked around and was able to land on a tree that was sliding on the snow. After she was safe and so was Nami she reached for her whip and was able to wrap it around Sanji's wrist. Giving it a mighty pull Lucy was able to get him on the tree as well. One problem down, another three to go...great. First, they have to turn around. Second, they have to deal with the Lapahns that were still coming after them. And third, they have to get Nami to a doctor.

"Lucy-chan! We're gonna hit a rock!" Sanji yelled as he dodged another one of those rabbits. Lucy cursed under her breath, another problem. She had to find a way out of this. She felt hands grab onto her waist and was flung into the air. The tree collided with the rock. "A gentleman must always look after his fair ladies." Sanji was then overtaken by the snow, it was beginning to pull him under when the snow passed under her and she was able to land. Grabbing her whip Lucy reached for his hand again, the rest of his body already under. But all she got was a glove.

Lucy began to freak out and look out over the snow, she wouldn't leave him. But then Nami….Lucy called for Virgo who brought a few heavy duty winter blankets. Folding one she placed in under Nami's head and then another over top of her. Lucy then lit a fire around Nami, encircling her body. "I'll be right back Nami, I have to go get our bumbling, blonde knight." Lucy jumped and called out her hunting dogs to look for Sanji's scent, telling them what he smells like. They found him soon enough, buried and passed out. Covered in bruises and his skin red from the cold. His clothes were mildly torn. "Crap," Lucy muttered, picking him up and carrying him bridal style back to Nami. After getting to the two she had to think of a way to carry them. She would need her hands. Virgo was still there and able to help strap the two to her again.

Nami was now attached to Lucy's front, and Sanji to her back. Their arms were over her shoulders and legs fastened around her waist. A dual style piggy back ride. Lucy began to walk slowly, trying to figure out if she would need to change the way she help them. That's when she passed by the baby lapahn, it was next to the paw or foot of what was obviously its parent. Lucy couldn't deny a creature so young a life without a parent. Lucy knew what that was like. Grabbing the paw Lucy pulled with all her strength, uprooting the beast that had just attacked her.

"I'll get you guys there for sure," Lucy said and walked on, now exhausted. Her magic was now focused solely on directing warmth out of her body, feeding to the two strapped onto her who needed it more. "Don't die on me, either of you. I can't lose another nakama. I would have nothing left, so please, let me selfishly ask you both to live for my sake." A few tears dropped from her eyes, and she could not wipe them off, so they fell. Seems like she would never stop crying, despite her promises. For her nakama, they would always flow from her like waterfalls.

Lucy had been walking for a while when she heard tremors coming from behind her. "Wait, my beautiful queen!" Oh...no! Him? This was his country! Lucy kept walking, she couldn't stop now, but sadly, she couldn't escape either. He caught up easily and pulled in front of her on a weird beast, blocking her path. A growl broke past her shut mouth, her anger was coming.

"Move," Lucy commanded, her eyes forming a glare over her face and her lips pulling back to form a sneer. The growl was still coming and Lucy's patience was at its limit. She would deal with these fools no longer. But she couldn't fight, not with the two strapped onto her.

"Why should I move? It seems that the people you are carrying are dead. Drop them and come with me," Wapol said, a disgusting grin forming over his face as he looked at her. That comment got to Lucy though, she would not deal with him, or his words, his disgusting ways. A draconic roar ripped past her lips, scaring the animal they were on, making it buck them off and run away in fright. Lucy walked over and placed a heeled boot over Wapol, her mouth dripping celestial magic that wished to be made into a magic roar. Her instincts telling her to kill this man. It made it look like she had gold and translucent blood coming from her mouth.

"I will never abandon them you piece of disgusting trash. You are snivelling, spineless, weak, disgusting, filthy, hideous worm. You have no right to speak, and if you dare so much as look at me again…I will kill you!" Lucy roared in his face, the magic energy dripping from her mouth like she was an animal, and the pure concentration dripped onto his metal body, and tore through it.

"Let go of Wapol-sama," the blue man who had been standing on the ocean when they first met was pointing arrows at her and Lucy snarled. "You cannot fight, not with those two attached to you." He also had a disgusting look on his face, a different one from Wapol's, his was evil in a way that said he would use what you cared about to get his way. She really hated looks like that. But sadly, he was right. She couldn't fight. Lucy took a few steps back, her eyes glaring at them all. Then she took off in a dead sprint, jumping over them and trying her best to get away.

She was up the hill and looked back, seeing no one there. But then all three popped out of the snow and were coming at her all at once. She was able to dodge Wapol, his fat body and metal self being too slow, but the other two were able to get behind her. She couldn't allow them to attack her nakama. "STOP IT!" Lucy cried out, and before the two could get to her they were knocked out of the air. Dropping down she saw the Lapahns, two and then the baby from earlier defending her. "You...Thanks! You're a big help!"

