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Rise of Yami no Naruto

Chapter 6: Gears Begin to Turn

This was a nightmare...

Plain and simple...

Namikaze Minato knew for a long time now ever since he woke up earlier then he usually did in a cold nervous sweat that today would be bad day. Now he was one who usually listened to his instincts and would be prepared for just about anything. From a Shinobi Invasion to a Bijuu heading its way to his Village. However he was not prepared for the events that came in beating his face into the wall with enough force to give him enough migraines to last him several hours on end. The attack on the Uzumaki Household being one of those problems he didn't know who had the gall or nerve to do such a thing, but whoever had ultimately failed due to the home being surprisingly well kept.

There hadn't been a single scorch mark or even a smell of burnt flesh but clearly from witness reports the home had been set ablaze just before they seemingly lost consciousness and mysteriously passed out. He would have went to check on them, but he was not going to lose his life by Kushina who would have torn him to pieces whether or not he was innocent of the attack or not. However she had yet to even leave the apartment reported by his ANBU who had been scouting the apartment since the incident. But because of the seals put up from Kushina and Naruto they couldn't get anywhere near it without alerting Kushina and that was if whether or not they had a defense mechanism in the seals to kick anyone stupid enough to get too close.

If that wasn't bad enough once he got to the office Minato was bombarded by the Elders, The Clan Heads and even the Civilians due to an immeasurable amount of incidents that occurred all over and within Konoha's borders. Somehow during the night unknown to them all something had happened due to a large amount of incidents which seemed to sprout up. Hundreds to thousand of products and produce simply died and rotted away this occurred not just in stores, but in Konoha's very own food stock. Not only that, but on the outside the forestry seemed too vile for anyone to pass it by as if they feared their very own life's to just step out of Konoha's gates.

Their fear was well founded when a number of corpses of what used to be Konoha shinobi he sent out to appease the civilians was found mauled to death to such a degree they couldn't even be recognized anymore.

Even then besides the mysterious aura that engulfed the forests out Konoha's walls he now had to worry about the apparent killings that went on last night. The number of murders, homicides, suicides, and outright deaths skyrocketed to such a degree the deaths were still being accounted for. Civilians and shinobi alike had been founded dead in their homes or in the street as if they just killed themselves in the night or just ended themselves in whatever fashion possible.

It was like they just gave up the will to live...

The age didn't matter elders to some recently newborn were being reported and some died in some gruesome manners. The Elders reported to have died were killed by their own caretakers by strangling them in their sleep. The newborns themselves were stabbed to death in their crib by their own mothers!

Honestly it was like Naruto being here only a hundred times worse!

Speaking of his wayward son Minato honestly felt like some higher power was truly screwing with his life now. He thought he was seeing things, that the report he got directly from the Daimyo himself was a horrible agonizing lie, but the truth was before him. How could this have happened? How could the mission he sent Naruto on with the intent for him to get help from the monks about that evil presence result in this?!

This had to be some horrible dream!

It had only been a two days since he sent Naruto out to the Fire Temple and he was sure everything would go accordingly to plan. Since Naruto's increase in power was causing the incidents around Konoha to go up in number and from the pressure he was getting from the council he felt it was prudent Naruto went directly to the monks so they could help him. He even supplied them with seals he and Jiraiya made to subdue him and any chances of him utilizing the Kyuubi's chakra so he wouldn't be able to escape. So how could things have gone so out of control? How could from what the report he was holding, even happen?

'How...just how could this have happened...'

The report itself was not only from the daimyo, but other reports from his shinobi from their lookouts around Hi no Kuni and those that had been on night watch had sent him rather disturbing news. The news from the Daimyo himself was enough to put him in a state of nervous sweat due to the fact the man himself had written it and put his own signature seal to show how severe it was. It stated that during the night in the general location of the Fire Temple an incident occurred which was in the form of a storm gathering near the temple. Then in no less then a few half an hour later the location where the temple was exploded in a giant sphere of blackness that engulfed not only the entire Temple Foundations.

But also a quarter of Hi no Kuni!

