Adrenaline poured through her, it wasn't a very smart choice to leave the safety of the building; but all she could think of was James and his blue eyes scanning the stadium in fear for her. How could she just sit in an empty classroom and wait for whatever tonight's outcome was?

Just finding him would be enough to keep her sane. Fuck her safety. All that mattered at that moment was him.

The dim street lights that surrounded the perimeter of the school didn't do much for the darkness that seemed to engulf Scarburgh.

Looking up she noticed the fog that covered the sky, almost entirely. Not a single star shone.

"Fuck," she muttered as she walked slowly to the parking lot. Everything was quiet, dead quiet. Her palms began to sweat and her heart raced with anxiety.

What if he was dead?

What If they were all dead?

A trembling sound erupted from a couple of feet away, it sounded like something had hit the ground hard. As if a plane had crashed right onto the concrete of the school.

Hiding behind a wall, she peeked to see the sight before her in the parking lot -and gasped.

"You're a traitor to you're kind Cullen." This shirtless dark-skinned man with dreads snickered, legs spread as if ready to attack just a few feet from .

What the fuck.

And then she noticed this wasn't a man at all as his red eyes gleamed in the darkness and he opened his mouth exposing fangs and went to make his way to attack her English teacher; but he missed.

As if gliding, in a swift movement Mr. Cullen, with his beautiful golden eyes was in front of him.

Gulping, Bella's eyes widened as she realized that Edward Cullen, her English teacher was no human man. He was a vampire. One of them. A bloodsucker. A monster.

They both seemed to sniff the air and turn her head towards her direction. Seeming to take the temporary distraction by Cullen, the dark-skinned vampire disappeared into the night. This was it, I was going to be vampire soup, she thought.

Before Bella could run back to the school, Edward was before her eyes narrowed; a threatening posture. Anger boiling through her veins, and her hatred for his kind filling her thoughts she gritted her teeth.

"You're one of them."

He rolled his eyes and shook his head curtly as he seethed, "I am nothing like them."

She should have been afraid, she should have ran, but instead she took a step closer to him. His face merely centimeters from hers, "You're a vampire."

A crooked smile spread across his exquisite face. "I am."


Edward stared into Bella's green eyes which seemed to flame, coming up completely blank.

He couldn't read her thoughts, but what intrigued him the most was her lack of fear.

Seemingly unfazed by his confession she asked, "Where is James?"

Face as stone as a statues he just stared at her in complete and utter bewilderment. Why had she not screamed or ran away in panic yet?

And why was he allowing her to still live when he could expose his secret and everything he and Carlisle had worked for.

Not wanting to divulge the complete truth he shook his head sadly, "I'm sorry Bella, he's gone."

Her eyes widened; the anger drifting and quickly replaced by grief. "Gone," she mouthed as if not wanting to believe him.

Telling her exactly where he had gone would be a complete disaster, judging by her character she was the type of girl willing to storm a castle for a loved one. It was best she thought the boy dead, Edward though to himself as he took a step back from her.

"Yes Bella gone. I have a few things to take care of. Please get inside and Ill be back for you and Lauren when it is completely safe." He was being cold, distant, and unsympathetic to her loss; but now he wasn't sure he could even trust her to keep his secret. Now he was in danger.

He couldn't get close.


The sick fucks caged me, James thought in disgust as he pounded on steel bars that blocked him from his freedom.

One minute he was looking for Bella, the next something or someone had knocked him over the head cold. And when he woke up, he was in god-damn cage.

Hoping and praying Bella was safe, he looked around noticing he was in some sort of basement and knowing that this basement wasn't in the safe confines of Scarburgh, but the inside of what Scarburgh protected from the world.

He was behind the walls, and it wasn't the civilian world he was being held prisoner in.

"FUCKING VAMPS!" He screamed.

James was about to be dinner for one of those bloodsuckers. A personal blood slave. For how long they'd keep him alive to feed off of was up to whoever decided to enslave him.