Lucy kept getting higher and higher up the mountain, and the further she got, the harder the wind would blow. It became harder to see, but the towering snow castle was still before her. She was going the right way. The trees bent from the wind, looking as if they would snap at any moment. But she was suddenly before the summit, looking up and realizing she could not see the summit to the mountain. Lucy would have to climb all the way to the top. But she could crush Nami, calling upon Virgo she asked for help in adjusting the two on her. Nami was now put on her back and Virgo help Sanji. She hoped to the gods that Sanji never woke up during this. But then again, he would be able to climb then...maybe. Get six feet off the ground Lucy opened her legs up and she wrapped her legs under his armpits. She wouldn't be able to climb with her legs.

Channeling all of her strength, magic, luck, and faith into this climb Lucy scaled the mountain. Her gauntlet clad hands dug into the side of the cylinder like mountain as she climbed her way up. It was slow since she couldn't extend her arms all the way, and she didn't have her legs, but she would do this. Pulling herself and the added weight, Lucy tried to look at this as a work out. But her body was beginning to grow colder. Then metal of the gauntlets grew cold as well, making the inside like a freezer. Her hands would need to thaw after this. "At the top...there's a...doctor! I will...save them!" Lucy shouted as he climbed her way up, her body aching with every motion. The backlash from two months ago was coming back. She would need to take her medicine.

Lucy's chest heaved, her lungs tightening from the cold, the air growing thinner. Taking in deep breaths though she tried her best to replenish her magic by eating the air. It worked to some extent, but she was pouring out for than she could take in from the air. But she had to do her best. She would save them.

Lucy was nearly to the top, but her hands were killing her. They were close to falling off, she was sure of. Blood was running down her arms as her fingers cracked with every move, splitting the skin. She could feel it all, but dared not stop. Not when the top was so close, so close. Soon, soon she would get her nakama to a doctor, then they would be safe. They wouldn't die. She wouldn't allow it. "We're almost there," Lucy panted out, her eyes heavy and her body getting colder and colder. "Just hang on a little longer you two...just a little...longer. Don't...die on me!" The top was just feet away, she pushed her body. Her arms just had to work a little longer.

Finally, after what felt like forever, she gripped the top of the mountain. Pulling herself with all of her strength Lucy was able to pull her and her passengers up and over. She crawled forward, too close to the edge to release Sanji yet. Once she was far enough from the edge she let go of Sanji and stood up. She was going to pass out soon, she could feel it. The thin air and near end of her reserves was crippling her at an alarming rate. Flipping Sanji onto his back she grabbed the back of his jacket and pulled. She had to get to the doors. Into...the castle.

A few feet from the door her legs gave out, her body was refusing to move any longer. It couldn't move, it was frozen solid at this point. Everything was going blurry, the edges of her vision were fading. Falling on her knees she then fell face first into the snow. "Doctor," Lucy muttered quietly, her voice strained by the cold. She fought desperately to stay away, to find a way to get her strength back. But it wasn't coming.

She saw a shadow of a large man coming towards her, she couldn't make out any details though. And there was a woman next to him. They were coming towards her and were looking at her bleeding arms. With the last of her strength she spoke. "No," the two looked alarmed at her voice, the woman telling her not to speak while they treated her hands. "My nakama...on has fever of 42 degrees...on my back. Needs attention. Sanji...avalanche. Need help more. Please….save them...please. They're my nakama." Lucy felt the tears fall from her eyes as she finally passed out, her last thought of her nakama's safety coming to mind. They were all that mattered to her, they were all that she had left.

When Lucy awoke she could feel nothing at all, she was dazed and had no clue where she was. Wasn't she in the snow? And then...then that man had showed up, and the woman as well. Moving her eyes she could see she was in a room, the stone walls and the sound of water running told her that. Listening closely she could make out Sanji's light snores and mumbling. And then in the next room she could hear Nami. Good, they were both safe. Sighing she heard something clatter to the ground next to her. Turning her head she saw a little...well she didn't know what it was. But he was cute, that was for sure. Small and fluffy looking with a blue nose.

It was staring at her like a deer in headlights, Lucy smiled tiredly in a kind way and nodded her head the best she could. "T...thank...you," Lucy's voice was so hoarse and gravelly she could hardly recognize it as her own. It gave a squeak and scurried backwards, hitting Sanji's bed. She heard her chef talking about making venison when she saw the antlers and the poor creatures horrified face. Sanji all of a sudden woke up, and seeing the creature, began to chase it, calling out cooking recipes. Oh god. She had to stop him before he hurt the little deer.

They were already out of the room when Lucy was able to push herself into a sitting position, her body protested but she got up. Looking down at herself she saw she was wearing her bra and panties, and the only things that were on her besides that were bandages. Once she got up her head was assaulted by telepathic words from her spirits. Lucy gripped her head, it nearly splitting open at the volume they all made together. A loud and thundering voice roared above it for them all to be quiet, her tou-chan, Draco. Sorry...I need some quiet. Virgo…I need my medicine. My magic is fraying, Lucy said quietly and stood up. Seeing a button up shirt near her she grabbed it. It was Sanji's but he wouldn't care. He's more likely never wash it though. Fitting her arms slowly through the sleeves she buttoned it up and made it to the room next to her. Nami and an old woman, presumably Kureha, were in the room, that latter drinking from some bottle.

"I see the great savior has awoken," the old woman commented and chuckled, a witchy sound that went with her nose and nickname. Lucy smiled a bit and walked over to Nami's bed and plopped down next to her friend who was laying down. Nami looked up tiredly and Lucy did her best to bring her biggest, thousand watt smile to her face. It worked as Nami sighed and smiled back. "I'm Kureha, but you may call me Doctorine. The secret of my youth?"

"No thanks, I didn't ask," Lucy said and looked at the woman who was smiling at her. Suddenly a chima was heard and Virgo appeared, holding the bottle to her. Lucy took it and down the bottle and one go, then handed it back to Virgo.

"And what was that?" There was a scalpel to her throat and Lucy looked up to see the woman in her face completely. Lucy laughed nervously.

"Eh, no. My body you can heal well I can tell. But I have to take a medicine every once in a while to help with stabilizing my power. That liquid helps with doing so, that way my ability doesn't tear me apart," Lucy explained and the scalpel was lowered from her throat. Breathing out a sigh of relief Lucy smiled at the woman. "I'm Lucy, Heartfilia Lucy. You've met Nami, and the one who chased your deer was Sanji. Sorry about him."

"Don't think about it. I'm just surprised he has the energy to run at all," Doctorine said, placing her hand on her hip and grinning.

"Well he's an idiot," Lucy said and laughed, Nami joining her and so did Doctorine.

"Ne, what is that Blue-nosed stuffed deer anyway?" Nami asked out of the blue. Lucy looked up to, curious herself.

"You wanna know, huh? His name's Chopper. And he's just a regular blue-nosed reindeer," Doctorine commented and Lucy know had a complete Santa story.

"But reindeer don't talk," Nami commented and Lucy turned around to look at Nami, trying to tell if she had heard her right. The reindeer talked?! That was so cool.

"There's one difference between him and any other reindeer," Doctorine said with a sad note in her voice. Lucy looked up at her, wondering what was so different about him. "He ate the Hito-Hito no mi. He's a reindeer who's gained the abilities of a human. And I've pounded all of my medical skills into him." Lucy looked at the woman who had a proud and rather motherly look on her face. Lucy smiled at this, that is until Sanji and Chopped blew through again and Doctorine went after Sanji with swords she had materialized out of no where. The door was opened and a cold blast of air blew into the room. Lucy's magic wasn't back yet, so the cold made her shiver. She wished desperately that her magic was back, but it would be dangerous to try and inhale the elements for strength while her medicine was still taking effect.

Getting up from the bed, Lucy walked slowly and with a bit of pain to the door. "Stop! Get back to bed!" A voice shouted and Lucy looked to see Chopper in the room, looking around before breaking for the door. He checked the outside before closing it finally. Lucy had made it back to Nami's bed when the door was closed. "Thank you," Lucy said and smiled at the little reindeer. "You're the one who treated us, right? And you're the one who was there before I passed out." Lucy smiled at Chopped and Nami gave her thanks as well.

"Shut up! I don't need gratitude from humans!"Chopper went from yelling to dancing and giggling cutely. "Assholes." Lucy giggled at the fact that he couldn't hide what he was really feeling. It was cute, sort of like Pantherlily and his tough nature but sweet as pie inside. Nami seemed to be having the same thought as her as they both giggled. Lucy watched as he slowly approached them, a curious gleam in those large eyes of his. Once he was close enough he stuck out his hoof, stretching it until he was patting her hand curiously but with enough wariness that he would jump back at any moment. "You guys are pirates?"

"Yep, I'm the captain, and Nami is my navigator," Lucy responded, her voice light so that she didn't scare the cute reindeer away.

"Real ones?" Chopped asked, still tapping at her hand.

"That's right," Nami responded this time, also lightly and kindly.

"Do you have a skull and crossbones flag?" Chopped asked, and Lucy smiled wider at this. He was a curious one, he seemed to have an interest in piracy.

"Right on our ship, and," Lucy unbuttoned the top of her shirt and moved the cloth to the side. "This is our main symbol. We're the Fairy Tail pirates. Interested in Pirates?"

"NO! IDIOT!" Chopper suddenly exclaimed and threw himself backwards, going into a bookshelf and books falling onto him. "NO WAY! STUPID!"

"Alright, alright, sorry, sorry," Nami responded and shifted in the bed. Placing a hand on her forehead as she addressed the obviously lying reindeer. Chopped was hyperventilating a bit, his eyes wide as he tried to breath. Lucy wondered what could've made him like this around people. It didn't seem to be Doctorine since he was fine around her. So it must be something. "But...if that's so…would you like to come with us? To the sea! Wanna come with us?" Nami asked and then turned to Lucy. "Any complaints, sencho?"

"None," Lucy said and smiled at the reindeer offering a hand to him.