From what the scouts reported the sphere itself seemed to expand for miles on end threatening to engulf the lands and it even reached past the skies themselves. The reports from his shinobi feared it would reach them and even Konoha's walls since it was reported to have reached a small settlement not far from the Temple itself. There was even reports coming in from other villages from all across the Continent that they had all seen the disturbance in the sky and wished to address what it was. However the sphere stopped and seemed to condense itself back from where it once came. Yet the results of the blast were clear as day due to the fact a giant gray scar of what was once the forests his country was known for was completely wiped out.

Yet the strangest of all was the fact that everything within the blast radius that was still being examined was just dead. Every single thing within the radius just died as if the very soul and life the sphere touched was destroyed in a single moment. Anything that still stood after the blast would instantly fall to ash. Which had been found out due to the fact his shinobi had found a father and daughter in what was once that small settlement just standing there like stone statues and upon contact they instantly exploded into a pile of ash.

What sort of entity had such power?

At first Minato began to wonder if Naruto let loose the Kyuubi and the bijuu let loose an Imari due to how the destructive power was similar to the bijuus all those years ago. Yet never in history has it been said a bijuu had the power to destroy all life to the point the bodies still left would just turn to ash. Vaporize them yes, but to actually destroy all life and light in an area that it looked as if their souls had been extinguished was something else entirely. It unsettled him, what could have possibly happened at the Temple for this to come to pass.

'Then there's the backlash of this incident, not only do I have the anger of the Daimyo himself on my head. I also have the Council to deal with no doubt they will be in a panic of an attempted invasion. Not to mention this endangers the possible alliance between Konoha and Kumo'

The current Raikage had sent him a few days prior to this a letter offering peace talks and a potential alliance being formed inside Konoha. With the chance to end the hate between both villages Minato accepted and agreed to allow A to send an Ambassador to secure the alliance. Yet with this incident that alliance was sounding more like a distant dream now.

Putting his face into the palms of his hands Minato let out an aggravating sigh of frustration he was feeling older and older as the days progressed. The stress of being Hokage was starting to get to him he even picked out a few gray hairs a few days ago.

''Things just can't get any worse...'' he mumbled to himself silently thinking it just couldn't possibly be any worse then having the anger of a Lord of an entire country on his head.

But it seemed karma decided to make him her bitch...

''Hokage-sama, Naruto Uzumaki is here to see you''

Minato's eyes widened and before he even had time to register it his mind went on autopilot. From all the shinobi that have come and gone reporting for mission briefing and debriefing made him speak before he could properly adjust to what he heard. ''Send him in.''

The door to his office creaked open and Minato suddenly knew something was wrong due to the fact Naruto came through the door with a nonchalant stride. The door behind the blonde closed, and the Hokage felt the room itself become much colder. Naruto didn't look any different to him, and making eyes contact with the dark blond he met Naruto's red and blue eyes which spoke differently. Minato could tell something had changed in the blonde and he didn't know what.

''Thank you for letting me speak with you, Hokage-sama.'' Minato blinked at the cold tone, but his eyes soon started to widen when his office started to darken. His eyes looked around to see the windows started to vanish before he looked back to see his entire sight was just pure blackness. What was once his office was now a black void with no sign of his office or even the world he was in anywhere in sight.

'W-what in the name of Kami, is this a Genjutsu?'

''Oh believe me Kami has nothing to do with this...'' a voice spoke before him causing him to look to see Naruto's royal purple eyes staring back at him with a glow that made a cold shiver of dread go down his spine. The cold smirk on the Chunin's face unsettled Minato to the point he could feel the hair on the back of his neck stand up. No it was because of the way Naruto was staring at him, as if he were an ant, as if he were just a small fly before the might of a thousand black holes.

''Minato, there is some things we need to discuss concerning the mission you gave me and the attack on my family.'' the way he said this Minato swallowed a lump down his dry throat, why was he suddenly becoming increasingly petrified of an 8 year old? Perhaps it had something to do with the fact when Naruto said this all around him an unaccountable number of red eyes glared at him from every direction. The power coming off them alone made him feel smaller and smaller like he was before the gaze of an unaccountable number of starving lions.

However it was Naruto that truly put the fear in him, it was the aura he was giving off and the glare Naruto gave him that made him turn pale and start to sweat profusely. Something had indeed changed in the boy and it was something that was downright scary. Now Minato could say he had been scared by many things in his life the 3rd Shinobi War may have tempered his fear and the fear of facing the Kyuubi was still fresh in his mind. However this was something else altogether, this wasn't a natural fear of the unknown.

This was a primal fear that struck the deepest depths of his being, his very soul was screaming at him to try and run, his instincts were dead to the world telling him, whispering to him that escape was futile before Naruto. No matter what he tried to do or even say would be useless in the end for he would get caught and possibly get murdered in a far more painful fashion then originally intended.

But he was the Yondaime Hokage! One of the most feared and well renowned Shinobi in his generation and in all of history. How could he let this 8 year old scare him? A man who laid waste to platoons and battalions of Kumo and Iwa shinobi in mere seconds. The sheer thought of being scared of Naruto Uzumaki who had yet to even reach 10 years of age was purely ludicrous! Besides as he stared the boy who was still his son he decided if the monks couldn't help him then he would do with force if needed!

Taking a stand Minato did his best to quell his primal terror and standing up he walked before Naruto looking down at him as he spoke. ''Now remember who you're speaking to Chunin, I am your Hokage and your father, you will respect me as such. Now explain what you were inclining, boy?'' the time to deal with Naruto had come and damning the consequences Kushina would bring he was sure he could handle her with the help of Jiraiya and Hiruzen. Naruto however was becoming a wild card that needed to be put down before he became to erratic to be let loose.

''Too high...''

Minato gave a confused blink only to see Naruto just staring ahead of him not even looking him in the eye or giving him a glance to recognize his presence. ''What?'' Naruto just spoke again missing the way his indigo eyes started to smolder with power not that of a mortal. ''The eye too high''

'What is he saying?'



What happened next was completely out of what Minato had ever experienced in his life one moment he was looking down at Naruto. The next his whole body is slammed to the ground. His knees and hands on the ground it was as if his mind went blank and reacted to Naruto's command. Trying to move his body he soon found it to be impossible as his whole body just denied any movement besides kneeling before the blonde. Shocked at this development he tried send a burst of chakra through his body only for that to get no results either.

''W-what did you do to me?!'' he grunted as he turned to look to Naruto only to freeze when he saw Naruto's purple orbs staring him down from his kneeled position. His face was void of any emotion without only cold indifference staring back at him.

''This is satisfactory, look upon me like the mongrel you are Namikaze.''

That primal terror came surging back with an even stronger force that it quelled any further attempt to escape. This was wrong, this was absolutely wrong! How was Naruto able to do this and to him of all people!

'Is this the evil presence Shibi warned me about?! Is this the thing that's been terrorizing Konoha for so long? Has it possessed Naruto to this point its given him these powers? It has to be! There is no other explanation!' that was Minato's thoughts as he stared at the 'possessed' Naruto with his own eyes. There was no other explanation he could come up with and the way Naruto had been changing solidified his theory was that Naruto was possessed by this evil entity.

''Now I will respond promptly to what you just said, as far as I am concerned you stopped being my father the moment you decided my life meant nothing and where I'm only a tool for you and your pathetic sensei to exploit for your ridiculous Prophecy. And you are not my leader, you are merely a means to end your usefulness to me is through the power you hold over the village.'' Staring Minato down, Naruto reached out with his hand and closing his eyes he searched his memories for a moment before coming to find what he was looking for.

''W-what?'' Minato sputtered as Naruto plopped his hand on Minato's hand, his hand giving off a blackish aura. This wasn't caught by Minato as his mind raced as to how the dark blonde was able to find out about the Prophecy. Such a thing was only discussed in the privacy between him, Jiraiya and Hiruzen!

''As I just said, you are not my father, you are not Mito's father, you are not even worthy to be called a husband. You are nothing but an idealistic fool, and a fool I plan to completely destroy socially, publicly, physically and mentally. From here on out, you will be my little puppet you will do my bidding when I say and how I say it. From here on out, Namikaze Minato you will watch as I destroy all you have achieved before your very eyes and you will be able to do nothing to stop it. This will be your own personal hell as everything you've gained in life is stripped from you, your honor, pride, prestige everything will be torn from you'' Naruto said to Minato's utter bewilderment, but before he could even utter a word. Naruto spoke a single command.

