Before we begin I would like to thank dracohalo117 on key parts for this story.

Now for a brief explanation, This will be AU for bits and pieces, but will mostly follow canon right up to the Chunin Exam arc. That is when AU will fully come into play. If you cannot stand the death of major characters, horrible death scenes, blood, gore implied torture, torture then this is not for you.

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Rise of Yami no Naruto

Prologue: The Beginning

Long ago when mankind was yet to even be created a debate was sparked between the Court of Deities which housed every deity that ruled over each aspect that made up both Order and Chaos. This debate was started when the idea of creating mortals was brought to light by one deity who was supported by a majority of others. However that deity was opposed by another who adamantly opposed the idea of creating a species that was ruled by emotions. The very thought was ludicrous to him, and spelled disaster if the idea ever came to fruition.

Yet he was denied, and in turn humanity was created with the first two humans which soon multiplied into a hundred in less then century. As the year's passed humanity grew not only in age, but also in intelligence as they started to create great technological wonders, structures that stood near the sky line itself. The deity who first opposed them ever since being created saw this as an annoyance, but when he heard the human creator speak about gifting them with power directly from them to protect themselves.

He lost it, and waged a War with the other deities, he saw if the humans ever got anymore power they would become arrogant, and this in turn would tip the balance, and potentially lead to the utter destruction of all things.

This was why he waged a War, a Crusade against the other deities, with the full intent to wipe out mankind down to the last woman, man and child.

This was the Beginning between The War of Gods


Nothing could quite describe the amount of suffering and anguish that resonated from within her body. Even as she gripped her blade of light in hand her face was stained in the blood of her foe, her long silky white hair fell flat. Red markings detailed her cheeks while a triangular mark was seen on her forehead. Her armor once shined with gold and white was drenched in blood black as night itself. The world around her was silence, unmoving despite the untold amount of chaos and catastrophe that engulfed her senses.

''Cough So...did you ever expect this outcome?'' her opponent, her foe, her enemy spoke despite his black blood streaming from his mouth. The woman's sword of pure light impaled through his heart as 10 more was impaled through his body poisoning and burning his body from the inside. The man was the woman's polar opposite in appearance with long slightly spiky pitch black hair that fell past his shoulders with a number of long black bangs flowing freely past his lower back. His robes and armor black as night was charred, torn, and stained in the blood of countless others while it was also cracked, shattered and broken several sections.

He hung helpless to her held afloat by the countless swords of light impaling him through, and kept nailed into the wall behind him. Around them was a ruined palace with the bodies of countless humanoid creatures with white wings or demonic features lay strewn about. The world beneath the Kingdom was burning bright in a rain of fire and destruction. The pure scene of chaos was unimportant to either of two though.

Soon enough tear's started to leak from the woman's eyes streaming down as her hands trembled from the act she had done. Her hands let go of the sword making them fall limply to her side even as she looked up into the face of her opponent, her equal, her rival. Gold eyes brimming with tears looked up into the shadowed face of her defeated enemy with pity, guilt sadness all swirling in her golden orbs.

''I-I didn't want this...I didn't want any of this...'' she spoke while the man just kept an impassive expression with his eyes shadowed by the bang of his black hair.

''Still naïve as ever...did you truly think this wouldn't end up without one of us dying? That this war wouldn't end in the bloodshed of either of us? Come off it Kami, it was you or I that was fated to fall here and it would seem I was to be the one to fall here...'' he trailed on only for Kami to press her hands to his chest ignoring his blood pooling from his wounds.

''I know and maybe your right perhaps I am still that naïve fool in your eyes...but I still have hope you can be saved...that is will not die here...I won't allow it. You will be punished, but you will not die here...'' she trailed on a her hands started to glow gold while the form of the man stiffened before a chuckle escaped his lips.

''So that's what you plan to do...'' he said before turned his face down to stare directly into Kami's eyes with his deep crimson orbs. His eyes were dull as hers brimmed with tears of sorrow seeing the life flee from his eyes her free hand went to cup his cheek as her free hand started go through his body.

''I am truly sorry for this, but know that you will see through the eyes of those you despise so much the good in my creation. Goodbye...Yami'' her voice said with finality as the life died away in the man's eyes before his body went limp as she pulled her arm out of his body holding an orb that glowed with a mystical collaboration of swirling energies ranging from red, black, purple, blue and green.