"It'd be a big help to me as well. If we have a doctor on board, I won't have to stay here for three days. Also, out ship doesn't have -". Nami was cut off by Chopper.

"D-DON'T BE STUPID! I'M A REINDEER Y'KNOW? WHY THE HELL WOULD I GO WITH YOU HUMANS?" Chopped asked, his loud voice holding a touch of sadness to it at his own words. Lucy tilted her head confusedly at this and waited for Chopper to continue. "I mean...aren't you scared of me? I'm a reindeer, but I walk upright...and I can talk." Lucy smiled at this and got up, walking quietly over to Chopper.

"What, do you want me to be afraid of you?" Lucy asked as she crouched in front of Chopper. He looked down at the ground before looking back up at her and adding another quip at himself.

"And my nose is blue," Chopper said, and Lucy's heart melted at the self loathing that was going on. He wanted to fit in with people, but he had all these ideas about himself that weren't an issue in her mind.

"Y'know...where I'm from there's a story, of a reindeer named Rudolph. He was born with a red nose, and it glowed. And he was picked on for it, and he felt like he didn't belong. And then one day somebody needed him, a man, who needed this misfit reindeer who hated his own nose," Lucy sat cross legged in front of Chopper now, and he was sitting up right as he listened to her story. A look of complete attention on her face. She could see he saw the connection of her story to his. "And this man, Santa, came to Rudolph and saw the good in his nose. It had a purpose, and he knew those who are different from the herd, always rise to great things. For Rudolph saved a great deal of people and their hearts that day. He chose to go with Santa and ended up being a hero."

"He really had a red nose, and it glowed?" Chopper asked and looked up at her, a look of hope in his eyes as he curled his hooves.

"Yep, he had a red nose. But people, humans, love him very much. When I saw you, you brought this story to my heart, a story from my childhood. And it made me very happy. Your nose is not a bad thing, Chopper, it makes me happy when I look at it," Lucy said and smiled brightly at the little reindeer. Chopper on the other hand was so...he didn't know. Lucy didn't make him feel like an outcast, he felt really warm with her as well. "As for the talking and walking upright. Back where I come from there are cats, and these cats walk upright, talk, and can fly. And one of them is blue. And these cats...come from eggs."

"Really, eggs? And they can fly?" Chopped asked, hopping into an upright position as he was now entranced by her talking. Lucy was really nice in his opinion, different from any human besides one that he had met before. Doctrine was a great teacher, but that was what she was to him, a teacher. Lucy though was warm, a lot like Doctor, it made him want to cry a bit. She wasn't judging him at all, she accepted him for what he was. There was no fear in her eyes like most other humans.

"I'll let you in on another secret, come here," Lucy motioned him closer and Chopper didn't feel scared as he did so. She wouldn't hurt him, he knew that now. "I'm a dragon."

"Ehhhh! Really? A real dragon?" Chopper asked as he jumped back and saw her laughing a bit and grinning.

"Yep, if you put my skin under a microscope you'd even see scales," Lucy said and offered her hand to him. Her smile widening as he took notice of her sharp and long canines, definitely not a human characteristic. Chopper ran and got a portable microscope and Lucy put her hand under it. He began to clarify it and he jumped back. She did have scales! "You see Chopper, you're not the only one who doesn't seem to fit in. But in Fairy Tail, nobody cares what you are or anything like that. We're nakama, and that means we always stand by each other, and help one another. Besides if anybody is a monster it's my first mate, Zoro," Lucy said and laughed, throwing her head back. It was a sound that reverberated off the walls and drew everybody's attention to her.

Sanji burst through the door and saw Chopper and chased after the little reindeer, yelling about how he would make Lucy and Nami a nice meal. Maybe she should've said Sanji was a monster, because Sanji was probably any animals worst nightmare. "What a quick brat," Doctorine said as she moved a chair to sit down in it, propping her feet up on the table. "I'm disappointed, little girl. Who said you could tempt my reindeer when I'm not around."

Lucy giggled and answered back, "Oh, sorry, I didn't know that he needed his mother around to talk to others." Lucy saw a tick mark form on Doctorine's forehead and laughed. "Besides, I didn't like the way he was talking about himself. Human or animal, everybody should see that there is a reason for the way they are. I was being honest with him in everything I said. So...do you really have a problem?"

Doctorine chuckled and picked up a bottle of alcohol. "Aren't you a cheeky one. I like you, I've decided that. Your quick and rude chef...not so much." Lucy laughed at this and shook her head. "But if you really want him, take him. But he won't go so easily, he isn't the type. His heart bears deep scars, large wounds that even I cannot heal. You see from the moment he was born, he was abandoned by his parents and his herd. All because he had a blue nose." Lucy gasped and her eyes turned hard as her heart went out to the little reindeer. All alone since birth. That truly is a terrible fate. "He always walked alone by himself at the back of the herd. This is a newborn baby we're talking about. Then one day, he ate one of the devil fruits and came to be treated as a complete monster. The other reindeer viciously chased him away. He had completely ceased to be a normal reindeer. But he must have wished for some nakama. So in the form of a man, he went down to a human village. But he didn't look like a human either. For some reason, his blue nose didn't change." Doctorine stopped and let that sink in, and Lucy felt herself shaking in anger at what people had down to him. People and animals.

