Naruto: Jinchuriki of Two Bijuu
Chapter 1: Prologue, Mother and 'Mother', and Massacre: Copy Wheel Eye Revealed!

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Naruto: Jinchuriki of Two Bijuu. Now as you can tell by the chapter title, the Ichibi will be taking sort of a motherly role for Naruto, the difference is the real Ichibi will be a female and not bloodthirsty.

As for Kyuubi, it will be a non-entity for a good while, possibly the whole story, for reasons you will find out in this chapter, and the answer is no, Kyuubi is not dead, or absorbed or anything.

Finally, Naruto's mother is same as the other fic Naruto: Rise of Uchiha-Senju Naruto, what sue me I like that OC! The timeline and shiznit will be like that as well with slight adjustments, like a year pause between the wars, and it will be three years in before Minato gets his team, and then another three for it to end, and the bijuu attack will be a year and eight months after that, I am thinking that Minato will be Tsunade's son. Tsunade and Nawaki themselves will be Hashirama and Mito's children because of how compressed I've made the timeline, which also means since her Uzumaki blood will not be spread as thin as canon, she won't need the genjutsu to appear younger.

I think I will recycle the idea of Danzo kidnapping him, but something gets screwed up, the reason is I like to have Danzo out of the village, gives a few options to easily balance out Naruto having more power other than to power up other opponents.

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Chapter 1: Prologue, Mother and 'Mother', and Academy Begins!

-Konohagakure no Sato, Sometime During the Second War-

The smell of antiseptic was in the air. The room was white. Outside the room the sounds of bustling activity could be heard. But none of this mattered to the occupant of the rooms bed.

A blond haired woman stared down at the bundle in her arms. The bundle wriggled and revealed itself to be a baby with spiky blond hair. As the child opened its eyes it revealed deep blue eyes.

The woman had a diamond mark on her forehead , while her hair was pulled back into two pigtails. Her skin tone was fair and she had honey brown eyes. Currently she was wearing a hospital gown.

She smiled warmly down at the little baby in her arms. His eyes were just like his fathers were. And he had blonde hair like her, although his was a different shade.

The woman was Senju Tsunade of the Sannin, and she was the daughter of the Shodai Hokage, Senju Hashirama, and the current Kyuubi jinchuriki Uzumaki-Senju Mito.

The baby in her arms was her last light in a world that had slowly become dark. In the past year she'd lost her little brother and her fiancé(in public) Dan. Out of the public eye she had insisted they got married a week after she found out she was pregnant, there was no chance the Senju clan heir would be born a bastard.

Tsunade looked up as clicking sound of the lock being turned penetrated the silence of the room. In walked a woman with her hair pulled in to two buns on either side of her head. It was Uzumaki Mito, her mother, and jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"Now Tsunade, I know all you want to do is hold your son, but you are no good to him if you are tired, get some rest." She ordered.

"I suppose you're right Kaa-san." Tsunade sighed as she handed her son over to her mother after giving him a kiss on the forehead.

Mito took her grandson in her arms and gave her daughter a smile before she walked out the door.

Tsunade rested her head back on her pillow and began to try to fall asleep. Still, something nagged at the back of her mind, a feeling that something was off.

Just then the click of the handle turning sounded again and the door opened and in walked her mother...again.

"Tsu-chan, where's my grandson, I wanted to see him." Mito said with a slight smile, it disappeared when she saw the blood drain from her daughters already fair skin to make her look nearly as white as her teammate that summoned snakes.

"Y-y-you mean you didn't just come in here?" Tsunade asked in fear. Mito's eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"No I ju- what do you think you're doing?" She asked because as soon as the word no was out of her mouth Tsunade leapt to her feet in panic, luckily the hospital gown had a back to it.

"My baby! Someone's kidnapped my baby!" Tsunade screamed in panic, at this Mito's eyes widened. She quickly created a clone to shunshin to Sarutobi and tell him to get all the available ninja searching for her grandson, meanwhile she and Tsunade leapt through the hospital window to begin searching themselves.

They looked for the child for a month but no trails had been found leading outside of the village, and the one from the hospital disappeared midway, there was no choice but to call off the search, it was assumed he was dead. Tsunade was so heartbroken, she left as soon as the war was over 13 years later right on what would have been her son's birthday.

Unknown to her a blonde haired child by the name of Namikaze Minato who was expected to be the rookie of the year in a few months, celebrated his thirteenth birthday in the orphanage with his friends and the matron who had raised him.

-Nearly Twenty-Two Years After the Birth of Tsunade's Son-

Minato stared in shock and fear at the sight before him. He had just been about to perform the Shiki Fuijin(1) to seal the Kyuubi into his son Naruto, while his wife subdued the Kyuubi with her Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

His mind was now a whirlwind of chaos as he processed what was before him.

'Oh Kami that can't be, please tell me that's not...the Ichibi no Tanuki. Shit this is bad! I don't have the strength to seal two of them while halving their power' He thought, lucky for him his wife had thought of a solution.

"Minato-koi, I'll hold them down with Susanoo, and suppress them with the EMS, you seal half Kyuubi's chakra into yourself as planned, unfortunately you'll have to seal the entire Ichibi into Naruto-chan." His wife ordered.

Minato's wife was a raven haired woman with a slender face and pale skin and onyx colored eyes. She had a bang partially obscuring her right eye. She had high D-cup breasts. Her waist was slim and led to her perfectly formed rear and well sculpted thighs, although the thighs were hard to make out because right now she wore a maternity dress.

Her normally solid onyx eyes had a four long thin blood red claws with the hook ends making a circle with a blood red five petal flower in the center with a black ring in the middle before the final red circle.. It was her EMS.

"Alright Hitomi-chan, I guess I'll have to use the advanced second level of the Hakke Fuin(2) I learned from the forbidden scroll." Minato replied.

With that a skeletal astral figure began to form around Hitomi. It gained musculature and then partial armor and finally fully formed. The astral figure towered as high as a boss summon and was a translucent grey color with midnight colored samurai armor everything but it's head and it's upper back, from which a massive pair of midnight colored raven wings extended, currently held out to their fullest extent. It's head had a helmet that was in the shape of a ravens head with the beak open to show its face with blood red eyes glowing. In its hands it had two long midnight black katana, the edge of the blades being blood-red.

This was Hitomi's ultimate Susanoo.

"Susanoo!" She declared as she had her Susanoo shoot it's wings forward.

Four chains of black magatama shot out from each wing and wrapped around the two bijuu, the one s from the right wing holding Kyuubi, with two holding the Kyuubi's head and forelegs still and the other two holding it's tails.

The other four help the Ichibi down . Hitomi took note of how that unlike the Kyuubi who was thrashing and snarling in rage, the Ichibi seemed to only be struggling in alarm, and nowhere near as much as one would expect a bijuu on the rampage to struggle.

Finally she looked them in the eyes and forced the power of her eyes upon them to calm them down.

Minato quickly did the hand seals for the Shiki Fuijin and summoned the Shinigami who he said something to, Hitomi couldn't hear the exact words.

The Shinigami shot his hand through Minato's torso, and he felt a searing white hot pain like coals were being shoved through his chest, it then grabbed hold of Kyuubi and the beasts roars echoed in the air as its power was slowly dragged from it and sealed into Minato. With that the Shinigami disappeared.

Quickly Minato flashed through hand seals and shouted out a technique as he placed his hand on Naruto's stomach who was on a ceremonial throne.

"Nido Hakke Fuin: Fuin!"(3) He shouted as the two bijuu were pulled into the seal on Naruto's stomach.

Hitomi let her Susanoo dissipate as she stumbled over to her son and husband. She gently picked him up and cradled him to her chest as she sat down on the ground, and then lay down on her side. Minato joined her as he wrapped his arms around them.

"I love you two, and I will see you on the other side Hitomi-chan." Minato said softly. With that he closed his eyes and his breathing stopped as he passed away.

Hitomi had tears streaming down her face as she looked at her son, she saw him open his eyes and she stared into the miniature copy of her own onyx orbs. Quickly she activated her EMS. She stayed like that for a good fifteen seconds.

Finally she deactivated them as she stared back into her sons eyes that now had black rings around them, he also had six whisker marks on his cheeks. She kissed him on his forehead and clutched him closer to her as she spoke her final words.

"Naru-chan, I wish I could see you grow, but it looks like life won't be so kind, live well Sochi, Kaa-chan loves you." She said as her life slowly faded. Finally she closed her eyes and let out her last breath.

As if sensing that his mother was dead the baby began to wail loudly, it's cries echoing in the clearing. The scent of smoke drifted on the wind. As the air was silent save for the cries of the infant.

This was the sight the Sandaime Hokage came upon as he arrived with a few Anbu. A mother and father holding their son as the child wailed at the loss of his parents.

As the Sandaime approached them with the ground crunching underfoot he realized his friend Minato was dead, and seeing the person lying next to him couldn't help but shed a few tears, as he saw Hitomi. When she had been sent to the village by her father he had made a habit of checking up on her as much as he could, over the years she had been like a daughter to him.

"Poor Hitomi-chan, she was looking forward to being a mother so much, only to have it ripped from her so soon, our world is surely much to cruel." He said in a slightly choked voice.

The Anbu bowed their heads in sadness.

Leaning down and picking up the baby in Hitomi's arms, Sarutobi created two clones to secure Hitomi and Minato's bodies, he would have them buried inside the compound of Minato's clan. He had only found out a short time ago on a fluke, and still not worked out how to tell the boy or his mother the truth.

He had enough access to the Senju compound to make sure nobody could get to their true graves besides Naruto.

"Come, we have a council to deal with." Sarutobi said to the Anbu.

-A Half Hour Later-

Sarutobi sighed as he waited for the elder and shinobi councils to arrive. He was currently in the council room. It was a large round room with a raised platform with a wrap around table and chairs in the council members places. In front of his place there was a carving of the leaf symbol, and behind him there was a banner with the symbol of Hi no Kuni.

The shinobi council was made up of the heads of T&I, Anbu, medical corps, cipher division, and the barrier squad. The rest consisted of the various clan heads.

The elder council was made up of his old teammates and Shimura Danzo.

Hiruzen sighed once more when he thought of the councils, he knew the news of Minato and Hitomi's deaths would not go well with them. The clan heads because most of them were friends and classmates of them, and the other members of the shinobi council because Minato was their leader and Hitomi was once the Anbu commander so she worked with the other department heads, and finally the elders because they were their two strongest shinobi in the village.

Although for Koharu at least she would also be grief stricken with the news of Hitomi, She had taken an interest in the girl when she took her first chunin exams, and taken over for her sensei Jiraiya when only Minato passed on their team to become chunin, from there she taught Hitomi, her teammate Higourashi Kota, and Uchiha Mikoto whose team was disbanded when one of them died in the exams and another quit being a ninja.

The doors slammed open and in strode the shinobi council, most had torn clothes and burn holes and several other signs of being in battle recently, only the clan heads of the Yamanaka, Aburame, and Hyuuga clans didn't show signs of battle as they were the only clans who would be useless against a bijuu, the Hyuuga because they could not attack a bijuu's chakra net, the Aburame because their insects could not handle their chakra, and the Yamanaka because going into a bijuu's mind was suicide.

The elders were behind them, they hadn't participated in the battle so they were relatively healthy.

He waited with Naruto sleeping peacefully in his blanket on the table in front of him. A few of the council members threw curious glances at the bundle as they made their way to their seats, he had made sure to not invite the civilian council, seriously, he sometimes questioned exactly how drunk his sensei had been when he created the council, to a shinobi, it didn't even sound good on paper!

He took note of the fact that the Uchiha clan head was not there, but figured he must have been injured in the fight.

When all had been seated, Shikaku Nara asked the question they all wanted answered.

"Sandaime-sama, why were we called here, and where is Yondaime-sama?" Shikaku asked.

"I shall start by telling you that you are here because of the reason that Minato is not here." Hiruzen began gravely.

He couldn't hold back the grief in his voice as he told them the news in a slightly cracked voice.

"L-little more than an hour ago, Namikaze Minato and Uchiha H-Hitomi died in the attempt to stop the Kyuubi, which they succeeded in." He said gravely.

The reactions were exactly as he predicted. All the clan heads showed various signs of distress as they heard this, Tsume especially when she heard that her friend Hitomi was dead, she had a few tears streaming down her face, as did Koharu.

"However that is not all, in their effort to protect the village, they managed to do something that was previously thought impossible, only I and a couple Anbu witnessed it. As Minato was about to use the Shiki Fuijin to seal the beast inside himself, an unexpected presence arrived, the Ichibi no Tanuki." Hiruzen told them gaining gasps from all, they thought the Ichibi was in Suna!

"In his will to protect the village he sealed successfully both the Kyuubi and the Ichibi inside the baby before me, this child is the first ever jinchuriki to two bijuu, and the son of our Yondaime." Hiruzen told them.

Danzo off to the side was cursing internally, as soon as he heard the boy was the jinchuriki of TWO bijuu he was practically foaming at the mouth to ask to be given the boy to train him, but with Hiruzen revealing he was the Yondaime's son, that became impossible, there was no way the shinobi council would allow him to train the son of their greatest hero.

The council was in uproar and Hiruzen decided to wait patiently for it to calm itself. Once it was settled down he spoke once more.

"I am afraid at this point we must decide what we shall do about young Naruto here." Sarutobi told them.

"*sigh* As much as I don't like having to be the one to say it, he can't be adopted into a clan, other villages would find it far too suspicious that he was adopted out of all the orphans." Nara Shikaku said analytically.

The rest of the clan heads nodded reluctantly, as much as they liked to think he would be better off protected by a clan, but they knew if someone found out who he was it would be meaningless having a clans protection.

"I am afraid I must agree, therefore I am declaring everything in this meeting an S-ranked secret, punishable by death." Sarutobi said gravely.

