Pines' Quests

"Mabel, are you done yet?" Dipper asked with irritation. Today is the first day of Summer, and just like last year he and his sister were going to stay with their Grunkle Stan in Gravity Falls! For Dipper Pines, this day, this trip couldn't come any sooner!

"In a minute!" Mabel yelled looking out her window. "I know he's coming to see me off!"

"Hold up, didn't you say that he has a game today and wouldn't be able to make it?" Dipper pointed out.

"Pish Shaw brother," Mabel waved him off. "Of course he'd chose me, his girlfriend, over some stupid game."

"Mabel, just because he has lunch with you every other Tuesday doesn't mean he is your boyfriend," Dipper said face-palming himself. "The fact that he still hasn't given you his phone number proves it!" Dipper recalled how Mabel went overboard with billboards and ad campaigns asking, not just Eric, but any boys in general for their phone numbers.

"Shows what you know," Mabel laughed. "The fact that he takes time off of his busy schedule to hang out with me proves that he like likes me."

"That or he has nothing better to do every other Tuesday at lunch," Dipper said sarcastically. Still he has to admit that Eric has been one of Mabel's more stable relationships, even though he never calls or asks to hang out after school.

"What about you dear brother?" Mabel asked nudging him.

"What about what?" Dipper asked.

"You know, aren't you worried that your new girlfriend won't come to say goodbye?" Mabel asked.

"Mabel, Rachel is not my girlfriend!" Dipper said sternly. "In fact we are going to go see my girlfriend, remember! Who, by the way, I can't wait to see again. So will you please hurry up." After a year of separation, Dipper is determine to make the most of what little time he has with Pacifica count. Which of course means that he's going to have to cut down on monster hunting. Although right now his biggest obstacle is getting his sister moving!

"Come on Dipper! It's been a year, you can't still be into Pacifica!" Mabel pleaded. "Besides do you really think she's been as faithful to you as you've been to her?"

That statement caught Dipper off guard. Despite his many attempts to date, he's never been successful at getting a girl to go out with him on one. Even trying to befriend the girls was a total failure. Except for Rachel, who for some reason Dipper never asked out on a date, date. Usually he just asked her to hang out somewhere to talk about monsters or to go to a monster movie. Nothing that Dipper would consider a real date. This is causing him to worry about what Pacifica will do to him because of his failure! While his heart keeps telling that Pacifica will forgive and love him despite all his flaws and mistakes; his brain kept playing cruel scenarios of Pacifica ripping out his heart and stomping it under her foot. "I'm sure things will turn out fine," Dipper said avoiding the subject.

The twins loaded the last of their things on the car, when Rachel appeared. "Hey there Dipper!" She called out.

"Hey Rachel, coming to say goodbye?" Dipper asked.

"No silly, I'm coming with you," she announced. "I've been dying to go to Gravity Falls and see all those crazy monsters you keep telling me about!" Dipper choked at the idea of Rachel and Pacifica meeting, when Rachel started laughing. "Just Kidding! Like my parents would really allow me to go out of State, and stay at a complete stranger's house. Especially when said stranger is a convicted felon!"

"Yeah, good one," Dipper laughed nervously.

"Well see you when you get back," Rachel said sadly shaking his hand.

"I'll be sure to bring back some crazy souvenirs from the monsters there," Dipper promised as he entered the car.

"Looking forward to it, bye." she said sadly waving at him.

Dipper looked back sadly at her as the car drove away. He knew that he was the only friend she had, technically she's also his only friend at school, and he couldn't help worry what would she lonely without him around. He really wanted to take her along but that was impossible. Sitting next to him Mabel could sense that her brother was distressed, and wanted to cheer him up.

"So Dipper, that Rachel girl seems pretty nice," Mabel started saying, trying to sound like one of those sitcom moms.

"Mabel what are you talking about? We hang out with her practically every weekend." Dipper said to her, not getting the reference.

"I just mean that, you know, you have a lot more in common with her than some stuck up snob." Mabel said.

Dipper sighed sadly. He was hoping that Mabel had put her animosity towards Pacifica behind her, but it seems that she still hates her. "Look Mabel, I know that me and Rachel have a lot in common, but trust me there's a lot more to a relationship than just liking the same things. Just like how there's more between me and Pacifica than just a birthmark." Dipper lectured.

"I guess," Mabel sulked. 'Yes Dipper, there's a lot more to Pacifica than you know, and by the end of Summer I'll make sure you know everything about her! All her dirty little secrets that she doesn't want you to know. Enough to make you see who she truly is and leave her forever!' Mabel schemed in the back of her mind.

Up at Gravity Falls in the Mystery 'S'hack

"Oh man you guys are a miracle sent!" Wendy praised, happily watching Trace and Joe going her work.

"No problem," Trace smiled.

"Always a pleasure," Joe added.

"I almost forgot, I just got a text from Mabel this morning. She and Dipper will be arriving to spend the Summer with us! Isn't that exciting? You'll be able to meet your cousins!" Wendy informed them.

"Terrific," the clones said grinding their teeth.

"I still don't get why you didn't want us to tell them that you were staying here as well?" Wendy wondered.

"We just wanted to surprise them that's all," Joe said nervously.

"Yes, it's not like we have some deep dark secret that we've been keeping from all of you that only Dipper knows about, and if exposed it could destroy our friendship, and maybe cause all of you to turn against us!" Trace added avoiding eye contact.

"Smooth," Joe whispered critically to his brother.

"Okay then," Wendy eyeing them weirdly. "Well I'm off to the roof. Let me know if Stan needs anything else done." Wendy perked up and climbed the ladder to her goofing of place.

"The day we've been dreading is finally here," Joe whispered to his twin.

"What do you think Dipper will do when he finds out about us?" Trace gulped nervously. Even with Pacifica's waterproofing spray he still has nightmares of melting into a puddle of ink.

"Don't worry, we've planned for this eventuality remember," Joe winked at him.

"Or right the plan," Trace grinned. "Uh, so what was the plan again?"

Joe glared at his brother rubbing his temples. "Are you sure you weren't cloned from Mabel?"

"Low blow bro," Trace feeling a bit insulted. "Low blow."


Deep in the woods, inside an old abandoned cabin. A cloaked figure sat down writing several notes. After finishing the final letter he took them all over to a roost of carrier pigeons. The pigeons all flew off in different directions after given their messages; flying towards the mountains, the forest, the lake, and even a few buildings around town. The recipients of the notes all received the same message:

To whom it may concern,

Fellow creatures of Gravity Falls. I know that, as per our custom, we do not normally interact with each other. In fact in some cases we down right hate each other, but something of the urgent matter has come to my attention. DIPPER PINES IS RETURNING TO GRAVITY FALLS. I sure that I don't need to remind you all of the humiliation we suffered because of that boy last year! And now that he's aware of our existence, I'm certain that he will be better prepared and more dangerous this time around! Therefore I'm proposing a temporary truce and alliance. We must band together to stop Dipper Pines, and to a lesser extent his idiot sister, maybe that doofus of a handyman as well. I'll be waiting for a favorable response in the old cabin in the woods. Directions are on the back.



The cloaked figure grinned with anticipation. Eager to see how many monsters will answer his call.

Coming Soon

Attack of Gray Bitie's Monster Alliance