Han glared at space, which was rocking around his ship again. If only Luke wasn't such a magnet for trouble, he wouldn't be in this crazy situation.

"Thanks for picking me up, Han," Luke said apologetically from the passenger seat.

"What are friends," Han pushed the ship lower, pushing aside his frustration, "For? What were you doing drifting around in space anyway?"

As the ship shook once more and Han had to grab the young Jedi and push him back into his seat as he nearly flew into his friend, "There was something wrong with the hyperdrive. It just dumped me in space. Do you need any help?"

Han flipped the freighter over itself, flying straight at the Imperial starfighter, "I'm managing. But you're lucky Leia told me to go looking for you."

"Yeah. Why don't we just go to hyperspace?"

"What do you think I'm trying to do?" Han snarled, glancing at the navicomputer again, "It just keeps giving me meaningless numbers. It's not a co-ordinate; it's got too many spaces to it."

"Well, it says it's ready to go, so how about we just go ahead and try it?" Luke demanded.

Han managed another peek at the device, "I'm not sure that's a good idea, Kid."

"I can't bring myself to believe it'd be worse than continuing with this. You lost rear shields five minutes ago."

"Note how we're flying at the ship."

Luke raised an eyebrow, "Somehow that doesn't sound like a better plan."

Han glared, "Fine. Hold on."

He grabbed the lever and yanked as hard as he could. As he turned, hoping to see the familiar blue swirl of hyperspace, an unwelcome colour met his eyes.

"Green? Hyperspace isn't supposed to be green, Han!"

Han stared at the strange sight, "I know that, care to tell whatever dimension we're in?"

"Well," Luke said slowly, "At least we're not being chased anymore."

Han turned to him, incredulous, "You are beyond help."

Luke didn't answer.

"I don't know what to do now."

"I guess we'd better just wait and see where this takes us," Luke said.

Han nodded, "I guess."

Luke kept staring at the green glow, looking lost, "I thought hyperspace was one thing I could trust to stay the same."

"When has the galaxy ever offered us stability?" Han asked.

Luke sighed, "Never, I guess."

"What's bothering you, Junior?"

Luke stared out of the viewport a moment longer before shrugging, "I'll tell you later."

"How about now," Han said.

"Not now," Luke shook his head, and as Han was about to question again, "Please, not now."

Han looked at him in concern, then carefully laid the subject aside to be returned to later, "Leia's been worried sick about you."

"I had to visit someone," Luke said.

"I thought we were the only friends you had who weren't dead," Han said before he could think.

Luke's face tightened and he said softly, "For a long time you were, and now you are again."

Han opened his mouth to apologize, but the ship chose that moment to shudder and buck as it fell back into realspace.

"What?" he heard Luke mutter, "What is this place?"

As Han struggled to land the ship on a nearby planet, its mass seemed to be trying to pull itself apart. Suddenly, much to Han's relief, the ship slowed in its rocking, but all command was torn from his hands. He turned to Luke, hoping to see his hands on the dash, but was met instead with a sight of his eyes closed, hands outstretched.

"Kid? It is you doing this, right?"

Luke nodded quickly, returning his full focus to the work at hand.

Suddenly, the ship landed with a thud.

"You could've been a bit more gentle!" Han protested.

Luke's form drifted off the chair he'd been sitting on, sliding to his knees on the floor.

"Kid?" Han asked, all annoyance vanished in sudden concern, "Kid, are you okay?"

The young man didn't answer, his head lolling onto Han's shoulder. Worried, Han gathered the boy up, hoping against hope that he would be able to find a medcenter on the planet. In his arms, the boy mumbled something unintelligible.

"It's gonna be okay, Luke," he promised, carrying his friend through the ship and down the landing ramp.

As Han stepped out of the shadow of his ship, he blinked around at the brightness, finally managing to lock onto a couple of humanoid shadows, which were quickly moving towards him, lightsabers blazing.

Lightsabers? He thought. Take care of Luke first, understand second. Leia'll kill me if I let anything happen to him.

Again, Luke moved restlessly.

"Hello?" Han shouted. The two forms, now recognizably both humans, sped up, finally halting in front of him.

Han blinked at the two men, each wearing the same ridiculous robes Ben Kenobi had worn, both slowly lowering their weapons, then deactivating them and returning them to their belts. The elder looked at the younger, who stepped forwards and extracted Luke from Han's arms. For a moment, Han grasped the young Jedi tighter, but Luke's arms released him willingly enough, and Han found himself trusting the Jedi as much as the boy did.

As the man stepped back, Han took them both in. The older of the two was looking at Han with a cautious look on his face while the younger was busy arranging Luke's arms around his neck. Han could have sworn he saw the boy respond slightly.

Once the Jedi seemed certain that Luke was safe in his arms, he turned to Han.

"I'm Anakin," he said, holding out a hand, "And you are?"

Han stared at him a moment, stunned, before taking his hand and shaking, "Han Solo."

"Obi-Wan," the other Jedi said, also shaking Han's hand.

"Who's this?" Anakin asked, indicating the unconscious boy on his shoulder.

"Luke, he's my little brother," Han lied quickly.

The Jedi nodded, seeming satisfied with the answer. Han blinked at Luke, who seemed to be quite comfortable in the arms of the man who had practically claimed him as his son.

"We're just heading back to Coruscant, if you want to join us," Obi-Wan offered, "It seems your friend here could use some medical help."

"You mean the Imperial Center?" Han asked, perplexed.

"Is that what the Separatists are calling it now?" Obi-Wan asked mildly.

"Yeah, the Separatists," Han said adding under his breath, "Sure."

The taller Jedi, the one who claimed to be Anakin, shifted Luke once more and started off for his ship.

"We'll bring your ship as well," Obi-Wan offered, "You seem quite attached to it."

Han looked back at the ship, "We've been through a lot together," he answered.

Suddenly, much to Han's surprise, Artoo trundled down the ramp after them, beeping in consternation.

"Oh, you've got an Artoo unit!" Anakin said in surprise, "I've got one too."

Han nodded, "Yeah."

To his surprise, the Jedi addressed the droid, "What kept you?"

Artoo beeped loudly, and Anakin looked back up at Han, "You didn't notice that he hadn't come out? He was stuck!"

Artoo gave a long, mournful beep, and Anakin led him away onto his ship. Han watched, feeling somewhat abandoned, as the other Jedi motioned him up after, and led the way.