Takao walked into their bedroom after his shower to find his Shin-chan already in bed. Midorima had fallen asleep while reading his new book. Of course, his glasses were barely clinging to his face and his book was still in his left hand. Takao smiled. His boyfriend always looked cute, but now his adorableness was uncanny. The shorter boy carefully removed his boyfriend's glasses. He daintily placed them and the book on the small table next to their bed. Takao gave a gentle smile and softly kissed Midorima's forehead. "Silly Shin-chan." He noticed that the star shooter had forgotten to re-tape his fingers after his own shower. Takao knew the taller boy would be upset in the morning if his fingers were not taped.

Kazunari searched through a drawer for some tape. Midorima had it practically everywhere in the house. The green-haired boy stirred in his sleep and made some small noises that made Takao smile. He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Midorima's hand into his lap. He caressed the soft, calloused fingers. Takao thought that Shintarou's hands were one of the prettiest parts of his partner. He unrolled some tape and began covering the green-haired boy's fingers. Takao didn't know how tight Midorima taped his hand, so he just used his own judgement on how loose it should be. The taller boy shifted again and Takao whined at him, "Shiiiiin-chaaan, don't move so much." Once he had finished taping the other's hand, he pulled the blanket up and onto Shintarou because it had fallen off from his previous moving. Takao gave Midorima a goodnight kiss, on the lips this time and slid under the covers behind him. Kazunari pressed his face into his teammate's back and wrapped his arms around Midorima's waist in a loving embrace. "I love you Shin-chan." Midorima released a soft grunt and rolled over to face Takao, scooting even closer, unconsciously. Takao smiled and buried his face into the shooter's chest while wrapping a leg around his waist. Midorima nuzzled the smaller boy's head and sighed contentedly. Takao chuckled while his heart fluttered. He was definitely happy where he was.