''Dākuātsu: Tamashī no chōeki''

Then the blackish aura around Naruto's hand seeped into Minato's skull burning into his brain searing his memories, imprisoning his soul from ever escaping. It was a painful process from what the memory showed Naruto, something Yami used much in his time. A technique that was meant to completely imprison the targets soul and will. It's secondary effect was originally meant to destroy all of the targets memories with a spiritual electric current that would fry every memory in the brain to the point the target wouldn't even remember its most oldest memories. However for this, Naruto planned for Minato have his memories intact at just the right moment. For when he was done with the man he would feel the ultimate torture as everything he ever achieved from in his memories came crashing down around him.

This would in the process leave an empty shell while the soul itself was imprisoned within the body. The shell would not respond unless the master of said technique willed it to even be remotely usable.

It also allowed the user to take the memories for himself which proved useful for the blond to know who helped Minato with the fixed mission to the Fire Temple. Naruto's eyes narrowed when he saw that Minato didn't having anything to do with the attack on his family, but his talks with Jiraiya and Hiruzen proved beneficial. Letting the villagers have leeway on beating him when he was young, the prophecy being discussed, their future plans featuring him, Mito and Kushina.

Beneath the cold indifference if one looked hard enough you would see a spark of black hot anger surge forth which was quickly quelled. However the glint of enjoyment in the blondes eyes showed he as enjoying the pain Minato was going through much more.

The pain from this technique could only be compared to having every single hair plucked from your head, your skin cut off with a rusty knife. Your skull cracked open and your brain prodded with a number of needles dipped in a number of different types of acids and poisons to make you feel as if your in the belly of an inferno.

''AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!'' Minato's scream echoed within the boundless dark abyss, but no one would hear him. Here this was Naruto's world this was his realm and no amount of any intervention would save him, and he was going to drag this process out until Minato's own soul was to the point of begging for death.

'No death is too merciful for you Minato, for what you, Jiraiya and Hiruzen had planned...I'll make you suffer, I'll make you watch as I destroy your life before your very eyes. Then when the time comes for the Shinigami to come for you. You will be begging for the reapers scythe at your throat when I am done with you.'

And all this would occur on the outside world in the span of a few seconds...

For what felt like hours, Naruto continued his technique on Minato dragging out his pain until he felt what little of his willpower and soul was completely imprisoned. Feeling this, he let go of his head and took a step back as he looked upon the face of whom was once a world renowned feared shinobi. Only now, his eyes were dull to everything around him no life was present in his eyes. His body remained their unmoving to the world around it while what sign of self awareness was the slight flicker of Minato's dull blue eyes looking toward Naruto.

The half god in question looked upon the results of the technique before nodding in satisfactory. Reaching out with his hand he stared into those dull blue eyes channeling his power with the intent to finish the technique.

''Obey'' with a wave of his hand Naruto nodded as Minato's dull blue eyes flashed purple before a sign of life made itself known. Only now as Naruto released his old on Minato's body the man stayed put lowering his head in submission. He spoke, he voice void of nothing only with extreme loyalty and devotion to Naruto.

''I await your orders, Master...''

Hearing this, Naruto addressed his newest slave without any semblance of regret in his voice, ''You are too act as the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato has. Act as if nothing has happened and go according to the plans I will be sending you. Remember the man he was, act like him, be like him, be him in every sense of the word and follow his duties as Hokage. If those duties threaten to impede on me or my families well being you are ordered to come address me through mental link. If you feel these duties involve anything with me you will address me if it is the utmost importance, do you understand?''

'Minato' gave a nod and with that Naruto spoke once again. ''Good, now raise your head and address me properly, Yondaime Hokage.'' he said. 'Minato' stood as ordered and raised his head to look his master in the eye, loyalty and respect glowing in his eyes.

''Hai, Master''

''Good, now let's be off shall we?''

In the span of tenth of a second the darkness around them vanished in the blink of an eye leaving the two back in the Hokage office. 'Minato' sitting in his seat while Naruto stood before him with an impassive expression on his face. The hidden ANBU non the wiser to what just occurred because to them the two blonds were merely staring at one another for just a few seconds.

''Uzumaki Naruto, reporting back from mission, Hokage-sama.'' stating dutifully Naruto pulled out his mission scroll as 'Minato' blinked before giving a nod. His expression went stoic as he eyed the scroll in Naruto's hand. ''So I see, here'' bringing up his hand Naruto tossed the scroll to him which he opened up to read the contents.

