I know I shouldnt be starting ANOTHER new story but hey this maybe just a oneshot we will see how it goes.



Rated Mature for Sex, Lies, Lust, and maybe a few curse words.

Summary: In an ancient town somewhere in the midst of the middle of nowhere America, a secret is hidden. The townspeople know of the existence of vampires. And hide it from the rest of the world.

And when it comes to the walking dead there are just 3 simples rules; You do not cross the wall, Humans do not interact with them, and lastly if a vampire enters human territory it must be killed. Highschool senior Isabella Swan has a long and life changing year ahead of her, especially with the new English teacher;

Mr. Cullen. Edward Cullen.

Isabella Marie Swan stared at her new Hyundai Genesis coupe in horror. This wasnt the old red truck she loved so much which she had inherited from her grandfather when he had passed on.

No this was a sports car. Her eye twitched.

This was Scarburgh; a town of truck driving, monster crashing southerners. Her boyfriend James was going to flip-the-fuck out. He had remodeled and made her old truck a straight up vintage beauty, and she had loved it and him for it.

Spending the last two weeks of summer with Charlie had not been a good idea, But Renee her mother had insisted she go spend time with her father and his perfect blonde-brady bunch-fake tanning- coach wearing family. They were her stepmother and half siblings, but having only seen them twice in the last ten years since Charlie had left town she didnt see it that way.

Renee met Phil the highschool baseball coach and nightwatchmen for the security sector that patrolled the wall when Bella was 4. She left Charlie for him, and so Charlie left town. Leaving town here is extremely hard to do and once you do... youre never allowed back. There is a pass you can apply for to go visit or explore the rest of the world, but theres a 4 week maximum limit.

Scarburgh is a land that makes up hundreds maybe thousands of acres of land surrounded by sixty five foot fences made of some sort of impenetrable steel and guarded by military folks. Smack down in the middle is a smaller number of acres of land surrounded by even taller steel brick fences where they live.

You know, the undead. The vampires.

Relatively speaking calling Scarburgh just a town doesnt do it much justice, Isabella thought as she finished her mental musing for the morning and sped off in her new shiny black car towards her first day of Senior Year.

James Micheal stood against the front door of his car, smirk dropping as he watched his girlfriend park and exit a vehicle that he didnt think could ever be hers. Her high topped silver wedged sandals gleamed in the daylight, tight skinny jeans hugging everything, and a light beige blouse exposing enough cleavage to make a guy stare.

She strudded over smiling meekly. "My birthday present from Charlie. Renee is letting Phil use the truck for work."

He groaned. "Its not that bad."

Bella rolled her eyes. "This isnt freaking California James. What am I going to do with this car here."

Not that she had ever been to California, or anywhere but right outside the gates for that matter. Their world was different here.

"We could burn it?"

She smacked him on the chest and he laughed muscially. They kissed delving into each other and enjoying it.

"GET A ROOM!" Someone yelled in the parking lot.

Isabella and James were the envy of everyone. They were beautiful, smart, popular, and completely in love with each other. Nothing could go wrong for them it seemed.

Hand in hand they headed inside the immense white brick building ready for history, math, english, weapons training, secrets of an undead society, and whatever other classes could prepare them for living the rest of their lives in the fucked up town called Scarburgh.

James stared at Bella a bit open-mouthed, she had said that last bit out loud.

"Woah babe, watch that sweet little mouth of yours. Were still in school remember."

She nodded sighing silently as Eric and Sam walked up to them tossing a football back and forth.

"We got Bowder this year bro!" They called to James tossing the ball at him. Bowder was a private sector within Scarburgh that had a highschool of equal size and housed the rival football team. Sports teams also had passes to leave the gates to play against other schools. Civilian School or like James liked to say the Naivetes.

"Hell yeah we do!" He called back. This year he was not only quarterback, but captain of the football team.

Thinking about when she was a cheerleader and how horrible she was at it Bella smiled to herself and wondered what James was doing with someone so incredibly uncoordinated. Her lack of athleticism and quitting the team had not fazed her popularity one bit though. She wondered if it was because she was his girlfriend.

Her best friend Lauren approached her at her locker as she began to stuff unused summer books into it and smiled mischievously.

"We have a new teacher!"

"From where?" They never had new teachers. It rarely happened, most likely for security reasons.

"Out there." Lauren pointed to the tall gates from a few miles away, the ones that led outside... not inside. Not that they could ever have a new teacher from in there...

Her eyebrows shot up in bewilderment. "Prior military?"

She shrugged. "Beats me. You know we aren't allowed to ask those sort of questions. All I know is that hes like super young. And Angela told me she saw him at the library this morning and he is super hot."

Looking up Bella spotted her boyfriend up ahead talking to Leah Clearwater and groaned. "That is gross Lauren. Hes a teacher. Completely off limits."

Lauren rolled her eyes as they began to walk towards their homeroom. "So is your boyfriend but that doesn't stop Leah from trying to get into his pants, now does it?"

Annoyed, Bella stomped her heel against the ground and walked ahead of her inside the classroom and found a seat towards the back.

Her friend sat beside her setting her books down and skimming through her fancy Iphone. "I hate that we never get service when were here."

"We are too close to the gates. You know the closer we get to Naivetes the less communication were allowed to have."

She set her phone down angrily. "Why couldn't I have been born into a normal family in Europe or something. I mean its not like we haven't been trained as to how to speak to outsiders. Im not going to go up to an innocent naive person and be like hey be careful vampires exist. They'll think I'm crazy..."

Smiling to herself because James had walked in and kissed her on the cheek she whispered to Lauren, "You are crazy."

The classroom was an uproar of music, gossip, and laughter as Isabella doodled on her notepad wondering who her home room teacher was this year. It was probably Mrs. Lockmere, she was always 12th grade homeroom teacher.

"Good morning everyone, " A clear and velvet voice quieted the classroom as she heard Lauren gasp and looked up in astonishment.

If it wasn't for the fact that it was daytime she would have thought he was one of them. She had heard stories that the creatures looked like humans but in the version of gods or angels. Inhumanely beautiful.


A chiseled jaw, aristocratic nose, full pink and pouty lips, and his eyes they were almost the color of gold.

Suddenly, Isabella felt the urge to run her fingers through this mans perfect bronze waved her and she blushed sinking into her seat as he approached the front of his desk and spoke leaving her breathless.

"I am so very pleased to meet you all. I am Mr. Cullen your new home room and English Teacher."

He paused to smile and take everyone's face in, pausing on Isabella and a look of pure puzzlement spreading across his exquisite face as if something wasn't right about her.

Isabella felt awkward and looked down squirming in her seat.

I have a boyfriend and I love him, she repeated to herself in her head.

But in the back of her mind she couldn't help but think about what he would look like naked...

Her English teacher for god-sakes.