The clan heads nodded in acceptance to this.

With that he dismissed the meeting and everyone left.

A little over half a year later the news of Naruto's status as jinchuriki of two bijuu leaked to the public, Sarutobi knew Danzo was behind it, he was the only one who would be bold enough to defy an S-ranked secret.

However it backfired when Hiruzen made a public announcement of the mechanics of the seal used, that underlined the fact it's main purpose was to make sure the jinchuriki was safe from the bijuu's influence, and the fact that the Shinigami powered it helped in getting people to not realize that Naruto was just an unfortunate child who didn't get a say in having the bijuu's sealed into him.

Although ninety-eight percent of the village didn't really mind him, and were only weary of him maybe losing control in a state of extreme emotion. However two percent thought of him as the bijuu's he contained, however, the idea of doing something about it was firmly rejected when one man tried to assassinate him at the age of two, and suddenly sand arose from around the onyx-eyed, blond-haired child and crushed the man.

His life was relatively un-eventful until one day when he was six, a day that would change the course of his life.

-Six Years Later-

A spiky blond haired child dashed through the training grounds just inside Konoha in the waning light of day.. He wore a black T-shirt with a red leaf symbol on it, and tan shorts with blue sandals. The boy's hair had a bang that reached his eyebrow, and onyx black eyes. He had black rings around his eyes that looked sort of like those on a raccoon, as well as six whisker marks on his cheeks, three on each one.

His name was Uzumaki Naruto, and unknown to him, the jinchuriki of both the Kyuubi no Kitsune, and the Ichibi no Tanuki. Currently he was late getting back to the orphanage. He really liked the matron there, she always told him stories of the great shinobi of the village.

He'd been caught out late training to be a ninja again, he hadn't entered the academy yet but that was no reason not to train, this was encouraged by his surrogate grandfather the Hokage.

Naruto had almost gotten to the edge of the training grounds when three figures down dropped in front of him. At first he thought they were Hokage-jiji's Anbu, then he noticed the masks were blank and had the kanji for 'root' etched on them.

"Uzumaki Naruto, our master wishes for us to bring him the Senju heir, you will come with us." The middle one ordered.

"Who're you? Who's your master? What do you mean Senju heir?" Naruto asked in confusion.

Apparently the Anbu weren't satisfied with the answer as they shot forward with kunai drawn to try and subdue the boy.

Naruto saw them coming and he couldn't move, suddenly he felt a stinging in his eyes. Time slowed down and it seemed almost like he could track their movements. Had the boy been able to see his eyes he would find them to be blood red with black pupils and one tomoe spinning in each eye.

The Anbu were surprised by the sight of the sharingan but disregarded it as they were trained to, the only thing that mattered was to complete their mission.

Just as the Anbu were about to reach Naruto sand suddenly shot up and ensnared them, it quickly engulfed them and them imploded, showering blood all over Naruto who by now was too shocked at the attempt on his life to register seeing three people killed right in front of him, by sand.

The emotions and stress of the last few minutes(as well as unknowingly using a large amount of chakra) caused him to pass out in exhaustion.

-Naruto's Mindscape-

Naruto was confused. At first all he saw was darkness, but then he found himself standing in a corridor that seemed to be made of some sort of yellow stone blocks lining the wall and floor. It looked vaguely like the inside of a castle. There were three wires as thick as his arm across the walls, one a was a blue color, another was red, and the final was a tan-ish yellow color.

He heard a whisper in the castle-like corridor. Almost able to be passed off as a breeze, but loud enough he knew it wasn't. It was calling to him, and he followed. He weaved through the passage ways, eventually coming to a large set of black wooden doors, almost three times his height of 3'8. He pushed them open and they parted easily.

He was now in a massive throne room made of the same yellow stone blocks. It was lined with Greek pillar going along the sides of the room, with a set of giant wooden gates at the other end with a large piece of paper with the kanji for 'seal' on it. On impulse he walked towards the set of gates as he walked down the hall, his footsteps echoing on the floor.

Finally He reached the gates, there was just darkness inside. Naruto couldn't see inside but he was curious. He was just about to step inside when a hand landed on his shoulder. The hand was feminine and had black nail polish on it.

"I wouldn't go in there if I were you Naru-chan." A musical female voice told him.

Naruto turned around to face the woman behind him only to have his eyes widen in shock.

The woman was dressed in an pair of tight black biker shorts that went to just below the mid-thigh. She wore knee length black high heeled ninja sandals. On her upper body she wore an Anbu tank top and the upper body armor, on her arms she wore fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back that went up to her elbows. Over all this she wore a dark blue high-collar cloak with sleeves that only went to the mid bicep with the inside of it being white. On her forehead she wore a black-clothed Konoha hitai-ate.

Her long raven hair went to the top of her mid back, and there was a long bang that partially obscured her right eye, while another framed the left side of her face, falling past her jaw. The last thing he noticed her eyes were onyx colored.

"Y-y-you're the Karasu no ōjo(4) U-Uchiha H-Hitomi, but you're d-dead!" He exclaimed, stuttering slightly in shock. Hitomi smiled gently at him as she knelt down to his level.

"Oh but I am so much more than just Uchiha Hitomi little Naru-chan, I am your mother." She told him.

Naruto's eyes widened in shock tears of joy began gathering in his eyes . His mother? But jiji said he didn't know who his parents were, however he told Naruto that Uchiha Hitomi had been a sort of surrogate daughter to him, how could he not know she was pregnant and that he was her son?

"You look shocked, I suppose that Hiruzen hasn't told you about me and your father yet, understandable considering how many enemies we had, but I assure you Sochi, I am your mother. If you need more convincing, just look right there." She said as she saw he still had doubts. She turned him around and a tall mirror materialized. Kneeling down with an arm around his shoulders, she spoke.

"Look; You have my eyes. We have the same skin color. You have my father's hair style. Most important, you being here proves you unlocked your sharingan, something only someone of our clan can do." She told him as she pointed to each feature in turn.

Naruto turned around and hugged her tightly. Tears began to fall as he rested his head on her shoulder.

"I-it's, y-you're really my Kaa-chan...I wanted to meet you for so long!" He exclaimed as he sobbed into her shoulder.

"Shhh it's okay Naru-chan, Kaa-chan is here." She cooed as she sat down and maneuvered him into her lap she held him while he let out the tears. When he was finally down to just sniffles she lifted his chin so he was looking into her eyes.

"Better?" She asked.

"H-hai Kaa-chan. But where are we, and how are you here, Hokage-jiji said you were dead?" Naruto asked as he looked up at her with his big round onyx eyes.

"Well as for where we are, we are in your mindscape. As for how I'm here; I used our clans bloodline limit, or kekkei genkai, to appear here when you awakened your sharingan. I used a combination of advanced abilities to give me seven days in here to speak to you, and train you in using our clans kekkei genkai, and our taijutsu styles, both the intercepting, and the initiating fists. As well as tell you about your heritage not only as the last pure-blood Uchiha, but also as the last pureblood Senju." Hitomi said, confusing him.

"First let's start with who you're father was, we only began to suspect a seven months before you were born when he stumbled across a medical file on a child Tsunade of the Sannin had. The child was kidnapped. When he the photo of the baby and it's blood typing and birth dat. He realized the photo looked almost exactly like the one the matron at the orphanage had taken of him after he was found on the doorstep of the orphanage

So he had a blood test done. It was a match. Of course he never told anyone who's blood it was he wanted to know if it was a match to his. Your father was the son of Senju Tsunade, and he was the Yondaime Hokage, Namika- no- Senju Minato." Hitomi told him, further shocking Naruto, he was the son of two S-ranked ninja.

"Now this also means you are the great-grandson of the Shodai Hokage, however that is not all. My father, your grandfather, was Uchiha Madara." She said. Hitomi expected his reaction would be pretty big.

"Uchiha M-Madara, but wasn't he like, Konoha's biggest traitor, and how? Wouldn't he have been like way old to be your father?" Naruto asked rapid fire in a worked up voice that made her chuckle.

"Well in order: Technically that is what history writes him as, however he was set up from the beginning by one who wished to control our clan, this was not learned till about ten years after his fight with the Shodai, which happens to lead to the answer to the next question; A space time jutsu backfired on him and hurled him into the future, where he proceeded to inform Uzumaki-Senju Mito, your great-grandmother, of the truth." Hitomi finished.

"Now for what the term pure-blood Uchiha or Senju means, for that You will need to be told the histories of the clans. Long ago when the clans were still new and war had decimated their already short number of clan members compared to others, the two clans devised separate blood rituals to transform normal people into Uchiha or Senju, nowadays only a few people even know of the rituals, and the rituals now only consist of a jutsu to merge the eyes of an Uchiha with that of another." Hitomi explained.

There was a pause before she continued.

"Now then there is our bloodline, the sharingan, it is one of the three great dojutsu and has five levels, the first three are well known, the three stages of tomoe, in which the abilities it grants steadily increase, then in the fourth stage, the first mangekyo stage, you gain access to three techniques exclusive to the sharingan, as well as some new abilities , and the final stage is the eternal mangekyo, and it grants two new techniques and an increase in all abilities as well as the level at which the five techniques can be used." Hitomi explained, she continued to explain exactly what the abilities were.

First stage predicting abilities as well as being able to see when chakra is being expelled around the body and ability to copy taijutsu. Second stage the perceptive abilities increase and you can see the blurry outline of the chakra network as well as increase in copying abilities. The third provided even more prediction to where you could see an attack before it happened, you could copy any nin, gen, or taijutsu, as well as cast genjutsu with your eyes, and see the chakra network a little more clearly. The fourth provided a bit more prediction, and an increase in the ability to see the chakra network to the point you could see the entire system. The final stage granted the user the ability to perfectly see the chakra network including the tenketsu, as well as the final two techniques.

Of course this was the pure-bloods, the half-bloods could only ever hope to gain four of the techniques and also an ability to slightly see the chakra network.

Finally when the explanations were out of the way for the clans, Hitomi moved on to the topic she knew would be the most troublesome, the two bijuu sealed inside him.

"Naru-chan, before we get to any training there is one more thing I must tell you." Hitomi told him.

She was nervous of his reaction. They had sealed not one but two bijuu within him. Would he be mad at them? He was only six after all, you couldn't expect one to think as logically as an adult.

"Huh, what's that Kaa-chan?" Naruto asked.

"You know how your father fought the Kyuubi on the day you were born?" Hitomi asked. Getting a nod she continued.

"Well unlike they say it wasn't just Kyuubi that day, at the end the Ichibi showed up, and he sealed both of them into you, believe me, I never wanted for you to be a jinchuriki, I was the Kyuubi jinchuriki before you." Hitomi explained.

Naruto looked down at this. He had heard that the Yondaime killed Kyuubi, but this made more sense.

" How'd Kyuubi get out? Why did the Ichibi show up?" Naruto asked.

"Well, I can only answer the first, and the answer is that a man in an orange mask that tried to pretend he was my father showed up and distracted your father and extracted Kyuubi, as for the Ichibi I have no clue." Hitomi answered.

Before either could respond a distinctly feminine demonic voice echoed from the darkness within the gates.

"I believe I can answer the pups question." It said as the two Uchiha spun around to find a giant pair of yellow pupils with a black four-sided shuriken for a pupil with four dots in as well staring at them in curiosity.

They gaped at what they could only assume was the Ichibi. Slowly light appeared in the cage to reveal it was indeed the Ichibi speaking.

Hitomi could think of only one thing to say.

"...You're a girl?" She asked dumbly. Ichibi snickered at this.

"Yes I am. People have given me the title of Ichibi no Tanuki, however my real name is Shunka, it's a pleasure to meet you at last little pup, and the pups mother." The now named Shunka replied.

"Uh ok, Shunka-san, do you think you could maybe elaborate on your first statement?" Hitomi asked politely.

"Of course Hitomi-san, but first, do you think maybe the pup could change the method of my sealing besides a cage, I would settle for a collar, and the Kyuubi can do the same." Shunka replied.

"Really? I found Kyuubi was quite...stand offish when sealed into me." Hitomi said cautiously, only to receive a laugh from the tanuki.

"Yes I suppose she was like that sometimes." Shunka replied.

"Naru-chan, focus on the cage and gates becoming collars for Shunka-san and Kyuubi please, I think it will be much easier." Hitomi said.

Naruto nodded as he focused on what his mother suggested. The dark cage and gates disappeared as a large golden collar with a oval-shaped piece of gold holding a large sapphire set in it right at the throat. The sapphire had the kanji for 'seal' on it. There was a similar collar on Kyuubi who's hulking form was now visible at the back of the room with her head on her paws as if sleeping, only hers was made of silver and had a ruby.

"Mmmm, verrryy nice pup."Shunka replied, stretching out the word very.

"Hmm, let me slip into my preferred form before we continue." Shunka said.

With that she began to shrink down and her shape shifted and became human like. Finally she fully formed and revealed her human form.

Sh now was an extremely beautiful woman of about 5'7 in height, with reddish-brown hair and pale skin, and her eyes were the same golden color as before but now her sclera were a normal white color, and her eyes had black rings around them similar to Naruto's. Her face was heart shaped with a button nose and a perfect full set of pink lips.

Currently she was dressed in a top the same color of blue as the markings on her tanuki form had been. that only covered her breasts, which where a G-cup, and at that there was still a good deal of cleavage exposed, basically it only covered enough to be kind of modest, and had no shoulders to it, while having two pieces of cloth that went around the bicep connected to the top. The top was made of a very light fabric that was almost see-through on the edges

Her pants were of the same color and were made in the same light fabric and were extremely baggy, and low-cut on the hips, with the waist band following the same natural slope as her body, meaning that it was basically on a couple inches from exposing where her pubic hair would be if she had any.

"Ah, much better!" She exclaimed in a more human voice, but still with a light demonic echo as she sat cross legged in front of the mother and son.

"Now to answer the question of why I was there that day, the answer is simple, I was slumbering and I felt a burst of Kyuubi's chakra that seemed particularly agitated, even for a bijuu, and went to investigate and maybe calm her if I could.

When I got there I saw a village in the distance that showed signs of her attacking it, and her about to be sealed, and before I knew it you had wrapped your Susanoo's magatama chains around me and I was sealed in the pup here by your husband." Shunka explained, making Hitomi slightly sad at how she and her husband had jumped the gun and sealed the bijuu away when she was only there to help the situation.

Shunka sensing the Uchiha's feelings spoke.

"I do not blame you and your husband for sealing me, you were in the heat of battle and had just fought my sister, you made the only decision you could make to ensure the safety of your pup and home, you had no idea what I was there for and thus had to assume I was joining in the destruction." Shunka told her consolingly, Hitomi smiled in response to this.

Then she remembered something.

"When you spoke of your sister, you said she was like that, what did you mean?" Hitomi asked, Naruto being curious as well.

Shunka had a slightly sad look at this.

"What I meant is that as a result of her struggle during the sealing, with your husband's concentration split, an accident occurred. Currently she is as you humans put it, 'brain dead'. Since she is a bijuu it is possible one day she may recover, but it is not likely. Sometimes I curse her stubbornness, had she just accepted that we would be sealed, she may be fine right now." Shunka sighed. Naruto, seeing the 'pretty Ichibi lady' as he saw her, looking like she was going to cry, did what most children would do at his age.

He got up and went over to her and gave her a hug, shocking her. Naruto felt her stiffen for a second before she relaxed and put her arms around him.

"I'm sorry your Nee-chan's hurt." He said.

"Thank you pup, but it's ok." She said. Naruto beamed and let go of the hug and walked back over to sit with his mother.

Shunka smiled as she looked at her container.

"Well I suppose I should explain the benefits you get from being my container?" She asked in amusement at his confused/excited look.

Hitomi gasped as she realized what she meant.

"So the legend about your jinchuriki is true?" She asked.

"Hai it is, my containers gain power over sand, and I make sure it protects them from getting injured if I can help it, however here are limits, for instance, the sand is only as fast as you are in proportion, so if you didn't train much in speed, anyone above high chunin speed could hit you, however if your own speed was at say high chunin level..." Shunka trailed off, Hitomi was the one to get it.

"The sand would probably protect him up to high jonin to very low kage level speed." She concluded, getting a nod from Shunka.

"There also needs to be a source of sand, if there isn't you waste allot of chakra creating it, so if I were you I would start to carry some around with you in a gourd maybe, and possibly even have containment seals on the inside to hold even more sand inside." Shunka suggested.

Naruto nodded to this, it made sense.

"Last is that it can also be used for offense, as you saw before you came here." Shunka told him.

Naruto shuddered as he suddenly saw an image of the sand imploding and the blood raining down on him. He dropped to his hands and knees and threw up at the image. The blond cried lightly at the image for a good half hour while his mother held him. His sobs echoed off the walls.

Shunka felt bad about making the boy feel like that, but he needed to get over the shock.

Finally once things were calm once more Hitomi spoke.

"Now we need to only talk about a few other things before we begin your training, the most important is that as soon as you leave here go and tell Hiruzen all learned here, ask him for access to the Senju compound and also to have Senju artifacts moved to the compound. " Hitomi told him. Naruto nodded vigorously.

"Alright Naru-chan, let's begin!" Hitomi exclaimed as she activated her sharingan and jumped back.

Naruto jumped to his feet and was about to prepare to defend by activating his sharingan, then he remembered he didn't know how to activate it. Too late he realized his mother was charging.

"W-wait Kaa-chan, how do I activate the sharingan?" It was too late and her foot planted itself in his face. It was going to be a long 7 days.

-Outside Mindscape, Later.

Naruto groaned as he opened his eyes. He still had his sharingan active, except now they had two tomoe in each eye.

He quickly got up and looked around, he saw that the bodies of his would be attackers were still there.

He figured jiji would want to see them. The question was how?

'I think I can help with that pup.' Shunka's voice spoke in his head.

"Thanks Shunka." He replied

'Think your answers, don't want people to think you are crazy now do we?' She asked.

Naruto scratched the back of his head with a chuckle.

He looked over to the bodies to see that sand was picking them up. Knowing people would probably notice this he shot off for the Hokage's office as fast as possible.

-Hokage's Office, Half Hour Later-

Sarutobi Hiruzen sighed tiredly as he looked at a report in his hands. It seemed that the Uchiha clan was showing more signs that they were going to begin getting serious about a coup, which any sane person would know was impossible with only one clan, hell, he could probably take on the entire clan himself and win, they just weren't as good as they thought they were.

His thoughts were interrupted by his office door being slammed open. Three objects were hurled through it, landing in front of his desk. He leaned forward and saw that it was three mangled and crushed looking bodies, the most distinguishable features the white masks with kanji for 'root' on them. His first thought was how since usually they incinerated upon being killed. The second was how they were killed.

He snapped his gaze up to see a rather shaky and green looking Naruto resisting the urge to throw up at the sight of the bodies as it was really the first time he actually looked at them. The boy was covered in blood. Hiruzen was immediately in front of him, pulling the boy into a hug.

"Naruto-kun, what happened?" He asked in concern.

"Th-they attacked me, they were coming at me and then I felt a stinging in my eyes, and then they seemed to slow down. then the sand came up and crushed them." Naruto told him in a slightly calmer voice as Sarutobi had signaled to one of his Anbu to remove the bodies.

Naruto pulled back and went to the chair in front of the desk and sat in it, Hiruzen followed suit, sitting in his own chair. He noticed Naruto looking at the pictures behind his desk of the past Hokage's , more specifically the Shodai and Yondaime.

Finally he spoke.

"Jiji when the sand crushed them I fell unconscious, and I woke up in my mindscape, Jiji I met her my Kaa-san, I know who my parents are." Naruto said quietly.

Sarutobi's eyes widened in shock before he signaled his Anbu to leave, and then activated a privacy barrier.

"You say you met your mother, I must ask just to be sure, who was she?" Sarutobi asked seriously.

"You already know that, Uchiha Hitomi, daughter of Uchiha Madara, wife of my Tou-san Nami-no, Senju Minato, son of Senju Tsunade." Naruto replied. The Sandaime's eyes widened in shock.

"How did they find out, I only found out a few months before they died. I hadn't found out how to tell them." Sarutobi asked.

"Well he stumbled on her son's birth records and saw the baby picture looked just like his from the orphanage, and he saw the blood type was the same so he had a matching test done, it came back positive." Naruto explained.

"Now, what I came here for as because Kaa-san told me to ask you if I could have access to the Senju compound to live in, and maybe move the clan artifacts back into the compound?" Naruto asked.

