Chapter seventeen

One by one, all the friends were taken up to house where Kreacher bustled around the kitchen making lunch and cups of tea for all. Draco and Evan both held Harry's hands as they sat down in the large living room.

'Gawain, Kingsley, Minerva, Severus, I can't thank you enough for what you did. You've given me, Evan and Draco a normal life.'

'I think I can speak for the others Harry when I say you are welcome, but it should not have been necessary. We are pleased that your family is safe now and I look forward to teaching young Mr. Malfoy Potter when he joins the students,' Severus said.

'Blimey Harry, how did you get grumpy old Snape to act friendly?' Neville said making everyone laugh but they all heard Severus huff.

'Severus is my godfather and he was never grumpy, just a very good actor.'


Harry turned his head, 'Ginny.'

'Did you recognise my voice?'

'That and your flowery scent, that never changed. You're probably wondering why we dated?'

'Maybe a little curious but I have a confession to make, something it seems we both did.'

'I'm not sure what you mean Ginny.'

'You see,' Ginny knelt down in front of Harry, taking his hand, 'I did like you, but it was more infatuation with the boy who lived. From the time I was thirteen I realised I was gay, I'm married to a wonderful woman. But when I was younger I wasn't sure how my family would take it, so I acted like all the other girls and fawned after the chosen one.'

Harry growled under his breath, 'I knew once people realised I was alive the names would start. But it does seem we did the same even though I didn't want to hide my sexuality, that was Dumbledore's idea, to keep Draco safe. He figured since I spent so much time with your family and you liked me that us dating you would make the most sense. I argued with him a lot over that, I did not want to use you like that.'

'That's why you kept telling me that all you could give was now, no future?'

'Yes, I didn't want you hurt with expectations of a future with me. So you like to shag woman, I bet Charlie has a few things to say about that.'

'He did until I used the bat bogey on him every time he opened his big mouth.'

Harry laughed, 'That must have been every minute of the day, Charlie can't help himself.'

'Yep, that's me, the odd Weasley out.'

'I can hear whispering, what's going on?' Harry glanced around.

'Luna was speaking with me in regards to an idea Harry. You see, Miss Lovegood has a very rare but natural ability, something that might help you.'

'I can't say it will but I would like to try Harry.'

'Help me how.'

'Can I try then I'll tell you. You just have to trust me.'

'I do trust you Luna, so go ahead.'

'Draco, could I sit beside Harry please?'

'Yes, of course.'

Draco stood up and watched as Luna sat beside Harry. He always thought this blond girl was very strange but for some reason her strangeness made sense. So like with everyone in the room, they watched as Luna Lovegood placed her hands over Harry's eyes, her fingers were moving continuously even if her palms stayed over his eyes. The room was silent while they watched and even though Draco had no idea what was going on, he found it just as fascinating as everyone else so not a sound was heard, not a movement was made, just all eyes staring at Harry and Luna.

After what seemed like hours Luna breathed deeply then removed her hands to gasps from everyone.

'Harry, open your eyes,' Luna said softly.

Harry didn't open his eyes straight away, but put his own hands up to them, feeling around.

'They feel warm, tingly.'

'Yes, that will ease very soon, but I need you to open your eyes.'

Harry nodded then slowly opened his eyes, 'Oh fuck, I can see,' Harry turned his head to stare around at everyone, 'I can see my son,' he turned back to Luna, 'You healed them, how?'

'There are some healers out there that are born with the gift, those healers can usually heal more than the others who study to become healers, I was one of those people.'

'Oh Luna,' Harry wrapped his arms around his friend, 'Thank you, you've given me the gift to see my son and my daughter when she's born,' Harry kissed her cheek then looked up at Draco who was smiling down at him, 'You're just as gorgeous as I remember, now I can't wait to get you naked.'

'Soon my love, you have guests remember,' Draco placed a kiss on Luna's cheek then knelt in front of Harry, 'The colour is back in your eyes, that beautiful green I loved to stare into.'

'They are the same colour as mine,' Evan smiled at his father.

'Lily's eyes,' Severus said, 'I used to think Lily had the most beautiful eyes of anyone I'd ever seen. It's a shame she used those eyes to stare at Potter.'

'So it's true, you had a thing for Harry's mum?' Neville asked.

'We were best friends, I would have liked for it to have been more, but it was not to be. Not once James Potter latched his eyes onto her.'

'Think of this Harry, if Snape and your mum got together, he would have been your dad,' George chuckled.

'Back as a student, I probably would have disowned them, now though, I would be proud to have Severus as a father. Once you get past his tough snarky exterior, there is a very nice man lurking underneath, he just doesn't show it very often,' Harry smiled up at Severus who gave him a small smile back. Harry turned to fully face his son, 'You are so like your father, look at you,' Harry ran his hand down Evan's hair, then put his palm to his cheek, 'I think you'll have a lot of girls after you at Hogwarts.'

'I think I might enjoy that dad, since I am not gay, it'll be the girls I check out. I hope one looks like Luna, she's beautiful.'

'It seems your son is not the shy type Harry.' Charlie said.

'What you are hearing from Evan is all James Potter, I noticed that the first time I saw him. So I believe Harry and Draco will receive a lot of letters from me stating I have found your son doing things he should not do or being caught shagging around Hogwarts exactly like James did.'

'Ah, but you forget Minerva, Evan will have my cloak, he should not get caught, and if you do son, then you are disappointing your fathers and your grandfather, not to mention my godfather who would be highly ashamed if James Potter's grandson was caught out of bed after hours when he has the cloak of invisibility. But now thanks to my wonderful friend, I can see all of you and I can't believe how beautiful that sight is right now, a sight I will never take for granted ever again,' Harry stared at every face that was staring back at him with smiles on their faces, but some had tears in their eyes. Harry felt very emotional as tears pooled in his own eyes because he realised just how many people he had that cared about him. His so called friends who hurt him were never truly his friends, but these people standing around him right now in his home did care, they were his true friends, his family, one that he could now see.

The end: