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Chapter Fourteen

"A-Apostles' Allen Walker has just been abducted…" The emcee's voice echoed all around the silent arena as he repeated the unbelieving words a second time.

Then, it was as if a bomb had exploded.

"Everyone, please calm yourselves!" Chapati's terrified voice did absolutely nothing as there was a mad scramble for the exit, all the spectators shouting and yelling out inaudible words. The Games, in their opinions, were over. It was over the moment that insane-looking psycho had stuck his ghastly-looking hand into the chest of the Apostles member.

"Get out of the way!" One guy shoved Lavi aside violently, causing the red-haired exorcist to snarl in reply.

"Piss off!" Lavi retorted angrily. "You're not the one who got abducted!"

"Calm down, Lavi," Marie cut in, but even he sounded worried.

The guilds, too, were panic-stricken by this sudden news.

"What's going on?!" Milianna of Mermaid Heel shouted, Kagura narrowing her eyes behind her skeptically.

"You don't think this is a set up, do you?" Hibiki said, looking at his teammate Ren, who shrugged.

"Dunno, but I gotta say, I feel bad for them… Plus that guy… I've never seen anyone like him before."

"What kind of Magic is that?" Hibiki wondered, biting his nail.

Erza gave a sympathetic look at Lenalee who was trying to calm down Lavi with Marie's help. The Apostles girl's eyes were wet and bloodshot.

"Erza." She turned to see Gray giving a serious nod at her.

"That man… he must be connected to that mysterious power Jellal was talking about."

"Yes," she said quietly. "And it's no secret that Apostles must have something to do with this."

"I think the old gramps wants to hold a guild meeting." Gray looked over at Makarov, who was gesturing them to leave the stands; behind him, Mavis and the rest of the Fairy Tail guild were looking utterly anxious.

"No." Erza's eyes narrowed. "I want to see what Apostles will do next."

Chapati spoke once again over the chaos, Yajima holding his wig with anxiety.

"We have just informed the Magic Council of this crisis, so rest assured! A search party for Apostles' Allen Walker will be conducted! Everyone, please exit the stadium together! No one should be by themselves!" The stadium quickly emptied.

Down below on the field, Kanda let out a curse.

"Magic Council my ass!" he growled, his hands shaking on his Mugen.


An explosion from the underground field caused everyone who was still in the arena to scream; half of the battle grounds were shredded into pieces, debris zooming in all directions, still hot with fire.

"That idiot!" Gray and Erza yelled, seeing Natsu panting heavily in the Lacrima.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Kanda's glare was murderous as he tried to dodge an incoming rock.

Natsu slammed his fist furiously in the now-broken wall.

"Who was that guy?" he said quietly to Kanda.

"None of your business!" Kanda snapped, fuming as he made a 'tch' noise.

He grabbed out an object which, the next second later, started to float in mid-air.

"Kanda! Gather everyone up! Meet me in front of the entrance this instant!" Natsu heard a shaking voice command, and he glanced up in the audience to see a blond-haired beret man speaking to the same object Kanda was.

"Let the others know." Kanda turned around, about to leave the field when the Dragon Slayer stopped him.

"Hey! I'm coming with you!" he declared, moving in the same direction.

The sharp pointy tip of Mugen met Natsu's eyes.

"Yikes, looks like the Apostles' gonna go out on Natsu." Hibiki cringed.

"That freakin—!" Gray made to move forward.

"Wait, Gray." Erza stopped him. She peered closer into the Lacrima. "I don't think he means to hurt him."

"Listen up," Kanda hissed to the unfazed Natsu. "I don't trust anyone of you retards here, and two, don't stick your nose in things where it doesn't belong."

"Say whatever you want, but I ain't changing my mind." Natsu's orbs were ablaze with set determination.

So were Kanda's as he replied, "I'll cut you right up here and now then."

"G-good lord!" Chapati seemed to have noticed the two players still on the field. "Please refrain yourselves from attacking! The Games are now over!"

"Kanda!" The samurai exorcist turned around to see Lavi bursting down onto the field, Marie and Lenalee hurrying after him.

"Natsu!" The Dragon Slayer saw Erza and Gray rushing to his aid.

"Good lord, please stop this!" the emcee cried, and the remaining spectators that haven't left paused and stopped to see what was going on.

An icy tension lingered in the air between Team Apostles and Team Fairy Tail. Natsu and Gray were glaring at Kanda, and Erza was glaring at Lavi. The exorcists, however, all viewed the mages with a wary eye.

"I see we are not on such friendly terms." Erza released her glare from the distrustful-looking redhead. Her eyes were now on Kanda.

"Get out of the way." Kanda seemed to speak for the entire group. Even Lenalee had dropped her civil act and was looking annoyed. "We have things to do."

"Not until you tell us who you are. Who you really are." Gray's voice was icy cold.

"Please," Lenalee rounded on Natsu. "Allen-kun is in trouble. We can't wait any longer…"

The fire mage was silent, and Erza decided to speak.

"So I am correct in saying that you all know who that man was?" she asked, her voice rough. "You do understand that you may be a suspect for peculiar things that seemed to be occurring, don't you?"

"What's your point?" The samurai's dark eyes narrowed.

"Drop it," Lavi cut in quietly, as Erza opened her mouth to speak. "My teammates and I don't have time to be conversing with you. We'll continue this later."

Natsu's eyes widen. "Gravy… Look," he took a step forward, "we just wanna find Allen too! Why can't you guys just accept our help?!" he demanded angrily.

"Because we sure as hell don't need it!" Kanda retorted back angrily. "Let's go!" he strode off, Marie following his footsteps.

"I don't care what you say." Natsu turned to Lavi now that Kanda was out of the picture. "I'm gonna look for Allen, and that's that. You can't stop me!"

"I'm not going to." Lavi gave one last glance at the mages before leaving with Lenalee.

Erza sighed, seeing the Fiore guards rushing over to usher them out.

She tugged on the back of her reckless teammate, who was about to take off in a full-blown run. "And where do you think you're going?"

"Don't get yourself involved with them, idiot." Gray also snatched Natsu by the arm. "We don't need to waste our time with those people."

"No way!" The fire mage shook off their clutches. "Besides, we're one step ahead of them!"

"What do you mean?" Erza wanted to know.

"That black stuff at their inn." Natsu exchanged looks with Gray, whose eyes widen in realization. "It smells like Allen."

"Black stuff you say?" Erza seemed taken off guard. She regained her usual intimidating look, however.

"How interesting. Show me the way."

"'Absolutely outrageous!" Komui's voice shook with anger as a thud came from the other side of the line. "A Noah has gotten hold of Allen?!"

"It's my fault," Bak said hastily, as all the exorcists stood silently, lost for words. "If only I hadn't entered Walker into the Games…"

A terrifying, slamming thud came from the golem; Komui had probably thrown his huge paperwork aside in a rage. "And what is this so-called Magic Council?!"

"Komui, get a hold of yourself!" Bak demanded, sounding just as furious.

They heard a sigh, and the Supervisor spoke again, his voice more calm.

"You're right, it's just…" he sighed again. "We're going to change this mission. Forget the Innocence for now—your priority is to find Allen and the Noahs. I'll send backup along the way; it make take awhile for everyone to meet up and create a formation, but let's just hope things run smoothly. Keep your eyes open for any further ambush attacks, and remember that people will view you more suspiciously from now on, so be cautious. Bak, this part of the mission is in your hands. Keep me updated and be safe, everyone."

Everyone gave a strained look at the golem as the line cut off.

"Right." Bak glanced around the back entrance of Domus Flau. "We're going to split up and look for Walker."

