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" Superman Saves The Day Again,"

As soon as Clark Kent typed that into the keyboard, he deleted each and every word. It's been months since he had defeated Zod and decided to join journalism as a perfect cover up for his dangerous life as Superman. He still wasn't used to any of this. The attention Superman has been getting is absolutely insane. Frankly sometimes it's overwhelming. He can't complain though. After years of being the outcast and never truly fitting in, finally he was getting somewhere. He even had a girlfriend, Lois Lane.

Not a day has passed since he isn't reminded of what happen to Zod. Every night he is tormented with the thought of killing him. He knew that if he hadn't done it, Zod would've killed those innocent people. Yet, the thought of killing anyone else, even someone like Zod was tormenting him vastly. Hopefully he won't be in any other situation like that.

" What if it's one of them sir?"

" Have you told Superman yet?"

Faraway voices came from a distance of Metropolis, echoing through the super-ears of Clark. He focused his entire attention of the two officers.

" We haven't sir. We're not sure if we should tell him. It may not be from the same species as him," the other officer spoke.

" But what if it is? We don't know where the hell he comes from. This could be from the same planets he's from! It can even attempt to kill us," the officer muttered back.

Another species from his planet? That was ridiculous! He was certain he was the last Krytonian. Clark stood up abruptly. He grabbed his coat rashly, raising a considerable number of bewildered stares from the everyone in the room including Lois, as he left. He'll have to explain to her later, right now there's definitely a situation heating up. As soon as he guaranteed that no one was watching Clark launched himself into the air.

" What is this about another alien," Superman arrived at the location where the two officers were at, startling them on his sudden appearance.

The two officers glanced at each other before handing a file to Superman.

" Last night a severe thunderstorm broke out all over the western plains. Tornado chasers went out to see if that found any reports of dangerous tornado activity, instead of finding a tornadoes they found this."

The officer points at the first image, where a figure is seen coming down from the skies themselves. Superman turns to the next image. The figure keeps getting a bit clearer. It form the image of what seemed like a person. Something definitely descended from the sky. On the final image the figure disappears. Suddenly without a trace the figure is simply gone.

" Where did all this happen?" Superman asked, already lifting himself into the air.

" Happened around your hometown," the first officer informed before meekly asking " Is it another one of your kind."

" I can't be sure. I'll have to go see for myself- give me 10 minutes," Superman nodded at the gentlemen before launching himself back into the air.

He arrived at the destination in seconds. He landed right where he felt the figure had descended from. He looked for hints of where that person could've gone. He managed to catch a couple footprints, but they disappear shortly after 8 steps. Could this truly be another Krytonian. If that were true, then why hadn't no one else known about him/her. Superman bent down to examine the footprints when he felt a presence behind him.

Indeniably, it had to be the one thing he is looking for. He wasn't sure if it was friendly or not, but just too be safeā€¦- Superman whirled around quickly, zooming for a sudden blow. He was caught in complete surprised when he realized that figure had caught his incredibly fast blow and the fact that it was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in his life.

The woman's eyes narrowed at him, before he could respond, she jerked her leg up and kicked him down. Whoever the woman was, he had to hand it to her, she was definitely powerful. Superman tumbled a distance away.

The woman had remarkable bright eyes, her dark hair flowed to below her shoulders in exquisite curls. She wore a golden tiara and silver bracelets in both her arm. Her thighs and upper chest were exposed showing pure strength in her body. Superman couldn't help admiring the woman, her figure was outstanding especially as she hover right in the air.

The next moment the woman charges straight at Superman. Superman just manages to block a hit to the gut. The woman is fast, she quickly aims for the face, then the chest, then his legs. Superman attempted to hold her back, but she was fast, even more quicker than Faora had been. Her legs soon connected the side of his face, jolting him down the ground a couple of feet. She didn't rest there, as soon as Superman stood up again the woman was at him again. She moved like a trained warrior. Superman dodged her several crucial hit, but even for him there was a couple he couldn't. As he tumble to the ground with such force that it shattered a gigantic boulder into pieces where he landed, he could hardly believe the type of fight this woman was producing.

The woman pulled out a golden lasso. The lasso had magic on it's own as it intertwined around Superman body. Superman frowned, trying to detangle himself from the rope, but it only squeezed him tighter. What hell was this? Superman stared back at the woman in complete awe and bewilderment.

" Who are you?" the woman asked, her tone holding a rich greek accent.

" I'm..Superman," Clark felt himself saying " I protect this planet, especially from unknown visitors."

The woman frowned " Why?"

" The people of this planet aren't used to people from other worlds, they see them as a threat," Clark felt his tongue going without his control. " That's why I came investigating who you were. I'm not here to harm you, I just want to know who you are."

The woman kept her emotion fierce. " You attacked me!" she accused.

" I wasn't sure if you were here on friendly terms on not. I had to make sure-," again his tongue seem to be spilling words without his full consent. He had a feeling it was this golden lasso that made him speak so freely.

The woman hesitated taking his words carefully. Clark took this time to focus on her DNA. She was definitely not Kryptonian, she was partly human and part something else that he couldn't classify.

" You aren't from this planet?" the woman asked her eyes narrowing.

" No.. I was born in Krypton, but I was raised here on this earth," Clark replied, at least this he didn't feel like it was too forced to say.

The woman nodded carefully. " Why was I send here?"

Clark frowned, that's exactly what he was trying to find out. " You were sent here?"

The woman nodded slightly. " I am not sure why. One moment I'm resting and the next- I was being sent here. All my memories about why have been erased."

Clark suddenly heard the sound of sirens at the distance. The government were sending their special forces already over. Of course, he had told them to give him at least 10 minutes.

" Look I promise to not attack you anymore, but we need to leave right now. The government officials are coming and they won't be so happy to see you," not to mention that they might hold her captive, bombard her with multiple question, and experiment with her.

" Officials? Let them come I can handle all of them! Those officials don't stand a chance against an Amazon Princess!" the woman smiled. Such a smile that would've captivated the eyes of every man who so much as looked at her.

" Please! Just come with me-I'll help you learn why you're here," Clark pleaded, the government only minutes away from arriving.

The woman hesitated briefly, before releasing Superman from the lasso's grip.

" The lasso confirms you are an honest man, so I will follow you," the woman agreed.

It was evident that the woman could fly. Clark wasn't sure how fast she could, but now wasn't the time to waste.

" All right follow me," Clark bolted to the sky, the woman following right after. As they flew, Clark gazed at her in amazement, still unable to believe this woman. She was remarkable. The woman eyebrows crossed.

" Is something wrong?"

" I'm sorry it's just that I've never met anyone other than people from my own planet that sustain just great special abilities," Superman looks away, hiding the blush wanting to creep in.

The woman smiled. " Understandable. I have never met a man with such power either."

Superman frowned turning to her. " What's your name?"

" I am Princess Diana of Themyscira,"

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