Holding the orb kami caressed it calming the energies within looking at the orb Kami felt herself come at ease before the orb in her hand was slowly encased in a golden sphere of her energy. Then she slowly let it sink into her body giving a sigh as she let her body store the soul of her foe, but she looked toward the corpse of Yami and she watched with a saddened expression as it slowly started to vanish into a thick black mist which floated away into the wind.

This marked the day, of not only the end between the War of Gods, but also the day when Kami, Goddess of Life and Light had slain Yami, God of Darkness and Hell.

Or so many were led to believe...


Soon enough the War of the Gods had come and gone, and was merely forgotten by mankind while only mentioned as a cataclysmic event by those that still believed in their creators. Year's had passed, centuries and millenia after millenia had passed till an eon had passed since the end of the War. Faced with near extinction mankind slowly recovered, but the War was still known to this day as the one that held their fate as a species in the hands of their creator and the one who wished to see them all perish.


Underneath the midnight sky deep in the village known as Konohagakure no Sato deep in the forests was a home that sat directly under the full moons brilliant radiance. Slumbering in this simple home was a woman who looked extremely beautiful with her long red hair, round face and a voluptuous body, but the girth of her belly showed that the sleeping woman was later on in pregnancy. A man slept at her side with a full mop of blond spiky hair with his arms wrapped around her frame.

But unknown to the two a golden orb floated through the sky coming toward the home before it went through their window. Lowly it reached the red haired woman's bedside before the orb slowly grew in size to be that of a humanoid shape. Finally the glow faded away to reveal Kami in all her divine glory dressed in a simple gold and white kimono, but her smoldering gold eyes stared down at the body of whom held her Child of Prophecy.

Lowly she stepped closer to the woman's side before she raised her hand over the redheads swollen belly then in a brief show of light a familiar orb of multitude of swirling colors started to come out of her hand. Keeping it in her grip she gave the orb one last look of guilt, but she steeled her resolve, and with it slowly pushed the orb through the woman's belly so the orb could be absorbed into the child growing inside the human.

With the process complete Kami took a step back before giving one last look at the swollen belly looked through her to see the child within. To see the child who held the ate of mankind as she had foretold, but now the child whom she had now deemed to hold the soul of her most powerful enemy.

Yami, this was his punishment...

Closing her eyes Kami wordlessly shifted into an orb of gold before she floated away into the sky vanished from sight leaving no one none the wiser of what she had done.

3 Year's Later-Konoha

Nothing could have prepared Uzumaki Kushina for the path to motherhood she had always known it would be a difficult path to take, but she was determined to be a Mother, and a damn good one at that. But when you had a child like hers many would question if it was worth the risk of being a mother if they had a child like hers.

Now if anyone said this to her face she'd beat them black and blue till they were a bloody mess of flesh and bone because her child was her baby, and anyone that said anything bad about him was gonna be kissing her fist in the most painful way possible. Still her first child, Naruto was barely 3 year's of age, and already he'd gotten himself a rather bad reputation which was made on the day he was born because on the night he was born she had been attacked during labor by a mysterious masked man who threatened Naruto's life unless Minato gave him the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki which back then was her.

In the end however Minato was able to fight off the masked vigilante, saved Naruto and despite her venomous protests sealed the freed Kyuubi no Kitsune in her firstborn. Then all the respect, love and admiration for Minato had gone down the drain when he followed the ever so brilliant advice of both Sarutobi Hiruzen and his pervert of a sensei Jiraiya and made it public knowledge that Naruto was the container of the Kyuubi. This was in hopes of the village would see him as a Hero, but instead it had the opposite effect of the entire village hating her son.

Kushina wasn't a fool being the previous Jinchuuriki to the Kyuubi had made her a target outside of Konoha when she was young, but the village itself never knew of her connection to the beast, but she new the village would hate her son despite who he was. That was why she had protested so much to having him become the next Jinchuuriki.

Still she gave Minato the benefit of the doubt, and let him try to fix the situation after issuing several law's on the entire populace of Konoha for both the villagers, the shinobi and even the clans. That if a single word was uttered about the beast being inside Naruto was said they would be trialed with treason and executed as an example to those that broke the law. If so much as an insult, verbal, mental or physical abuse was sighted they would be killed on sight with no trial to be called for.

No one was excluded from this, and the outrage that followed was huge, but the sight of an enraged Kushina was a hundred times scarier because they all knew her infamous anger could make the Kyuubi look like adolescent newborn puppy in comparison. That and add the fact they were threatened with execution made them shut their traps.