It was decided; Lavi and Lenalee would search around the bridge and the town, and Kanda and Marie would search everywhere else, including inside the stadium and the mountains. Bak had told them he'll be asking bystanders for any sights.

"Remember to update me via golem every hour," the Asian Head told them firmly.

The exorcists nodded, and set off, their faces now serious and unsmiling.

"It is sunny.

It is warm.

There is a lake…

He stands just in front of it…

Unmoving… unrecognizable… Small… Slim.

A child.

I do not see myself."

"It is windy.

It is cold.

There is a house…

There are people standing in front of it.

And I see him.

He is taller now…

Still small…

A child.

He is recognizable.

I know him…

I have seen him.

He turns…

He sees me.

A smile.

I know him…

I have seen him.

There is a pond…

I see myself.

I look.

I am faceless."

The boy woke up with a shuddering gasp, his white-haired soaked with sweat from his forehead. Vivid images of a lake, a house, and a young boy flashed before him.

Allen coughed, his throat burning.

"That was… Mana… a young Mana," he gasped. "But… I'd never knew Mana before he met me…"

It could only mean one thing. Whatever that memory was, it was definitely not his.

"Oh no," a tiny voice suddenly spoke, and Allen jumped, completely forgetting about his surroundings.

He blinked; it was dark, wherever he was, and … was he in a cage? Wait, who had just spoke?

"Hello?" the exorcist said lowly. He winced; his chest area was hurting. His gray eyes widen in fear.

That's right… someone kidnapped me… someone… Tyki Mikk!

"Allen Walker?" the tiny voice spoke again, and Allen's eyes travelled around wildly to find who that voice belonged to.

"Who're you? Where am I?" he demanded in a whisper.

"You are sitting on me."

"What?" Allen moved aside gingerly, and to his astonishment, a playing card was underneath him. He pulled it out to see a tiny creature within it.

"You are…?" Allen looked at the being cautiously, taking notice of its pointy joker-like hat, and tragedy drama-like designed face.

"Cell Roron." Its voice was timid and small. And extremely sad. "You are on my list, Allen Walker."

"What list?"

"Of people to be deleted."

"Nonsense," Allen said at once. He placed the card flat down on the floor of the cage. "Why are you keeping me trapped in here? Where is Tyki Mikk?"

"You are hurt, Allen Walker," Cell Roron said in that annoying miserable voice of his. "Mr. Tyki advised me to keep you here while your wounds heal."

The white-haired boy scoffed. "He's the one who hurt me."

"Please listen to me, Allen Walker. I do not want to get in trouble."

"I refuse." Allen activated his Innocence.

"Tsk, tsk tsk. Really, now. Stop bringing me so much trouble," a horribly familiar voice spoke.

Allen spun around in the tight cage, his eyes flashing through the darkness.

"Tyki Mikk!" he hissed, and he swung at the cage, only to have his arm suddenly swell up. He let out a yell of pain, holding his arm as Tyki sighed.

"I told you, didn't I? The effects are beginning to take over. Quit straining yourself, boy."

"What is the meaning of this?" Allen glared at the Noah. "I'm on the list of people that need to be deleted?"

"Oh, you were talking to that Cell servant, weren't you?" Tyki yawned. "Something like that."

"Explain, Tyki Mikk."

"Can't really go any simpler than that, poker boy." A smile was on his lips. "Allen Walker will soon be deleted."

"So I'm going to die?" Allen cringed, feeling another wave of excruciating pain occurring on the other side of his body. What was happening to him?

"No. You're not going to die."

Tyki Mikk grinned as painful screams suddenly resonated all around the cage, causing Cell Roron to cover its tiny ears with its hands.

A body was shaking in the cage.

"You're just going to be replaced."

Lavi let out a curse, seeing his and Lenalee's fruitless efforts.

"Damn it!" he sat on the bench in the town square, kicking a pebble in anger. "There's no way Allen's around here!"

Lenalee looked as if she was about to cry, but she bit her lip.