"He didn't understand what he had done wrong. He didn't even know who to hate. He only wanted some nakama, but was branded a monster. He was no longer a reindeer...but neither was he a human. So he lived all alone, in total you fill the void in his heart?" Doctorine's question hung in the air, but Lucy's mind was set. She would not abandon Chopper, she would give him the nakama he so desperately wanted. Fairy Tail would heal him, like it had helped so many others.

"Doctorine, I will, and so will all of Fairy Tail, be his nakama. I will never abandon him. I've already decided," Lucy said firmly, getting a crack from Doctorine who took another swig of her drink. "I already see him as my nakama."

The next few hours Lucy spent her time trying to convince Chopper to be her nakama, but he truly was a stubborn one. He wasn't shy anymore though, he seemed comfortable around her, at the very least. He was mostly in a sort of lab, working with bacteria and other things that Lucy had no clue about. But then the other part of his time seemed to go to avoiding her, trying to escape from her attempts to make him her nakama.

"Are you really a pirate?" Chopper asked as he stood a bit away from her, behind a box in the food storage room.

"Yes, I am," Lucy said and sat on a box in front of him. "That's why you should be my nakama. Being a pirate is fun, and you have the chance to make your dreams come true on my ship. We sing as well, you know," Lucy explained with a smile on her face. Chopper came out from behind the box, his curious side getting the better of him.

"S-sing?" Chopper asked, seemingly just as confused for the need of pirates to sing, just like the rest of her crew.

"Yeah, and pirates dance too."

"Pirates do that?!" Chopper asked, his voice laced with shock

"Yeah, and we have lots of impossible adventures!" Lucy smiled and placed her hands on her hips, her head tilting to the side as she thought about all that she had been through since she joined Fairy Tail at seventeen. She chuckled to herself at the thought.

"Adventures? Pirates really do have adventures?" Chopper asked and got even closer to Lucy, he seemed to have an excited and childish gleam in his eye. This made Lucy smile even brighter.

"You bet, pirates risk their lives and have great adventures. We also meet a lot of interesting people, all different and strange, but true to themselves...for the most part," Lucy answered. "Do you want to hear of some of our adventures. We're also in the middle of one right now." Chopper who had been hanging off her every word suddenly bolted running away and telling her to leave him alone.

As they were running through the halls of the palace, getting closer and closer to the front both of them skidded to a halt right next to each other. "Wapol," they both said and looked at each other and pointed at their own noses. They didn't give any other words to the other. Chopper shot off towards the medical area where Doctorine and the others were, and Lucy shot towards the front. It was time she ended this guy. She ran, looking for the stairs out. She thought it was this way. Eventually she found it, the castle being too large for her to navigate easily in. Doctorine and Chopper were already at the front, looking as if they were about to fight.

"Wait! I'm gonna kick his ass!" Lucy roared as she burst past the two and her fists gleams and so did her waist. She equipped her gauntlets and other weapons, ready for the fight with these disgusting worms. She heard the one names Chess warn Wapol about her, but it mattered not. She would finish this fight. "Roar of the Celestial Fire Dragon!" Lucy opened her mouth as she charged and whirling white flames burst forth, incinerating everything in her path. Flexing her hands she charged through her own fire and smelt her way to her target. Curling her fist back she wrapped her celestial fire around it as she went and yelled, "Swirling Tornado of the Celestial Fire Dragon!" It connected with Wapol's face and sent him flying into the air. The fire swirled around her, its white hot flames dancing over her skin.

Wapol's two flunkies were gaping and she could hear Doctorine and Chopper as they gasped in surprised. Wapol crashed into the snow and Lucy felt very good about herself for punching him again. Now she needed to get the other two as well, no point in allowing them to attack. Besides she wanted to punch Chess for trying to attack Nami and Sanji earlier. It was only when she felt something falling off her skin that she realized she was still only in her undergarments and men's shirt.

Lucy blushed a bit at being so exposed and then took the opportunity to requip into something a little more decent. Lucy wore a sleeveless, blue t-shirt, white jeans, and white boots. Then after a thought she also flashed on her black, cropped captain's jacket, the silky texture of the jacket making her feel at ease. At least it was better than being naked. But it seemed Wapol's lackeys had taken her little quick change as an opportunity to save their leader. Lucy huffed at this and sighed, she had hoped she could finally get rid of him. But she at least could kick his ass more thoroughly now.

"Hey worms, that's right, stay right there. Cause guess what? I'm all fired up!" Lucy shouted and the flames around her surged upwards and encircled her. "You guys really screwed us over last time. It feels like you just kept getting in our way over and over again. I was taking care of injured people back then and couldn't fight. But now...well now I don't have to hold back." Lucy laughed at this and she heard Sanji approach from behind her, he was with the two others her nose was telling her.

