My first attempt on a Hey Arnold Fanfic. I hope it makes since. Enjoy!

A crowd of children swarmed the school yard of P. S. 118. All wearing new clothes, new shoes, brand new back packs, and ready for a new year of school...well most of them.

"It's not fare," she groaned as her mother fixed her hair, "All the other children don't have their parents walk them to school and embarrass them like mine do!"

"Would you hold still, Stelly," her mother commanded. "You want to look nice for your first day of second grade, don't you?"

"No," Stella frowned, "Summer's too short! I only had -"

"Three months," her brother finished.

"I know you're sad about going back to school, Stella," her father began, "But, you'll get to see your friends, won't that be nice?"

"Yeah, I guess," she sort of agreed. "But I got to see them plenty during the summer."

Her father sighed and turned to his wife, "There's no winning with her."

"She has Pataki blood, darling," his wife responded as she rubbed the small bump on her belly. "You'll never win."

"Just promise me," he turned to his children, Phillip and Stella, "You'll at least try to enjoy your first day of school."

"Okay," his son, Phillip, agreed.

"Yeah...whatever," responded his daughter.

"Hey Arnold," Gerald waved his hand to get his friend's attention. Gerald and his wife walked up to them. "It seems like only yesterday that we were heading into this place for our first day of school and now we're in our parents' positions."

"..Great, let's trade places," mumbled Stella under her breath.

"None of that lip with your teacher, missy," Arnold's wife scolded her daughter before turning to the adults, "So, Phoebe, did you get my work done last night? It's do this morning."

"Yes, Helga, I got it done," Phoebe responded handing her the papers. "I must say that your story was lovely to read and I'm honored to be your editor for it."

"Yeah, yeah," Helga replied, skimming through the papers. "Job well done."

The bell of their old school rang and it was time to tell their children good luck and goodbye. Arnold hugged his grumpy daughter and placed a soft kiss on her forehead, "Have fun, Stella."

"Yeah, whatever," his daughter mumbled before walking into the school.

"Good luck, Phillip," he told his son. "If I read the school website right, you and Marty," he turned to Gerald and Phoebe's son, "Will be having Mr. Simmons as your fourth grade teacher. You're going to have a good year."

"Thanks, dad," Phillip hugged his dad and waved goodbye to his mother, before he and Marty walked into school.

When the two found their classroom, a balding man stood at the door, holding a chart.

"Hello, Kids," the man greeted, inviting them in the classroom. "Welcome to fourth grade!" The final bell rang and the children took their seats. "I see a lot of familiar names on this role sheet and I'm looking forward to form a friendship with each and one of you. First thing I want you to know is we're all family in this classroom...and don't be afraid to ask why. So if you need any help with anything, don't be afraid to ask."

"Hey Phillip," Marty whispered to his friend as their teacher continued to talk. Phillip turned to his friend. "Up to playing baseball after school?"

"You know it," he responded.

"..Uh," Mr. Simmons looked at his role sheet, "Martin, Phillip, you'll be able to talk when I'm done explaining the rules and our agenda for this school year."

The two boys stopped and began to listen to their teacher.

"Do you think they'll be okay," Helga asked as they got into their car.

"They'll be fine," he smiled as he looked back at the school. "They might not know it...but these will be the best days of their lives." Helga punched his arm. "Before they fall in love and get married, of course," he quickly added.

"Nice save, Football head," she tried to sound angry, but couldn't help but smile along with her husband. "But, you're right, they'll be fine."

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