Yet that still didn't stop them from glaring at her son wherever he walked, and Kushina was more realistic then Minato, and she knew they would whisper insults at him, but she believed they wouldn't try to hurt him lest they wish to die like some of the few poor fools that tried early on when news reached the village about his situation.

But this wasn't the entire case as to why he had a bad reputation, and why other mothers seemed to pity her for having Naruto as a child it wasn't because he was a bad kid persay nor was a loud obnoxious brat in fact he was quite a silent child, but it was because of what happened to everyone and everything around him. It was an abnormal phenomenon, completely out of the norm to what Kushina, Minato or anyone had ever dealt with.

Strange incidents always seemed to happen around the blond it was said to those that witnessed it that abnormal 'accidents' would happen where someone or something was always hurt in some unbelievable manner. To having a potted plant falling on the head of a villager causing a skull fracture to a pet cat run over by other villagers. Where buildings would seem to creak, and collapse after Naruto went in, and left. One such building fell and after an investigation saw the support beam had withered from age and broke from the strain.

Thing was that building had been built just 3 year's ago after the Kyuubi attack so there was no way anything about that building or any structure that had been built 3 year's ago being that old to having it collapsing.

There was even incidents where a tree would conveniently fall on a villager who had been reported to have been insulting Naruto at one point, and the pole crushed his spine killing him in the process. Naruto would be sighted a few feet away not knowing of the incident just going to the park to read his books.

Now Kushina was not like the majority, and she did believe in the supernatural afterall she witnessed the summoning of a God just three years ago. Not to mention of how her Clan was linked to the most infamous being in all of Ancient History, but this was completely out of her norm. Whatever was happening with her son it was causing abnormal incidents that only fueled the fire of how much the village hated her son.

And quite frankly it was getting worse as the months went by because more deaths were being recorded from murders, suicides, and even homicides. It was casting a shadow over all the village at all the deaths that kept happening around her son.

But as she thought about her son a loving smile came to her face as she thought about her baby boy despite all the bad stuff that happen around him he still ceases to amaze her with each passing day. He was just 3 year's of age, and already he was showing an intellect that far surpassed full grown adult's. His potential was said to be abnormal spoken directly from Minato himself since he was already learning the basics of being a shinobi just by reading scrolls and books on the subject, but it was his intellect that fascinated her because he was able to walk, read and write at the age of 1 after a little help from herself. Then before she knew it her little boy was reading books, texts and tomes that even some of the more academic shinobi she knew had trouble reading let alone understanding.

It made her feel absolutely giddy at how smart her son was take that Mikoto! Her baby boy was smarter then Itachi!

Still all things considered Kushina loved her baby boy to the point she would go through anything to make sure he was safe even if that meant opposing Konoha's Council, and her husband if need be.

But as the redhead was finishing with the dishes she felt a cold chill go up her spine, and suddenly Kushina was extremely worried for Naruto.

''Kushina!'' she heard Minato's shout as he barged through the house turning around she felt herself go pale when she saw the frantic look on his face.

''What's wrong Mina-kun?'' she asked only for the Hokage to speak the few words that would lead the redhead to freeze up.

''It's Naruto! He's gone missing!''


The plate fell from her limp fingers as Kushina's eyes went wide in shock and disbelief.

''….What...did you just say?''

2 Days Later-T&I Division

''I shall ask you again, and you had best answer me truthfully or so help me I will make this all the more painful for you. Now, Umino Iruka, Genin of Squad 6, Sensei is Choza Akimichi, teammates are Mizuki Torama and Uchiha Mika. You were the last person seen with Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. The child of our beloved Hokage who has been missing since 2 days ago we have sufficient evidence that puts you as our primary suspect that you had done something to Naruto. Now where is he and what have you done with him?'' Ibiki Morino said, the man stood with an intimidating stance with a number of scars marring his face he was young possibly in his late teens, but he was still a prodigy in the T&I Unit and took up the mantle from his father Ibiza as Lead Interrogator.

And right now he was faced with possibly his most important task in his career, that being finding information on the missing child of his villages own Hokage.

Iruka was barely even 12 with brown hair kept kept up in a ponytail while he had a scar across the bridge of his nose. Right now his body was caked with bruises, blood, dislocations of his shoulders and lacerations littering his body. His coughed up a glob of blood as he glared weakly at Ibiki with desperation clear in his voice.

