Darkness, I didn't know why I was here... It was dark, smelled like limestone, sweat, wet concrete, moss and anything that was wet and smelly. I couldn't pinpoint it of course but it smelled wrong and much like something I had not encountered before.

"Naruto.. Sweetheart... You've been a very bad boy you know? What would happen... If your father and mother found out about this hn?" The deep voice of an older male I knew well rang through my ears. "Mmmmh!" I screamed against the cloth around my mouth, my fanges ripping into the thin material wanting nothing more than for my voice to drift across the dingy room and into the ears of the man that was suppose to protect me from anything and everything in the world. "Shhh, shh shh shh... Don't worry your pretty little head now. I won't hurt you, you know that. I just can't have you spreading this about."

The voice growled as something began to run up my leg, it was course and felt like small little pebbles skittering across my flesh. I nodded my head furiously, not wanting to be here any longer. "Are you going ot be a good boy?" The voice asked me getting closer and closer to my pointy ears, the sensitive organs ringing out against my eardrum causing my head to spin. I nodded once again hoping that all would be forgotten and that I would be able to curl into the soft plush of a bed and sleep this nightmare away.

"Good boy... Don't tell anyone, don't spread those lies of yours.." The deep voice said again as a clawed nail ran it's sharpness up my arm and up my neck forcing my head up and hit against the wall. "This is between you... And me." the voice chuckled darkly and soon the gag around my mouth was gone, replaced by heated lips feaverishly cutting my screams in half. The male above me taking the oportunity to dart his tongue into my cavern and explore as if he were remembering every inch.

My screams turned to sobs at the act, my innocence was only for one person and one person only. My heir would not have a father that got raped, he would have a loving wife... With a beautiful boy and perhaps down the line a healthy baby girl.

The dreams I had were flashing before my eyes instantly, I cried out trying to reach said dreams with my hands. However they were bound behind me, clinging to the wall by iron shackles. Something was forced down my throat by the slick tongue and much accumulated saliva from the man that held me down. Instinctively I swallowed and regretted it immediately. "Wha-!" I cried, tears streaking down my cheeks as the pill started to take effect. I knew it did once my knees began to shake and suddenly I lost all feeling as I slumped against the wall behind me. My focus was fading, vibrating and unfocusing as time went by.

He chuckled, low and dark. It was the last thing I heard before I fell into the darkness, but feeling soft small kisses made me shiver before the whole of numbing took me over and I was gone.