School of witchcraft and wizardry
(and space goons)

Author's note: I don't own anything except parts of the story line
crossover: Star trek TOS/ Harry Potter

Chapter 1: 9 and ¾

James, Spock, Leonard, Nyota, Scotty, Hiraku, Pavel, and Christine where racing for the platform they were all siblings that had been proven to be young wizards. They all had been visited by a miniature giant named Hagrid who'd taken them to get what they needed for the entire school year. Now they all lined up behind James afraid to jump through a wall. They saw two boys walk up beside them they two were scared. "Ronald remember what I told you" they heard an Irish woman babble. "Oh don't worry just run really fast through the wall in the middle of platform 9 and 10 it works every time my dears" Mrs. Wesley explained then on the count of three James ran through and made it. Soon one by one the rest came running through along with the two boys. "Hello I'm Harry" the boy with dark hair and glasses said to James. "I'm James these are my brothers and sisters Spock, Leonard, Pavel, Hiraku, Scotty, Nyota, and Christine" James said shaking the boy's hand. "Well there's room for three of you in our cabin your welcome to come in with us" Harry said leading them to an empty one. James, Spock, and Leonard joined the two boys into their cabin while Scotty, Hiraku, Pavel, Christine, and Nyota piled into the cabin across the way. "My name is Ron nice to meet you all" the boy with orangish blond hair said shaking their hands. "We've heard a legend about you Harry" Spock pointed out. "Spock! Don't be so rude" Leonard admonished. "No, No it's fine yes I was purposively 'The boy who lived' it is a good question and yes I do have the scar" Harry said with a sad smile. "Let's see it then!" Ron said with a smile. Harry lifted his hair and the boys looked at the lightening shaped scar on Harry's forehead. "Whoa that's wicked" Leonard Stammered as they we suddenly distracted by the goody lady. Harry had so much money he bought out the whole cart full of delicious candy. Soon the five boys were slurping down gummy trolls, chocolate frogs, flavored jelly beans and so much more. Then they heard a knock on the door and saw a girl with brown hair and brownish eyes. "Hello I'm Hermime Granger I wanted to see if what the other's were telling me was true or not I see that it is oh and you goof balls might want to put on your robes we'll be at Hogwarts in another 5 minutes" She said as she skipped away. "she was rather fascinating I must tell the others James about the robes" Spock said walking across the way to tell them. "Jim I knew he was going to say that" Leonard said slipping his robe over his head. "Really is our brother that predictable?" Kirk asked causing the other two boys to laugh. Soon the train stopped and it was time for them to follow Hagrid to what looked like a castle.

Hagrid was happy to see his little friends again as they all walked up he gave them a quick wink then turned to the others. "All first year's come with me please" he said taking the group to a dock. There at the dock was a bunch of small boats. "Alright everyone partner up and then go to a boat you are to wait for my instructions before untying the ropes from your holders" Hagrid explained. Harry paired up with Leonard, Ron with Scotty, James with Spock, Hermime with Nyota, Pavel with Hiraku, Christine with a girl named sue and then the others. "Alright everyone untie your ropes and the boats will navigate you to the castle Quickly then Quickly" Hagrid said and soon they were off to their first year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry…