Be More than My Friend

Final Chapter

(Roxas POV)

I fluttered my eyes open, the room around me spelled M-O-R-N-I-N-G. The clock read 5:00 am, and that was much too early. Though missions start at 5:45, Demyx convinced me that getting up at 6 meant no different.

My expression hardened at that clock. I didn't want to move. The bed was...warmer...I liked it. I was a pleasant and a sweet feeling that it gave me, and I let my face soften as I sighed happily.

And that's when I recognized the snoring beside me.

Xelon. I forgot we did what we did last night, and I grinned and blushed as he wrapped his arms around me in his sleep, groaning something that had to be another language.

"Are you awake, Xelly?" I asked him softly, softly enough to not wake him if he was indeed sleeping.

"No...sadly." He answered sluggishly. "What time is it Roxie?"

Remember earlier when I said I loathed that nickname? Well, it's sweet for Xelon. He can call me Roxie whenever he likes. "It's 5:05."

He sat up, eyes still closed as he groaned. "I'm going to get up. And you're going to shower with me."

I blushed. "Xelon!"

"C'mon. We're obviously together now, right? That means ain't no shame in sharing the shower."

I laughed at the voice he did on that last sentence.

He smiled, grabbed my arm, but not roughly, and led me to my bathroom.

The cold air touched my naked body and I shivered a little. It's the farking middle of winter, and my room isn't magically blazing warm like Axel's, so I was cold, dammit.

Xelon looked over at me, his icy-blue eyes scanning me over once we entered the bathroom. "You cold?"

"A little..."

"Then I'll make sure it's hot for you."

I blushed. Since getting to know Xelon a little better, I knew that there was a double meaning to that sentence.

He started running the water, testing it a few times before reassuring me with an "okay".

I got into the shower with him, and the water was freaking perfect. It felt like...I'unno. I can't really describe it without sounding like a tard, so we'll just settle for perfect.

Maybe it was also partly his presence that made it feel so good. Knowing that he was there might've made my body play some tricks on me, but he seemed to be enjoying it too. His face was blissful, and I smiled at him. "You good there?"

He opened his eyes and looked at me. "What? Oh, yeah," A laugh, "I was just um...nothing. Forget it." He smirked, "Let's just focus on getting clean, yeah?"

I nodded. "I was single before I dunno how this whole 'couple taking a shower' thing works."

"What do you mean you dunno how it works?" He laughed, "It's no different from taking a shower, save for there's someone with you."

"Dude that is so different." I said flatly, "I mean...really."

He laughed, though I wasn't sure how I'd been funny. "Come on Rox. Don't be so kiddsidh."

"I'm fifteen."

"I'm seventeen, and I don't act like you."

"True," I giggled, "You're worse."

He rolled his eyes, "Oh ha ha, very funny blondie."

"It was"

He laughed. "That doesn't work and you know it."

"Whatever. Can you just hand me the soap there?"

"That's a question you don't hear everyday."

"So you admit it IS different!"

He hit me lightly on the head with the bar of soap. "Did I say it wasn't?"


"Oh...Well whatever."

"You weren't listening fully, were you?"

"Listening to what?"

I rolled my eyes. "Nevermind." Now I know how Toxen feels.

We finished in the shower, may I remind you, TOGETHER, and I frowned.

"What?" He asked.

"There's only one towel."

"Seriously? It's a five second walk from here to your room, and no one else is here to see us. Like it matters."

"It does matter," I said, "Axel has tendencies to come in here without permission, and I don't wanna risk..." I paused.

He frowned, sighing. "Him knowing we're together?"

"Well..." I looked at how sad he was, "No! Not at all. I was shooting seeing us naked."

"Oh...Okay..." He knew I was lying, I could see it in his face.

"Okay, so maybe I had meant that I didn't want him to see that we're have to understand! No one knows that I' know what yet, and they've got some assumptions and I don't want to..."

"Prove them right?" He asked, looking at me. "Roxas, they ARE right. You know what, and you just have to accept that."

"You don't like saying the word either?"

"No, I don't mind it, but I know you do. And I'm not going to say it around you because I care enough not to, okay?"

I looked at him. Then I sighed. "You know what? You're absolutely right. I need to be able to be open about it, because that's how much I love you. I'd never really want to hide from everyone about you...because...because I'm happy about it."

"About what?"

"About us. I'm happy that I mustered up the guts to come tell came to me...but either way I'm glad that it happened...we happened."

"Then, my love, it's time for you to learn all about Gay Pride."

"I'd love for you to touch-er-teach me."