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Clove's P.O.V: Last night was so much fun. When we got back me and Caot just hung out by the ocean, it was a beautiful night out. Tomorrow, we plan to go to Amsterdam for a couple of days, and then meet everyone in Paris. It's going to be beautiful, the trees just bloomed there. Were staying at some fancy hotel, that Cato booked for us. Apparently, it's right on the river. He's taking me to some restaurant, I think it's called oranjee. (A/N: Anyone who get's the reference you get a shout out!)

I've actually never been to the Netherlands, my mother says it's amazing. I've seen pictures, it looks amazing. Cato has been here many times apparently. He loves it I guess. While were there, I have made it my personal goal ,to drink champagne. In the Netherlands, they call bottled stars. I am so excited to try some.

I get dressed in some cool navy, pink yoga pants and a pink tee shirt, and head downstairs. It smells amazing, Cato's grandmother made us lefse, its like this tortilla type thing with butter, and sugar and cinnamon. It is so good.

"Oh my god, this smells so good!" I say and take a bite. It was just as good as it smelled. Cato's grandmother chuckled, and went back to her yoga class she was holding in the living room. The sight of old women doing yoga, made me loose my apetite. It was quite disturbing. Cato came down and started to eat, I started laughing, and that's when he saw the yoga class.

"And I just lost my appetite." He says and I laugh.

"What's so funny Clover?" He asks as he comes behind me and hugs me.

"Your face is." I say and scrunch up my face. He laughs.

"Be nice, Clover." Cato is like the perfect boy friend. He's nice, funny, and cute. He doesn't make me do anything I don't want him too. He's a perfect gentlemen. I'm surprised, I thought he might pressure me into doing things, but he hasn't.

"Fine." I laugh. "I'm so excited, Cato!" I say happily.

"Me too, Clover." He smiles.

"Is there going to be confetti?" I ask him. In Amsterdam when the tree flowers bloom they call in confetti.

"Yes Clover, there will be confetti." He says and I smile.

"Can we get bottled stars?" I asked him.

"Bottled what?" He asks.

"Ya, know, champagne." I say and smile. It will be my very first time drinking.

"Clover, under-age drinking? We got a B.A over." He says and laughs. (Just for you Claire!)

I smile. "You drink all the time."

"Well you have never drunken any alcohol before, because your a goody-too-shoes." He says and smiles. I smack his arm.

"I am not!"

"Fine, think what you want Clover." He smiles. I laugh, we say good-bye to Cato's grandmother and head off to Amsterdam.