Mission: B (Unofficially S) Rank

Employer: Spy within Fire Temple (Anonymous)

Shinobi Assigned: Uzumaki Naruto, Chunin Rank

Assignment: From detailed reports from our spy within the Fire Temple we have an accurate amount of information that entail that the monks of the Fire Temple led by a former shinobi of the Shugonin Jūnishi, Chiriku the Head monk are traitors to the Fire Daimyo. It's been reported that have been delving into rituals of unknown origin. It's also been seen that they were training a boy who held a portion of the Kyuubi no Yoko's power as a form of weapon that they intent to unleash upon the Hi no Kuni palace. In the wake of this, you are too infiltrate the Temple under the pretense to check the Temple's grounds for thief's or bandits, but your true assignment is as followed.

Primary Objective: Eliminate every senior Monk and above along with Chiriku, if this becomes public you are ordered to eliminate every single monk within the Temple. How you do so is to your discretion only to see the job done.

Secondary Objective: If you come upon the boy you are to eliminate him before the monks have a chance to flee with him. He is a dangerous threat and severe risk to the Daimyo and to all of Hi no Kuni. If any signs of these rituals are relevant you are to destroy them lest we risk their tampering in these forces unleash something far more dangerous.

This is an official B Rank, but unofficially this is an S Rank mission because it threatens our entire country and puts the risk of everyone in it in danger. See to it that they are dealt with swiftly and efficiently as long as they are dealt with then you are allowed to use what you must to complete the mission. Remember, if you complete this mission you will be referred for ANBU Rank by me specifically, but this is not just for your career, but for all Hi no Kuni's safety.


Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato

Sighing Minato rubbed his forehead, ''Reports are already coming in, I suppose you have an explanation as to why that explosion occurred?'' he questioned causing Naruto to nod. ''Yes, that is the result of the secondary objectives being used in combination to try and enact their plans. I was able to complete the primary goal, but I had to utilize my skill in Fuinjutsu to lessen the explosion so it didn't destroy any more of Hi no Kuni. Luckily, thanks to my special 'condition' I was able to survive the blast and eventually I was able to lessen the explosion. My apologies, for stopping it beforehand.'' he said, but Minato merely waved his hand with a smile forming on his face.

''Don't be, your actions were nothing short of heroic you may have just saved Hi no Kuni from an even greater disaster then ever before witnessed in history. I am sure your actions will be recognized once this mission and the information regarding your objective reaches the Daimyo's eyes. Be proud of what you've accomplished and rest assured I will be speaking with the ANBU Commander about your potential recruitment, now go rest you deserve it.'' nodding Naruto turned and started his way out the door. Ignoring the obvious confusion and surprise from the hidden ANBU once Naruto was out the door a glint of amusement sparked in his eyes.

'Your plan went off as expected, Pandora...'

Naruto's mouth twitched upwards as a smooth and soft voice responded back in kind within his mind.

'Did you expect anything less of me, master?' Naruto could hear the underlying teasing tone in her voice and yet he just found amusement in his companion. He had yet to even scratch the surface of his memories, but Pandora was most prominent among them as both a person Yami had respected and he himself as Naruto had come to care for. He was able to solidify a mental link with her and through this he was able to learn through her and his memories that Pandora was a strategist who would plan ahead for every single occurrence or potential event. Before he went to confront Minato she had told him of what she had done to the original mission given to him by Minato before he left for the Temple.

She had altered it so it would prove beneficial in the long run for Naruto, and he had to agree it was an extremely well made up plan.

'Of course not...Now how are they? Have they awoken?' he spoke referring to Kushina and Mito and Mikoto.

'Hm not as of yet Master, but I am sure they will start to awaken by the time you return.'

'Good, I am on my way I've dealt with Minato now I need to begin preparations to deal with the others that have been plotting against my families well being.'

'Others? It wasn't just this man Danzo?' he could tell through her confused tone that she didn't expect there to be more then just Minato and Danzo.

'Yes, there's plenty more, but I'll explain later...'