"Hmm, I believe that is most reasonable, besides, that is where I have them buried, you can visit them any time you want." Hiruzen answered. Seeing the blonds confused look he elaborated.

"I have access to the grounds of the compound, to get inside the building itself I would need you with me." He explained.

Naruto grinned in response. The next few years would be awesome! Little did he know, just two years later, shortly after entering the academy, another event would happen that would change his life.

-Two Years Later-

It had been a month since he started the academy. Now Naruto wore Anbu pants tucked into black sandals, with a black high collar shirt. On his hip he wore a gourd. The gourd had containment seals in it so in a gourd that should barely hold a child's play pail full of sand, carried a sandbox full.

His blond hair had grown longer with his bang now partially obscuring his right eye, and the rest of his spiky hair chin length and now clearly beginning to look like a very short version of his grandfathers hair. This combined with his facial features that were more muscular than most boys his age, and also the Rings around his eyes and whisker marks on his cheeks, gained him a few fangirls, despite him posing as dead last.

The past two years the bijuu inside of him, the non-brain-dead one, had been helping him by making training schedules for him, from the memories Shunka managed to get from Kyuubi, she was able to create the perfect training plan. First was learning the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu(5). After that she had him drill chakra control with them, as well as study every aspect he could of shinobi theory from beginning to the end of the academy, only then did she let him get to the really exciting stuff, like actually learning in practice, like the basic three jutsu, and then seals because even though it was his great grandmother, the Uzumaki blood flowed in him.

With it he found a way to combine sealing with his sand so that he could make seals almost anywhere, and no one would be the wiser.

In his month at the academy, Naruto had made a couple friends, one of which being Uchiha Sasuke, who for some reason Shunka-kaa-san said smelled like a girl. Sasuke wanted to prove to everyone that he could be just as good as his older brother Itachi. Unfortunately for him, he had even more fangirls than Naruto, almost the entire class.

Another couple friends he made were Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Choji, the Nara and Akimichi clan heirs respectively.

Shikamaru was laid back and liked to take naps, stare at clouds, and play shogi. He was surprised when he played Naruto and he actually had to think hard, he won in the end but it was close.

Choji loved to watch clouds with Shikamaru. and try different kinds of food, he and Naruto would have eating competitions, Naruto's metabolism being rather high both from his enormous amount of chakra from his heritage and having two bijuu inside him.

Naruto, upon Shunka's suggestion, had decided he was going to down play his skills and be the 'dobe'. This way not only would people underestimate him, but he'd be on the team with the rookie of the year, and kunoichi of the year, meaning they would be the most skilled trio as long as they worked together well enough.

Currently he was in the training ground with the memorial stone in it. The early morning light shone down on him as the birds were chirping and the squirrels chattering in the surrounding forest.

Naruto wasn't too enthused about being up this early today. It was October 10th, his birthday.

He was currently looking down at a square of paper in his left hand.

Apparently Shunka wanted him to test something, although he had no idea how a piece of paper could help test something, regardless, he did as she had told him and channeled chakra into the paper.

"Alright here we go." He exclaimed as he channeled the chakra.

The effect was instant, the paper shredded in four and then each fourth was cut into eighths as well, then each of the groups had a different reaction. One burst into flames, another crumpled together into a ball. Then the third turned to dust, and the final to water.

'Uh, Kaa-san what was that?' Naruto asked his surrogate mother figure.

Over the past couple years she had really taken on the role of his mother of sorts, making sure that he got up on time, cleaned his room, brushed his teeth and ate healthy. She also taught him about social skills and etiquette, and made sure he studied enough. She was there for him constantly.

'Good it looks like it worked.' Shunka said in a musing voice.

'What worked Kaa-san, what aren't you telling me?' Naruto asked.

'That was a test to test your elemental affinity. Originally you had fire, Lightning, and earth. Meaning Katon, Raiton, and Doton affinities. When you had me sealed inside your body, you gained an wind, or Fūton affinity.' Shunka told him.

Naruto nodded. He understood that much about affinities.

'Well I used some of Onee-chan's power, along with my own to give you a fifth affinity, water.' Shunka explained.

Naruto was happy to hear he had all five affinities, it made it that much easier to learn jutsu.

'However, as with everything there must be a trade off, you see, as I said, you already had four affinities. Although the wind was from me, you already had earth, fire, and lightning. Now because you have pure-blood Senju blood, and pure-blood, Uchiha you had the possibility of unlocking the eyes of my creator and father, the one your mother said you were the descendant of, the Rinnegan of the Rikudo Sennin.' Shunka told him.

Before Naruto could get excited, Shunka decided to finish.

'Don't get excited pup, there was no guarantee it would happen, so I made a trade off. I gave you a water, or Suiton affinity. I also strengthened each of your affinities to the level of your great-granduncle's water affinity. Finally I unlocked a latent kekkei genkai of the Senju and gave your sand the same bijuu suppressing ability as you great-grandfathers mokuton. However you will never awaken the rinnegan now, or wield the mokuton which there was a slight chance you might have awakened. I understand if you are mad at me for doing it without asking, I just wanted to surprise you for your birthday.' Shunka finished, and although she tried to downplay it, she was worried her surrogate son wouldn't want anything to do with her anymore.

However Naruto proved that he would always be able to surprise her.

'Don't worry Kaa-san, I'm not mad, you traded a power I might get, to give me a power that I would get.' He answered with the mental equivalent of a hug.

Shunka was relieved, and decided to give him even more good news.

'I should tell you, although you'll never gain the Rinnegan, you still have the kekkei genkai of the Senju and Uchiha clans, however one thing you should know is the true Senju bloodline, which is the ability to manipulate Inton, Yin Release, Yōton, Yang Release, and their combined form, Onmyōton, in-Yang Release, in ways other can't unless they have a bloodline.' She told him.

Naruto didn't understand what that had to do with anything, so she explained further.

'You see Naru-chan, all bloodlines unconciously use a unique balance of Yin, Yang, or Yin-Yang release, to use them. Now I would suspect this is because they are branched off of the half-blood Senju countless times. But I digress, what it means is you could use any frequency of these combinations.' She elaborated further.

Now Naruto began to get what she was trying to explain.

'And when combined with the copying ability of the pure-blood sharingan, you can theoretically copy any bloodline, body ones may be trickier, and dojutsu even more so, but as long as the kekkei genkai is not the Rinnegan or mokuton, you can copy it.' Shunka told him.

Naruto was barely restraining his excitement. This was the best birthday present ever!

'Alright Naru-chan, now I want you to create 100 clones and devote twenty to completing the five exercises I'm about to give you, then another hundred to work on chakra control, you still don't have enough for certain branches of ninja arts, like lower level genjutsu and medical jutsu in general.' Shunka ordered.

Naruto groaned at this, he had to thank Kami that great chakra control ran in his Senju blood, or he'd be screwed.

-That Night, Clan Districts-

Right now, Naruto was walking through the streets back to his home, he was currently walking past the Uchiha compound, he then noticed something off. It was deathly quiet, and there were no lights anywhere.

