I still haven't come to the conclusion as to why I agreed to come back here. Kate would kill me if I didn't show up, a Skype yelling match with her is not something to look forward to. After this entire time one would have probably steered clear of a place that held so many memories that were a bundle of love and hate – more so on the hate part. He is going to be there, I thought. It is Carrick's fiftieth birthday – there is no way Grace would let him miss that.

I haven't seen Christian in over five years, five long agonizing years.

Christian Grey was my best friend and the love of my life, he was going to be there and this would be my chance to finally apologize for hurting him so badly all those years ago. I put my headphones in as I start to reminisce down memory lane. Thinking of that dreadful time and trying to convince myself that this was the right thing to do.

Our relationship ended on a horrible note, left only for us to go our desired ways afterwards. Except I was the only one who went my desired way; leaving Christian to follow me for months – dodging him became a thing up to the point where it was unhealthy. The melt down we both had when he finally found me was the breaking point for the both of us.

"Ana! Stop please!" Christian yelled after me. I knew that there was nowhere to go outside of this back door so I might as well just give up.

I stopped and leaned heavily against the wall for support which just lead to me falling to the floor as tears ran down my face like waterfalls. I was trying to catch my breath when I looked up into painful grey eyes that looked tearful just as well.

"Leave me alone. Christian. Please. You need to leave me alone – JUST LET ME BE!" I didn't mean to yell but that's just how the words came out. I couldn't help it and I didn't realize that I was so angry about how he's been stalking me for the last couple months. I thought I knew New York well enough to evade him but time and time again we always showed up.

"I will never let you be Ana. I need you like the air I breathe. I am nothing of a man without you." He was full on crying now and when I looked up to respond I noticed he was towering over me while kneeling directly in front of me. "Please Ana. Please come back to me."

We didn't say anything for a long time but after I don't know how long, I pushed him away from me and got up. He shot up just as quickly, obviously getting ready if I was going to run again, I wiped my face and bravely looked up to the face of the man I was still deeply in love with. Praying that he won't see through the lie I'm about to throw down.

"Christian. Listen to me. You are suffocating me. You're killing me, I don't love you anymore because you cannot seem to leave me alone and let me move on! I am so sorry. Just please, let me go. Be happy, you deserve so much of it."

His face went to a pale sheet of white and his mouth hung open as my words went through his head. When he finally spoke his voice was broken, "You don't mean that…"

"I do. I have to go." I turned towards the way we came and ran the whole way back to my apartment. When I finally arrived home, I locked my door and fell into my bed just to cry myself to sleep. I stayed there for days because I just went through the second hardest break up of my life. Doing it the first time was hard but seeing him broken and the way he looked when he thought he finally had me made this even worse.

The voice of the pilot came over the intercom which pulled me out of my daydreaming. I cannot back out now that I am on the plane so I guess this is happening.

Here goes nothing…

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