'Very well, but what about Kushina-san and Mito-san? What will you tell them?' Naruto didn't hesitate to answer this. The thought had occurred to him on how he would address what's happened to him to Kushina, but he wouldn't hide who he was to her. His trust for her outweighed everything else in his life. Besides as his mind went to Kushina he felt the memories of Yami stir up where the Clan Uzumaki came to mind and how exactly they were linked to Yami.

A small smile crossed his face at this,who would have thought his ancestral Clan was that deep into the dealings of the old world? 'Don't worry, I'll handle it they are my family and I trust Kushina to be more understanding and open minded then the rest of these mortals in the village.'

'Oh? Hm perhaps, but I do wonder if she accepts this part of you...what will you do for her and Mito?'

Naruto just kept his smile in place, but his hand went to his naval where he felt the stirring of the Kyuubi within him react to his touch. 'I have an idea...don't you worry about that.'

Uzumaki Household

''Mmmm'' Kushina groaned into her pillow as her long red hair laid sprawled out under her backside. The covers and sheets covered her entirely, but one could clearly see her angelic face from the brief ray of sunlight coming through her window. Although her body was covered it did nothing to hide her perfect hourglass figure that women all around the continent would kill for which was only hidden beneath the fabric of her cover and sheets. However a small figure was kneeling at hr side while softly patting her cheek.

''Kaa-san~ Wakey wakey~'' Mito said trying her best to wake her mother from her slumber. However it was proving to be a tough challenge to wake her up. Puffing out her cheeks she began to pat harder which was starting to leave a small red hand mark on her face.

''Kaa-san~ Wakey~!'' she repeated only to get another groan from the older redhead sighing in defeat Mito looked around only to see in her eyes aunty Mikoto asleep on the couch. Silently she wondered what happened last night to have aunty Mikoto visit, but nonetheless she was happy to see her.

Now all that was missing was...

''What's this? Waking up before your kaa-san? I must say I'm very impressed you usually are as hard to wake up as your mother.'' a very familiar voice sounded from the doorway causing her to be the first look to see a sight that brought a megawatt grin to her face. Her eyes lit up in excitement as she launched herself from the bed in speeds that would make full grown shinobi turn green with envy.


Kushina's and Mikoto's eyes snapped open in alarm as Mito landed into the arms of Naruto who remained exactly as he looked before leaving for the temple. Holding her up he rubbed her head affectionately as he pat the small girls back. ''Hey there kiddo, sleep well?'' although he knew Kushina would have kept her completely oblivious to last nights attack and safe from harms way. The little girl gave a happy nod as she buried her face into the crook of his neck which caused him to chuckle.

''N-Naruto?'' Kushina's voice caused him to look and see Kushina staring at him from her bedside with wide eyes, and to the point he even saw Mikoto looking at him in surprise. Raising a hand he spoke.

''Good morning Kushina, Mikoto-san''


He sensed it a mile away, he could have avoided it, but such was the way of Kushina to feel incredible worry he decided to remain still when she came up speeding like a red rocket. He shifted Mito in time as Kushina wrapped her own arms around him squeezing his face into her sizable cleavage hidden only by her dark blue nightgown. His cheeks tinted red at this, but he took a calming breath which resulted him in taking in her scent. His free arm rubbed Kushina's back as he saw Mikoto give him a look of sympathy causing him to roll his eyes.

The scene looked comical really an 8 year old holding his little sister in one arm and consoling his mother with the other and Mikoto knew how emotional Kushina could be at times. It was impressive really to see Naruto able to do calm her down as he did, but that was just another thing she found interesting about him

''I heard what happened, and I rushed back as soon as I could...'' he whispered causing her tense but her hold on him tightened. He kept rubbing her back as he gave Mikoto a look while giving her a grateful smile.

''Thank you for keeping Kushina company, Mikoto-san you have my utmost gratitude.'' nodding her way the woman blinked before giving a smile in return. Although the moment her eyes made contact with his own she felt something in her spark an burning ember why she didn't know. Nor did she know why her cheeks began to flush under his gaze, but she was able to quickly suppress it enough.

''It is no trouble at all Naruto, you all are practically family to me so its the least I can do.''

Noting that Naruto gave a nod, ''I see nevertheless you have my appreciation, but I am sure you want to return back home. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble with your Clan and I am sure Itachi will want to see you before he needs to go off to the Academy.'' her eyes widened at that before she stood up.

