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Author's Note: I had a dream that this happened. After the first chapter, it's stuff I'm making up. This first chapter though, was my dream. Once she got taken, I woke up!

It has been 4 years since Dom saved Letty from Owen Shaw. Since then, there had only been 1 or 2 huge conflicts with people involved with Shaw. Everyone had handled those well. At the end of each of those battles, everyone turned out okay. Nobody in their family was missing.

Dom had proposed to Letty after their battle with Ian Shaw. He realized that he really wanted to marry her. He always knew he had wanted to, but he knew that it was now or never. Dom proposed after Letty was almost killed, once again. She said yes. They got married 8 months after the proposal and have been happily married ever since.

Letty got pregnant a year after they got married. Letty had never imagined herself as a mom. She was more of the get in the cars and race kind of person. She never really had anything holding her down, but now she had Dom and baby, Vince. Vince was Dom's best friend, and he asked Letty if she'd consider naming the baby after him. Letty agreed because since her accident, she had remembered Vince and what he meant to both her and Dom.

Mia and Brian were over at Dom and Letty's house (still 1327) for dinner. Mia and Brian had moved out of the house and bought a house a few houses down from them. Brian and Mia usually came over regularly to just hang out. Dom was outside grilling, but by the time he finished it was a little too dark to get outside. They ended up eating at the dining room table instead of their table outside. Brian could hardly wait to eat some of Dom's food. Dom's food was basically the best food any of them had ever eaten. Brian reached in to get a huge steak that was on the top of a plate.

"Brian, you know the rules." Dom said eyeing Brian as Dom reached out his hands to hold the rest of his family's. Dom grabbed Letty's hand and Mia's hands, Mia grabbed Brian's and Dom's, Brian grabbed Mia's and Letty's, and Letty grabbed Brian's and Dom's. Brian bowed his head and closed his eyes.

"Dear Lord, thank you for all the things you given us. Thank you for blessing us with our amazing children, Jack and Vince. Thank you for watching over our family and making sure we're always safe. Thank you for bringing us all back together. Thank you for giving Letty her memory back, and thank you for always watching over us. We hope you continue to watch over us, and our family. Amen."

They all smiled as Letty nodded her head.

"Amen." the rest of them spoke in unison as they looked back up at each other.

"Nice job, O'Connor." Dom told him with a grin.

"Thanks Dom."

They all grabbed the food they wanted, and put in on their plates. None of them were ever afraid to dig in after grace. It was basically whoever had it first got it, first come first serve. There was usually plenty for everyone, usually some left over, too.

It didn't take them long to eat what they wanted. They all claimed their stomachs were going to burst because of how much they ate. They all took a seat in the living room. Dom was sitting on one side of the love seat with Letty's feet in his lap with him rubbing her leg a little bit. Brian had his arm over Mia's shoulder with her head on his shoulder.

"I'm really glad we came over tonight." Mia told them smiling.

"You're always welcome here." Letty told her.

"This is your house too, ya know?" Dom told her with a chuckle.

"I know." she smiled and laughed a little bit.

Mia looked at Vince, now 2, and Jack, now 4, playing with each other. They were both clearly tired. Mia was getting pretty tired herself.

"I guess we better be getting home, Jack looks like he could pass out any minute." Mia told them all starting to stand up.

"Yeah, Vince needs to be getting to bed too." Dom replied to Mia standing up too.

Letty and Brian stood up at about the same time. Letty walked over to Brian and hugged him.

"I'm glad you guys got to come." Letty told him.

"Me too, we'll be back for sure." he told her as they smiled at each other as they pulled away.

Mia and Dom hugged each other as Brian and Letty were.

"I love you little sister. Be careful." Dom spoke to her and kissed her head.

"I love you, too. We will." she replied with a grin on her face as she felt him kiss her head.

Brian and Dom hugged a little bit while Letty and Mia said their goodbyes. Mia picked up Jack, and Letty picked up Vince too. Dom and Letty, with Vince, walked to the door with Mia, Brian, and Jack. They waved goodbye as they drove out of the driveway.

"I'm gonna go but him to bed. I'll be right back." Letty grinned up at Dom.

"Alright. I love you." he told her as he kissed her.

"I love you, too." she replied as she kissed him back.

She walked up the stairs holding the slightly sleeping Vince in her arms. She rubbed his back as she walked into his room. She placed him in the crib and kissed his forehead, "Mom, loves you." she whispered as she was leaned over the crib. She was slowly walking away from the crib when she heard the window of his room shatter. She looked up and the next thing she knew she was being grabbed around her waist toward the window.

"DOM! DOM! DOM! DOM!" she screamed loudly and continuously as many times as she could.

Dom was sitting on the couch about to turn the tv on when he heard the window shatter and then he heard Letty's screaming shortly after. Dom started running up the stairs as quickly as he could. Only to see baby Vince crying in his crib loudly because Letty's screaming had woke him up.

"Letty!" Dom screamed. No response.

Dom picked up baby Vince and sat down with him in the rocking chair as he rocked back and forth with him.

"It's okay son, daddy's got you." he whispered as he kissed Vince's still crying head, "I'm going to get mommy back."