Chapter one

Jasper helped his son pack his trunk, his large tawny owl was now in her cage, they checked to make sure nothing was forgotten before Jasper shrunk his son's trunk, stuck it in his pocket, held the cage in one hand, his son held his other, they apparated onto the end of platform nine and three quarters.

Jasper hands his son a small bag of gold, 'Remember, if you need more, let me know even if I don't think you'll get to use any of it.'

'I'm sure I'll be fine dad,' Evan put the bag in his pocket, 'So, what do you think?'

'I've told you, it won't last. I doubt it will be a day before I hear from them.'

'After all you have told me, you are probably right, but I'll stick to a week, maximum.'

'Then why bother son?'

'I have to see for myself and to prove you're right. Now I have to get on the train.'

'Are you sure, I could still take you straight to Hogsmeade station later today?'

'I need to see, you said there are some kids of old friends that will be on the train. Let's see if they recognise me or at least notice my eyes.'

'If they look carefully they will. Alright, get aboard,' Jasper hugged his son and before he could stop himself, kissed the top of his head.

'Dad, there's no use missing me when I'll be home again soon. Are you sure you're going to be okay alone?'

'Yes, I will be fine, Kreacher is there for anything that I might need help with, now go, stop worrying about me,' Evan gave his father another quick hug then hoped onto the train. He ignored everyone, even the people in the carriage he sat in, he just yelled a goodbye to his father through the window, when the train left, he took out a book and started to read.

Evan never spoke to anyone the whole time he was on the Hogwarts express, he did walk up and down the train, spotted the children of his father's old friends and he deliberately looked at them and made sure they saw him, but not one of them had the vaguest idea who he was.

The boat ride was uneventful as Evan listened to all the talk going on around him. The only thing Evan did do was make sure he was in the first boat and gave the large man escorting the kids a smile. His father had told him some great stories about the half giant who always took the first years on their boat ride to Hogwarts, so he was one person Evan wanted to know, in any way he could.

The group waited together until the charms teacher escorted them into the great hall to be sorted. One by one all the first years were told which house they were suited to and when it was Evan's turn, he sat on the stool to wait. When the hat shouted the name of the house, Evan knew he was right. He handed the hat to the teacher before stepping in front of the headmistress.

'Sorry professor, you will need to call my father to pick me up, I'll be waiting out in the entrance way.'

'Mr. Motet, care to explain why you are disrupting the start of term feast and not sitting at your house table?' Minerva asked stiffly.

'I will not be sitting at that table, I will not be a Slytherin, so will you please call my father to come get me, he's expecting the floo call,' Evan turned and walked away, straight out the large double doors of the great hall. The Slytherin table all wondered why their first year left, the staff all weren't sure what was going on and Minerva McGonagall had a strange feeling and something about that boy is the reason she hurried from the hall to her office to make a fire call to his father. Severus Snape had seen the boy approach Minerva, arrogant he thought, so many children today are so arrogant, but something about the boy made him stiffen, caused his memory to stir.

Minerva found the necessary information, threw the powder in and waited until her head stopped spinning to see a man standing with his back to the fire.

'I'll be right there to collect my son,' Jasper said before the woman spoke, 'Tell me, which house did he get sorted into?'

'Slytherin, but I wish to speak with you, so I will allow you through the gates to pick up your son even though I do hope you change your mind. But you are going to explain for me to understand this.'

'Fair enough, I will be there in twenty minutes and I look forward to seeing you again, Minerva McGonagall,' Jasper walked away without the woman seeing his face, but Minerva thought the voice sounded familiar, she just couldn't place it.

Minerva had the rest of the staff keep an eye on the students, but for some reason Severus wanted to find out why this boy refused to go into his house or even stay at the school. Minerva had opened the smaller gate to Hogwarts then stood with the boy on the steps to the castle. The boy never spoke or looked her way, his eyes stayed on the long drive leading to the gates. Evan knew Severus Snape was standing behind him, but so far he had not said a thing, but he's eyes were glued to Evan's back.

Minerva spotted the two horses and one man, 'You're father rode here?'

'Yes, our estate is not far from here,' Evan moved down the steps and when his father stopped, he took both the reins, 'You were right dad.'

'Yes, I knew I would be, I told you it was a waste of time sending you here. Hogwarts was always bad luck for me, that hasn't changed,' Jasper moved his wand, a trunk and cage flew towards him, 'Call your owl.'

'Mr. Motet, why are you allowing your son to leave, he needs his magical education?'

'The moment the hat wanted to put my son in that house, that was the moment I knew my son will never stay here or have anything to do with Slytherin. The other house that would have made him leave was Gryffindor. He will not have anything to do with anyone from either of those houses, whether staff or student, so I think that hat is losing its touch.'

Both Minerva and Severus couldn't see the man's face, not with the hat and glasses, not normal glasses but very dark glasses like sunglasses even though it was night. But something about that voice made Severus' spine tingle with recognition.

'Potter,' he whispered.