"You fiendish Whore! How dare you approach the King of the Drum Kingdom and commit such a heinous, violent act!" The one in yellow said and Lucy began to flex her fingers, not really caring for their words. She wanted to see how much mobility her hands had, she knew they were pretty bad before, so it wouldn't do to get hurt more and delay their leaving.

"I don't care if he's the king or a civilian, admiral or pirate! You guys have made me furious, and for that I will destroy you," Lucy said and placed some magic into her anklets. Stomping the ground the area around her shook violently, but she really didn't care.

"You know them?" Doctorine asked as Lucy jumped back, going to give orders to Sanji.

"Sadly I've had the displeasure of meeting that sniveling worm that calls himself a king," Lucy said with an annoyed huff and crossed her arms, a finger of hers tapping her arm in an agitated manner. "Sanji, look out for the castle and these two. I don't want anything happening to this place. Something bad could happen to Nami or these two, got it?" Sanji saluted her and Lucy rolled her eyes at his ways.

"Now...I'm angry," Lucy heard Wapol say and she turned around to see him get up. His nose was swelling, there was blood from hr fist, and he was charred. His skin burning in places. "Dragon Princess Lucy...I'm going to eat you alive!" Lucy smiled at this name and placed her hand towards the ground, palms open as flames erupted from them. Wapol seemed to step back at this, but then turned his attention to the two who had been living here for the last year. "And Kureha, how dare you live in my castle and defile it with that flag!"

"I couldn't care less about this rundown place. But this is Hiluluk's grave! I guess you haven't realized it was this reindeer who hung Hiluluk's flag there," Doctorine said and Lucy moved a bit out of the way. She wasn't part of this conversation, she was part of the fight though. She would give them time to hash out the verbal fight...for now.

"Doctor fought to save this country...flying that flag...doctor died at this castle. He died to save this country! And so now, this is doctor's grave!" Chopper explained and Lucy looked up at it, the Sakura blossoms dancing across the skull and crossbones. It was a nice flag, and a good place for it to fly from. But it sort of reminded her of the flag her brothers had hung for her at their home. Thank god she had taken it down, the sea would one day be her grave, she knew that much.

"You think I care about that Quack Doctor! How dare you defile my castle with his flag! BURN THAT FLAG AT ONCE!' Wapol demanded, his voice triumphant sounding as one of his lackeys agreed. She noticed Chopper besides her, he began to grow, enraged at the thought of this 'Doctor's' flag being burned. Chopped, who had been in a form of a reindeer, grew to stand on two legs, and grew large muscles. It was very similar to a human form, if not for the fur. Lucy lined up next to Chopper and Sanji stood next to her, obviously wanting to fight as well. It was probably due to that 'whore' comment from earlier.

The orange one shot off something that looked like an afro at Doctorine, Sanji stopping it before it could get to her though. But it stuck to his leg. Apparently the orange one used static electricity to make the disgusting afros stick to people. And it would seem that Chopper and Sanji were now trying to get them off but were just sticking them to each others. Lucy sighed, walked over and grabbed the afros, then burning them in her grasp. Lucy caught and arrow that was shot at her, flaming and ready to pierce her in the heart. Lucy held the flame to her mouth and took in a breath, inhaling the flames before sending the arrow back with the wind, it hitting the orange one in the side It had been too fast for him.

"I've had it with this woman, I no longer wish you to be my queen! Baku Baku Factory! Chess, what did I have on my menu today?" Wapol asked as he grinned maliciously at them. Lucy sneered at it and grumbled under her breath about 'weirdos' and 'always her'. Chess began to name off 'food' and Lucy felt a little sick to her stomach. What the hell was he eating? Wapol began to transform into a house, a chimney out of his head, and canons for arms. "But I'm not done. Now for the royal technique!" Wapol bent down and snatched his royal retainers into his mouth, and began to eat them.

"He's eating his nakama! A cannibal!" Lucy did a little dance at just how disgusting that was and shivered. She really had to wonder what was wrong with some of the people she had been facing since coming to the Outer World. None of her opponents before coming had been this…disgusting. Making a face Lucy did her best to stop her shuddering, knowing Wapol would think she was scared. After finally finishing his chewing Wapol swallowed and steam came out of the chimney and cannons.

The door on him opened and two voices, speaking as one, called out, "We are Drum Kingdoms greatest warrior! Chessmarimo!" Wapol began to list off rules of his kingdom and how those who defy him would be killed, how it was natural since he was the king. He shot off a cannon from his arm, and it flew with accuracy towards the flag at the top of the castle.

Lucy moved on instinct, protecting that which one of her nakama help dear to them. Before the cannonball could hit the flag, it hit her Iron wall. Destroying the wall due to its instability and difficulty at taking such force. She watched from above as Chopper charged at Wapol, had the man in his grasp, ready to strike, but hesitated and offered to not hit the slime if he left Drum then and there. And then he turned his back, and Wapol shot him with a cannon. Lucy was in front of Wapol then her palm open and fingers spread. "Razor Claw of the Celestial Dragon!" Lucy slashed and tore a hole through him, blood splashing out. "You were nothing but a fake pirate! You know nothing of what this flag means...what it represents. That's why you're so weak! This is not a flag you can fly as a joke!"

