Note: Ryxtha and Xendak are NOT mine. They belong to a friend, and most of this story is based on our RP, so I felt I needed to include them.

Love you, Ty!

Be More than My Friend

(Narrator POV)

Roxas made his way down to the Round Room, talking to Axel, Toxen, and Xigbar.

"So, what are you thinking, hmm?" Toxen asked the short blonde teen she walked beside.

"Not much..." Roxas admitted, shrugging slightly.

"He never thinks much," Axel said, laughing, "Never ever."

"Not true!" Roxas argued, "There's just not much to think! I don't even know anything about this new member."

"None of us do," Xigbar chuckled, "But that's the fun of it. You get to think what you want until you meet them."

Roxas shrugged. He had a point. "I dunno. I myself am still new, so...I mean...I just hadn't been thinking about it all that much."

Xigbar nodded. "I forgot you were a kid for once."

Axel laughed again. "I always do. He just doesn't act like a kid much. Enjoy your youth, boy!"

Roxas rolled his eyes as Toxen laughed, "Hysterical."

"Whoopdie-doo." Roxas said sarcastically, "I'm a young, naive child."

"That's the spirit, Rox." Toxen giggled.

They got to the Round Room and split to their seats.

Roxas looked for the new chair in the room. After some much-needed counting, he found the 18th chair and smiled.

"If this room expands any more, Superior'll have to remodel the whole castle." He chuckled at his thoughts.

Xemnas signaled for everyone to be quiet, and the room fell silent. He began his speech. "Good Tidings, friends. Today is a momentous day. I am pleased to announce that a new comrade...has been chosen to wear the coat."

The hooded male stepped to the center of the room, where all the members stared at him.

Xemnas continued, "Number XVIII. Xelon."

(Two days earlier, Leon (Squall) POV)

Hollow Bastion was cold today, but it's not like I cared.

Weather could be either a blessing or a curse, yet today it was neither. I didn't mind the cold, though I did prefer hotness. But it's not like I wanted to be here, anyway.

I always will remember them. Their silly faces that went serious as soon as it was war time. Their emotional problems and their twisted senses of humor. Yet, no matter how disgusting and obnoxious they were, they're my friends, and they acted like it...well, most of the time.

Zell was the really weird one. He was funny and over-happy all the time, like a preteen girl. He was really athletic and claimed he didn't need weapons. Even though there's something up with those gloves of his...Anyway, he's a short blonde, with hair that sticks up like a shark fin in the front and them stems out in all these weird directions...but it doesn't look too weird on him. It looks perfect on him, actually. He was made to have that haircut, I tell you. Then, most noticeably, he has this huge, black tattoo on the side of his face. I mean, really. It's the first thing you'd notice if you ever met him. He also has these bright blue eyes that light up whenever he starts to talk, and boy it'd be an understatement if I said once he starts, he doesn't shut up. We're nearly opposites, but for some reason, I hang out with him.

Then there's Astria, a close friend to me. She really likes Zell, and she stresses that she likes him as a friend. Which is good,'ll learn later. Anyway, she's a really tough girl. She never talks about feelings much, unless she's with me, and she has the strength of an elephant...maybe stronger. She's also like Zell, and doesn't use weapons much. Her strength is in those legs, strong enough to kick a building to crumble. But only when she focuses her strength, is she a brute. Maybe that's why they're so buddy-buddy...But, moving on, she has long, jet black hair that she usually wears in a long, high ponytail. She has hazel eyes, which carry a lot of expression. That's why it's so hard for her to hide feelings, her eyes just say it all. She says I'm the same, but eh, I'll never know. We've been friends wince we were kids, so she's probably right.

Who could forget Seifer? He was honestly the biggest jerk I've ever met, but I felt like there was some kind of...twisted friendship between us. I don't know if that was me being an idiot, or if something was there...I don't know. Astria seems to hate him, even though I think she might have the smallest space in her heart for him...But he calls Zell Chicken-Wuss, which I find to be quite juvenile...I mean...Chicken-Wuss? What are you, five? It was excused at the orphanage, but he's too old. He's actually 18. He's blonde haired and tall, the tallest of us all. His eyes are blue, or cyan, as he always corrects. He's a killer gunblader, like me, and he isn't afraid to show you, let's make that clear. He was arrogant, but he had a reason to be, and that's why I hated him so much. He had a reason to be...