''I-I swear to Kami I had nothing to do with the kids disappearance!'' he said while Ibiki stared at him impassively before looking toward one of his subordinates and nodded his head.

''Do it...'' he said and Iruka's eyes widened when he heard the familiar turn of a knob before pure pain flooded his entire body. His eyes shot wide open as an electric current shot throughout his body his body jumped against his restraints as his body was electrocuted with a hundred volts of electricity.

''AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!'' his pain filled scream echoed within the dark chamber, but was ignored by his interrogators, and those that watched from behind the glass. These very spectators ranged from the Clan Head's being Hyuuga Hiashi, Inuzuka Tsume, Uchiha Fugaku, Choza Akimichi, Yamanaka Inoichi and Nara Shikaku. Then there was the Elder's, Shimura Danzo, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Utatane Koharu and Mitokado Homura. Then finally was the current Hokage, Namikaze Minato and his wife Uzumaki Kushina who out of them all was watching the scene with a impassive expression.

At first Minato didn't want her to come, but with the threat of crushing what made him a man was made he instantly gave in.

Now they were all watching the torture of a fresh green genin who potentially had information on the missing son of the Hokage, and Kushina was not the least perturbed by the scene like Minato thought she would be. But as the blond looked at all those that were in attendance he figured this was a critical situation since this was his son. The child of the Yondaime going missing inside of Konoha presented a lot of things to the new Hokage.

If this went public it would make his village look pathetic if they lost one child, his child no less in their very own village. Then there was the political backlash that would come from the Fire Daimyo as it would make the village look incompetent and in turn make the Fire Daimyo look too incompetent to lead Hi no Kuni. Then there was the fact Naruto was the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune thus he was a very important asset to the village that he, his sensei and Hiruzen had planned on training when he reached the right of age.

But all that paled in comparison to what Kushina would do to him or to anyone if he didn't have Naruto in her arms and soon. In his mind there was nothing more scary then an angry Kushina as she had proven through their years that she was even more of a sadistic sadist then that of Orochimaru's caliber.

And that was saying something...

Still as he looked at his wife he sighed as the two days had not been good for her when he first told her of Naruto's disappearance she had went on a rampage all throughout the village tossing everything out of her path in search of her son, and he had to stop her from actually making a genocide out of the villagers that were unintentionally in her way.

Yet looking at her now he could see the effects of Naruto not being here taking their toll she hadn't slept for these past two days judging from the dark rings around her eyes. No doubt staying up all night looking through Naruto's baby book. Her hair didn't have the shine it used, and she looked sickly pale to the point she was about to fall out. He had no idea the effect of Naruto going missing would have this much of an effect on her, but he supposed that was part of being a mother.

He still tried to remember how Naruto could have possibly been taken he was supposed to be playing with Itachi at the Uchiha household, but from what Mikoto told him the boy was coming back home after playing with little Itachi, but that is when he went missing and the only one who was with him at the time after he left the Uchiha compound was this 12 year old.

Looking toward Yamanaka Head he spoke, ''Inoichi, have you tried looking into his mind on whether or not the kid has any information on Naruto?'' he asked only to get a shake of the head from his fellow blond.

''No, I am afraid if I try it on someone so young it would completely destroy his mind thus destroying whatever information he may or may not have onto Naruto's whereabouts.'' Minato frowned at that, but couldn't argue with that logic Iruka was still a kid who had yet to develop the mental state of a true shinobi so his mind was as fragile as a newborn babes when it came to a Yamanaka's ability.


Hearing the sound of metal bending in protest Minato and the others glanced to see Kushina watching the interrogation of Iruka with a glare, but it was her hands that were digging into the metal wall as if it were paper. Many of them winced at the show of the redheads natural strength, but when Minato went to go to her.



The redhead had wretched her hand from the wall tearing off 4 inches of pure metal in the process with her hand. ''Minato, have Ibiki and his subordinates leave...I will deal with the child now, I am tired of having no information. I will get what I want no matter the extremes I gotta go.'' her words were crisp and to the point, but as the leader of the village Minato felt it was his duty to give Ibiki more time.

''But Kushin-'' he was silenced yet again when Kushina turned her cold gaze on him, and at that moment Minato actually feared for his life. Never ever has he seen Kushina glare at him with such cold eyes that it made him nearly soil himself on the spot. He stood there frozen solid as Kushina stared him down with no hesitation.

