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The Dimensional Universe…

An alternate, multi-dimensional, magical void filled with stars, planets and worlds waiting to be discovered and mysteries to be unfurled, and is also the basis and location of the mystical planet United Equestria, home to the brave genetically altered ponies of the greatest fighting force in the known universe… Starfleet Magic!

A while back, when Twilight was still alive, sometime after Distraught had been redeemed and left to rebuild his race and Titan was vanquished once more.

Deep within the palace of New Canterlot, in the dojo, two strong ponies were dishing it out in a spar. Lightning Dawn, ID-Codename AO0C: A genetically altered alicorn with a golden horn capable of unleashing the Uniforce that could combat anything in its path, and had recently risen to the rank of Fleet Admiral.

And his sparring partner; Twilight Sparkle, a genetically altered unicorn pony, and sub-princess of United-Equestria, but only recently dubbed Junior Captain, making Lightning her superior in the force.

The two had been sparring for a long time at Twilight's request for her to earn something that had been taken away from her some time ago; her alicorn wings, which had been destroyed in the events of Equestria of old and reducing her back to her former unicorn state. After all, since magic had given her those wings, magic could take them away.

She had been through so much in the time that United Equestria was formed, being genetically altered into a more humanoid shape, trained with Starfleet to become stronger and swifter to battle new and more powerful enemies throughout the universe… and still she had not earned her wings back.

She felt that training constantly would help her unlock her wings again. She sparred with Lightning hard, punching and kicking about, but he, being a lot stronger and swifter than she was having been training longer than she, managed to block her every attack and pound her hard when he guard dropped. Twilight tried her magic, but Lightning just stood there and took the blast, and nothing happened, he didn't even flinch. "You need to stop relying on magic all the time, Twilight." he said to her and dashed at her. Twilight continued to zap at him, but he kept swerving and dodging her every attack until he reached her and kicked her legs tripping her down on her back, and then he swiftly jumped down and lunged his fingers for her neck… for the kill… and he stopped at the last inch.

"Hold!" shouted a voice "That is enough for today." The voice belonged to Lightning's mentor, Grand Ruler Celesto; the commander-in-chief, and founder of Starfleet, and co-ruler of United Equestria alongside his wife, Queen Celestia.

Lightning helped Twilight up off the floor, and Twilight anxiously gazed at her back, and sighed "Nothing."

Lightning and the royal ones sighed. "Twilight, you've got to stop worrying over all this getting your wings back. It's slowing you down worse than ever."

Twilight knew he was right "But it's just… those wings were once part of me, and well I feel silly being a princess and a captain without them."

Celestia told her "It really doesn't matter if you have wings or not, you're still a very special pony."

"You sure are." said Spike as he came in with water and towels for the tired duo. The fairy queen, Krysta, fluttered in around Lightning, her life's companion. "You were incredible out there." she complimented.

Lightning chuckled "Not bad for a pony than can't do natural magic." then his stomach growled "Ooh… but all that training's worked up my appetite."

"Me too, I'm famished." added Twilight.

"Come then, it's nearly dinner time." Grand Ruler said.

All their friends and relatives were there. Twilight's friends, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Applejack, had all been recently dubbed as lieutenant fighters of the force after the last war on the planet, and Lightning's friends were all executive captains, superior in rank to Twilight and friends, but not to Admiral Lightning.

Starla Shine: Lightning's mare-friend for well over a year. ID-Code: KY1M.

Buddy Rose: an expert gardener, ecologist, and tree surgeon, and Applejack's newest farm hand at New Sweet Apple Acres: ID-Code: FT5H.

Artie: A masterful artist in painting, sculpting, carving, you name it. ID-Code: HV7J

Rhymey: Fluttershy's colt-friend, a poet, song writer and café proprietor, who always spoke in rhyme. ID-Code: XL7Z

And the Spanish Twins, Dyno and Myte La Guava: Born on the Planet El Mundo, and the sons of a Starfleet General. Brilliant geologists, expert miners, movers, construction team, and explosive experts: Codes, IW8K and JX9L.

Joining them for dinner were Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, and Princess Luna.

Pinkie saw the others coming to join them. "Hey, there Every-pony." she chirped.

"Pinkie…" snapped Starla "Remember the corrected vocabularies. It's every-body, not every-pony."

Pinkie felt silly. "Ah, buck up, sugar-cube, we all make mistakes." said Applejack.

"Besides, at least we all get to be friends." added Buddy Rose "And speaking of which." He had to present to his queen a beautiful bouquet of flowers he had picked form his garden. "Why, Buddy Rose, they're lovely." she said as she accepted and sniffed them.

Buddy Rose bowed and kissed her hand tenderly "Just my way of saying thank you for inviting us all here."

"Aw…" everyone cooed.

They all sat down and waited for the chefs to come out and serve dinner, when they noticed someone was missing. "Where's Goldwin?" asked Rarity "Surely he would not even think of missing out on such a glorious gathering."

That's when Goldwin appeared at the door to the dining hall. "Sorry, I'm late." he panted and as he rubbed the sweat from his face, he mistakenly, but foolishly removed his magic mask, and turned back into a golden statue. The others couldn't help but chuckle. Artie got up and placed the mask back on his face. "There you go." he said "Ready everybody?"