"So, where now?" she said feverishly.

The taller exorcist caught sight of some forests distances away. "How about there?"

"It seems pretty far." Lenalee glanced in the direction.

"Makes sense, wouldn't it? For a Noah to do their stuff there?"

She gave him a hopeful, desperate look.

"Do you really think so?"

Lavi shrugged. "Wouldn't hurt to try."

The exorcists set off, Lenalee on her Dark Boots and Lavi travelling on his hammer. It didn't matter if people saw them; their priority was to find Allen after all.

As the redhead followed his comrade's tail, he noticed something strange.

Down below, there was a pink figure running into a corner of a street, two people Lavi had no trouble recognizing following after.

"The hell?" he murmured. "Isn't that in the direction of our inn?"

He stopped and turned direction, forgetting to inform Lenalee, who was furious by this action.

"Lavi!" she screamed, trying to stop mid-run.

But Lavi was already miles ahead of her. He had to find out what those mages were up to.

Urging his hammer to go faster, it wasn't long before he reached the bombed inn.

He dismounted roughly and fell on some debris, something wet splotching onto his uniform.

Lavi's eye widen, seeing the dark matter on his sleeve.

Footsteps rang in his ears, and he got up just in time to face an astonished Natsu, Erza, and Gray.

"What the—!" Natsu stopped in his tracks, disbelief on his face. "What are you doing here?!"

"Exactly," Lavi muttered. "What are you doing here?"

Erza Scarlet was glaring at him in a menacing way, but he didn't care. He didn't care that he was dropping his cover. He didn't care that they could clearly see his Innocence in the darkening night.

Screw all that, because he was not going to risk Allen's life for a bunch of unrevealed secrets.

"Hey!" Gray stepped forward, a defensive stance prepared. "Explain something to us: this black stuff, what is it exactly?"

"You can call it blood if you like." Lavi's grip on his hammer tightened. "What are you all doing here? Answer me."

"Ironic," Erza finally cut in. "I don't recall you ever giving us answers when it was our turn to ask. Since it's the perfect timing, how about we resume the conversation from earlier?"

"And if I decline?"

"This stuff smells like Allen." Natsu crossed his arms. "So tell us."

What? Lavi took several steps back in shock. "What do you mean, smells like Allen?"

"Don't play dumb!" Gray seemed to be fed up.

Lavi was, too.

"I don't trust any of you," he finally admitted, his once-bright emerald green eye now full of suspicion.

Natsu narrowed his eyes. Then, without warning, he struck a punch at the exorcist, who managed to dodge it in time.

"What the hell!?" Lavi yelled, seeing Natsu setting his fists ablaze with fire, prepping up for another punch.

"Natsu!" Erza yelled, seeing Lavi dodge another flameful punch.

"You're in my way, Gravy, so unless I beat you, I can move on!" There was a kick and Lavi let out a yelp.

Shit! His kicks alone are insanely strong! The hell!? Lavi winced, feeling an angry bruise on his thigh.

Natsu waved a hand forward.

"What?" he spat out, seeing the disbelieving look on the redhead's face. "You're part of Apostles, aren't you? Third place and all? Should be pretty strong."

Lavi straightened up, only to find Gray rushing behind him, his hands extended.

"Ice Make: Cannon!"

Lavi lost his balance as several frozen cannonballs flew at him; he sidestepped the attack, only to find Erza standing in front of him—

"Shit!" he cried, as her armored hand grasped his head painfully and she slammed it right onto the ground. A cannonball met with one of the debris near him, sending shock waves to his body.

The exorcist got up, already bruised and wounded.

Natsu, Erza, and Gray glared at him, no mercy in their eyes.

"Heh," he began, reactivating his Innocence. "Shown your true colors, haven't you? Well, it's about time I did, too."

He pointed the gigantic hammer at them.

"I'll show you mages what an Exorcist is. Come."