I had others;Laguna, Irvine, and Selphie, but those three were the closest to me.

We were all fine together...and then...I don't even know what happened.

I remember this flash of light and me screaming for Astria...and then...blackout. I woke up on the street in Traverse Town, and everything escalated from then. But I never stopped wondering where they, especially those three, were. I also got older...I was seventeen in Balamb Garden, and suddenly I'm twenty-five?

I met Yuffie, someone who lived in Radiant Garden, and she introduced me to her friends. I bonded with them, and when Radiant Garden became Hollow Bastion, I vowed that I'd fix it. They helped. We became the Restoration Committee, and we loved it. Though...I never forgot them. My original friends...I never found them, but I told myself I'd never give it up.

Well, here I am on this cold night, and I still haven't found them.

I walked along, kicking pebbles and thinking quietly. Everyone always said I think too much, but if anyone thinks too much, it's Cloud. Probably thinking about Aerith...

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound a heartless roaring. I ran to the top of a building, silent and solemn. My thoughts raced as my eyes scanned for the bastard, and eventually, I saw him. He was roaming around like he owned the place, but he wouldn't be for long.

I drew my gunblade, shooting at it accurately.

I hit it in the back, and I decided if I wanted a clearer shot, I'd have to get closer.

(Roxas POV)

I lied on one couch in the Grey Area and yawned.

Demyx approached me, "Roxas! Mission time!"

"Ugh...I'm sluggish..." I groaned in complaint.

"Then I think you know what it's time for." He grinned.

I yawned. "The Wake Up Song?"

"Yep." Demyx plopped down next to me and began to strum his sitar.

I groaned.

He sang, "Oh, I'm tired and I'm sleepy, and it's super-duper creepy, 'cuz I really should be awake."

I rolled my eyes and sang, "My eyes are shutting and I'm sluggish, and boy, you bet that I wish there was a remedy to keep my up..."

We sang together. "But there is!

"Oh it's the wake up song, yeah the wake up song, sing it all day long until you function! Oh it's the wake up song, yeah the wake up song, sing it and you'll feel no compunction!"

Demyx freestyled on his sitar a bit and yelled, "Ole!"

I looked at him, raising an eyebrow. I laughed. "I don't remember that part."

"Recent change." Demyx grinned, asking me as I sat up, "Better?"

"Actually...yes..." I laughed, "I'll never get why or how that actually works!"

Demyx laughed in sync with me. "The power of music. Come on, we've to meet Tox and Xen in Radiant Garden."

I nodded and opened a portal with a flick of my wrist.

"Well it's about time!" Toxen laughed as we were arriving.

Xendak just rolled his eyes. "Where have you been?"

"He's with Demyx!" Toxen reminded, "Did you expect them to be on-time?"

"We had to sing the Wake Up Song," Demyx informed as he kissed Toxen;s forehead.

"You and that song..." Toxen giggled.

"Well," I began, "I'm awake now, and there's a heartless that needs killing. Who's up?"

"Let's do it, shortness." Toxen giggled again, slapping the side of my head playfully, though it did really hurt.

We hunted for the heartless until we found it in the middle of town.

"Alright!" Demyx said, "You ready, guys and gal?"

We all nodded and jumped into action.

I called forth my keyblade and readied myself to find its weakspot. That's my normal strategy, and it usually works quite well. I started with the parts nearest to me, the legs. I slashed at them with repetition, and though the heartless seemed to be hurt, that wasn't really it's weakspot. So I decided to move upward. I jumped up and slashed at its stomach a few good times. Still nothing critical...I moved upward again, with the chest. Nope. Then I noticed that when Demyx's water clone hit it's neck; it shrieked. That was it! The neck!

"Hey, Xendak!" I yelled to him, "Baseball!"

He nodded. "Batter up!" He chucked a block of metal at me, and I smacked it firmly with my keyblade.

It went right into the Heartless's neck, and then with a snap of my fingers, the metal exploded into a blinding flash and airborne metal chunks. Then with a roaring cry, it died.

"Home run, kid!" Demyx high-fived me.

Toxen laughed and nodded. "Great teamwork, you two."

"Hey!" I yelled, "Call me crazy...but...there's a guy up there! And he saw everything!"

Demyx yelled. "Retreat!"