Everyone nodded…

"All together at the count of three,

We'll say the magic words to set Goldwin free." said Rhymey.

They all counted to three and said the magic words…

"Hocus… Pocus…


…and Goldwin came back to life, but in a bit of a shock. "What happened?" he asked and the remembered "I knocked my mask off when I wiped my face." Everyone shared a laugh with him and then he took his seat just as dinner was served, and very big royal feast.

Grand Ruler and the Queen took the time to feed their little babies, Castor and Leilani. Fluttershy couldn't stop gazing at how lovely it looked. "They're so adorable." She cooed.

"They really are." said Celestia as she fed her little son his bottle of formula.

Her husband chuckled as he wiped the baby food off of his daughter's little face. "Father's little angel." He said as he softly patted her head.

There were salads, breads, vegetables, noodles, tea, and soft drinks to go around, and meat, especially meat. As they were genetically altered now, they're bodies required more sustenance and nutrients found only in meats… however, they were not the kind who slaughtered animals. All their meats were ordered and delivered specially from other planets.

There was only one piece of garlic-bread left on the tray, but Lightning graciously let Starla have it. She pecked him on his cheek for that.

Fluttershy and Rhymey were eating a course of spaghetti and meatballs, when their noodles got looped together and they ended up drawing towards each other's faces with their noses touching each other's. Fluttershy looked away, blushing, and hiding behind her mane, and Rhymey giggled nervously.

As everyone ate, Shining Armor noticed "Hey, Twili… are you going to finish that steak?"

His sister looked up as if she had been in a trance. "Oh, I'm… working on it." she said as she took another bite.

"What's the matter, Chica?" asked Dyno. "Are you still upset over not having your wings?" added Myte.

Lightning and Twilight's friends all groaned in dismay. "Twilight…" Cadance said "You've got to…"

"I know, I know…" her sister-in-law cut in "Stop worrying about it. I've only heard this like a billion times."

"Aw, come on Twilight." said Rainbow "Even if you don't have wings, I still consider you a good flyer."

Twilight smiled and thanked her for that. "Still, this reminds me of that guy I once met back in that other universe at the high school."

Everyone was well aware of the alternate universe, and the adventures Twilight had. "What was this guy like?" Lightning asked.

Twilight's memory was a bit faded, and she hadn't remembered much, but there was a guy she met at the high school, and he very different than Flash Sentry. "But... strange thing, he seemed to already know my name and Spike too."

Lightning dropped his fork, letting it hit the plate, and looked as if he had seen a ghost. "Twilight… what did he look like?"

Twilight couldn't remember much, but Spike did "He sort of looked like Flash Sentry, only he had brown hair, brown eyes." he gazed at Lightning "He looked like you, and he sounded like you too, and his name was Lightning too."

"Spike…!" snapped Lightning "That guy was me!"

There was a long short of everyone spitting out their drinks, choking on their foods, or dropping their utensils in shock, but none were as amazed as Lightning and Twilight.


Beautiful music began to play as the view of United Equestria was seen from far above, and beautiful voices were singing…

"My little pony… My little pony…"

When all of sudden, someone shouted. "Wait! Hold it! Stop them music! Stop! Stop…!" and everything screeched to a halt as Lightning came out onto the scene. "This isn't Friendship is Magic, and this isn't Equestria Girls." He called out to no one in particular, and demanded that changes be made, such as the view be changed into outer space, and the title card be changed, "And can you change the intro music?" he added, and he got his wishes. "Thank you!" he said and then he ducked down and out of sight letting the true intro begin.

(Starfleet Humans)

The great mirror portal, linking the dimensional universe to the alternate universe now stood a large broken fragment far away in the Crystal Empire. It had been shattered during the return of Nightmare Moon before Equestria was destroyed, and was ever since beyond any hope of being restored. So no one was ever able to return to the alternate universe, or come from it to United Equestria.

…At least not that way.

While back at the New Canterlot palace, everyone was still shocked and astonished to learn that Lightning had in fact met Twilight long before, which only raised further questions and curiosities. Pinkie went a-hundred miles an hour asking the many questions like…

"You met each other in the human world?"

"How did it happen?"

"When did it happen?"

"What… Who…? Why…? When…?"

Lightning felt steam shooting through his ears. "Settle down, Pinkie Pie." said Grand Ruler. Pinkie sat back down in her seat, and pretended to zip her lips, but everyone else was still rigged with questions… especially how Lightning was able to get to the alternate universe without using the mirror gate, and what was he doing there?

Lightning gazed at Grand Ruler and asked "Master, perhaps we can show everyone?"

His mentor agreed, and whispered to Celestia. His wife agreed, and the two held hands and hands together, concentrating hard, and their horns began to glow. They fired two small harmless beams at Lightning and Twilight's heads which helped to unlock some of their memories of their adventures.

Those memories then magically appeared over and across the table as a giant holographic image, much like a movie screen, and everyone could see the entire events just as they happened, from both perspectives.

Twilight felt a little uneasy about watching it again, because it reminded of something that happened which really broke her heart…!

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