'That's strange, this time of night there should be plenty of lights, and people to, it's too early for everyone to be asleep, what do you think Kaa-san?' Naruto said mentally.

'It is strange little pup. You should check it out.'Shunka suggested.

With that he slowly made his way into the compound, all the while keeping on his toes. Suddenly he saw the first one, a body lying in the street. He quickly shot the cap off the gourd on his hip, sand trickled out and remained suspended in the air

'Be careful pup.' Shunka warned.

Naruto made his way through the streets, with the sand escorting him. He was slowly making his way towards the clan heads house, where Sasuke's family lived

'Kit, I sense the Uchiha who smells like a girl's chakra, it seems distressed and it's just ahead, you should hurry.' Shunka urged.

He needed no more incentive, he shot forward and burst into the house. He rushed down the halls and finally reached the dojo, the door was open and he saw a figure with sharingan rushing towards someone with a sword drawn. He didn't think, he simply moved in front of the person they were rushing at, which seemed to be a girl his age.

He sent his sand shooting towards the attacker to try and capture them.

-A Few Minutes Earlier-

Uchiha 'Sasuke' had rushed to his house when 'he' saw the bodies in the street. Along the way 'he' had dispelled 'his' genjutsu, that made 'him' look the way 'he' did, revealing 'his' true form.

Where once was an Uchiha boy running through the streets, there now was a pretty girl.

She wore the same thing as 'Sasuke' did. Her hair was long and raven colored, with two bangs framing her face and going to her chin. Her face was slightly rounded with baby fat, and her skin was pale. Her lips were cherry red and her onyx eyes swimming with unshed tears.

This was Uchiha Sayuri, the true second child of Uchiha Fugaku and Uchiha Mikoto. Her mother had wanted to avoid any chances of someone arranging a political marriage for her. So to the outside world and rest of the clan; She was Uchiha 'Sasuke'.

She was terrified for her family after seeing all the bodies. Finally she reached her house and burst through the door.

"Kaa-san, Nii-san, Tou-san!" She screamed in panic as she rushed through the halls, desperate to find her family.

Finally she arrived in front of the dojo and threw the door open, rushing inside.

There she saw a figure standing over the motionless forms of her parents with a bloodstained sword. The person was dressed in standard Anbu gear with the addition of an Uchiha style shirt, and long black hair gathered into a small ponytail.

The person turned towards her with three tomoe sharingan blazing. At first she was relieved at the sight of her brother.

"Nii-san what happened to Kaa-san and Tou-san, and the rest of the clan to?" She asked in a scared tone.

He simply stared at her passively.

"I killed them." He said in a completely calm tone of voice.

Her eyes widened in fear and shock. It couldn't be true! Her Nii-san would never kill her clan, especially her Kaa-san!

Then the shock turned to anger, this person was obviously someone impersonating her brother.

"Who are you! Why are you pretending to be my Nii-san, he would never kill Kaa-san!" Sayuri shouted as she took out some shuriken and threw them at him.

Although he showed no outward reaction, Itachi was cringing on the inside. She thought he was an imposter, someone else, she didn't believe for a second he could have done this.

'Sayuri; I truly don't deserve an Imouto as wonderful as you. If only your faith in my innocence wasn't warranted.' Itachi thought. His sister had always been exceedingly kind when shewasn't playing her male alter ego.

His guilt increased at seeing her pain. It made what he had done seem that much worse as she mentioned their mother. Who unknown to them was still clinging to life in a desperate hope to help her daughter.

He steeled his resolve as he deflected the shuriken and charged at her, intent on slamming her into the wall and using Tsukuyomi to make her want to seek revenge to redeem their clan for the planned coup de tat.

He was almost there when out of nowhere tendrils of sand shot towards him, attempting to snare him and forcing him back.

When he looked back at his sister he saw a figure now in front of her in a protective stance.

-Present Time-

Naruto jumped in front of the girl as the sand forced back the attacker. He released all the sand from his seals in the gourd and let it spill out.

Sayuri stared at the boy in front of her in astonishment.

"Naruto!" She exclaimed.

Said blond turned his head at hearing his name. He saw the pretty girl and he couldn't remember ever meeting her, he would have remembered a girl as pretty as her.

It was then Shunka spoke in his mind.

'Naru-chan, that's Sasuke, I guess now we know why he smelled like a girl, he is a girl.' She told him.

"Sasuke?" He asked in shock.

"N-no my real name is Sayuri." She replied.

"We'll talk later, right now, I got to deal with the other guy." Naruto replied as he turned back to the man who had been assessing them this entire time.

"Well, you should know, you're running out of time, I sent a clone to get some Anbu, it just dispelled, there are three teams coming this way right now, they'll be here in a couple minutes tops." Naruto informed him.

Then he saw who it was and his temper flared. He activated his three tomoe sharingan and glared at the man. Itachi gasped as he saw the sharingan in the boy, three tomoe no less.

"I would call you an sick son of a bitch, but I know my mother wouldn't much appreciate if she knew I had called her best friend that." Naruto said.

"How is it you have the sharingan?" Itachi asked, ignoring the comment the boy made, although something in the back of his mind was telling him it was important he couldn't quite place it.

Sayuri though, who had always listened in wonder to the stories her mother would tell her about her genin team, and her best friend that happened to be one of her idols, the Karasu no ōjo, Uchiha Hitomi, one of the few S-ranked ninja in the Uchiha clan history.

"Wouldn't you like to know, however it doesn't matter, you will not remember our meeting." Naruto said ominously.

Before Itachi could reply Naruto used a gift his mother left behind, his eyes quickly shifting into her EMS. He could only use this technique a few times before the gift was gone. He had saved those few times he could use it for situations like these.

Itachi was stock still for a few seconds, and then he blinked and simply turned around and shunshined away.

"Wh-wha-what did you do? How come he just left like he was in a trance?" Sayuri asked as she came around from his back o look at him, and gasped at his sharingan, so she was right.

"I used a gift my mother left behind to influence his thoughts, and unbreakable illusion, as far as he is concerned he completed whatever task he came here for without any interruptions." Naruto told her.

"Wh-what about the Anbu?" She asked.

"Oh that...I was bluffing." He replied sheepishly. This caused her to face fault. Before they could say anything else, they heard a voice call out weakly, Naruto looked over to see Mikoto have her eyes open, and trying to reach out to her daughter.

He rushed over to her side and gently pulled her away from her husband. Sayuri joined him as well.

"N-Naruto, y-you look so m-much like your f-father, but you h-have your m-m-mother's eyes." She said, stumbling her words slightly. She reached a hand up and gently touched his face. Naruto used the opportunity to flow some of Shunka's chakra into her to heal her enough to extend her life for just a bit longer, so she could say whatever it was she wanted to.

"I-I'm s-sorry I wasn't there f-for y-you my g-godson, b-but it was best my clan not know you were and U-Uchiha, especially with your burden, and the fact you are rightful heir to this clan." She said as she stared into his eyes in sadness that she couldn't be there.