''Ah, your right I completely forgot! I need to return home plus little Sasuke-chan is probably driving Fugaku up the wall by now.'' amused at that thought Naruto nodded at that. Then he shifted his hand in a single hand sign causing a Kage Bunshin too pop into existence. ''Here, take my clone he will escort you back to your Clan Compound, it is the least I can do for what you've done.'' ceasing her from denying him to do so she just sighed before nodding.

As she began to leave with the clone in tow Mikoto looked at Naruto and Kushina for a moment before her eyes strayed back to Naruto.

'Is it me...or has something changed in him?'

Shaking her head she gave a smile to the three, ''Alright well I'm off, Kushina remember get some rest as so should you Mito-chan.'' she said ruffling Mito's head causing the small girl to pout, but mumbled out response in kind. Turning her eyes to Naruto she nodded his way, ''And so should you get some rest Naruto, you may be a Chunin, but everyone needs their rest, okay?'' Deciding to appease her he just gave nod.

''You got it''

With that said she walked out not noticing the shadow in the corner of the room watch her leave.

'Hm interesting, Naruto-sama's power has gifted her with some form of foresight or perhaps something else? But that feels almost like...this requires a bit more study.' Pandora hummed to herself within her shadow as she watched the one called Mikoto walk out of the house. Turning her eyes back on Naruto Pandora felt an amused smirk cross her face at her masters predicament.

Naruto sighed just as Kushina let go of him just enough so she could look at him, but the way her eyes looked at him told Naruto she wished to say something to him, but was almost afraid to ask. He frowned at that, but since the attack on their home last night and if his defense acted like it did then she must have her questions. He was sure Mikoto had questions, but she would probably ask them to his clone.

''Um, Naruto why are you in a henge?'' she asked since she could easily tell a henge when she saw one. Her expression turned into one of worry as she saw him frown, but he remained calm as he responded to her in kind.

''Due to recent events on my last mission some things have been...revealed to me, and I've needed to hide my appearance from everyone so I could have the time to discuss it with you first and foremost.''


''And we can discuss it later until after we've eaten breakfast how does that sound?'' he said amusement glowing in his eyes as he saw Kushina bury her face into his hair to hide her embarrassed blush as her and Mito's stomach began to let out an equally loud rumble. One could even say it sounded like the growl of a monster within its den. Yup the mother and daughter duo shared many similarities and among them was their bottomless appetite that would always make itself known when it needed food.

''R-r-right ttebane!'' Kushina replied, but still she worried as to why Naruto hid himself in a henge. What happened on his mission to make him do this? Plus she needed to speak to him concerning as to how he got that book of all things. There was also the matter of the attack, she knew she couldn't keep such a thing from him even if she wanted too. He would find out, and would do everything within his power to ensure it never happened again and would do everything he had to find the one who ordered the attack and make them suffer for it. That's just the way he was and she wouldn't want him any other way.

It was one of the reasons she was starting to see him in a whole other light...


Her blush deepened as her stomach made itself known once again in a echoing growl and this time Mito's giggle followed as Naruto began to chuckle at Kushina's embarrassment.

''Well let's go prepare breakfast then!'' he said taking the initiative he walked on pulled Kushina with him to her causing her to let out a gasp in surprise by his surprising strength.

''Ah! Naruto slow down a bit!'' she exclaimed, but the smile coming on her face showed that she was enjoying his touch and some form of their life coming back to normal.

However that would soon become a dream in the days too come...



Hell was known by many names gifted upon them by a great many number of races. Not just by mortals, but by others over the course of history all the way down to the time of creation itself. It went by many names like, Makai, Underworld, Gehenna, Purgatory. These names were but a few for the great realm that spanned far, far beyond anyone could perceive. It stretched beyond the great blood ocean, and beyond the mountain ranges of the Hell Dragons and even beyond the caverns of the Titans themselves.

In truth there was no one in existence that knew the true depth of Hell beside its one true original ruler and leader. The famed betrayer and former God, Yami.