Wapol got back up, blood splashing from his stomach. He then pointed his cannon back at the flag and Lucy was once again up there in a second. She stood protectively in front of it. "You think you can destroy this flag?" The cannonball flew towards her, and this time she did not stop it. It hit her, and though she could feel pain, it was not terrible. Her scales had taken most of it. But the flag was still waving in her grasp. "Look. You can't destroy it. I don't know whose pirate flag this is, or where it's from...but this is a flag you pledge your life to. Its a promise to fight for what you want, no matter the cost. You don't fly this as a JOKE! THIS ISN'T A FLAG YOU CAN BREAK DOWN AND LAUGH AT!" Lucy screamed and snarled, the words turning into a roar that shook everything around her. "It will never be destroyed. The skull and crossbones is a symbol of conviction!"

Lucy allowed her words to sink in before calling to chopper. "I'm about ready to finish these guys off! What about you?"

"Are you threatening me?! You hippo-bitch! If you're so eager to protect that flag, then just stay RIGHT THERE!" Wapol yelled and Sanji moved in, ready to kick Wapol for threatening her. His knight in shining armor side coming out. But as he moved Lucy heard a crack...apparently he had cracked his spine, and had now overexerted himself. He wouldn't be able to fight, and Lucy would rather him not get even more hurt. Doctorine jumped into the air and landed on Sanji's back, stopping him from getting back up. "That's right, all of you just watch from there! Now die, Dragon Princess!"

Before Wapol could shoot Chopped barreled down at him and Lucy was able to replant the flag on the spire with enough force. But Chopper's attack was stopped by the now Chessmarimo. The Chessmarimo began to talk about how he was all alone and had no one, no nakama or friends. But Chopper said it was fine, so long as Doctor's flag blew in the wind. But Lucy could no longer take this talk. Lucy had her opening. "Roar of the Celestial Fire Dragon!" From above Lucy floated in the air and blew her draconic breath down on the three idiots. Dropping to the ground Lucy stood next to Chopper. "And he isn't alone. I'm his nakama, and I'm right here! You've messed with the wrong reindeer. You've attacked Fairy Tail, and that was the biggest mistake of your life, besides staying here when you aren't wanted.

Lucy watched as the two got up again, somehow still not down yet. Well...she wanted this to end soon. "Oi...Chopper, do you think you can take that Chessmarimo guy? I'll take the worm." Chopped nodded and Lucy laughed and pushed him forward a bit towards his opponent. "Well then, let's get to it!"

She heard Chopper go into battle but decided that she would learn more about him later, for now she had to defeat Wapol. Facing him Lucy crouched down into a fighting stance. Snapping her whip out Lucy poured magic into it, but it was a little different this time. Instead of the normal blue color it was now red and gold. Snapping it out she wrapped it around one of his cannon arms. The star power in it bled through and melted though the cannon, making that arm useless. Channelling her power in the whip back to normal blue she whipped it around the other arm and pulled herself up, and using the momentum launched her foot under his chin, sending him high into the air. Using her fire a a way to propel herself Lucy jumped above him and grabbed him by the hair and whipped him back to the ground. "Drill Fist of the Celestial Sky Dragon!" Lucy's fist pulled back as she dropped to the ground in a dive, her fist was surrounded by the air which swirled like a drill around it, adding to the power behind it. She drove it into his face, his jaw and nose swirling into each other before her fist even connecting.

Her claws tore into his metallic maw, scraping at the metal. She had a tight grip on his face, and wasn't letting go. And he couldn't take a bite out of her this way. "Listen...whether you're a king...or a god...who's great and who isn't great doesn't matter! Because I'm a pirate." Lucy said lowly and smirked as she drove one of her feet in Wapol's stomach.

"But it does matter. Drum Kingdom is a part of the World Government, you'll be committing an international crime if you do this! You really want to do this?" He was desperate, he knew he couldn't beat her. He was pulling threats out of his silver pocket, she had seen this done by nobles before. It didn't matter to her.

"I told you, I don't care! It doesn't matter to me if I become an international criminal. I'm already a pirate, close enough. And I will be," Lucy pulled Wapol up and spun him releasing him and sending him crashing into the castle wall. "The Pirate Queen!" Lucy shouted to the sky, her voice reverberating in the air and ground around her. Wapol was out cold, blood covering him and a stupid look on his unconscious face. Walking over to Wapol Lucy wanted to make sure he never came back to this island, never hurt its people again. Gripping the top of his coat she spun until she released him, Wapol flying off into the distance till she could no longer see him. Sure that it was over Lucy walked over to Chopper and knelt before him, now at his level. "Good work, Chopper. You were amazing." Chopper blushed and pulled on the edges of his pink hat as he squirmed around cutely.