Naruto knew she was his godmother. His mother told him in Tsukuyomi. He felt a prickling in his eyes as he saw her dying, tears beginning to gather.

Meanwhile Sayuri was shocked, he was the rightful heir? Then why was her family the head family?

Seeing her daughters expression Mikoto elaborated.

"You see my little Sayuri, your great-grandfather on your father's side conspired to frame the proper clan head, Naruto's grandfather, and he succeeded, taking his seat, he is the reason Uchiha Madara's name lives in infamy." Mikoto told her daughter. Sayuri didn't know what to feel about that.

"Naruto, I want you to promise me something, help her stay hidden as Sasuke for now until you are ready to take the clan heir title, the Hokage will help, if people knew she was a girl, the civilian council would take advantage of her being a civilian to enact the CRA on her, only once you two are genin can the truth be known." Mikoto said, getting a nod from Naruto, who had tears gathering in his eyes, this was reminding him of his parting with his mother after their training.

Sayuri looked happy that at least she'd have one friend who knew who she was.

"As for you little Sayuri, I want you to promise me something." She said seriously.

Sayuri nodded.

"Anything Kaa-san." She said.

"Don't be like the rest of our line, your great grandfather made a coup against our true clan leader, then the reason for this massacre was your father was planning a coup against the village, it would have started a civil war, that would have led to another great ninja war, your brother did this to protect you, and the village." Mikoto told them, shocking the two for what felt like the hundredth time that night

"Don't fall victim to that which has polluted this clan since the pure-bloods became scarce, don't live your life for power, or pride, or revenge or hatred. Live your life to protect and cherish the ones you love, for only then will you be truly strong." Mikoto told her. Sayuri nodded with tears in her eyes as they stung a bit, Naruto and Mikoto took not of the change.

Her eyes were blood red with one tomoe in each eye

Mikoto smiled. It would be nice to be able to give her daughter one last gift.

"I want you to have my eyes Sayuri, then you shall be able to attain whole new levels of the sharingan, it seems in your grief you have awakened it already." Mikoto said, shocking Sayuri.

She had awakened the sharingan with her grief. Sayuri would trade that to have her mom stay with her.

Naruto meanwhile had a contemplative look. He could help with Sayuri getting Mikoto's eyes. This way would also allow it to remain secret.

"I know a jutsu that will merge your eyes together when you die." Naruto offered.

"Thank you very much Naruto-kun." Mikoto said gratefully.

"It'd the least I can do Mikoto-daibo(6)." Naruto replied in sadness.

Naruto quickly began a chain of hand seals, he ended on dragon and called the technique his mother had taught him in their time in the mindscape training.

" Uchiha Hijutsu:Okure Shishinkei Māji no Jutsu!"(7) He called as his hands glowed blue and he touched a hand to each of their foreheads.

"There, it's done." He said.

"Thank you Naruto-kun. I wish I had longer to know you." Mikoto replied gratefully.

She then turned to Sayuri. Sayuri fell forward and hugged her mother tightly, Mikoto put her arms around her and stroked her hair.

"My little lily I love you, remember that." She whispered into her ear.

With that her breathing slowed to a stop as her eyes closed slowly. Her arms fell limp and the two knew she was dead.

Sayuri turned to Naruto with tears streaming down her face. She launched herself into his arms. He held her close and stroked her hair soothingly. When she had calmed down slightly they stood up, with her still sobbing into his shoulder. They were like that for a half hour until finally she was calm enough that she was only giving off the occasional sniffle.

Naruto decided to impart the words his mother said to him when she was fading from the mindscape.

"It may seem she's left you alone, but the ones we love never truly leave us, they're right here, in your heart." He said as he pointed where her heart was.

She nodded into his shoulder.

Naruto pulled back and smiled at her softly.

"If you'd like, we can bury her next to my mother." He told her. She nodded to that.

She knew her Mother would prefer it to lying next to her father. She knew her mother only stayed with him for her. Sayuri wasn't particularly fond of him either.

"I think she'd like that." She replied.

Naruto nodded and took out a preservation scroll and placed her body into it, they could deal with that later.

"Come on, let's go see Hokage-jiji, he'll want to know what happened, I have a sneaking suspicion this has Danzo-teme written all over it." Naruto grit out.

-Hokage's Office, Later-

"I can't tell you how sorry I am that this mission was carried out right under my nose Sayuri-chan, I had wished to see a peaceful solution to this. I would never have authorized this, and if I did it would only have been the conspirators that were killed, the innocents and people like your mother would not have been harmed, she was a good woman, she didn't deserve to die for her husband's folly." Hiruzen said sorrowfully as he stared at the two children in front of him.

"As for her request that your gender continue to be hidden until you are genin, I see no reason to deny that request. Although I do have a few conditions." He said, with a hidden smirk, since he didn't think they'd mind his , 'conditions'.

"What conditions?" She asked wearily.

"Well for one, since Naruto is to be clan heir of both the Uchiha, and the Senju clans, I think the Uchiha clan scrolls and artifacts should be moved to the Senju compound, and that you should join him in living there." He said.

Sayuri looked up at that, he wanted her to live with Naruto? She thought that the conditions would be a drag, but that seemed more like a concession than a condition.

"Ok that sounds cool." She replied.

They were about to leave when Hiruzen spoke once more.

"One more thing, Naruto-kun, while for women there are ways around it, I'm afraid as the last male heir of our villages two most influential clans, you will have the CRA enacted on you as soon as you announce your heritage ." He told him.

Naruto sighed, his mom warned him this was likely going to happen.

"Kaa-san warned me this might happen, so, how many?" He asked in a resigned manner.

"Four per clan, so eight, although two are already taken care of, after your mother spoke to you in the mindscape I suspected she knew the CRA would be enacted, so I looked where every kage puts the most important documents, and found two marriage contracts in a safe behind your fathers picture-" He was cut off by Sayuri.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, who's his father?" asked Sayuri.

Sarutobi simply pointed behind him to the picture of the Yondaime.

Sayuri looked at the picture, then at Naruto, then back again, damn if his eyes were blue and his hair spiked the same way, he'd be a younger version of the Yondaime.

"...ok." She said.

"..Anyways, I found three marriage contracts there ." He said, surprising the two.

"So who are the girls?" Naruto asked.

"Well as for the first, she is a member of the Tsuchigumo clan, the heiress in fact and I believe she was scheduled to arrive in about a month so she could become a ninja of this village." Hiruzen informed them.

"And the second?" Naruto asked.

"That one is even easier, she is sitting right next to you." He said with a grin.

The two 8 year olds looked at each other and then away in embarrassment with a blush on their faces.

Sarutobi chuckled at their expense.

"And the third?" Naruto asked wearily, he'd had allot of surprises today.

"The third you shall not meet until the next chunin exams in Konoha. She is... "

Chapter End

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Kage Bunshin no Jutsu- Shadow Clone Jutsu

Daibo- Godmother

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