However deep within this realm passing the great blackened soil plains and valleys and towering spires there laid at the very center surrounded by a giant ring of volcanoes was a single pitch black palace. It's sheer size alone dwarfed all other structures in sight by an immeasurable size. It's height pierced the black clouds themselves and towered over much of the realms landscape allowing for a great view across the great land that was Hell. The area around them rumbled from the series of volcanic eruptions that occurred daily within their realm it was an occurrence they had grown accustomed too for a long time now. The scent of brimstone and sulfur made itself known to them all as fire and ash swirled in the air with the blood red sky blanketed in black clouds stood above them. The screams and moans of the tormented souls plummeting from the sky into the Circles of Hell.

They echoed within the realm as those suffering for their sinful deeds were made to be punished without restraint as per their judgment.

Within this palace bypassing the great many number of demonic creatures laid a single central chamber that guarded closely by a total of 10 giant ogre like creatures decked head to toe with black and red armor with some having a variety of spikes then others. However they each wielded a similar weapon from one being two handed greatswords, warhammers and battleaxes. The size of the weapons alone were bigger then at least 20 grown men in length alone. The width alone was of these weapons was about a 10 yards with the axe and mace and about 5 yards in width for the greatswords.

The ogres themselves were purely red skinned and bulged with muscle their veins bulged fro beneath their flesh. From beneath their armored helms their narrowed blood red eyes gleamed in a deathly edge. They stood their guarding the doors with their stances clearly ready to respond to the slightest attack or hostile presence.

Passing the doors one could see a great chamber of both size and width with a giant round stone table with a number of lit braziers surrounding the outer edge of the chamber lighting up the chamber as a number of torches hung among the ceiling. The ceiling and walls design was one of gothic design not seen before the eyes of mortals, as the forefront of the chamber was a giant statue of a roaring maw of what looked to be a draconic creatures which was circled around a stone statue of a humanoid in armor from head to toe seated upon a throne.

Around the stone table was a total of 10 stone thrones which was seated by a total of ten armored humanoids whom were all sitting silently even with the atmosphere around them being incredibly tense. Their attention however was on a particular subject, on a power spike of which gained their attention the moment it was unleashed. The essence of the power itself sparked their attention, their disbelief was relevant, but there was nod denying the essence they felt was akin to their old Leader. To the being that ruled them, led them into battle, brought them victory in wars that were spoken of only in legends.

However this spike also gained the attention of all of hell, the natives of the great realm which spanned beyond anyone's true comprehension. Everyone had some form of clue to their old rulers energy and it was causing a mass surge all throughout the realm of hell at the possible return of their once great God. This coupled with these humanoids own troubles had made this meeting between the 10 of them possible. It was a rare occurrence for these entities to ever meet like this only if a situation proved to dire for them to ignore.

One such situation made had itself known...

All around the table a single humanoid opened its eyes from beneath its helm to reveal smoldering red eyes with slits for irises. The eyes radiated incredible amount of power and hatred the likes of which would kill any mortal on the spot if they so much as looked into the beings eyes. The entity stood up gaining the attention of the others before it addressed them all.

''Brothers, we are gathered here for one single purpose and that purpose is of only one worthy of our combined attention. Let us speak our names, and we can begin our meeting. I'll start for us.'' the entities voice boomed among the chamber echoing with power the likes of which rare few have ever seen or lived to even dare speak of. The figure placed his hand on the table as the other humanoids stood up respectively.

''I, King Mephisto, Lord of Hatred accept the Summons of the Ten Kings.''

Soon Mephisto looked to his right where the others soon followed his example with each of them placing their hands on the table.

''I, King Baal, Lord of Destruction accept the Summons of the Ten Kings.''

''I, King Diablo, Lord of Terror accept the Summons of the Ten Kings.''

''I, King Azmodan, Lord of Sin accept the Summons of the Ten Kings.''

''I, King Duriel, Lord of Pain accept the Summons of the Ten Kings.''

''I, King Belial, Lord of Lies accept the Summons of the Ten Kings.''

''I, King Khorne, Lord of Blood accept the Summons of the Ten Kings.''

''I, King Nurgle, Lord of Decay accept the Summons of the Ten Kings.''

''I, King Samael, Lord of Power accept the Summons of the Ten Kings.''

''I, King Lucifer, Lord of Corruption accept the Summons of the Ten Kings.''

Mephisto nodded as the table started to glow in accordance to this Rite. ''Very good, now let the Summons of the Ten Kings of Hell commence.''


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