The bar was crowded, much more so than when they'd gone outside. Beetee was sitting at the table, beer in hand, fingers tapping along to the beat of the song the band was performing. Peeta left her standing on the periphery of the dance floor and walked over to retrieve their beers, managing to make it back to where she stood without spilling a drop of either. Their fingers brushed again and the stomach wobbles were back with a vengeance, every nerve firing madly at the banked heat in his gaze as it locked with hers. Lifting the glass, she drained it, watching as he did the same.

She finished her beer and took his from his hand before reaching out to set them on one of the tables surrounding the dance floor, her gaze never leaving his. The way he looked at her made her feel wanton and sexy, two things she'd never before felt in her life. Flipping her braid back over her shoulder, she deliberately turned around, her heart pumping madly in her chest. Hyper aware of him, she felt the air move as he slipped behind her, leaving just enough space that she could feel the heat radiating off his body. Chills raced along her spine as his breath ruffled the hair beside her ear and she felt an answering pull deep between her hips. The crowd surrounded them, cocooning them in an ocean of bodies.

His hand found her hip, long fingers slipping beneath the waistband of her shorts to rest against the jut of bone, tapping out a rhythm that she could feel to her soles, her body clenching tightly with every caress of the callouses on their tips. Lips teased her neck, teeth grazing lightly along her nape, breath stirring the tiny hairs that had escaped her braid, goosebumps erupting. Katniss shivered despite the heat in the crowded room as his lips moved along the line of her neck – up to the hollow behind her ear – pressing soft, nibbling kisses in time with the pulsing beat of the music. Her heart hammered a rapid tattoo – frantic need pooling between her thighs, hot and slick. The music surrounded them, the heavy throbbing beat blending with the heady mix of alcohol and weed coursing through her system, leaving her feeling boneless and buzzing with want.

Warm breath skated across the shell of her ear when his teeth closed lightly on her earlobe. Shivers danced down her spine, body pulsing with liquid heat. Her head tipped back, resting on his chest, the music swirling around them. The world shrunk down to the feel of his hands on her, the hard ridge of his cock against her ass. Her eyes closed and the world spun.

One song bled into the next and the next, the words a blur. Her hips moved in time with the beat against his, pushing back with every thrust forward he made. His hand splayed against her stomach, long fingers brushing the underside of her breast. Her nipples were tight little points that pushed up against the lace of her bra, the friction making her thighs clench. She wanted – desperately so and when the music slowed, she spun lazily, lifting her arms and winding them around his neck, fingers tangling in the dense curls at his nape, tugging his face down to hers.

Their lips met in a deep, wet kiss that had her moaning, legs widening to press her core against the hard bulge between his thighs. His hands found her ass, pulling her even more tightly against him. He rocked them slowly to the beat of the music, their lips moving in a heated dance.


So lost in each other, neither of them acknowledged the short brunette shouting at them until she forcefully dragged them apart, grabbing Katniss' shoulders and pulling her backwards, away from Peeta's drugging lips. Blinking dazedly, Katniss stared at her blearily, her brow knitting when Jo shoved a strip of condoms in her face. "Go back to the room, you're making a scene," Jo said, laughing.

Katniss's fingers closed around the condoms, her brain slowly comprehending what her friend was saying. Her gaze darted back to Peeta's, her cheeks flushing a fiery red.

"Don't let her get into her head," Jo said, pushing on his arm to make him move. "Just get out of here, go back to the hotel."

Peeta stumbled, glaring at her. "I've got it," he said irritably. Turning back to Katniss, he smiled. "Wanna get out of here?"

She nodded mutely, darting a glance at Jo, who smirked back at her. Katniss glared and stuffed the condoms she was holding into her pocket. Peeta's fingers trailing along her arm pulled her attention away from her friend and she looked back up, getting lost in the heat of his gaze. The music started up once more and he leaned closer, lips brushing her ear. "Ignore her, she only does it to rile you up," he said softly.

Katniss chuckled darkly, linking her middle finger with his. "Figured her out, have you?"

"Wasn't hard, I've been watching her do it for nearly a year now," he said as he pulled back, grinning at her. "C'mon, we can walk back, it's not that far."

The night air was cool after the heat of the bar. Katniss and Peeta walked slowly down the street, the silence between them comfortable as they ambled along, middle fingers linked. The desire she'd felt in the bar was pulsing steadily along her veins, making her hyper aware of him next to her. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, her stomach clenching at the sight of his strong jaw. It was so tempting just to push him up against one of the light poles and nibble along the length of it. Her cheeks heated as she thought about it, biting on her lip as giggles bubbled in her chest.

"What's funny?"