''Now Minato...''

Not giving it another thought he ordered ibiki for him and his team to leave the chamber.

With Ibiki once he heard the order he couldn't help, but give the poor kid a look of pity. While he was the Lead Interrogator even if he wouldn't want his most hated nemesis put in interrogation with Uzumaki Kushina because that was just criminal, and cruel with a capital 'C'. Still he had to follow orders to packing his equipment he left the restrained Iruka alone as him and his team went to leave the chamber. Bypassing Kushina on the way Ibiki couldn't help the shiver of dread that went down his spine.

He could feel the woman was not gonna hold back...

When Kushina went inside the chamber she locked the door before turning her stony cold gaze on Iruka who was by now whimpering as tears flowed freely from his eyes. She remained impassive at the sight as she took a simple kunai from a table near she took hold of Iruka's chin and yanked it down causing him to open his mouth, but before he could even utter a word he could literally taste the metal on his tongue, and that's he realized Kushina had the kunai in his mouth pointed directly at the inch of the back of his throat. His eyes widened when he stared up at the cold violet orbs of the redhead.

''You have to the count of three to give me information to where my child is located, where you took him, what you did with him. Nod once for yes nod twice, and I will manually cut out each of teeth, and rupture every nerve in your gum. If you do not tell me by the end your teeth are gone I will pluck out your eyes then I will slowly break each of your fingers and toes digit by digit. I will do this all while enhancing your nervous system so each injury will feel as if you are being stabbed by a thousand burning blades. Now, what is your answer?'' she said with a non caring tone, but I was clear she was ready and willing to do what she just promised if the boy didn't give her the right answer.

Her eyes narrowed when he hesitated before he remained silent defiant to her, and because of that she took her free hand coating her index finger with chakra before she plunged into his forehead sending the chakra to his brain willing it to go directly into his nervous system. Soon enough Iruka felt his entire body constrict before he felt a stinging sensation all over his body from just the slight breeze in the chamber.

Then he felt Kunai in his mouth shift then he let out a bloodcurdling muffled scream as Kushina dug into gum cutting into the nerves before reaching the tooth by then Iruka was already bleeding from the amount blood gushing out of the wound. Then in a harsh twist she plucked out the tooth causing Iruka gargle on the tooth before Kushina backhanded him sending a rush of searing pain to Iruka's cheek while the tooth and a stream of blood flew out of his mouth. Gripping him back his hair she slammed his head back against the head of the chair he sat in.

Looking at the boy Kushina said again, ''Where is my sochi?'' she asked, but Iruka was numb to all except for the tremendous amount of pain he was feeling at the moment everything he was going through with Ibiki felt like a walk in the park compared to this ,and it had barely even begun! Tears threatened to flow out of his eyes, but Kushina didn't give him as she grabbed hold of his jaw before yanking it open. There he saw Kushina glare at him coolly as her kunai reached into his mouth again.

''Wrong answer...''


This continued as the spectators watched with green faces as Kushina brutally heartlessly tortured the young 12 year old genin in ways that broke veteran shinobi. They were pretty sure he was ready to spill, but they suspected she was drawing out the torture to release a bit of pent up stress.

''Minato I will say it again just so we're clear on married a sadist'' Hiruzen uttered while many of them nodded as Minato couldn't help, but agree with the old man.

Finally Kushina raised an eyebrow when she saw Iruka nodding ever so slowly while half of his teeth were gone at this mouth, his mouth was stained in his blood. Still pulled the kunai out of his mouth and spoke again.

''Again, where is my sochi?'' she asked while Iruka who was either too high on the pain he was feeling or numb to all just gave a careless smirk to the redhead.

''Heh the demon is probably nothing more then a pile of bones by now...'' he said causing Kushina eyes to narrow dangerously before she grasped his neck in a vice like grip making him cough. Being made to stare her in the eye she spoke with her voice growing colder by the second.

''What have you done with my sochi?'' Iruka just grinned with his other teeth stained in his blood as he stared with twisted glee at the angered face of Kushina.

''Try looking in the Forest of Death, but I bet by now that parent killing demon has become food for the predators in their. So good luck finding that-gah!''


Kushina's kunai gleamed in the dim light as it slid straight through Iruka's neck revealed a clean red cut, and without missing a beat she twirled they kunai through the metallic ring and turned her back while hurling the kunai over her shoulder impaling Iruka through his forehead with wet thud. The red cut through his neck opened up to gush out blood as the genin twitched and convulsed before he went limp as Kushina left the chamber.