"Oi, Lucy!" A familiar voice called out and Lucy looked to Zoro and Usopp standing in front of some secret door. Zoro was wearing one of the soldier's uniforms and it made Lucy laugh at the irony a bit. "Are there none left for us?" Lucy shook her head at his question, a smile forming on her face, matching the grin on Zoro's.

"Sorry, none left Zoro! We handled it, no problems here!" Lucy shouted and waved as the two came closer. Vivi also appeared from the door, behind her were a number of villagers and Dalton, who looked quite hurt by the looks of it. "Why don't you to go inside and warm up, but no closing the front door, okay? Nami is on the second floor, farthest door to the right." She waved the two off and they went on their way, Usopp telling Vivi where Nami was and the other girl taking off.

"So what happened here, and who's your friend?" Zoro asked as he looked down at the small reindeer that was now hiding behind Lucy, remembering Lucy say Zoro was a true monster.

"This is Tony Tony Chopper, he helped me fight while Sanji was injured. And I defeated the King," Lucy said and motioned to the small reindeer before grinning and giving a thumbs up to her first mate. Zoro just shook his head and smiled at Lucy.

"You defeated the king? So that was him who flew over the horizon?" Dalton asked as he came towards her, his face looked so relieved and hopeful, and all Lucy did was nod her head in response. "And his two ministers?"

"Chopper beat them up. Oh, Usopp I found a new nakama for us," Lucy said and was about to point out Chopper, only to realize he was gone. The influx of people had scared him too much to come out, and he was now 'hiding' near a tree. But the villagers took one look at him and were going to call him a monster, Dalton stopped them, but wasn't able to stop Usopp who let the m-word out loudly, scaring Chopper away. "Usopp!" Lucy hit Usopp over the head for scaring the poor little guy. Lucy sighed, she would have to go look for him before Nami found a way to escape and made them leave. Lucy took off after Chopper, screaming his name and how he was her nakama.

Lucy spent the rest of the day chasing Chopper around, it was sort of like a game of tag with a child in her opinion. Lucy looked up, it was a full moon tonight, the beautiful moonlit rays enhanced the snow's gleam. Yelling at the top of her lungs from the front of the castle Lucy hoped that Chopper would come out soon. No doubt Nami would soon find a way out of here soon.

The sound of snow crunching came from behind her and Lucy turned, Chopper was there. His gaze was low, and he seemed to be fighting with himself. "I can't be a pirate with you," Chopper, still not reaching her gaze. "I mean...I mean I'm reindeer! With antlers, and hooves, and...and a blue nose! I want to be a pirate, but I can't be the nakama of a human, y'know! I'm a monster! Someone like me CAN'T be your nakama! So….so, I'm here to say thanks. Thank you for the invitation. I'll stay here, but...if you ever feel like it, come back someday and -".

Lucy was hugging Chopper and held him tightly to her. "I'm sorry, we've made you wait so long. But we're here now, you're nakama. It doesn't matter if you're a reindeer, a monster, or a human. You're meant to be our doctor, I can feel it. I knew it the moment I saw you. You don't have to hold back for us. You're not a monster, you're a doctor who's going to find a cure for everything in this world. Now," Lucy got up and opened her hand up the small reindeer. "Let's go, Dr. Chopper."

Chopper's eyes welled up with tears and then split from him eyes, a wailing sound broke from him as he placed his hoof in that which she offered. Smiling Lucy laughed bringing a teary smile to the reindeer's face.

Chopper went to talk with Doctorine and get his things, leaving all of them to play outside in the snow as they waited. Her and Usopp had decided to make snowmen and snow angels, enjoying themselves immensely. Sitting next to Zoro as Usopp went to go prepare the ropeway, something she wished she had known about earlier, there rose a large ruckus from the castle. Hooves of the ground were heard and Lucy watched as Chopper rode around the side of the castle, a sleigh strapped onto him as he ran towards them. And Doctorine was behind him...swinging a mace ready to throw it.

Lucy stood up with a shriek at the scene. Nami said there would be tears...not this! Her doctor was going to be killed! "Everyone get in the sleigh!" Chopper shouted as he continued on his way towards them, charging ahead with the actual devil on his heels. "We're going down the mountain!" Lucy jumped in and grabbed Sanji and Vivi while she was at it. Zoro grabbed Nami and Usopp was just able to jump on as they rode down the rope line. Once on the ground Vivi directed Chopper towards the ship.

Back towards the center of the island Lucy heard cannons being fired, one after another they were set off. Looking back Lucy didn't see anything, that is until they began to light up the sky. "Everyone, Chopper! You've got to see this." The sleigh came to a stop and everyone looked where she was looking. There, at the castle, snow had turned into Sakura petals and was falling from the sky, a beautiful pink color. It ploomed around the main and tallest mountain, like a giant Sakura tree. Materializing a camera Lucy snapped pictures. Her eyes were wide at the beauty and looking back at her crew she saw they all had the same reaction as her, besides Chopper. He was crying and sniffling as he looked at the Snow Sakura.

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