She darted a look at him and found him staring at her, that tilted grin that she found so damn hard to resist on his lips. "Oh, um… why'd it take you so long…uh, you know…"

Peeta chuckled, bumping his shoulder with hers. "Why'd it take you so long to notice I wanted to?"

The buzz from earlier was winding down, leaving her feeling pleasantly numb, but not so wasted she couldn't think. The only thing really gone was her inhibitions and she bumped his shoulder back, grinning up at him. "What makes you think it did?"

"Then why did it take till tonight for you to do anything about it?"

Katniss shrugged, pulling on his finger to draw him into the park they were passing. "I'm shy?"

His bark of laughter was loud in the quiet night air and it made her laugh. She spun around, walking backwards so she could see his face. "You don't think so?"

Peeta shook his head, tugging on her finger, his other hand sliding around her hip, drawing her closer. "You've had me wrapped around your finger since September."

A wicked grin curved her lips. "Liar."

He stared down at her. "Serious. I haven't thought about another girl since you walked into the graphics classroom that first meeting. You totally blew me away."

Katniss stopped walking, pulling her lower lip between her teeth. "Why didn't you…"

"Cowardice," he said instantly.

She could see the light hint of red staining his cheeks and it was so endearing that she closed the distance between them, leaning up on her toes and pressing her lips to his.

He groaned, fingers tightening on her hip as he opened his mouth, instantly deepening the kiss. Their fingers tangled together and she ran her other hand up his arm, curling around his shoulder as she leaned into him, their mouths mating heatedly. He backed her up slowly, lips never leaving hers. Her nails dug lightly into the dense muscles of his shoulder when his fingers dipped into her waistband, stroking lightly over the bare skin, toying with the strap of her panties on her hip. The desperate, pulse pounding need was back, centering hotly between her thighs and arcing out like a live wire. Her nipples ruched into tight little buds, pressing against the lace of her bra and every step brought them into contact with his hard chest, zinging darts of need straight to her pussy.

He broke away from her lips, trailing kisses along her jaw and back up behind her ear. "Table," he whispered, warm breath skating across her ear. Goosebumps erupted along her arms and she fought to focus against the drugging ecstasy flooding her body from his touch.

Katniss bumped into the table with her ass and she grabbed onto his shoulders to steady herself. She scooted backwards, wincing when her bare legs met the hard wood. Her momentary discomfort was quickly forgotten as Peeta's lips found hers once more, his tongue slipping into her mouth to tease against hers. He kissed her slowly, tongue darting and retreating, tempting her to follow. When she did, his hands cupped her hips, pulling her closer as he shifted to move between her thighs, bringing their bodies into contact.

Katniss moaned as he circled his hips, rubbing the hard ridge of his cock against her center. Heat flared between her thighs, spreading out to coil in her lower stomach.

Peeta pulled his lips from hers, licking and kissing a trail down her neck, lingering on the pounding pulse at the base of her neck. His teeth grazed lightly over the sensitive skin and her hips bucked hard up against him, her breath coming in sharp, short pants. Fuck she wanted him – had never wanted anything more in her life than to feel him filling her. Her clit throbbed and pulsed as his fingers plucked at one turgid nipple, rolling it between his thumb and index finger. Her hands were busy, one sliding up under his shirt to skim over the hair covered skin of his chest and the other working frantically at the belt that held his shorts up. It finally loosened enough for her to slip her hand inside, fingers curling around the thick length.

His soft moan made her toes curl and she stroked slowly, learning the feel of him as he thrust into her hand. Warm lips teased at her nipple and she was swamped with need, her body arching into the dense heat of his mouth.

"Hey!" Katniss blinked as a bright light hit her directly in the face. "You kids, stop!" "Fuck!" Peeta grabbed her hand and pulled her off the table, lacing their fingers together as he stumbled backwards, away from the light that was getting brighter and bigger with every second. "Katniss, come on!"

She lurched after him, nearly tripping over the railroad tie that bounded the small picnic area. "Shit," she hissed as her toes collided with the hard wood. "Dammit!"

Peeta turned around and slid his arm around her waist, pulling her into his side as they scrambled towards the woods at the back of the small park. Their hotel was right on the other side of them. They half ran, half stumbled through the small copse of trees and into the parking lot of the hotel, running up the steps to the lobby. The doors closed behind them and they looked at each other, nearly collapsing as laughter consumed them. The desk clerk looked at them in confusion, which only had them laughing harder. Peeta pointed at the elevator and Katniss nodded, holding her sides as giggles bubbled out of her throat. The doors opened and they stepped inside, the wide eyed clerk staring at them from across the lobby. Katniss slid to the floor as the doors slid shut, Peeta slumping down beside her, consumed with laughter.