Once she closed the door behind her she turned her gaze on the others, and narrowed her eyes. ''Well what are you all just standing around for?! Let's go find my son!'' she said, and most of them stood at attention while the elders gave a brief nod.


They say that when an animal comes face to face with a major threat to its life it would do everything their instincts would lead them to survive. When a prey is caught by its predator it would try to run only to be snatched and eaten alive or try to hide in itself to avoid harm. But...what happens when an animal is faced with something they can't comprehend, what happens when an animal is faced with a being that spelled certain death for them?


It was not two hours later with a search party was formed of the Inuzuka and Hyuuga's best scouts, and once they scoured the forest they had caught a whiff of Naruto's scent, but to Kushina's fear the scent of many other animals in Naruto's same exact area. With that as an initiative they triple their speed to get to Naruto's location only when they came upon the sight.

The Inuzuka dogs hit the floor with their paws covering their eyes as they whimpered at the sight, their ears drooped down with their tails going in between their legs.

''Awwoooooo~'' Kuromaru Tsume's partner whimpered as his yellow eyes looked down from the tree he laid on. The canine could not believe what he was seeing, but it was their right infront of him as if mocking him. He and his fellow canines could literally smell death saturating the area as if the very embodiment of death was living in the area.

''Oh my Kami...'' Minato uttered as they all stared at the scene his blue eyes were wide in disbelief as he looked at the scene before him. He even saw some of the younger shinobi pass out or wretch their guts out on the spot, and personally he couldn't blame them as he too felt bile begin to rise up in his throat as the stench of death was extremely strong here.

The scene before them was of every known predator to ever be noted all dead on the ground as if they had all just collapsed and hit the ground like they had a seizure of some sort. From seeing the whites of their eyes that didn't feel as if they were to far off from the truth, but it was the sheer fearful expression on every predators face that was clear as day to them all.

These predators whose sizes ranged from a small house to as big as a small mountain all lay dead as if they had seen something so soul wrenching terrifying they all died on the spot.

''What the hell...happened here...'' Shikaku muttered before they looked at the middle of the scene where they saw their target, a small spiky haired blond boy with six whisker like marks marring both of his cheeks while his innocent blue eyes that once seeing them lit up with recognition. Berries from all types littered the ground around him, and it was no wonder the boy survived for the last three days by eating berries.

''Ah! Tou-san! Kaa-chan!'' Naruto spoke when he spotted the two.

Then a red blur shot past them all before the blond boy was picked up into the arms of his mother he blinked when he felt the soft embrace of his mother. He blinked as Kushina started crying as she held her firstborn in her arms making she he was kept there firmly attached to her. Looking up at his kaa-chan he tilted his head when he saw her tears.

''Why are you crying kaa-chan?'' he said only for her to hold him closer.

''No reason sochi, I'm just so glad your safe'' she said making him blink before giving a carefree smile either way. Standing up from her position the redhead ignored the dead predators around her as she dashed from the scene with the full intent of taking her son home so he could have a well cooked meal, and sleep in his home.

Where he was safest...

She nor did they others see Naruto's blue eyes flash a rich crimson before they went back to normal, the child himself was none the wiser to this either.

2 Year's Later

Uzumaki Naruto, a boy of mere 5 years of age sighed in exhaustion from his place on the ground beneath him. The last two year's for him had been some of the strangest he'd ever experienced ever since the incident from two year's ago he'd been all, but pushed in the direction to become a shinobi of Konoha whether it was to protect himself or to try and exploit him he wasn't sure.

He may not look it, but Naruto was incredibly sharp for his age enough so that he could read in-between the lines and know when someone was trying to manipulate him. This skill allowed him to see that his father, Minato Namikaze was wanting him to become a shinobi expressively quick so he could further train him in the more difficult aspects of his techniques. But he could see something in his fathers eyes that didn't sit right with him it was as if he was not looking at him as if he was son anymore, but more like a...

An object...

Ever since Jiraiya or as his kaa-chan named him the Ero-sennin came to speak with Minato the blond kage had dramatically shifted his attitude toward him. To where he was pushing his limits every single day of the week to further his skills in every field of being a shinobi. It was so bad his kaa-san had opposed him saying he was pushing him too hard leading them getting into more then a few fights.

