Hey everyone!

Sorry if you're extremely disappointed and angry to find that this is not a new chapter, but an announcement.

I have decided to end I GMG.

I know I know :(

This fanfic, (my only real fanfic really) has been ongoing for a year now, and it's still not finished, and I just came back from a 7-month hiatus, so yeah, I do realize how much of a terrible author I am.

The thing is that I don't have free time anymore, as I'm getting ready for university and focusing on my career path. I hope you can all understand :(

So I decided to put IGMG up for adoption.

I have a friend of mine who is interested in taking over, and I have told them most of my ideas for the next chapter. But if that doesn't work out, if you're interested, please PM me to let me know.

I know most of you will probably disapprove me of giving this fanfic to someone else, but I really will be busy and I care about this story, so therefore I will entrust it to somebody to continue.

I seriously want to thank every single of you for reading my first big fanfic. Well it's not that big, lol, but I really appreciate the support! :)

Please don't abandon this story just because I'm not writing it anymore. I will try to find someone who can write with the similar writing style and who will be committed into finishing this story for me. After all, I don't want this fanfic to go down the drain haha.

EDIT: IGMG is adopted

My friend has thankfully decided to take over, so I guess that is good news? :)

The old chapters will be reposted in the same crossover section by the new author soon.

I know all of you would prefer me to finish the story instead, but please do give my friend a chance, haha.

Thank you thank you thank you to each and every one of you awesome readers for the support on this fanfic so far. I had a great time writing it and it was a cool experience! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapters so far. I just hope you can direct that support towards the new author :)