Still he was getting stronger, and that was a plus in his book, but still the blond kept on going back to the incident in the forest when he was left there he had been completely oblivious to the dangers that lurked around every corner of that forest, but now he was remembering as to what happened when he first entered.

The animals all seemed to...halt in advance as if they were scared of something none were brave enough to get within 10 feet from him, and those that did simply fell over. He'd simply thought they went to sleep, but now that he was older he knew they had died.

But from what...

Sighing the blond leaned back letting his head hit the ground with a soft thud as his mind went to other things, better things. His friendship with Itachi had progressed rather well all things considered he and Itachi were both being considered early graduation from the academy as the two were seen as prodigies the likes of which no one had seen not even from the likes of Minato Namikaze or Sakumo Hatake.

He was also progressing rather well in the arts of the shinobi except for one which was the bane of his existence which was the Genjutsu aspect. He blamed it on his huge chakra reserves, and worked on dispelling Genjutsu's instead of casting them. However to other fields of being a shinobi he felt like he was very far ahead. Taijutsu and Kenjutsu just came to him naturally even though he was still practicing with a boken for Kenjutsu he felt he was getting their to wield a real weapon. Ninjutsu was something he felt was going to take time and much more effort, but it was Fuinjutsu which came to him as easy as breathing something his mother had said was part of being an Uzumaki who were the most naturally talented in the field of Fuinjutsu.

Sighing the blond decided it was time to get back home pushing himself up he started his stroll back home. Along the way however as he walked through the streets of Konoha he felt the many glares from the other villagers on him making him frown on the inside while outwardly he showed nothing as he had long since gotten used the looks of utter hate from them all.

He didn't know why, but the villagers and even the shinobi all seemed to hate on some extreme level to the point they would insult him, taunt and jeer him with looks of pure hate, but it was the very rare, but very painful bouts of beatings they put him through. They were rare extremely so maybe 4 or 5 every 3 month, but they suddenly seemed to start when he reached 5 year's old.

He didn't know what to make of it, and he didn't want to get in any trouble if he ever fought back so when he came home bruised and beaten he said it was from training so his mother never worried, but strangely his father never seemed all that worried.

But at the same time many of the villagers were downright petrified of him on the account of wherever he went bad things followed. For as long as he could remember strange things always seemed to happen around him, and many people seemed to think it was because of him. To him he never saw much only that he heard the strangest whispers that went through his ears before something happened or was reported later on.

Like the death of a woman who lived not too far from Ichiraku Ramen where Naruto had been eating lunch with his kaa-san. It was reported not 1 day later that the woman was brutally killed in some terrible accident by slipping and slamming her head on the corner of her table cracking her skull open where she died of blood loss.

Or the reported homicide of a family of four civilians where their father had butchered every single one with an old rusty axe, before hanging himself from his homes doorway. The family didn't live that far away from the academy he attended, and that had happened not two days after he was at the academy at the time. It was disturbing, but Naruto could honestly say he saw a lot worse in his dreams.

Ah yes, the dreams, how could he ever forget those that haunted him every waking moment of his life? Whenever he tried to close his eyes for some shut eye he would picture himself at some part in some random location, but most had to do with the burning brimstone of what looked like a land of pure fire and chaos. He had seen genocides, murders, slaughter, death engulfed everyone of his dreams, and yet he oddly didn't feel at that scared of it he just felt tired from them always coming to him.

But this also seemed to jade his point of view which made him stand out amongst others his age...

Sighing the blond smiled when he saw his home come into sight, and pushing his long spiky hair as gold as the sun itself from his eyes he walked toward his home to meet with his family. He smiled as one more good thing that had happened very recently came to mind.

And it was that good thing that came into his sight when he entered the home, it was his mother Kushina sitting in the living room while holding a newborn baby in her arms. His mother was so beautiful it was hard to even put it into words on how beautiful she was with her long silky red hair and bright wide violet eyes and slightly round face made her even look more perfect. In his eyes she was a great woman that he couldn't help, but want to protect at all costs.

Still he grinned at the sight before he moved on to his mother while relationships between him and his father were tense his relationship with his mother were exceptionally strong so strong in fact she loved him enough to the point she wouldn't leave him alone after the forest incident for an entire year. She was always there to check up on him, to sleep at his side when he fell to slumber. She was there to even face down Minato when the man tried to push him way beyond what he could handle.

Kushina after hearing the door open and close looked up only for her eyes to brighten up considerably when she saw her pride and joy walking toward her. Her face turned into the ever familiar Uzumaki grin as she saw her firstborn come at her side, she took in his appearance as he sat down beside her, and couldn't help but marvel the change he was going through.

When Naruto was 3 he looked exactly that like a 3 year old boy, but with an intellect that outmatched so many others, but after two short years he had gone through a drastic change so much that it could be considered abnormal. Yet when it came to her Naruto he was always abnormal which was a good thing in her book.

Normal was overrated...

The blond had grown exceedingly tall standing about 3,6 very tall for his age and he was already losing some of his baby fat from the extreme training regime he was put through, but it was also in the aspect of his mind that had also grown. He had gone from reading old textbooks and scrolls to ancient books and tomes that were older then even Hiruzen himself. He was able to read on a level that scholars had a hard time even translating. But it was in the interest of what he read that interested her as he always found his interest to be in the books of old. Old texts that detailed about the world before their own, about the Ancient War that happened long ago, and of the Apocalypse that was said to have wiped out the second Kingdom of Man.

It astounded her that Naruto could read something as old as that, and have such an interest in things that people this day and age seem to think was all a bunch of lies made up by some religious madmen. But Kushina knew better as a full blooded Uzumaki she knew all too well that world existed, and that War had indeed happened seeing a her Clan originated from all the way back then.

That wasn't all though because she felt herself becoming more attached to her firstborn than she ever thought possible, but it wasn't really an unwelcome change as she love him dearly, and was willing to do everything to ensure his protection.

But it wasn't just that she just couldn't sleep comfortably anymore without making sure he was safe every night or having him in her arms. It may have sounded strange, but she just loved her son that much.

''Ano kaa-san? May I hold her?'' she heard Naruto speak making her shake her head mentally before looking from him to the newborn in her arms making her grin turn into a soft smile. While things between her and Minato was strained she still thanked him for gifting her second child, a daughter she had merely one month ago. Looking down at the baby girl she smiled at the sight of her red hair much like her own along with her violet eyes again much like her own which shined with innocence.

Nodding her head she gently gave her to Naruto who happily held his little sister as if she was the most gentle thing in the world, and in this case it was. Keeping her situated securely Naruto gazed down at his sister who gurgled happily as he toyed with her with his index finger until she grabbed hold of it in her tiny hands.

A strange as it sounded she nor Minato had named the child it had actually been Naruto who named who, and the name he gave her was one brought a smile to her face every time she remembered.

''Hey there Mito-chan, Onii-chan's back~'' he sung causing little Mito to gurgle even more happily as Kushina smiled at the scene. She couldn't have asked for a better sight then this.

Indeed Naruto had named his sister after famous Uzumaki Mito, the first container to the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Sighing happily Kushina put an arm over Naruto's shoulder and leaned her head against his as she watched him play with his little sister. She just wished things would stay like this, happy and carefree of the world outside of their home.

But unfortunately all good things must come too pass...

Midnight-Naruto's Bedroom

Asleep under the moons light Naruto shifted and turned in his bed already have kicked off the sheets from his bed. He sweated profusely as images of his latest dream hit him like a freight train, people and places he had never met, creatures that looked as ugly as sin and humanoids with bright wing of light filled his mind. Then a beast stood roaring proudly with ten massive tails swung in the air causing earthquakes and tsunamis with a mere flick of the beasts tails.

But then he saw something a figure floating high atop the sky his appearance was shadowed, but his robed billowed slightly in the wind. The person seemed to take in the screams and moans of the dying without the slightest flicker of emotion. But just as his mind seemed to close in on the person he felt himself freeze when the man turned toward him revealed a pair of crimson eyes staring back at him with amusement.

''We shall meet soon child, but rest for return is coming very soon...''

Then his mind was filled with the roars of countless demonic looking beasts that engulfed the entire world.

''Gah!'' Eyes snapping wide open the blond sat straight up holding his head head as sweat poured from his face. His azure eyes dilated before he closed them as he talked to himself. ''Steady Naruto...deep breaths...''

Calming down slightly the blond looked out at the sky as he thought about the dream he had seen...and as to why his body felt like it was burning when he saw the image of that mysterious mans eyes.

''W-who...was that?''


That ends the prologue to this story it is short, but it covers all the basics of what I wanted to get across so I'm not complaining. As I told you major character deaths will happen in this story and I was not bluffing when I said so you were warned and are being warned again for good measure.

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